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2986  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: George Hotz (geohot) VS Sony. on: May 18, 2011, 02:03:10 PM
I want to say something rasonable about how some people are getting really stupid about this situation. But when you see people bitching about that they are getting good games for free, you know something is wrong with this community.
I could honestly not care less about the free stuff being offered. I want the functions I mentioned earlier implemented already. If I wanted bargain bin titles from Sony, I'd go out and buy them, but I cant change the music playing during a game on my ps3, nor can I talk to someone who's not playing the game I am. These are things that matter to me. I have nothing against the games they offered, mind you, but I'm not impressed that they took games that people probably already own, and offered us them for free, nor am I impressed that they're giving us a month of a service that so far still isn't functioning for free, unless I already paid for it and then get 2 months. All their doing is giving us stuff they don't lose money on. Now if they credited everyone on PSN with 25-30 dollars, that would have been respectable, and again if they add some functions they've been fooling around on, like the 2 I mentioned, would have been nice.

Not like it matters, I'm gonna go back and play on my PS3 when it's back on again anyway.
2987  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: George Hotz (geohot) VS Sony. on: May 17, 2011, 01:31:05 AM
I'd sacrifice all the free shi....stuff they're offering for upgraded functions on PSN, like fucking cross game chat already, and maybe the ability to play music during the games like failbox.

Also, wow that free stuff is so....crappy.
2988  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The girlfriend won't let me play video games, WTF!? on: May 17, 2011, 01:26:50 AM
Hey ivalice....tell her to give me a call >_>
2989  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The girlfriend won't let me play video games, WTF!? on: May 16, 2011, 04:57:10 PM
Are you looking for reasons to stay or reasons to go? Here, even better, I'll give you a list of the two.

Reasons to stay:
sex and sexual based activities
a relationship, and in turn a person to confide in and be there for you when things are good or bad
kids to claim as dependents on taxes
(there are more, but far less important to list I'd say)

Reasons to go:
Lack of respect from your partner
The inevitability that the kids will realize you aren't their dad, or your own realization that they aren't yours, followed by that realization eating you away for years to come

Hope this helps you draw a conclusion.
2990  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The girlfriend won't let me play video games, WTF!? on: May 16, 2011, 12:15:33 PM
I have a better idea than this compromise crap. Tell her no.  What's she gonna do, dump you? If she breaks the relationship because you refuse to bend to her whims, she's a tool and she can eat a....can of fruit(?). There's no reason you should have to give up anything because of a relationship. Cut back, yeah sure, but drop entirely fuck that noise.

Now bear in mind my experience with relationships is non-existent (not because of unwillingness, just shitty luck I'd guess).. But I know a bum deal when I see one, and unless you're so devoted to her that giving up all the things that make you happy is worth it to stay with her, then I'd say there is at least one more fish in the water. Don't let anyone control you, that's the only thing you have going for yourself.
2991  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So I'm in need of a job, really bad. on: May 15, 2011, 09:34:34 PM
So some headway I guess, I've decided to go for the security license to do some lightweight decent pay work, and probably look into school again. I'm leaning towards the school for maybe an electrician field. I've got a basic understanding of electornics already., so I could probably get behind it pretty easily..
2992  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 2007 Edition on: May 13, 2011, 12:08:46 AM
Why eat diet food when you can eat healthy food cooked well? I hated vegetables for so long, but my mom would make em terrible, like frozen broccoli microwaved with a little salt and butter. Freaking gross, really. However, take some fresh broccoli, a little red pepper, lemon pepper, garlic, and olive oil in a saute pan, and it's fantastic. Don't cook it to death, just enough to get the flavors to meld a bit. Here's a kicker too, for everyone that hates brussel sprouts, try slicing them in half and pan searing them in a little bacon fat. Can't burn em, cuz it makes em really bitter, but if you just get em a little wilted, it's fucking fabulous. I'm not saying deep fry em, but like a tablespoon of bacon fat and some salt and pepper, and it's really surprisingly good. Takes away from the bitter flavor, and brings out a very surprising taste. Best part is neither of these are hard to prepare, and it's not like you're losing all the nutrients from the vegetable when you cook em like that, since you aren't cooking them to death.

As for Hathen, maybe if you played less FFXI you'd be in better shape :p
2993  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So I'm in need of a job, really bad. on: May 12, 2011, 11:34:21 PM
I've been trying to keep my information regarding personal stuff to a minimum, but screw it, I guess I could elaborate. I work at radioshack right now, a sales associate. Now if I actually worked off of commision, and a decent percentage at that rate, I'd complain less, but sadly, it's not the case. Minimum wage, lack of hours, and making money only off cellular phone sales and contract signings makes it STUPIDLY hard to call the job decent, but thenthere's the fact that I've become the resident handyman, fixing minor carpentry problems like loose hinges on doors, drilling holes through display tanks and such for cluttered cables from poor installation done by asshats, hell I've had to repair the toilet on more than one occasion. My terms of hiring doesn't call for any of this, but it seems to be a standard amongst the hired help. I've brought it up to my boss, but he says it's out of his hands, and complaining to the hire ups gets me nowhere, so basically, I keep complaining and hope for a change. Of course, the other problem comes in that my hours just suck now, having gotten 2 days for the week at 4 hours a day. 7 day week, I worked 8 hours for the week. Sad huh?

I'm just about to go for my security license and be done with it. My buddy is getting steady work and shittons of overtime (last 3 weeks he's put in 70 hours each week, 30 OT), and he basically sits on his ass for hours on end. I figure I'll toy with that, maybe go for my firearms license, and go for an armed guard type deal. Just trying to play with ideas before I do anything.
2994  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So I'm in need of a job, really bad. on: May 12, 2011, 01:14:58 PM
I'm 25, and school's not really an option. It's not that I haven't been looking for a new job, it's that I'm trying to get an idea of what to start looking for when my new I.D. comes in. Kind of have a plan of attack if you will. I really can't do much til I get my I.D. anyway (long story short, I let my old one expire fully, no good anymore), so asking for information is pretty much the extent of my searching for now.
2995  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: So I'm in need of a job, really bad. on: May 12, 2011, 12:37:58 AM
I've been enjoying the replies thus far, but the actual responses, sadly, I've tried looking into. Most of em (all of em) require a driver's license that I don't have yet (I know, terrible of me). I may try and get the stupid license and be done with it instead, but til then anything that requires driving is a no go.

Who'd have thought that being a geek squad installer would require me needing a driver's license honestly?
2996  The Rest / General Discussions / So I'm in need of a job, really bad. on: May 11, 2011, 02:28:39 AM
As the topic suggests, I am currently fed up with my horrendous job and need a new one. Asking people for opinions always leads to a decent idea or two, so here we go.

I've got experience in home theater installation and professional audio video installation.
I've dabbled in computers, but nothing like programming or web design, but have a knack for all things tech so can learn.
I'm a heavy laborer, good with lifting and moving big objects.
I'm fairly opinionated, and good at writing about it, as well as being a generally good writer overall.
I'm good at speaking to people, as well as explaining directions and instructions in a very easy to understand way.
I'm good at organization, able to look at a large quantity of objects and see them in a more sensible pattern.

These are the most obvious qualities I can come up with, so if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears.

(the occasional wiseass joke will be allowed too, as honestly, I'm so fed up with my job that I could use the humor)
2997  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Microsoft bought Skype it seems.... on: May 10, 2011, 06:01:44 PM
I'm eagerly awaiting a new PSP firmware update removing skype from the useable functions, lol.
2998  The Rest / General Discussions / Microsoft bought Skype it seems.... on: May 10, 2011, 04:38:45 PM

Idk what to make of it, really. Does it mean that my future 360 update will include making phone calls now? Sounds like the guys in the article pegged it right, MS has so much money they don't know what to do with it all.
2999  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: George Hotz (geohot) VS Sony. on: May 05, 2011, 02:14:48 PM
See, we can rationalize this all we want, but the masses are totally buying into this now. "Sony got attacked by anonymous, and hey they hacked Sony a couple weeks ago, so it must be true now." Sony's managing to take this huge fuckup of theirs and spin it into positive P.R., the masses are eating it up. I walked into radioshack monday (before this was announced, the whole anonymous tagling on SoE servers), and someone was talking about how Sony's "Fighting the good fight" against those hackers. 3 people jumped into the convo (one being my coworker) and started chanting Sony. I had to tell them to start looking into their information better, which to me being labeled a 360 fanboy (lol failbox).

People are fucking idiots.
3000  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Osama Bin Laden is dead. on: May 05, 2011, 02:07:05 PM
I'm actually thinking that he is not really dead to be honest,  They now refuse to release the picture of Bin Laden?  Kinda strange how the entire world wants to see it.  Plus, I believe I remember hearing back around 2003/2005 that there were people getting operations that made them look exactly like Bin Laden and Hussein.  Yeah, they said the used the DNA of his dead sister to confirm that it was Bin Laden and the fact that he was in a mansion?  WTF, if it was that easy, why didn't they find him back in 2001?  I call major bullshit on this one and I don't care if anyone disagrees.  No, i'm no conspiracy theorist and saying how this is what happened, blah blah blah. I just think we are being lied to or at least not telling us everything on this one.  I want to see a picture of his face blown off like was described in the news reports.
They won't release the picture because apparently, many human rights groups feel it's sadistic and disgraceful. Hell I'm glad they won't release it, it's like rubbing salt in an open wound. We've already got the most rambunctious morons in the world (the U.S.) screaming praises that he's dead, not realizing that this was the same reaction his group of misfits had when they blew up the WTC back oh so long ago. Pot, kettle, burnt steel much?

Osama needed to be killed, he was a lunatic and a madman, and above all else, a murderous fiend. Death, however, shouldn't be celebrated. It could have easily been the special forces unit that assaulted his hideout that bit the bullet instead. We should be happy they made it out alive, and that maybe there will be some room to fix the mess he (bin laden) created now.
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