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General Discussions / The character naming thread
« on: September 28, 2013, 03:35:46 PM »
I've done this many times before and figured it was time for it once again.  Let's talk about naming characters.  Whether we play video game RPGs, tabletop RPGs, or whatnot, we are often tasked with naming characters.  Often many of us stick with the default name of a main character and not name it, but what if it's a blank slate? 

For me, I always prefer to use a female character than a male, so if her name is blank, I usually name her Cresta as a play off my username, kinda like how I'd name a character Deza as a play on my old username Blademaster Dezo.  Of course, if it's a game like Megami Tensei that takes place in modern day Japan, I name her Sayori, because that's my favorite Japanese girl's name. 

If it's a male character... in any given Megami Tensei game (or game where my main is a Japanese teenager), I name him Yuuya Narumi because that was the main characters name in the Persona 1 drama CD.  It's accepted that it's Naoya Toumou in some P1 comic, but Yuuya Narumi is more obscure.  I don't really have a go-to when naming a more traditional fantasy male character.  Sometimes I'll just use my name, but I'll often make up something random. 

Oh, there are those moments when you rename characters the second time around to make funny lines.  Like who didn't want to rename Amarant to something filthy when he says, "Some call me The Flaming Amarant." 

So, yeah, let's talk about naming our characters . 


I'm sure the common question is "is this for real?"  I would think that with all the ludicrous nonsense happening in this wacky world, truth is stranger than fiction.  And the way things are regressing, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these stupid laws are revisited. 

So what are some funny ones from your home state?  What are some that you found particularly amusing? 

One of my personal favorites is in Danville PA where fire hydrants must be checked one hour before each fire.  I also like that in NYC it's against the law to greet others with your thumb on your nose and wiggling your fingers.  Oh, and Manville NJ where you can't offer whiskey or cigarettes to zoo animals. 

So, yeah, dumb laws in your state or even country...

Anime, TV, and Movies / The favorite Disney TV cartoons thread
« on: August 04, 2013, 10:07:51 AM »
With DuckTales Remastered coming out soon, I started to reminisce about the Disney cartoon shows I used to watch as a kid.  

What are/were your favorite Disney television cartoons?

I LOVED DuckTales. Rescue Rangers was cool too, but I liked DuckTales more. I didn't get into TaleSpin or Darkwing Duck as much, but DD's catch phrases were awesome. "I am the terror that flaps in the night." And I still say "let's get dangerous" in my vernacular.

Gummi Bears rocked and I'm a HUGE Winnie the Pooh fan and loved New Adventures. 

Among the new-school (2000 and beyond) Disney cartoons I enjoyed Kim Possible and Dave The Barbarian.

But nothing can ever top Gargoyles. Not only was it Disney's best televised cartoons, but it's one of the best televised cartoons of all time. To this day, it still broke new ground. How many other cartoons can you think of that have a multi-ethnic female protagonist? (Elisa Maza in Gargoyles was half black, half native American.) I still want the rest of season 2 on DVD or Blu-Ray, dammit!

I'm sure plenty of us here at the 'fan love comic books.  What are some comics you like and why?  What genres do you like?  Superhero?  Sci-fi? Fantasy?  

Do you have a favorite publisher?  Among the big two, do you prefer DC or Marvel?  Or do you lean toward alternate publishers like Top Cow, Dark Horse, and the like?  Do you visit comic book stores in your neighborhood?  How are they?  There are multiple near me and I think I've found the one that I really like and will loyally frequent.  

Among the big two, I prefer Marvel.  DC does some excellent stuff, but Marvel stokes my fire much more.  Growing up, I preferred "Spider-friends" to "Super-friends" and when I was first introduced to X-men, that was it for me.  Storm is still my favorite comic book character.  I just recently read the 2011 Marvel/Crossgen reboot of Sigil and I dug it; the art style was vivid and Samantha Rey was a cool protagonist.  I hope the series continues beyond this initial 4-comic story arc, but I kinda doubt it.

EDIT (whoa, time warp!)- lately, the more I've been reading and delving into more comics by the big two, I find myself favoring DC over Marvel lately.  Like, there's more DC stuff that I want to buy than Marvel stuff.  Like Trinity of Sin: Pandora, Worlds' Finest

I also recently read the first four issues of Ascension (published by Top Cow) and I love the art style and am getting into it, but I read that the series is unfinished due to low sales.  Too bad, because it's good.  I especially love the vivid art style.  

So, yeah, let's talk comic books.  

Single-Player RPGs / The favorite sidequests thread
« on: July 24, 2013, 10:10:17 PM »
I think I did this years ago, so it's a good enough time as any to do it again.  Every RPG has sidequests.  Many are busywork, but some are really engaging for whatever reason. 

What are some of your favorite RPG sidequests? 

And if you want to expand on that with more food for thought, what is it about that sidequests that you liked so much?  What makes for a good sidequest? 

It's no secret that my favorite RPG sidequest of all time was the Zell love quest in Final Fantasy VIII.  Playing wingman trying to hook him and the library girl together was great.  I wrote about it in our "Favorite Couples" feature earlier this year.

I also liked the way sidequests were handled in Phantasy Star IV.  I did them all.  Normally, I only do one or two sidequests in an RPG, but the way the Hunter's Guild was set up in Phantasy Star IV, I did them all.  I felt like the sidequests really fleshed out the main characters, the game's world, and the world's inhabitants. 

So, yeah, let's talk sidequests. 

Since we're all anime fans here, I'm sure we all have our favorite seiyuu.  Who are some of yours? 

Megumi Hayashibara and Aya Hirano are obviously awesome, given how prolific they are and the sheer variety of roles they play.  But I've always been an Aya Hisakawa fan.  That may be because Devil Hunter Yohko was the first anime that *really* got me into anime and Hisakawa voiced Yohko. 

Single-Player RPGs / The indie RPG discussion
« on: May 29, 2013, 04:53:20 PM »
It's no secret that indie gaming is becoming much stronger lately, especially with XBLA, iOS apps, etc. as well as good ol' PC gaming.  Dust: An Elysian Tail was a one-man project that looks as good as any VanillaWare game.  Smaller developers are creating a lot of games that many of us seem to clamor for more than the bigger boys.  Look at all the successful Kickstarters out there (i.e. for the new Shadowrun) and even the growth of commercial RPG Maker games utilizing good production values (like Rainblood: Town of Death or Whisper of  Rose.) 

So what are some of your favorite games created by independent developers?  Who are some indie studios that you're keeping an ear to the ground for?  Do you have any RPG Maker games that you particularly like? 

I'm still scratching the surface of indie/homebrewed/underground gaming so I'm still figuring out which development houses I like.  My favorite RPG Maker games are easily Eternal Eden by Blossomsoft and To The Moon by Freebird.  The former is very ambitious (their debut RPGM game changed the way RPGM games are presented and they now create their own engines and eventually want to take their games to 3DS) and the latter has amazing storytelling (Quintessence: A Blighted Venom and The Mirror Lied are cool too). 

As far as indie publishers, I was a big fan of the late Hirameki for localizing a lot of visual novels.  Sure their text-editing was a little rough, but Ever17 in English= awesome.  I'm still scratching the surface on the indie publishers out there, though. 

Shadowdawn Genesis is a title that looks promising, but it's been in development forever. 

Before I answer the question at hand (which was inspired by a Grandia song just randomly popping into my head and realizing we haven't had a new Grandia game in forever), allow me some exposition:

What I liked about the first two Grandia games was that they were personal journeys for the protagonists.  For Justin, it was a coming-of-age journey and convenient plot devices be damned, we saw him come of age.  For Ryudo, it was a journey of redemption; sappy endgame sequence be damned, Ryudo did find that being a festering cynic is not quite synonymous with being a realist and that there are positive aspects to reality too.  I don't recall any journey theme for whatshisface in Grandia Xtreme.  And Grandia 3's Yuki... it could, nay SHOULD, have been a simple journey of a boy chasing his dream and leaving the nest.  A good theme to tie into that could, nay should, have been his mom's psychological journey coming to grips with her son becoming a man and not her little boy any more (though any mom will always view her son as "her little boy" no matter how old he gets.)  A simple tale of a boy, his plane, and the changing dynamic of his relationship with his mom.  But it definitely didn't happen that way.  

My wishful thinking would be that the next Grandia game returns to form where the theme is a personal journey for the protagonist.  And even more wishful thinking would be to have the next Grandia game have a female protagonist, but that's probably stretching it.  

Anime, TV, and Movies / Guilty pleasure anime thread
« on: April 13, 2013, 10:28:27 PM »
We all have them.  I know the RPGFan community is a cut above the average consumer sheep and seeks out anime that's deeper, more intricate, more intellectual, etc. than normal.  Heck, I do too.  If it weren't for the RPGFan community, I wouldn't have known about Boogiepop Phantom, which is one of my all time favorite series.  

But sometimes, I like fluff.  Sometimes, I just want cotton candy.  Sometimes, I just want mindless fanservicey fun with an *ahem* "jiggle factor" that makes me go "tee hee hee" like a dorknerd who can't get laid to save his miserable little life.  In short, I have my guilty pleasures.  

Some of my guilty pleasure anime includes the Burn Up! series (I've seen the original OVA and the Burn Up! W OVAs, but have not seen Burn Up! Excess yet) and the Bakuretsu Hunter series (Carrot is too much fun and I heart the Misu sisters).  Yeah, those anime are kinda stupid, fanservicey, and not exactly "high brow" series, but they're really fun and speak to my inner 12 year-old.  I also watch Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z when they're on.  Heck, they're just plain fun;  Cell saga is my favorite DBZ story arc.  Maybe Lucky Star and K-On! could be guilty pleasures since parts of their fanbases can be a little "ehhhhhh" but I love those series.  (Well, okay, season 2 of K-On! isn't that great, but I loved season 1).  

So what are some of your guilty pleasure anime?  The ones that you almost feel like a fool to share with us or your more "anime illuminati" peers, but say, "screw it and your pompous 'tude, I like it, it makes me happy, and that's that!"  

With Pokemon X and Y on the horizon and this being the first time I've actually been kinda excited about a Pokemon game (only one I've played was Crystal, and I enjoyed the hell out of it), I figured I'd pose the classic question.  What criteria do you use when choosing a starter pokemon? 

Is there a particular type that you go for by default?  For example, do you always pick the water type?  Or do you pick different types in different games?  Do you choose the type that's opposite of the popular choice?  Why do you pick the type you do?   

Do you go by looks?  Do you pick the cutest one?  The most badass looking one?  Or the "dorkiest" looking one, because you feel bad about it being picked last and could probably beat the popular choice in a battle?  Do you use teh Internetz to see the leaked evolutions and pick based on that?  (Tepig was adorable, but his pignite and emboar evolutions looked cheesy; on the other hand, oshawott looked dopey but his evolutions looked killer.)  Do looks factor into your choice? 

For any budding trainer, the choice of starter pokemon is a crucial choice, no?

Yeah, I've been hearing a lot about this epic battle happening Sunday night: Participants in the 1849 gold rush are battling flocks of ravens. Now, I don't care how much wealth these prospectors procured, they will still die (because s/he who dies with the most toys still dies) and ravens will feast on their dead flesh.

The Soundroom / Music of the Year feature
« on: December 02, 2012, 09:15:02 PM »
2012 marks the debut of the "Music of the Year" feature here at RPGFan.

So what were some of your favorite game soundtracks for 2012?

General Discussions / The sports thread- 2012 edition
« on: July 31, 2012, 01:48:47 PM »
What with the Olympics being in full swing, why not have a sports topic?  

So what sports do you generally enjoy?  Which ones do you enjoy playing/participating in?  Which ones do you enjoy watching?  Do you have any teams or athletes that you like?  Is there anything else about your relationship with sports that you wish to share?  

My answer:
When it comes to sports, I generally prefer to go out and play them rather than sit on my fat butt watching them.  However, I do actively watch Olympics, World Cup soccer, Le Tour de France, and the NHL playoffs.  I'm not glued to the TV, though, because I may watch for an hour or so, then decide to shut off the TV and go work out or ride my bicycle.  Again, it's my desire to do rather than just sit on the sidelines.  However, the sport I would most actively watch is ice hockey because I cannot skate if my life depended on it.  And with the Olympics, I most enjoy watching events like kayaking because that's not something you see every day.  

Those who know me know my absolute favorite sport is road cycling, both to watch and the participate in.  I've been an avid cyclist since summer 2008 (it's how I got on track to losing 80 or so pounds).  And, yes, I *am* one of those shaved legs/spandex/lycra warriors.  Okay, I've never raced competitively, but I do enjoy doing long distance group bike rides.  Longest I've ever ridden is 40 miles.  I also enjoy playing a rousing game of ultimate frisbee (go figure, I love ultimate, but do not enjoy playing American football at all.  Soccer (aka real football) is fun to play, though.)  And a part of me is considering getting back into martial arts.  I did Tae Kwon Do as a kid.    

As for my relationship with sport, I find it very amusing that a lot of my friends think that riding bicycles is all I do so it blows their mind that I spend as much, if not more, time in the gym doing weight training as I do "on the roll."  I'm still working on cracking the "200 pound bench" club (I can bench 185 pounds now.)  The 100 kg club would be sweet.  I still won't forget this one girl's surprise that I actually lifted and didn't just ride bicycles and when she dared me to show my guns, her reaction was, "Whoa!  I didn't know you were packing THOSE under your sleeves!  You DO work out!"  Guess she had low standards since my guns are not very impressive.  

Yep, I'm pretty evenly split between being a nerd, a jock, and a rebel.  /Brooktown High reference.  

I was at the IndieCade booth at E3 checking out a bunch of indie games, and this one caught my eye.  The Moonlighters is a story-based stealth game (with graphic adventure elements) set in the 1950s that attempts to recreate those cool heist scenes from movies where you have to choose which of your team will play what roles (i.e. the instigator, the distraction, the safe-cracker, etc.) and it switches between them as each one completes an objective.  It really is a neat game and I felt like I was playing out those tense "team heist" scenes from movies. 

The storyline centers around a group of hip-cat performers who did some heist scenes in movies, but when Rock 'n Roll pushed them out of the spotlight, the down on their luck troupe entertain the notion that if they could pull off a heist in that movie, maybe they can pull off a heist in real life.  Will they succeed?  Hopefully episode one will tell us. 

What I played of the game was the first heist (a guided/semi-tutorial one) and I liked the idea of selecting who would do best at what role.  I also like the potential the game has.  When I talked to the developers, they see the potential of incorporating branching pathways where selecting between heists influences the storyline or maybe even who you choose for what role influences some outcomes too.  Sure, you need to walk before you run so perhaps this first effort may be more linear/story-focused, but really, I thought this was a pretty neat little game that I couldn't quite classify into any specific genre, but makes perfect sense.

General Discussions / The superpowers thread.
« on: April 02, 2012, 03:05:04 PM »
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 

Although flight sounds fun and the ability to read minds would be insanely useful to me as an educator and a potential counselor, the one superpower I really and truly want is the ability to be in several places at once.  In looking at my current lifestyle, assessing my life satisfaction, and thinking about the lifestyle I desire, the ability to be in several places at once would be fan-freaking-tastic!

So what about you guys?  What superpower would you want and why? 

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