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5521  The Rest / General Discussions / RPGFan Gaming Journal: The Road to Infinity on: June 07, 2008, 04:24:48 PM
I've been dabbling with some indie games.  From http://www.arafell.com I tried out Ara Fell (solid character driven RPG) and Starlancer Six (a fun Sailor Moon type RPG.)  I'm playing and enjoying Fatal Hearts, an indie visual novel from Hanako Games.  

Right now with a summer class and an intense job hunt, I'm gaming more casually.  The biggie for me is Jake Hunter later this month.  I'm looking forward to that one.
5522  Media / Single-Player RPGs / voice acting so bad its funny. on: June 07, 2008, 04:14:27 PM
I did lol at "Venom Bless" (supposed to be Venom Breath) when I read it in Pat's review.  

I know Pat's usually more forgiving of localizations than other reviewers, so if he says it's bad, it's steaming-pile-of-hippo-dookie-in-your-face bad.

I said this before in the Crossover thread, but I'm still surprised that Chaos Wars even made it to US shores, especially considering that the original games many of the characters are in are unknown or marginally known in the US.
5523  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Aveyond & Ahriman's Prophecy (independently developed RP on: June 07, 2008, 03:26:30 PM
Well, if anyone's interested http://www.arafell.com has some indie made RPG Maker games.  The creator wanted to make a 6 part series out of Ara Fell, but only ended up making one.  Solid character driven RPG.  Only thing I wasn't fond of was the use of pre-existing RPG music.  There's some original composition in there, but it was a bit jarring to hear Xenogears' music in the intro.  

There's also Starlancer Six, which is a Sailor Moon type game.  Also decent.  I actually like it better than Ara Fell.

And they're free to d/l so anyone interested in indie 16-bit console style RPGs for PC may want to check them out.  You have nothing to lose.
5524  The Rest / General Discussions / Youtube on: June 07, 2008, 10:36:19 AM
That was on TV back when I was 10 or so.  I was so excited to see a cartoon based on my favorite Nintendo game and felt blasphemed that Link was an obnoxious jackass and Zelda was a cold hard bitch.  I expected Link to be a valorous chivalrous knight and Zelda to be a nicer princess; I mean wouldn't you be more appreciative of the person who saves your ass in every game?  Even at age 10, before I really knew what anime was, I envisioned a Zelda cartoon looking like something out of these:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=doxqJkwBClM
5525  Media / Single-Player RPGs / voice acting so bad its funny. on: June 07, 2008, 10:09:29 AM
I'm not surprised the voice acting in Chaos Wars is on par with Mega Man 8's.  I mean, the US publisher O~3 is new, and according to Pat's review rather inept at localizations and marketing, therefore has, like, no money and therefore couldn't afford actual unionized voice talent, especially not the original voice actors for their respective games.  So they probably just had their staff do the voices to save a buck.  The only time this actually worked was with Septerra Core.  

Companies with more capital like Rockstar Games can actually hire good voice talent.

http://www.audioatrocities.com (scads of bad VG voice acting clips.)
5526  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Overrated & Underrated (with a twist!) on: June 06, 2008, 11:25:25 PM
What still kinda boggles me is that Odin Sphere had all that slowdown, yet Grim Grimoire which often had more simultaneous things happening on the screen and much large spritery, had no slowdown.  

I liked Odin Sphere and was able to overlook a lot of its flaws.  But I do agree that it IS repetitive, can be excruciatingly unbalanced (the final chapter of Cornelius' story comes to mind), and even easy mode can be brutal.

Gwendolyn's story is on the weak side.  Cornelius' story, which you play second, is much more interesting.  He was probably my favorite character in the whole thing.  I didn't really like Oswald that much.  Mercedes and Velvet were cool.  I liked that Mercedes' skillsets actually changed up the way you played the game such that it made familiar environments seem a little fresh again.
5527  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Eternal Sonata PS3 for Japan only on: June 06, 2008, 07:31:55 PM
If any Namco-Bandai game is going to sell a PS3, it's going to be Tekken 6, and that only comes out later this year.
5528  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Jeanne D'Arc on: June 05, 2008, 04:21:02 PM
I thought Brave Story was a generic, FF style RPG.  Not a bad game, but nothing great.  I'd call it a mediocre game.  Graphics were real purty, though.  

The PSP is a great platform for SRPGs, though.  Jeanne D'Arc, FFT: WoL, and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness are good.  Although most critics didn't view these too favorably, Pat here at RPGFan reviewed Aedis Eclipse positively and I (back when I was an editor) reviewed Wild Arms XF favorably.  

Still, right now my two favorite PSP games are Tekken Dark Resurrection and Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, which aren't RPGs (though I do count Symphony of the Night as one.)
5529  The Rest / General Discussions / Jack Thompson disbarred on: June 05, 2008, 07:29:14 AM
I'd sing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, but the potential disbarrment will only be in effect for 10 years and he'll likely come back more crotchedy than ever.  It's like how legendary adult heroes seal the supreme evil demonic overlord away and he comes back after 1000 years more pissed off than ever and a bunch of children have to defeat it.
5530  Media / The Soundroom / Song of the Moment: 15th Anniversary Edition on: June 04, 2008, 09:47:08 PM
I downloaded a song on my iPod many moons ago.  I had kept wanting to listen to it, but never got around to it until today.  Now I ask myself, "why in the hell did I download this song?  Did I think it was good at one point?  This is the most generic, soulless power/prog metal type song I've heard in ages."  And for that strong reaction, "New Life" by DGM is my song of the moment.  

Oh well.  At least "Pointless Masquerade" by Magic Pie's an awesome song.  I really should get their albums.
5531  The Rest / General Discussions / DoA's Itagaki Leaves Tecmo on: June 04, 2008, 04:33:38 PM
I'm also somewhat curious as to what'll happen to Dead or Alive.  As much as I despise the fanservicey shovelware games, the main installments are actually solid 3D fighters.
5532  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Persona 3 on: June 04, 2008, 04:25:59 PM
That use of tarot arcana to match characters' personalities and even persona affinities has been present in all the persona games.  Although how some personas got placed in certain arcana were somewhat questionable in previous Persona games (i.e. I thought Phoenix would be better as Death than Temperance), it makes more sense in Persona 3.
5533  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Persona 3 on: June 04, 2008, 07:51:44 AM
Quote from: "Bernhardt"
Y'know, I find it strange that Junpei's Arcana is supposed to be "Magician," (and why they can't have thought up a more original name for that Arcana, when they call physically-based Arcana "Chariot," instead of "Warrior," for example, is another gripe), when he's more of a physical-based, melee fighter...

You *do* realize that the names of the arcana are based on the major arcana of tarot cards, right?  Each arcana in the deck of tarot has certain meanings in divination and tarot readings.  

http://www.tarotteachings.com/tarot-card-meanings-of-the-major-arcana.html Scroll down, pick the name of the arcana card, and you'll get a decent description of what it means.  

There are minor arcana too (wand, cup, pentacle/coin, sword) which are like the four suits in a traditional poker deck.  Tarot used to be a game, I believe, that became a divination tool.
5534  Media / Single-Player RPGs / World Destruction Trailer, amazing music on: June 02, 2008, 12:38:34 PM
The game certainly looks to have the epic feel and high production values fans like in JRPGs.  Sega's RPG offerings have been spotty of late (few of their offerings lately seem to match Phantasy Star 4 or Skies of Arcadia), so this hopefully signals a return to form.  I have little doubt that this will see a US release.  

Of course, given the high production values on the CG & music, the polygonal gameplay graphics, and the limited space on a DS cartridge, I worry that the game will be aesthetically pleasing and fun, but insanely short.  Of course, I don't mind RPGs that clock in under 20 hours; in fact I kinda prefer them since I don't play games as often/frequently and a 15 hour game can keep me busy for a long time.  

I'll be keeping an eye on this one.  Normally traditional JRPGs like this don't really excite me (I'm a jaded old curmudgeon), but something about this one has my interest piqued.
5535  Media / Single-Player RPGs / another Atlus surprise? on: May 31, 2008, 09:11:48 PM
Dokapon.  That's anti-climactic.
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