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6151  Media / The Soundroom / Best Cover of The Trooper, bar none! on: June 20, 2007, 09:22:46 AM
My friend Richard (the other half of Godzilla Vs. The Smurfs) would get a kick out of this.  "The Trooper" is his favorite song.
6152  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Things We Hate about Star Ocean 3... on: June 20, 2007, 09:09:30 AM
One thing I've always disliked about Star Ocean games-

They give you the promise of sci-fi, space travel, technology, futuristic settings... yet for the entire game, they always drop you on some backwater traditional fantasy RPG type planet.  If it's "Star Ocean" where's the ocean of stars, outer space?  

Total tease.  

I'm playing the Xenosaga games for the first time (I'm 12 hours into Xenosaga 1) and I'm thinking "wow!  Why couldn't any Star Ocean games be like this?  Futuristic stuff, space travel, going to different kinds of planets, space stations, etc."  

The promise of sci-fi and space travel always lured me to Star Ocean and it's never delivered.

...and I can't stand Motoi Sakuraba's music.  I've already given my treatise on that.
6153  Media / Single-Player RPGs / My Favorite Part About Idiotic Fanboys. on: June 19, 2007, 10:04:18 PM
Game ranting aside and back to fanboys/fangirls...

I sometimes wonder... I'm just as guilty as all of you at pointing-and-laughing at/about and talking smack about "idiotic" or "obsessive" fanboys/girls but could I be just as guilty of "idiotic" or "obsessive" fanboyism about something and not quite realize it?  Could some of what I'm a "drooling" fanboy over not even be considered obsessive fanboyism and more "acceptable" for lack of a better word.

I can already name an "anti-fanboyism" I have that could really get me in trouble and make me sound like a ranting moron, but it's not one I'm willing to let go of because I've carefully formed such a vehement strong opinion about it.
6154  The Rest / General Discussions / GameFan and other game magazines on: June 19, 2007, 05:19:03 PM
Best thing about game magazines was ripping pictures of ads out of them so my old kindergarten class could make their own puzzles; I'd have them glue the ads to cardboard, cut it out into pieces, and voila, puzzle.  

Heh, since I was the only teacher at that school into anime and video games, I knew which magazines to snag for cool ads so the kids could do stuff like that.
6155  Media / Single-Player RPGs / My Favorite Part About Idiotic Fanboys. on: June 19, 2007, 04:39:28 PM
A response I've used that really pisses people off after they tout their right to an opinion: "You may have a right to your opinion, but I have an equal right to challenge it."  

A quote by Hubert H. Humphrey, and one of my all time favorite quotes: "The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously."  

Yeah, none of what I said is in direct response to anything in this thread, but I think it's appropo.
6156  The Rest / General Discussions / GaGaGame Journal #5 on: June 18, 2007, 10:28:26 PM
Been playing Xenosaga with some Gameshark codes.  I'm at the part where Jr. is introduced.

Ziggy and MOMO are cool.
6157  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Nippon Ichi sux the big one. and i dont mean the xbox on: June 18, 2007, 01:48:11 PM
Bottom line:

If you don't like what one company puts out, then don't buy it.  If other people like it, viva la difference.  It's like with food.  Some people love broccoli.  Others don't.  It doesn't make it a "bad" or "crappy" food.  

Different game developers/publishers create/release lots of unique content.  A NIS RPG is different from a Square-Enix RPG which is a different flavor from a Namco-Bandai RPG.  I say viva la difference.  

I like having lots of restaurants with lots of unique cuisine to choose from rather than just one restaurant with one kind of cuisine.  

This topic is pure flamebait, trolling, and as such violates forum policy.  The initial post was clearly flaming NIS fans, and people took the bait and flamed back.

Not a productive topic.  Topic locked.  Don't feed the trolls.  Have a stupendous day.
6158  Media / Single-Player RPGs / FFT PSP slowdown "not that bad," says S-E on: June 14, 2007, 09:43:12 PM
Eus- good point.  Yeah, slowdown or not there's no denying Odin Sphere as a quality product regardless.  

Still with porting, I would think that with today's technology one could port a game to a equally or more powerful platform without slowdown, glitching, and all that.  

Eh, I too see S-E as becoming kinda like Gibson and Fender who are becoming more about grabbing money through past glories than creating a quality product (like they did in the good old vintage days.)  They put out a fuckton of often not-so-well made copies of past designs that made them successful and people still buy them because it's the brand they're familiar with.  Not only cheap copies, but highly priced ones too with poor quality.  (You should see the shitty fretwork on some $3000 Les Pauls.)
6159  The Rest / General Discussions / AMA may label 'Video Game Addiction' as disorder on: June 14, 2007, 09:22:23 PM
That's the real issue with the article.  The criteria they're mulling over to determing if X is an addiction or not are misguided and likely not very well researched.  I wonder what they're comparing it to to get that arbitrary 2 hour per night number.  I mean, watching TV for 2 hours a night isn't a big deal.  Reading a book for 2 hours a night isn't a big deal.  But shooting heroin or snorting zombie dust for 2 hours straight every night is a whole 'nother story.

And the idea of pharmaceuticals is that certain neurotransmitters and other neural entities are unbalanced in a true addict's brain.  Like an addict needs to get lots of a fix to keep his/her seratonin levels (for example) in balance like a "normally adjusted" person who's just fine through normal living.  Hence, the pharmaceuticals are mainly to properly balance the neural chemistry.  

I don't know much about neuropsychology or neuroscience, but the bottom line is that the drugs are there to treat chemical imbalances in the brain and an addict does have chemical/neurotransmitter imbalances.  Drugs obviously have their downsides.  With methadone, for example, heroin junkies are basically trading one addiction for another.  

Of course, drugs alone are useless.  Drugs + Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is ideal.  Of course, many people don't even need the drugs and the CBT alone is sufficient.  Not all addictions stem from neural imbalances.  Many addictions stem from sociobehavioral circumstances initially maybe as a coping habit then eventually become a more unconscious habit then addiction.  

I don't think it's a bad thing to research and set up criteria to define addiction with regards to new stimuli that more modern/advanced living brings to us, but the article as a whole is really really really flawed and I seriously have to question those flaws.
6160  The Rest / General Discussions / AMA may label 'Video Game Addiction' as disorder on: June 14, 2007, 09:01:39 PM
Ahhh, but playing video games CAN become an addiction if done to extremes that fuck up normal healthy living big time.  

ANYthing can become an addiction if it fucks up normal living to certain extents, whether it be via physical, social, and/or psychological health.  It's possible to become addicted to water, for example.  And a water drinking addiction can really fuck up your health (i.e. overtaxing your kidneys, diluting your blood.)  

Look at the difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic.  In much the same way, look at the difference between a normal gamer and guys like that Korean dude who died playing Counterstrike because he didn't eat for, what, 72 hours straight?  That's addiction, and it's a pretty ugly thing.  

Of course, that's extremes and degrees of addiction run across a spectrum.  

Personally, I think addiction comes when the stimulus controls you rather than you controlling the stimulus.    

I do agree that using pharmaceuticals to treat every little thing is overboard.  I think cognitive behavioral therapy is much more effective to help people get over addictions.

Addiction is a VERY complicated thing.  I've studied addiction theory extensively in undergratuate and graduate level abnormal psychology classes, dealt with addictions among my own family and friends, and done some delving in the DSM-IV.  And to say I'm still baffled is an understatement.  

I still think the article and the people being quoted in it are oversimplifying things.  Addiction cannot and should not be oversimplified as that's a disservice to practitioners' and clients/patients' understanding.
6161  Media / Single-Player RPGs / FFT PSP slowdown "not that bad," says S-E on: June 14, 2007, 08:50:39 PM
I too would think that, yeah, 16 years after the first CD-based home console and with todays technology available for porting and stuff, slowdown would become a thing of the past.  

Still, it's amazing that depending on where it comes from slowdown can either be demonized or forgiven as a minor annoyance.  I mean, slowdown was mostly forgiven as a minor annoyance by many here in Odin Sphere.  But if that same slowdown is seen in a S-E game, oh ho it's pitchfork time!
6162  The Rest / General Discussions / AMA may label 'Video Game Addiction' as disorder on: June 14, 2007, 08:42:48 PM
Addiction to anything is serious.  However, I'm not sure they have the criteria quite right.  Playing video games for 2 hours a day is not enough to disrupt normal living.  Watching 2 hours of TV a day doesn't disrupt normal living.  Playing 6+ hours a day does.  

Addiction to anything has its consequences and new things pop up all the time that one could be/become addicted to.  Internet addiction is a real thing.  

Addiction is really complex.  There's bazillions of pages in the DSM-IV about all kinds of addiction disorders.  There's a wide variety and a wide spectrum (it's not just "addicted" or "not."  There's varying degrees of addiction.)  

I think video game addiction is a real phenomenon and should be studied for inclusion in a DSM, but the way the article is presented, it seems like the researchers and the writers are oversimplifying the matter.
6163  The Rest / General Discussions / Game books on: June 14, 2007, 10:35:25 AM
This one import game I played briefly for Dreamcast called deSPIRIA was like a point and click adventure with turn-based RPG battles.  I never played a game quite like that one.  

Lard- I recall that a few Fighting Fantasy books did occasionally have group combat.  I believe Seas of Blood had some crew/ ship-to-ship battles.  But, yeah, Fighting Fantasy was always pretty much a solo struggle.  

One thing I realized about the Way of the Tiger books that I liked was the ability to choose what kind of strikes I would use against an opponent.  I thought that was pretty boss.  

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the statistics/innovations found in video games were originally drawn from gamebooks.  For example, the sanity meter in Eternal Darkness made me think of House of Hades's (House of Hell outside the US) psychological resistance meter where each encounter added points and accumulating too many points would cause you to die of fright.
6164  The Rest / General Discussions / Pepsi Cucumber.....? on: June 13, 2007, 11:25:47 PM
And Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda isn't serious?  That's a legitimate soda sold year-round not as a gag (though it does make some people gag.  I personally kinda like it in a weird way.)
6165  The Rest / General Discussions / GaGaGame Journal #5 on: June 13, 2007, 11:21:45 PM
Kickin' it REAL old school, baby.  1980s old school.  This game journal entry is definitely inspired by that Game Books thread, which made me fondly remember my enjoyment of the Fighting Fantasy series.  I managed to snag a cheap, preowned, and clean (read: no markings on the pages) copy of the book Rebel Planet, from the Fighting Fantasy series.  I had lost my original copy of Rebel Planet in a move, so I definitely wanted a 'new' copy.  

Not a video game, but certainly has the elements we expect in a good console RPG: story, battle, exploration, and some puzzles.  It's like a single player tabletop RPG with a more streamlined interface and a story penned by an author and not by "you."  

More about Fighting Fantasy can be found in the Game Books thread, but in a nutshell, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are like single-player, story-centered, tabletop RPGs where you keep track of stats and use dice for battles.  To me, it's kinda like console RPGs before RPG worthy consoles existed.  

Anyway, I gave it a read/play today.  Still as good as I remember it being, and just as challenging too (I died/ Game Over'd a LOT.)  Despite being written in the 1980s, it didn't feel dated like vintage sci-fi tends to.  Some of the stuff actually seemed plausible and the story was surprisingly well-written for a gamebook.  

I pretty much did a straight & narrow run to the end, but I missed out on a lot of the more interesting subplots.  Yeah, I know my time for exploring the planets was limited and there were many cool NPCs I didn't get to chit-chat with much, but I definitely want to play/read it again to check out some of the subplots.
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