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1  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: A place to decide the best RPG ever. on: July 29, 2011, 09:05:29 AM
2 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
24 - Final Fantasy Tactics
283 - Everquest

Looks like your list is broken?
2  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: "On-Rails" RPGs on: October 22, 2010, 12:46:42 PM
When you say on-rails my first thought is of Virtua Cop style shooters, but I know what you mean about linearity.

I prefer a solid story so I tend to go for jrpgs more than open-world stuff. Probably the only thing I really hated about Oblivion (and most other open world games) was being able to go to Kvatch, tell the commander of the comically small barricade I'll come back later, and come back months later to find the city is still burning and they're still waiting for you. I played Final Fantasy (1) on PSP last year and spent nearly 10 hours in the middle of the game wandering about trying to find where the story had gone, before finally giving in and checking a walkthough. The world should have been thoroughly conquered by the forces of Chaos, but no - he waited for the four heroes of light (no relation) to turn up instead.

The fact that the storyline has a deadline in Atelier Rorona made it a day-one purchase for me. If the world (or a small shop) needs to be saved it should need to be saved - waiting until you've had enough of fighting giant rodents should not be an option.
3  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Pat's editorial - I Don't Have The Patience For This! (Anymore) on: October 07, 2010, 12:42:13 PM
Will that work on 1st gen hardware?
I don't think the 1000 has the TV out. Only the 2000/3000.
4  The Rest / The Helper Monkey / Re: Dusting the Inside of a Laptop on: October 06, 2010, 04:15:45 AM
Woops! Didn't check the date. Saw it was near the top and assumed. 'pologies.
5  The Rest / The Helper Monkey / Re: Dusting the Inside of a Laptop on: October 06, 2010, 03:32:43 AM
Not risky at all as long as you don't force anything and make sure you don't take any heat sinks off.

For what it's worth I use a balloon pump to blow the dust off the fans in my PC. If you've got one (or maybe a bicycle tyre pump) it might be worth taking a shot at blowing it through from the air intake vent. See what (if anything) comes out.
edit: Switch it off first of course.

This might help? You don't want to do all of it, figure out which steps apply.
6  Media / The Soundroom / Re: Retro VGM that you love. on: October 05, 2010, 07:20:35 PM
ZX Spectrum 48k. The menu music to my all time favourite game.

7  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: age-old JRPG problem on: October 05, 2010, 09:46:50 AM
That's fairly good advice, especially if you're new to rpgs.
I haven't played any DQ so I don't know if there's a rock-paper-scissors mechanic in there, but watch the numbers when you're fighting and pay attention to what kind of attack or magic does the most damage. Fight smarter, not harder. You can save a lot of grinding.
8  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Editorial: Kingdom Hearts: BBS vs. Etrian Odyssey III (EO wins) on: October 05, 2010, 03:26:32 AM
You will hear people describe EO3 as an "old-school" RPG; a hardcore throwback dungeon crawler for the roguelike set.
Will you? Have they not heard of Dungeon Master then? I'm fairly sure he doesn't understand what roguelike means.

I tried to skim ahead to see when he would actually connect what he was saying to Dziga Vertov's theory of film-making, but he doesn't seem to ever do that.
  • Brainy Gamer casts Pretentious Crap.
  • It has no effect.
9  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Pat's editorial - I Don't Have The Patience For This! (Anymore) on: October 04, 2010, 05:42:31 PM
I understand the sentiment completely. I am, however, exceptionally patient.

I think I'm up to about ten games now that I play on a regular basis (regular enough to not trade in anyway). I haven't finished anything since April (White Knight Chronicles), and while I could probably finish one before the end of the year if I played just one, I have a terrible habit of sitting down each night and spending ten minutes deciding what to play.

So as long as I don't add anything new to the pile I'm putting in a 2 hour session on each game per fortnight. I'd estimate an average of 60 hours left per game (I just restarted most of them), so that's 60 weeks just to finish my current collection, which will probably grow by around one title every two months (Trinity Universe, Recettear and Atelier Rorona are on my list).

I'm happy to play shorter RPGs, but then I might end up in the horrible situation of having nothing to play while waiting for new releases. I'm not sure I could be patient about that.
10  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Anyone planning to pick up Atelier Rorona? on: October 02, 2010, 10:36:16 AM
I like Siliconera's reviews because they don't give a number, therefore requiring you to actually read.  When you read some of the comments on llarger sites, it's sad how many people base their opinion off of the simple number and you can tell they didn't read the review at all.

I like Joystiq for the same reason. I'll give Siliconera a look. I don't generally bother looking at the score on a review because it doesn't tell you anything about the game, but apparently I'm in the minority here.

Okay, I'm just going to get this out of the way and say that I haven't trusted a JRPG IGN review since I played Romancing Saga. Everyone needs to get over the fact that Atelier Rorona IS NOT FUCKING GOOD. Yeah it isn't a game for everyone, but it is just a bad fucking game. You have to be a fucking creepy individual to find this game intriguing and defend it like it was your child. I LOVE PLAYING AS 14year old girls heheh, oh wait she is 17 now. You fucking serious? Most of you people are the reason that JRPGs suck, because you keep buying the crappy ass JRPGs that get localized rather than the good ones. Lost Oddessy? Fuck that man, let's play Atelier Rorona, it's totally better.

Not liking the fact that a teenage girl is the main character doesn't say much about the game. If it is a bad game can you please tell me why? Leaving the fairly obvious flame-baiting aside, have you played it yet? Has anyone here? Apart from Patrick obviously.

Incidentally, I'd love to play Lost Odyssey but it'll have to wait till I can afford a 360.
11  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Do you take notes on games? on: October 01, 2010, 12:01:45 PM
I haven't made a map of anything since the 8bit days (I bought Etrian Odyssey for map-making nostalgia), and only Myst's puzzles were complicated enough to make me write notes. Mostly I'm just too damned lazy.
12  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Anyone planning to pick up Atelier Rorona? on: October 01, 2010, 06:21:21 AM
Still a couple of weeks till this is released in Europe. I'd like to hear what more people think of it.
It's a definite buy for me, just a question of full price or wait.
13  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Men who play as female characters. on: October 01, 2010, 05:32:54 AM
I never really gave the matter any thought before, but now that you bring it up and I think back I realise that I've never played an RPG as a female character, and my first RPG was Bard's Tale, so that's quite a few RPGs I've played.

I do have a tendency to play a dwarf. I don't know if that says anything about me. I'm 5'10".
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