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61  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: [Demo][Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides on: March 15, 2014, 06:44:04 PM
I had fun with the demo.  Still a work in progress, but I like where it's going.  Storyline and characters seem solid, I dug the music, battles were engaging, and I liked the creativity in establishing races of unique beings that haven't been seen in fantasy.  It's part of the retro trend, but not getting on the "lol elves" bandwagon.  It looks like an 8-bit RPG but has modern sensibilities. 
62  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Leeky Cauldron: The RPGfan Food and Recipe Thread on: March 15, 2014, 04:53:37 PM
Ahh, vegan ice cream.  A few years back I had this epic "vegetarian/vegan" potluck where a ton of my friends all cooked a meatless dish (we feasted like kings!) and one person made vegan brownies using bananas in place of the dairy.  Yeah, they were slim little brownies (not fluffy) but man were they good. 
63  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 2014 Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, etc. thread. What's piqued your interest? on: March 12, 2014, 07:50:40 PM
Sure thing.
64  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 2014 Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, etc. thread. What's piqued your interest? on: March 12, 2014, 05:41:21 PM
You could always share it here in this thread if you want. 

And it looks like Dragon Fin Soup's on Kickstarter now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grimmbros/dragon-fin-soup
65  Media / Brush and Quill / Re: Book Thread Continued on: March 11, 2014, 07:40:31 PM
I'm about 20 chapters into Mistborn book 3.  What a great series. 
66  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 999 on iOS. VN only! on: March 10, 2014, 06:18:05 PM
I'm semi-okay with this.  I think it's great that more people can experience this game and hopefully it'll do well enough to encourage more of this type of game on the platform.  

However, I think the perfect thing would be a balance of the two (original puzzle version vs. VN version).  I liked the puzzles, but I didn't like having to do them over and over in multiple playthroughs; an option to skip over previously done puzzles would have been sweet.  
67  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 2014 Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, etc. thread. What's piqued your interest? on: March 10, 2014, 03:13:27 PM
I'm not big on action RPGs either (I'm an ol' fashioned turn based dude), but Dragon Fin Soup's battles seem more tactical.  The Greenlight page says "turn based" a fair amount.  It and Echoes of Eternea seem most up my alley.  Those are the two I'm most interested in following.

I like Greywalkers: Purgatory's style and setting, because there aren't enough SRPGs that utilize this type of setting.  Starcrawlers appeals to the outer-space sci-fi fan in me, and The Meridian Shard appeals to my old-school aesthetics.  

I sampled the Festival of Magic demo, and while it's solid for what it is, it's not quite my cup of tea. 
68  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 2014 Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, etc. thread. What's piqued your interest? on: March 10, 2014, 07:49:23 AM
And why single out bronies and not weeaboos or any other insufferable fanbase out there?  The existence of "those" fans is not going to make me like anime or what-have-you any less.  No matter what, you will always have "those" fans out there, for anything.  And you know what?  They're worth marketing to.  If they latch onto something they like, they won't just speak with their wallets.  They'll shout with them.  Of course, do something they dislike and they'll immediately give you the silent treatment with their wallets, but while they're still shouting with their wallets...

So I'm not opposed to there being a Kickstarter game that does market to a particular fanbase.  That fanbase will eat it up.  Some people might cry "selling out" but the creators could say they're selling in, and may end up laughing all the way to the bank.  My only objection to that game is that it seems unimpressive for an alpha build.  The 2D art overlaid on top of photographs of malls and libraries is a blatant shortcut and looks cheap.   There's no mention of how RPG elements (like what?  Weapons?  Battles?) are incorporated.  Will it be like Fading Hearts?  I'm iffy on some of the voice acting too.  Like the jock pony doesn't sound like a genuine jock; more like a dorknerdgeek pretending to be a jock. 

Regardless, the fact that we're all so hung up on this is just publicity for the project.  

But thanks to the thread,  Meridian Shard, Greywalkers: Purgatory, Echoes of Eternea, and Starcrawlers have piqued my interest
69  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: [Kickstarter] Celestian Tales: Old North (JRPG) on: March 09, 2014, 04:23:30 PM
Either way, it's a mechanic that hasn't been used often enough.  I can dig the idea of a character truly developing veneration.
70  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: 2014 Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, etc. thread. What's piqued your interest? on: March 09, 2014, 01:42:20 PM
Of course nonsense like that exists.  I mean, didn't Japan have that pigeon-centric love adventure?  At the very least this pony one doesn't appear to be a Rule 34 nukige or something.  It seems like Brooktown High but with ponies. 
71  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently Viewed Movies Episode 2: The Vampire Bites Back on: March 08, 2014, 08:40:33 PM
I just got back from seeing The Wind Rises.  The quick and dirty of it is that it was a great movie and I encourage anyone to go see it.  Visually, it's beautiful.  I love how the storytelling and pacing are subdued and scenes are allowed to breathe; not like the ADD nature of film these days.  I was compelled for the entire duration, which is more than 2 hours.  I like that it's just a simple story told well without any melodrama or bombast.  There were plenty of dreamy visuals (though those were kept nicely grounded) and plenty of signature visual cues that say "yep, that's Miyazaki."  

What I liked is that there was no melodramatic moral conflict about building war planes, which is what typical Hollywood would do.  No, Jiro was an engineer to the core and viewed things through that analytical lens.  The normal person would be asking "but what about the moral/ethical dilemmas?" but to the true engineer at heart, that's irrelevant.  Dream, design, and make the impossible possible.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Maybe because my dad is an engineer (a chemical engineer) I could relate to Jiro and his point of view more than someone who maybe doesn't quite "get" the mind of an engineer.  The way aircraft designs danced in his dreams reminds me of the way my dad says numbers and designs for the kind of equipment he specializes in simply dance.  

Basically, I think that people who dis the movie or its protagonists simply don't "get" it.  

Great change of pace from what Miyazaki is most known for.  I loved it, though my favorite Miyazaki film is still Howl's Moving Castle. 
72  Media / The Soundroom / Re: Babymetal on: March 08, 2014, 04:07:01 PM
I wanna tour Japan and open for these guys.  And Blood Stain Child.  I love BSC's Epsilon album.  It's a beautiful blend of trance, melodic death metal, and J-Pop.  Here's the teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N53nQDRWM0  Oh and don't be confused by Ryu in Epsilon's liner art.  He's really a dude.  

73  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: [Kickstarter] Celestian Tales: Old North (JRPG) on: March 08, 2014, 03:45:45 PM
  I definitely think more games should try spanning a story over a few decades, it's a great way to see things change and develop.

Yeah.  I liked the storyline spanning three generations in Phantasy Star III.  Sure, the rest of the game wasn't that great (I disliked the grainy graphics, grainy music, and plodding gameplay) but that multi-generational story was fantastic.  I especially liked that the storyline branched off depending on who each protagonist married. 

The only other RPG I can recall playing multiple generations is Record of Agarest War 2, and while that game, as a whole, was surprisingly good, I felt that the generational aspect could have been better done.  Unlike PhanStar III, the protagonist was always the same regardless of chosen bride; the only difference was in stats.  I thought this was a cop-out. 

74  Media / Single-Player RPGs / 2014 Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, etc. thread. What's piqued your interest? on: March 08, 2014, 08:35:27 AM
With so many Kickstarters out there and games hoping to make the cut for Steam Greenlight, I thought I'd start a thread where we share those projects that have piqued our interest this year.  The ones that we hope make it because they appeal to us in some way.  

A few of mine:
Dragon Fin Soup by Grimm Bros. Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231462918
This one looks like pure fun and it has style.  

Legena by Grandpa Pixel http://www.grandpapixel.com/legena.html This one hasn't hit Kickstarter yet, but I did have a chance to try out a really brief demo.  Yes, the game looks very retro, but it plays fairly modern.  I had more fun with it than I thought I would and I liked the music.  

And though its Kickstarter is over and it was already funded, Revolution 60 by Giant Spacekat. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spacekat/bring-revolution-60-to-pc-and-mac http://www.revolution60.com http://www.rpgfan.com/previews/Revolution_60/index.html This one's slated to release this year and the press demo I played last year appealed to me a lot.  This is the game I'm most excited about this year.  

I'm obviously interested in the new Shantae that was funded.  I was interested in Soul Saga by Disaster Cake, but it looks like the guy doesn't seem to have a solid plan in how to allocate his funds.

So, yeah, what are the games you've discovered that you'd like to see Kickstarter'd or Greenlighted this year?

75  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Youtube on: March 05, 2014, 07:43:05 PM
Who remembers Kiwi! from 2006?  Still adorable and quite poignant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdUUx5FdySs
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