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31  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The Great RPGfan Cook Off! on: September 23, 2015, 09:31:56 AM
If you need milk, eggs, and butter to make a dough, then it's not vegan.
32  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Most rivetting or moving single player experience EVER thread on: September 23, 2015, 07:55:38 AM
How could I forget about Chrono Cross?  I did a whole playlog of it after all: http://www.rpgfan.com/boards/index.php?topic=14711.0  Although, part of what made the experience of playing it for me was doing that playlog and having that ongoing conversation with others- so that game became more of an "experience" for me than just a game.  What blew my mind was how well Cross connected itself with Trigger- it made it such that most any of Trigger's endings could have been canon, and that's a near-impossible feat to pull off.  I was also mesmerized by the unbridled creativity shown in the game's characters and environments.  And once I started looking at the game as being more about the world than its inhabitants, I really got into it. 
33  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Legend of Legacy on: September 23, 2015, 07:32:49 AM
Dice- That's why I wanted to play the demo beforehand.  There have been times when a game was totally up my alley on paper, but I didn't enjoy the demo and passed on the game; and others when a game didn't seem like my thing, but I enjoyed the demo and ended up buying the game.  And I have complained when a game I was contemplating didn't have a demo, because I'm cautious with my money and like to try before I buy. 

Anyway, who did you guys select as your main character?  I picked Garnet and my party is her, Owen, and Meurs.  I thought she'd be more hard-nosed and have tense verbal sparring with her companions (especially Owen), but she seemed agreeable and amenable to them.  Even the king, upon first meeting, seemed nonplussed that Garnet explicitly stated that her mission was to prove that his island's religion was wrong (and thus undermine him).  Feels like those contrived JRPG plots where the hero fights tooth and nail for a girl he met just 5 seconds ago and happily lets into the party.  I get that this game is more of a dungeon crawler and not really plot or character driven, but I'm a little disappointed by the lack of personality in the characters so far. 

I want to support it because it's from a smaller developer who stated that the game will be 100% complete right out of the box with no DLC, and the gameplay is solid, but it's not "my" kind of game. 
34  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Legend of Legacy on: September 22, 2015, 10:11:09 PM
I'm playing the Legend of Legacy demo too. 

My initial impression is that the game is pretty darn cool.  The pop-up scenery looks fine, though it almost blatantly masks the short draw-in distance of environments, so exploration is slower and more methodical.  It's good, but it not quite "my" type of game.  I prefer something a little more story driven and this one looks to be more of a dungeon crawler.
35  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Star Ocean 5 on: September 22, 2015, 05:40:00 PM
"pettanko" (flat-chested girl) is a total anime trope and goes one of two ways- she's either really insecure about her flat chest or she's all "flat 'n proud, I am boobless hear me roar!"  The "hime hime" song Onoda sings in Yowamushi Pedal is about his favorite anime featuring a pettanko magical girl who's of the latter variety. 

As for Checkers, thanks but no thanks.  Though it would be funny if a protagonist gets up her skirt and shouts "King me!" as he finishes.  If she's gonna dress like a Compile Heart slut...
36  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: keep losing jobs.... on: September 20, 2015, 08:09:56 PM
Even a job you love requires you eating some humble pie at one time or another.  I treated being in a band as a job, and I often had to eat humble pie when a lick, riff, or part I wanted to play in a song was rejected because, even though it was cool, it didn't fit the style or vibe of the song or enhance it in any way.  It was not an affront to my playing or songwriting skills (which I and my bandmates knew I'm competent in), but merely what could best serve the song as a whole.  Kinda like how Mick of Slipknot had some cool solos, with sweep arpeggios and such, that he wanted to incorporate into the first album but the producer rejected them, not because they weren't good pieces of music, but because they did nothing to enhance the songs and sometimes even took away from them.  Mick wasn't happy at first (since he is a very skilled guitarist and wanted to show that off), but the end result was a neck-throttling album that sounds like armageddon, without any needless showboating.  

Johnny Ramone even said something along the lines of, "Being a rock 'n roll guitarist is a great job, but it still sucks like any other job."  Even that "dream job" you have mapped out on paper will still require some concessions, sacrifices, and compromises, in reality, and you have to ask yourself: how willing are you to make them?  I LOVE my current job, but it pays shit money.  I'm not willing to put a price tag on my happiness and sanity and would rather have this than a big paycheck job that completely crushes my soul and the very fabric of my being, because, again, I cannot and will not put a price tag on my psychological health.  

Humility is always an important lesson to learn, but nobody understands what it truly means.  It doesn't mean being weak or spineless.  A truly humble person gives of themselves to others, but NEVER to the point that it hurts or poisons themselves.  That's just weakness.  How can a doctor heal the sick when s/he is sick him/herself?  Physician heal thyself.   I have some of the best memories from playing in touring bands, but I gave that up because I was giving so much of myself to my bandmates, to the fans, to everyone involved that my own health (both physical and psychological) was deteriorating as were the interpersonal relationships that mattered most to me- with my family and my best friends.  I gave up "dat life" and I'm 1,000,000% happier and healthier for it.  

EDIT: I relate to "wrong place, wrong time."  That's why I was let go from the school district I used to work for, but despite that punch in the face and an unexpected roadblock I simply did not need in my life I landed my current job in a much better school district and my department absolutely loves having me as part of the team. 
37  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Most rivetting or moving single player experience EVER thread on: September 20, 2015, 07:48:53 PM
In terms of immersion, anything Looking Glass (inspired) naturally wins, after all they invented the immersive sim genre. So System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines all rank up among my favorite RPGs (Ultima Underworld 1&2 and Arx Fatalis are also really nice) and overall the most immersive games I've played alongside the Thief series and few other titles like that.

The most moving experience would have to be the ending of Planescape: Torment. Persona 3's ending also kind of came out the left field and left an impact.

ME is the Great American RPG.  
Not by a long shot.

i've never understood he point of a fps rpg.

Many "old school" RPGs, particularly dungeon-crawlers, had first-person exploration: early Wizardry, Phantasy Star, early Megami Tensei, and so many others that I'm either forgetting or don't know.  And there's obviously the ol' FPS games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom; I enjoyed the piss out of Doom when I was a kid.  So it seems like making an FPS RPG seems like a natural extension/evolution.  It's like with music- Black Sabbath created heavy metal as we know it because guitarist Tommy Iommi downtuned his guitar so he could play it more comfortably after an industrial accident messed up his fingers.  That downtuned "doomy" sound changed music.  Then decades later, KoRn downtuned their guitars even lower, further extending/evolving the definition of metal.  Many folks (especially purists) frown upon the FPS RPG or the "nu metal" sound of KoRn, often claiming that "it's not a tr00 RPG" or "it's not tr00 metal" but those merely take what their progenitors did a little further down and around the rabbit hole.

As for the topic at hand, that level of immersion and emotional investment Klyde talks about is something I found more in graphic adventure games.  I once played EVE: Burst Error for 8 hours straight from 9PM to 5AM (pausing pretty much just to use the toilet or drink some water) before finishing the game and going to bed.  I was THAT drawn into the story.  Ever17 is another one that took me on such an emotional roller coaster, that I still get a little dark feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking about various plot points.  To The Moon was the most emotionally arresting game I've played in recent years and anyone who has not played it yet is truly missing out on one of the most penetrating gaming experiences.  Those were games that transcended being games and became experiences.  Oh, Crescendo was another one that did that. 

As far as RPGs go, Recettear was a game that hooked me in so tightly that I revolved my real life around playing it.  I even deleted the demo so I wouldn't get burnt out on it before the actual release, because it dug its claws into me so hard.  I maxed out the game's clock in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (I must've played it for 110 hours though the clock said 99:59) because I was so immersed in Sumaru City.  I often spent hours just doing nothing, merely slumming around the city merely hanging out.  Persona 1, 2:IS, 2:EP, and 3 were all RPGs that transcended being games to becoming experiences for me.  Persona 4 did not, actually.  It was a AAA-grade game, but never moved beyond that.  (I think my "Finding my Persona Through Persona" editorial speaks volumes here.)
38  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: September 20, 2015, 03:54:03 PM
The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?  Everything's so cyclical it's almost unnerving. 

I feel like nowadays, we're experiencing the 1980s all over again.  The dominant forms of music in the 1980s were happy/good times pop music, glam metal songs about boinking as many girls as possible, and "I'M A TOUGH GUY BECAUSE I LISTEN TO..." Slayer or early Metallica.  Not much music for people coming from a place of feeling weak and powerless, for those who aren't happy having a good time, aren't getting girls, and are getting beaten up by the tough guys. 


That all changed in the 1990s when the dominant music was stuff like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and later on bands like Korn and Deftones.  They weren't happy (the bands were disillusioned, cynical, and often wrote very personal lyrics from their dark places of pain), they didn't (or seemed like they didn't) care about getting tons of girls (even though they surely did), and weren't MANLY MAN roid-ragin' tough guys; they were the kids who were probably beaten up by tough guys.  Hell, when Alice in Chains played that 1991 tour with Anthrax and Slayer- they were heckled by the crowd ("bullied by the tough guys") and then they made it big and I'll bet every naysayer who took a piss on Alice in Chains during that tour bought their album a month later when grunge started to get big.


Cut to now:
The dominant forms of music these days are happy/good times pop music, hip-hop songs about getting lots of pussy (I miss the days of socio-political hip-hop like Public Enemy), and "I'M SO BROOOTALLLL!! HASHTAG BEASTMODE!!!!!" deathcore/metalcore.  Pattern? 
39  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: September 20, 2015, 12:00:56 PM
"Boomzap" by Gramps the Vamp.  The song is funky as hell and an acquaintance of mine (Eva from the Chicago band Jar'd Loose) did the animation for this video and it is cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-ZWpveOzhM
40  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 5th Anniversary Edition on: September 20, 2015, 06:47:08 AM

I think it's funny that the Kaba Kick gun goes "whoo hoo hoo!" like Tigger when it successfully fires. 
41  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Project Setsuna (or 'Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna') on: September 19, 2015, 06:23:10 PM
After reading the front page about it and seeing that it's likely turn-based, I'm more interested now.  I like that turn-based is starting to see a mini-rennaisance of sorts.

As for Black Sigil, that game wasn't bad and its battle system was more like Anachronox's than anything else. 
42  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: RPG Boss Dialogue Appreciation Thread on: September 19, 2015, 08:32:46 AM
Oh man, how could I forget this fantastic pre-boss battle exchange.  I even talked about it elsewhere earlier.  Thousand Arms, before fighting Ratchet, my favorite JRPG cat-fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SANRhLOWjg

That game, in general, had some great boss dialogue encounters.
43  Media / The Soundroom / Re: Song of the Moment: The Original RPGFan Post Count +1 Megathread on: September 18, 2015, 08:15:18 PM
Band of the moment: Slipknot

Many of RPGFan's metalheads might shun me for this, but I've been on a big Slipknot kick lately.  Yeah, I talked trash on them back in the day, labeled them in that era's mainstream gargle-bucket, and thought myself as "better" than "those" fake-ass kIdDiE fans, but I took my head out of my pretentious ass and finally admitted to myself that I always kinda liked them, they've been a guilty pleasure band for me, but no more.  Yes metal elitists, I. LIKE.  SLIPKNOT.  I think they're a more intelligent, insightful, and musically skilled band than a lot of people give them credit for.  No, they're not the heaviest band out there nor the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I can enjoy them as much as I enjoy Misery Index, Abnormality, Symphony X, Iron Maiden, Kreator, Obituary, Blind Guardian, Goatwhore, Malignancy, and other such bands that stalwart metalheads hold in high esteem.  Slipknot's last two albums were really good with surprisingly finessed and complex songwriting.  There is marked maturity and growth throughout that band's discography in lyrics, music, and attitude.  And the late Paul Grey was an underrated bassist.  Sure his sound was often buried in the earlier albums, but I once heard a live recording of "Wait and Bleed" where the bass was high up in the mix and it was a really cool syncopated bassline.  What I also think it cool is that though they're not the first (and will not be the last) band to wear weird masks and put on an intensely dangerous spectacle show, they've forged their own identity within that crowd.  

A lot of the bands that seem to stick with me lately are the ones that took a LONG time to grow on me.  Rush is one of those bands that took forever to grow on me, but now they're one of my favorite bands.  And Slipknot had to grow on me too- grow on me enough to publicly say "I like this band, they're pretty damn cool!"  I'm realizing that "fanbase be damned, I'll like what I like."  There are tons of anime and video games I like that have questionable fanbases, but should that stop me from liking it?  If, in my gut, I like it and it moves me, I should just enjoy it, period.  And sure some people will pass judgment based on the "hits" but look at any album with a radio song- the radio song is usually the worst one on the album which usually has great songs that would never make it to the radio.

I don't have a favorite band and never really have.  It's easy for me to say my favorite genres (metal and punk), but I enjoy listening to too much eclectic stuff to keep a favorite band and buy all their albums.  

I urge any metalhead to listen to this and not find at least one thing to like about it, whether it be the headbangable riffs, the varied vocals, the solos with some nice arpeggio runs, etc.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSDwgb8ZIyk

44  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross PlayLog on: September 18, 2015, 05:19:56 PM
...and this is still my favorite piece of music from Chrono Trigger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJBHFjwet7s

Totally don't mean any disrespect here, I love you Din, but...eugh, why???
I mean, I think all human beings have terrible taste in music, that's what makes it fun.  So I'm curious what you're hearing that I don't?  I like the bit around the 1:20 mark only, and again i'm asking not to be rude (I started it like that, sorry), but I'm genuinely curious.

The simple answer is "I just do."  That piece resonates with me.  It's just so damn funky and tribal with its unconventional (read: not 4/4) rhythm and minor key melody/money riff.  It's like how I can't really describe why I love punk and metal more than other forms of music and whenever I try to get academic about it, it sounds shallow.  I respect, and listen to, jazz, classical, hip-hop and various other genres, but punk and metal just do "it" for me.  Kinda like how you're out with your friends and they notice a hot girl/guy and you're like, "eh, she's okay I guess" and then some other guy/girl comes along that has you trailing them with your eyes and your friends are like, "Ahh, so THAT'S your type, huh?"  
45  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: RPG Boss Dialogue Appreciation Thread on: September 17, 2015, 07:38:33 PM
I can never forget the classic Kefka line saying everyone sounds like chapters from a self-help book.  I don't remember all that much pre-final battle boss lines, so I'll have to try and recall some more.
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