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If The Watchmen inspires people to go out and buy the book, then it's done justice.  The book is totally worth the hype and praise it gets.

As with any movie based on a book, the book is better.  But I liked the movie. 

That Cancer Bats song is just so damn catchy and infectious. 

My SOTM is not metal.  It's Tired of "Me" by Live.  I kinda wish I'd kept up with that band more.  They're a very creative band and their songs always have fantastic lyrics. 

You say "Hold on to the reigns"
I say "Let them go tonight"
My brain waves
Confused between what is and ain't
She cries "Groundless and free"

Tired of the water
Tired of the wine
Tired of the future
Tired of time
Tired of the madness
Tired of the steel
Tired of the violence
Tired of me

Used steel
Used steel am I
What was pliable in love
Is now hard and crystallized
The intellect is fine
For counting money
And recalling times
That she cried,
"Groundless and free"

Hope is a letter that never arrives
Delivered by the postman of my fear

General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 2007 Edition
« on: February 28, 2009, 10:03:03 AM »
A new pair of glasses, and my first ever eyebrow wax (I have a unibrow), encouraged me to take some new pictures this morning.  As you can tell, I don't like smiling in photographs.  The only time I smile properly is when it's a candid.  And since Damian and Pat know me in real life, they can vouch that I'm one of the smiley-est people they know. 

EDIT: I got rid of these pics in favor of a better, more recent, one where I've lost even more weight.

The theater in my town finally got Slumdog Millionaire this weekend. It was freakin awesome.

I knew you'd like it.  It's one of the few movies I can think of in recent memory that's actually worth the hype.

As for the most recent movie I saw, I caught Gone With the Wind when it was on TCM this past weekend.  It's one of my all time favorites and it exceeds the hype.  That movie is so freaking epic and all kinds of awesome.  Mammie's the best.  And you know how there's a Tao of Pooh?  There needs to be a Tao of Rhett Butler.  I talk about this some in the romance novel avatar thread:

O...Saya and Jai Ho from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. Freakin amazing songs.

The entire soundtrack is killer.  "Mausam and Escape" is my favorite tune on it.

My family has been lifelong fans of A.R. Rahman's music.  He comes from the same part of India that my parents do, so the rhythms he composes for drums really remind them of home.  Even the stuff he does for fluffy Bollywood films is alright.  I hated the Bombay Dreams soundtrack, though, where he collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Weber.  I felt that Rahman was rather stifled.

With the Indian music talk, my SOTM is "Ragabop" by Prasanna.  Prasanna is an amazing guitarist also from the same part of India as my parents.  All you guitarists out there, if Prasanna isn't one of your heroes, you have to listen to his "Be the Change" album pronto. 

Cool.  A couple of my friends from Rutgers, who play in a ska band called The Waffle Stompers, went to high school with some of the guys in Suspyre (I believe my friends were frosh and sophs when Suspyre were seniors).  Flemington, New Jersey. 

Since we're talking Suspyre, "Distant Skies" is my song of the moment. 

Suspyre.  Man, I was just listening to Silvery Image the other day.  I really should give their recent two albums a listen.  Great band. 

When it comes to bedtime music, lately I've been going crazy listening to, and wanting to listen to, music that's unapologetically and unabashedly epic and adventurous.  Thus, the album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" by Bal Sagoth has been getting a ton of play.  Fan-freaking-tastic album.  One song I hear before I go to sleep and always permeates my consciousness is "As the Vortex Illumines the Crystalline Walls of Kor-Avul-Thaa." 

With lyric sheets telling stories more dense than a lot of fantasy novels out there, song titles so unapologetically long, and songs so unabashedly epic in their sonic assault of symphonic metal... this is music RPG fans eat up (or should eat up) like Kobayashi at a hot dog eating contest.  I'll bet any fan of Bal Sagoth also enjoys epic fantasy novels and RPGs. 

I'm not going to post the lyrics because it would take up the entire page, but yeah, my SOTM is "As the Vortex Illumines the Crystalline Walls of Kor-Avul-Thaa" by Bal Sagoth.   

"Heartbreak Armageddon" by DragonForce.  What a fantastic song.  I was surprised when I heard it because it's slow for Dragonforce, their awesomesauce ballads notwithstanding (I <3 "Starfire.")  I gotta say, "Ultra Beatdown" is easily DragonForce's best album since Valley of the Damned.  Though I think the band needs to utilize the multitalented Frederic Leclerq more.  Sometimes I'm not really sure why I heart DragonForce as much as I do.  I just do.  And it never fails- whenever I wear my DragonForce T-shirt I always have at least one person flash me the metal fingers and yell "DRAGONFORCE!!!!!!!" 

Anyway, SOTM's Heartbreak Armageddon.

Highway of emptiness outside the burning world,
Rise again this quest for our salvation,
Running faster, the savage laughter, the daylight fades away,
Nothing left but the life we left behind,
Ever searching the hidden faces, the hatred pours inside,
Broken by down the fire below destroyed.

Light years away, actuals between us,
So eternal wait, say goodbye for the last time tonight,
Still lost within the lonely, distant lifetime ago,
Hanging on as we pass through the fields,
These pieces of our lives will lead the long journey home,
And alone stand the hills.

So fly for the last time, and the fire burns within,
Silently we stand in a long forgotten wasteland,
Rise through the lost ages, hope they will bring,
Free forever more and the dream will never die.

Devil's station, the lost connection, the beatdown man returns,
So confused and alone for one more time,
Crush defeated, the force surround me, the prisoner trapped inside,
System downfield with intimate tonight.

Time after time, promises of freedom,
We'll leave the past behind and strike for the first time tonight,
Still mystified, my life all creation they show,
After all of the tries we've been through,
These memories and empty words were all lost in vain,
And the scars never heal.

So fly for the last time, and the fire burns within,
Silently we stand in a long forgotten wasteland,
Rise through the lost ages, hope they will bring,
Free forever more and the dream will never die.


Fly for the last time, and the fire burns within,
Silently we stand in a long forgotten wasteland,
Rise through the lost ages, hope they will bring,
Free forever more and the dream will never die.

Fly for the last time, and the fire burns within,
Silently we stand in a long forgotten wasteland,
Rise through the lost ages, hope they will bring,
Free forever more and the dream will never die.

Whoa, oh, oh,
And the dream will never die.

Yes Lossie-poo, you did many years ago.  I had a feeling you wouldn't remember it but it's all good.

It's always interesting how peoples' lyrical writing styles change as they change.  I used to use a lot of metaphors and imagery in my lyrics, but nowadays I tend to be more literal and realist in my writing.  Except when I'm writing humorous stuff, then it's really nonsensical.  Too bad my counterpart for Godzilla Vs. The Smurfs kinda went AWOL, because I had some great scripts for parts 2 and 3. 

SOTM is a partial one then for the lyrics discussion.  It's one I started working on some time back with a supremely short lived side project band I was part of called The Fifth Dentist.  This is The Ballad of Benjamin Dover, written by me:

Spoken: 4 out of 5 dentists recommend the use of dental dams when engaging in oral sex.  I am that fifth dentist.

Slow rap:
My name is Benjamin Dover, I'm a man amongst men
Call me Benjamin or Benji but never Ben
I'm the fifth dentist, the rebellious one
The others are so serious, I want to have fun
It must've all started back when I was in school
Because of my name I could never be cool
Whether I played football or played rock 'n roll
I was about as cool as a highway toll
My favorite book was Captain Underpants
And the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants
He tortured the people by making their names funny
I read that and thought "oh man, this is the money!"
But this is real life and not a kid's game
Something like that would've been pretty lame
I wanted to make the other kids feel my pain
But not get arrested, 'cause I'm not insane.

Chorus sung:
Benjamin's the fifth dentist
He has plenty of skill
But because he's a rebel
The other four want him killed

And that's all I have so far. 

Well, as I said in my prior post, Lossie-poo did write one of the only two love songs with lyrics that I liked, so at least I'll forgive him. 

SOTM is "ice below" by Tribe After Tribe.  I can't believe I didn't get more into them when I was younger.  They're really good. 

I just got my "Love Under Will" by Tribe After Tribe CD today.  The biggest reason I got it is that it has my favorite love song with vocals/lyrics.  When it comes to love songs, I generally don't like them.  I think they mostly have really stupid lyrics which is why I tend to favor instrumental love songs, my personal favorite being "Touching Tongues" by Steve Vai. 

Anyway, one of my two favorite love songs with vocals/lyrics is "In the Face of the Sun" by Tribe After Tribe.  I first heard that song on an old MegaForce Records sampler and was floored.  I love the melodies and the harmonies.  Plus, the lyrics are pretty original for a love song and have some cool imagery.  I like lines such as "let's race our shadows till the end of our lives" (beautiful imagery) and "let's buy the museum, and write our names on the wall" which is a pretty original sentiment. 

Another favorite is a love song that Losfer wrote many years ago back when he posted lyrics for us to read.  I read those lyrics and was floored.  It was so freaking epic, the most epic love ballad I'd ever seen.  Lossie-poo, I hope you see this.[/i]

But since I don't have those Losfer lyrics, you'll have to settle for "In the Face of the Sun" as my SOTM.

Girl takes the boy's hand
he was shaking inside
let's race our shadows
to the end of our lives
and make love forever darling
love in the face of the sun

i'll stay with you she said
with her Marilyn smile
if it's true we've hit rock bottom
we'll do it in style
a good place to be unknown
lovers in the face of the sun

in the face of the sun
lovers on the run
in the face of the sun

love sparks in your eyes
no matches no diamonds
under the big sky
with no leads or reservations
electric love kites
lucky in the face of the sun

let's buy the museum
and write our names on the wall
love grows like a perfume
that will heal you when you fall
wild cats just running in the dark
and crying in the sun

in the face of the sun
lovers on the run
in the face of the sun

Winter's been cold lately.  Last week my area had freezing and below freezing temperatures.  But for a brief moment today, it was 55-60 deg. F.  So I took the opportunity to clean off my bicycle, relube my chain, reinflate my tires, put my helmet on, and ride. 

Man it felt so good.  The exercise bike at the gym just isn't the same, but it's what I had to do this winter.  The exercise bike is like masturbation whereas an actual ride outdoors is like hot, torrid, freaknasty, ground 'n pound sex. 

So therefore, my song of the moment is "Bicycle Races" by Queen.  I love the Wikipedia entry about this song.  It's funny and NSFW.

I saw Finding Nemo again.  Of all the Pixar movies, that one still has the absolute most stunning visual design.  Other CG movies have done underwater stuff, but nothing like Nemo.  Beautiful film.  Everything else is great too.  Easily my #2 favorite Pixar film after Monsters Inc. 

"Mine? Mine?  Mine?  Mine?  Mine?  Mine?  Mine?" -the Seagulls.  I think it's a given that any cartoon featuring seagulls has to refer to them as rats with wings. 

Brush and Quill / Re: Book Thread Continued
« on: February 01, 2009, 09:08:40 PM »
I'm about 200 or so pages into Black Sun Rising (book 1 of the Coldfire trilogy.)  So far I'm digging it, though an index of terms, a map, and some background on the world would have been nice.  Of course, that's like wishing an old 8-bit RPG had an automapper or something, which is pretty lame.  I'll be a manly man and do things the old fashioned way by writing important details down on a notepad for future reference. 

Still, though the worldbuilding is sometimes choppy, I'm really digging the characters. 

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