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5446  Media / The Soundroom / Song of the Moment: 15th Anniversary Edition on: June 25, 2008, 08:04:41 PM
I'm gonna be lynched for my SOTM, but I don't care.  Sure this type of top-40 music is normally not my cup of tea, but the song was catchy and as I deconstructed it to figure out/learn the bassline, I was pleasantly surprised.  The bassist understood space, let parts of the song breathe, never once doubled the guitar parts, had a simple but effective and punchy bassline, and even had a really fun bass breakdown during the bridge.  A mainstream pop-rock band that actually has me, an underground whore, interested in their music and has a competent bassist?  The end of the world is nigh.  

The song's "Call 'n Return" by hellogoodbye.  I heard it at the end of Starlancer Six, a fanmade RPG Maker 2003 game.

...and that Patrick song's still stuck in my head.  I agree with Spongebob that it's a freaking awesome song.
5447  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Star Ocean: The Last Hope on: June 25, 2008, 07:42:20 AM
Well, James' review mentions that the battle system in the PSP remakes has been upgraded and smoothed out, so that solves that.  

Maybe I'm not paying good attention, but what's the word on SO4's battle system?  I hope they nix the whole "run out of MP and you die" paradigm from SO3 that was arbitrary and ridiculous.

EDIT: According to IMDB, Rebecca Forstadt voiced Farleen and was not listed in the credits.
5448  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Unoriginal Topic: Favorite Battle System on: June 25, 2008, 07:34:57 AM
Regardless, ToS characters got more than half the EXP of main battlers, which is usually standard in many RPGs.
5449  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Star Ocean: The Last Hope on: June 24, 2008, 06:24:49 PM
Just for the heck of it, I decided to try out a fan translation of Star Ocean 1.  So far, really good.  Enjoying it more than SO2 or 3, but I'll stop playing it since I'm now looking forward to that PSP remake in English.  I actually don't mind the podunk planetness of SO1 as I did in SO3.  Iria/Ilia is a cool character and the interactions between her and Ratix in Clato Village were great.  

The Star Ocean series did have some redeeming characters.  I quite liked Celine in SO2; Nel and Maria in SO3 were pretty cool too.  

Back to Anachronox.  I just got to a new planet and I'm itching to explore it.
5450  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Unoriginal Topic: Favorite Battle System on: June 24, 2008, 04:22:58 PM
Although not a battle system per se, there is one thing Suikoden did in its combat that I loved and wish more RPGs would do.  If you took a level 10 guy out adventuring with a bunch of level 44 guys, the level 10 guy'd reach level 45 around the same time as the 44's.  I wish more RPGs would do that; saves on the grinding.  

Tales of Symphonia made things super smooth were regardless of who was actually in the battle, everyone got full EXP so I didn't have to waste time grinding people I didn't use.  This was useful since I rarely used Sheena but had to for certain boss battles.
5451  The Rest / General Discussions / Nerd girls are sexy now, it seems. on: June 24, 2008, 04:08:41 PM
Wouldn't the number of female video game consumers over 30 be high anyway, since many of them would be moms buying games for their kids?  

How I love thy deceptive nature, statistics.  

The whole "nerdy-chic" thing is what I would analogize to "girlfriend metal."  I consider a band like Killswitch Engage "girlfriend metal" because it's heavy metal your girlfriend would listen to to try and be "metal-chic" but who does not have the consistency to sit through an entire Cannibal Corpse or Nile album.  I once had this beer called Black Fly Stout which was a rather watered-down stout that's a total "girlfriend stout" where your girlfriend would drink it for the "cool factor" of drinking stout but cannot handle a real stout like draft Guinness.  

Although with genres of music like emo being very popular on visual mediums like MTV, pale skinny boys with messy hair and plastic horn-rim glasses, basically 1950's nerds, are considered desirable in many circles.  So it's just the whole marketability of the "nerd-chic" look.
5452  The Rest / General Discussions / Suspected murderer kills himself in jail.... on: June 24, 2008, 03:59:26 PM
I've heard of kicking the bucket, but this is ridiculous.
5453  The Rest / General Discussions / Youtube on: June 24, 2008, 07:17:05 AM
Quote from: "D-Rider"

To be fair, it didn't start off too badly, but once it got all 80s synth poppy, I was ready to vomit.  

Then again, 99% of any Stairway to Heaven cover will suck compared to the original, but this one was pretty bad.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=jAaw9KDlc3Y You've all seen this awful mess before.
5454  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Star Ocean: The Last Hope on: June 23, 2008, 08:01:47 PM
Oh yes, Star Ocean 2's voice acting was *that* bad.  Claude sounded brain dead.  Rena was on helium.  Noel was out to lunch.  Chisato just cold-read.  Ernest sounded like William Shatner imitating a bad northern English accent.  Opera was alright till she screamed in pain.  Bowman sounded jittery like he needed to switch to decaf.  Precis was painful to listen to.  Celine, Ashton, Leon, and Dias were barely passable.  


Which begs the ultimate Star Ocean question: who's more painful to listen to?  Precis or Farleen?
5455  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Star Ocean: The Last Hope on: June 23, 2008, 07:50:51 PM
I don't want Star Ocean 2 for PSP hurried *too* much, or we'll end up with more "teeeeaaaaar intah peesus!" and game-freezing bugs.  My copy of SO2 froze annoyingly often during post-battle loading.  

As someone said earlier, it would definitely be nice to play Star Ocean 2 with a good localization and good voice acting.  Hey, in FFT for PSP, Daravon made sense.
5456  The Rest / General Discussions / 10 essential games on: June 23, 2008, 05:17:17 PM
I'll have to think of this by genre:

Puzzle- Tetris.  That is if virtually everyone in the world with access to electricity hasn't already played it.  It's the granddaddy of all puzzle games and regardless of whether you're 6 or 60, gamer or nongamer, man or woman, whatever, the game is digital crack.  

RPG- This is a tough one since it's a genre I know so well.  I guess Planescape: Torment since video game storytelling does not get much better than it.  People who play RPGs typically aren't novice gamers, so I don't feel bad picking a somewhat complex title as essential RPGing.  

Adventure- Zelda: Link to the Past.  My mom is anything but a gamer (she sometimes plays Bejeweled, Yahtzee, and stuff like that) but back in the NES days, she played Legend of Zelda almost as much as I did.  And LttP is IMO the best Zelda.  2D isn't disorienting like 3D is for many people.  

Graphic Adventure- Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars.  I could easily put Grim Fandango or The Longest Journey in there, but Broken Sword is exemplary in all areas.  Even the GBA version has amazing graphics and sound.  Puzzles that make sense and a killer storyline make Broken Sword a truly engrossing adventure and IMO the best example of the genre.  

Fighting- Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.  Betcha thought I'd say Tekken, eh?  But MvC 2 is so much fun.  Not only is it a fairly deep fighter that's also easy to pick up, but it has incredible crossover appeal.  When people see Captain America or Spiderman on the screen, they'll all say "ooh!  I wanna play!"  I've probably spent more hours on MvC 2 than any other fighter and whenever I have friends pop in to play, that's always the game they want to play.  

Racing- Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.  I don't care who you are, running from the cops in cars you'll never be able to afford is fun.  It's more arcadey than the more sim-like Gran Turismo, but fun is fun and the cars do handle differently.  High Stakes would have been my pick, were it not for the frame rate issues, because not only did it have Hot Pursuit mode, but you could be the cop as well.  

Music- Rock Band.  Ultimate party game that lets people live out their dream of being virtual rock stars.  

FPS- Doom.  Sure nowadays we have FPS games like Half-Life 2, Halo, Crysis, Gears of War and others, but the Doom series was always my favorite.  Fun, sometimes frustrating, and a fairly near-universally played FPS.  Quake was pretty awesome too, but Doom is "it" for me in this genre.  

Sports- Tecmo Bowl.  I don't even like American football, yet I always loved playing Tecmo Bowl.  Sports games nowadays are too freaking complex; I don't want to have to do a 13-button combination just to pass the damn ball.  The only thing Tecmo Bowl has going against it are the dated graphics, but once you start playing, it doesn't matter.  

Platforming- Super Mario Bros. 3.  Very few 8-bit games have aged as well as this and Tecmo Bowl.  Even now, the game is fun and not too hard on the eyes either.

Honorable mentions: Katamari Damacy (as Shig mentioned), Anachronox (I think all JRPG fans should give this game a spin.  So good.  It's become one of my favorite JRPGs, and it's not even Japanese), Panzer Dragoon Saga (reportedly one of the best JRPGs that nobody played), Fallout 1 and 2 (do I even need to say why?).
5457  The Rest / General Discussions / College girls banned from whistling at builders on: June 23, 2008, 12:14:24 PM
*walks in with cane, waves it about, and says in best grandpa voice* I remember back in my day when women whistled at construction workers, construction workers whistled at women and everyone was okay with it.  When did macho tough guys turn into a buncha whiners when women ogled them?  Make no damn sense, I tell you what.  

These young whippersnappers and their crazy rules.  A caring teacher can't even hug a student who gets hurt on the playground without someone screaming lawsuit.  Guess common sense has been replaced by make no damn sense, I tell you what.

*walks back out with cane grumbling about the good ol' days*
5458  The Rest / General Discussions / George Carlin RIP on: June 23, 2008, 08:14:21 AM
'Tis a sad day indeed.  George Carlin was easily my favorite stand-up comedian of all time.  I used to joke around to my friends that George Carlin should be president.  Hell, I still think he should be president.

Perhaps the deaths of Gary Gygax and George Carlin are a message that it's time for me to stop playing games and get serious.  :P

All kidding aside, Carlin was one in a million.  I don't think there'll be another comic quite like him.
5459  The Rest / General Discussions / E3 is Next Month on: June 22, 2008, 06:05:24 PM
Quote from: "Serene Prophet"
I suppose if I wanted anything, I really want to see what companies have coming for PC RPGs.  And NOT MMOs.  Especially if you find something offbeat like The Witcher.

+1 on wanting more on PC RPGs that aren't MMOs.  I definitely want information on, say, Theseis for PC and 360.  And for Square Enix, if there's any word about bringing those PSP Star Ocean remakes to the US.  

And if there are any independent developers there, I'd like to know what they have cooking as far as RPGs go.
5460  The Rest / General Discussions / Youtube on: June 21, 2008, 10:22:24 PM
I forgot if I posted this already.  Whatever.  It f'n brutalizes.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOb6JSQd-Qw

It's studio footage of Cannibal Corpse, just the guitar, bass, and drums doing Frantic Disembowelment.
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