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1  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Hey look, Parasite Eve 3 on: May 12, 2007, 10:16:58 PM
Quote from: "Professor Gast"
Eusis: May be this new game is just a test to gauge public interest in the series. Keep in mind that it has been 7.5 years, since they released Parasite Eve 2 in Japan. Creating a Parasite Eve 3 for PlayStation 3 and/or 360 would cost insane amounts of money and nobody knows how well the game would sell. After all, the first game was made in Hawaii under rather special cirumstances, but despite director Takashi Tokita complaining about that development environment back then, the game sold close to two millions units, despite not being released in Europe. The second one was developed by the fifth production team in Osaka, and clearly did not live up to expectations, as it sold only 1.1 millions copies worldwide, despite being available in Europe as well.
Making a third game for mobile phones is rather cost effective and you still can make a decent amount of money with it in Japan. If the game does well, then they can always make a new one for consoles.

yeah, but The Last Remnant is a total unknown. As much as I'd like this to be true, I'm not going to hold my breath.
2  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Hey look, Parasite Eve 3 on: May 12, 2007, 01:28:36 PM
For cell phones!

3  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Future of Shadow Hearts on: February 21, 2007, 09:13:49 PM
There is evidence that Nautilus has been dismantled, but there is no conclusive proof. I don't see why the representative you talked to wouldn't say that they had been dismantled if they had, though. The evidence might imply that the development studio is gone, but the representative's response raises questions.

Your article is very speculative, I think, so I take the implication of it with a grain of salt.
4  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Opinions on if FFVII-IX were re-released. on: February 15, 2007, 04:54:50 PM
I'm sure we'll see it at some point, since it would make sense on a business level

I'm not entirely convinced of that.

If they were gonna remake FFVII for the PS3, it'd be one of the most consuming remake projects ever (if not the most). IIRC, a SE rep said a while back that it would take a couple hundred people and 5 years to complete such a project. Now, I'm sure those estimates would dwindle as developers get better at developing for the PS3, but it would still be a pretty consuming process.

While the wide majority of the genre's fanbase is clamoring for a FFVII remake on the PS3, there's no real guarantee that sales would live up to the hype. Chrono Cross was pretty hyped, for example, and it didn't perform as well as Squaresoft expected.

FFVII on the PS3 would make SE money for sure, but the question is: would the investment be worth it? Would it make more money concentrating on this project than it would if it spent the money and man hours on another project, or on several different smaller ones? If FFVII was remade, it'd basically be the same game as the PS1 version; people would know what to expect. There would be additions and stuff, but would it be better to concentrate on something like Kingdom Hearts III? Something people haven't played before?

I suspect that if there's a remake at all, it'll be on either the PSP or the DS (probably the DS). That'd sell millions of copies too.
5  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Odin Sphere to be brought over by Atlus on: February 10, 2007, 10:29:46 PM
Heh, yeah, they don't report that kind of stuff on purpose or anything, but their news department's turnover is outrageous, so there's gonna always be  some new guy posting a story that has some inconsistencies. So yeah, they don't usually get the big picture wrong, but when they write about the details of things, take it with a grain of salt; I can poke so many holes in so many of their stories.

...and this is coming from someone who was Head of News over there for 6 months.
6  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Rogue Galaxy. on: January 15, 2007, 12:01:27 PM
It looks cool but for some reason it's reminding me of Star Ocean 3 which I really, really hated :|

It's a little bit like Star Ocean, but it doesn't feel that way too much. It feels more like a mix of Tales/Dark Cloud than anything.
7  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy XII on: November 08, 2006, 06:05:40 PM
Quote from: "Esper_Crusader"
I'm about 25 hours in and leaving the Ghiba(sp?)Village to go to the mountains.
Is it just me or did anyone else have to haul ass through the Ozmone plains or whatever because the mobs were stupid hard to beat..?

I'm probably going to spend an hour or so tonight just running around collecting loot to upgrade my weapons/armor before actually entering the next area.

Question:  Are each character's Mist attacks just randomly placed on their liscense board?  All my characters are around lv.21 and I still only have Ashe's Mist. It's starting to piss me off.

You probably should upgrade. If you found the Ozmone Plains to be hard, then you're gonna get ass-pounded in the next area.

Is it safe to sell everything that's listed under the loot tab? I mean, even stuff I get as rewards from quests/hunts like the Rainbow Egg?

There are a few exceptions: teleport stones, *something* skin that's used for a quest, and a few others maybe. Though from what I've been told, only the first two shouldn't be sold.
8  The Rest / General Discussions / Elections on: November 08, 2006, 02:00:40 AM
I'm not even from the US, and I voted in 17 states.

Thanks Diebold!

/voted earlier in KY
9  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy XII on: November 05, 2006, 04:05:06 PM
So ummm.....anyone know what's the deal with vanish? I used vanish in hopes to running to a boss without losing HP or MP on the way there, but as soon as I get within aggro range, well, I sure enough get aggroed. Am I missing something?

I don't know if this is true for FFXII, but I know that vanish in FFXI isn't good enough sometimes since enemies can smell you or hear you.

I dunno though, it might be something else. I haven't gotten that far.
10  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy XII on: November 04, 2006, 02:09:17 AM
The history of FF bonus thing in two sentences:

11  Media / Single-Player RPGs / FFXII-Anyone waiting for this title...worth the wait? on: October 28, 2006, 12:58:57 AM

1UP says 9.5


And IGN says...the same thing.

IGN needs to learn what spellcheck and copy editors are, methinks. That's one of the worst reviews I've ever read, as far as writing goes.
12  The Rest / General Discussions / The president of the United States kicks ass on: August 11, 2006, 04:35:31 PM
I'd buy an Xbox just for this.

Fuck awesome.
13  The Rest / General Discussions / Ze Picture Thread on: August 09, 2006, 03:49:37 AM
In this thread, post pictures of yourself.

'sup RPGFan. Want to see my Drivers License picture?

Shiiiiiet playa, I don't wanna see your stinkin' drivers license picture!
14  The Rest / General Discussions / Square-Enix to release hardware... thing on: August 07, 2006, 10:41:31 PM
Taito = > revenue than SE in their last independent year cuz of arcade-type games and the like.

Hardware = arcade stuff that we won't see here, I suspect.

According to something I heard, GameSpot's translation is shitty though, so have at you, Mr Winklie Wink.
15  Media / Single-Player RPGs / This Fall/Winter is gonna suck....but is also awesome. on: August 03, 2006, 10:22:44 PM

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