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3946  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Famitsu Poll - Best Game Ever - on: March 07, 2006, 02:14:32 AM
Note how over half the list is Square Enix games.

Note also that DQ7 made the list. The Japanese are fucking insane.
3947  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Tales of Phantasia E for Everyone on: March 06, 2006, 08:11:43 AM
It may be a shock to you, but Arche does NOT fuck like a tiger.

DeJap's translation was just some people letting out their sexual frustration on a slightly suggestive scene, nothing more. If this is anything like Symphonia, allusions to sex will be very, very subtle.
3948  Media / Single-Player RPGs / debate about Square-Enix on: March 06, 2006, 06:09:20 AM
Square Enix is just like any other company: they have their good games and bad games.

I just wanted to say that Kingdom Hearts 2 rocks, and Dirge of Cerberus blows ass chunks.
3949  The Rest / General Discussions / Sony Online Entertainment Jabs at Penny Arcade with donuts on: March 06, 2006, 12:11:41 AM
This comic gave rise to this little package from SOE.

Delivery Guy: “Are you guys having a party or something?”

Gabe: “No we aren’t having a party. It’s a joke.”

Delivery Guy: “Why would someone send you so many donuts as a joke?”

Gabe: “You wouldn’t get it.”

Only SOE would be capable of this. Hilarious indeed.
3950  The Rest / General Discussions / Game journal yeah whoo. on: March 04, 2006, 10:58:21 PM
Finished Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the Abyss > you.
3951  The Rest / General Discussions / Man Has A Disturbing Fetish on: March 04, 2006, 09:44:25 PM
Quote from: "Hathen"
From what I've heard, your first piss of the day contains some kind of chemical in it that can help with depression. I heard this from a Science teacher, so at the moment I actually kind of believe it. :P

If you ever reenact that I'm going to disown you.
3952  The Rest / General Discussions / Video shows Bush was warned before Katrina struck. on: March 03, 2006, 08:18:30 PM
Quote from: "Dios GX"
Secondly, this is life, people die. Get over it.

Not to say that life is all rainbow and unicorns, but I don't buy that shit. You can't dismiss something as easily as "People die. Get over it." I'm sorry, but that's fucking stupid.

"Well, nobody was around to save you, so you have no choice but to die. Sorry, bud."

Yeah, right.
3953  The Rest / General Discussions / Video shows Bush was warned before Katrina struck. on: March 03, 2006, 07:23:06 AM
Playing the blame game lets EVERYONE escape responsibility.

The citizens blame the state, the state blames the government, the government blames the citizens, blah blah blah the list goes on, and everyone can walk around talking as if THEY HAD NO RESPONSIBILITY TO BEGIN WITH.

Face it, everyone has a responsibility to themselves and to each other, as the government has a responsibility to help its own citizens. Saying that there is one, single blameless party is fucking stupid. EVERYONE fucked up. People didn't take action because NONE OF THEM, citizen OR government official, took this shit seriously. You can say "the citizens were stupid for not getting out of the hurricane's way," or you can say "the government was stupid for not providing adequate help to the citizens," I don't give a damn, both arguments are fucking idiotic, because pretty much everyone just didn't give any sort of a damn.

I'd say this Katrina business gave us a real look at what our country's really like. Asia got ravaged by a tidal wave and people lend help and support, the afflicted helped and saved one another. Katrina decimated New Orleans and everyone worth a God damn starts pointing fingers while the afflicted started looting stores and shooting at rescue helicopters while their fellow Americans were drowning in the streets.

Fucking joke.
3954  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Grandia III on: March 03, 2006, 05:05:32 AM
I liked it, but it could've been better.
3955  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Kingdom Hearts II on: March 02, 2006, 11:45:41 PM
Don't fucking diss Chicken Little. He's fucking awesome.
3956  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy XII on: March 02, 2006, 09:00:51 AM
Suikoden V, maybe? It comes out the end of this month, and is awesomely fun in addition to having that intense war story we're all used to from the Suikoden series.
3957  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: my finla fantasy on: March 02, 2006, 08:18:33 AM
Quote from: "arizlaan"
for me i don't think ffXII is going to be good .the game may look good for some of you ......Square Enix's sucks they do not make good games any more..........so i am not looking forward to it

Hey guys! Look, it's someone going AGAINST THE SYSTEM HOLY SHIT, they're fucking extreme because they don't like something everyone else does, and that makes them so much cooler! FUCKING YEAH!

Stop posting.

And now, a memorial service for the death of the English language.


So anyway, I'll be getting FFXII JP, so I'll post impressions. From what I've seen of the demo, though, I might hate it. A lot.
3958  The Rest / General Discussions / holy hideous forums on: March 02, 2006, 05:29:01 AM
Aside from a few layout issues, the look isn't too bad. I like it.
3959  The Rest / General Discussions / I hate people like this on: March 02, 2006, 05:19:26 AM
FAQ for a game.

This is a good FAQ, I'm not going to dispute that. My beef with him is on another thing entirely. If you look, he constantly says "I hate the English names," and "The Japanese names are soooooo much cooler." He does this even for names that are EXACTLY THE SAME. Oh shit, Fia has an extra 'a' sound at the end in the Japanese version! SUPERIOR! Oh fuck, Hekutaa just SOUNDS cooler than Hector! YEAH!!!

What the fuck is with this Japanophile bullshit? Hekutaa does not sound any better than Hector, and your shitty faggot romaji skills don't help much either. Fucking Japanese elitist bullshit. I'm betting you he doesn't even know Japanese, he probably just goes "OMG JAPANESE SO SUPERIOR" because he's one of those Wappanese purist assholes.

I dunno, this is just one of my pet peeves, people who just indiscriminately go "Japanese is just SO much better, it R0x0rZ my B0X0rZ lol" while eating Pocky and drinking "KORAA" because people who say "Coke" are stupid gaijin bitches. I mean, I've learned a fair bit of Japanese myself, and I like the language, people like this just annoy me to no end.

3960  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Kingdom Hearts II on: March 02, 2006, 03:37:44 AM
The thing about Kingdom Hearts 2 is, its release is like a dam.

Being that I have to upkeep with gaming news, Square Enix has been constantly dropping new tidbits of info on KH2 to whet fans' appetites, and they've been doing it for 3+ years. From the secret video at the end of Kingdom Hearts to all the cameos that were revealed right when the Japanese version was about to hit, S-E prevented potential apathy towards the game be constantly showing new stuff, so when the game released, the dam burst and a flood of people stampeded to buy the game, though this approach ma have fucked them over in the end; they were this close to making their company slogan "KH2 - best game ever OK!!!" and a lot of people may leave a bit disappointed after the fact.
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