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1621  The Rest / General Discussions / 4# lanruoJ emaG on: March 19, 2007, 09:18:41 PM
A Digital Devil Saga 2 question:If I set Mutual Karma on a character that's not in my party, will they gain the experience? Or does it have to be set on a character that is in my party in order for the characters not in to gain experience?
1622  The Rest / General Discussions / 4# lanruoJ emaG on: March 18, 2007, 08:12:19 PM
Darkrider:I'm so jealous. =/ I had Oblivion for like, three days. I played it the whole time I had it. I made it pretty far. I made an assassin Kahjit. I made it through all the assassins quests and was moving on to the Thieves Guild. Then my friend took the game back. So I was about to buy the game, then my brother sells the xbox 360. I was so sad.
1623  The Rest / General Discussions / NPD numbers for February. on: March 16, 2007, 03:32:17 PM
I thought it was going to look something like:

I'm surprised.
1624  Media / The Soundroom / RPG soundtrack questions on: March 13, 2007, 10:07:31 AM
I thought I posted here. @_@

I recommend:
Digital Devil Saga OSTs
Vagrant Story
Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter(This is easily one of my favorite OSTs of all time)
Breath of Fire IV
Any Dragon Quest OST. I managed to pick up a rare cd of a live concert on ebay a while back. Very good.
Wild Arms 1,3
Star Ocean:2nd Story
1625  The Rest / General Discussions / 4# lanruoJ emaG on: March 13, 2007, 09:42:56 AM
5 hours into DDS2. I miss some of the old music, mainly the awesome boss battle themes. And I don't like the remixed theme in the mantra or large karma terminal too much, but they're not bad. Actually, the fact that the large karma terminal is like a computer room is kind of disappointing.

Other than that, it's awesome and I'm loving it. After I beat this, I'll go back to Devil Summoner, then finally Persona 2. Shin Megami Tensei overload!
1626  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Japan-only rpg games for Playstation 1 & 2 on: March 13, 2007, 09:38:17 AM
Get Devil Summoner:Soul Hackers.

I want to play this game so bad.
1627  The Rest / General Discussions / RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 2007 Edition on: March 10, 2007, 08:21:00 PM
Hey, Galactic, do you post on SRK too? I recognize the sig.
1628  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Completed RPGs of 2007 on: March 10, 2007, 03:46:53 PM
I've finally beaten Digital Devil Saga. I put it on hold when I was in the final dungeon because I died during some power leveling/skill learning. But I picked it back up today and beat it! I'm actually proud of myself because this is the first RPG I've played through in a long time. I always get somewhere in the middle or end of games and just stop playing them.

Now to move on to part 2!
1629  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria on: March 07, 2007, 09:56:52 AM
Quote from: "Harlequin"
What the fuck...

I just got an e-mail from the store I pre-ordered from saying the game is not set for a European release anymore and that my order has been cancelled >.< Can anyone please uncomfirm this?
I'm so pissed right now.. grml.. Was really looking forward to this one,  even more so after reading your replies here.

A European PS2 can't play a US game?

Hm. Maybe if you got something like swapmagic you might be able to play it. That's what I use to play import games. I've never tried it with European versions of games though.
1630  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Digital Devil Saga on: March 06, 2007, 12:49:55 PM
Quote from: "Bernhardt"
Quote from: "The Darkrider"
I wouldn't even consider playing DDS2 without having gone through the first.  That's like getting half a blowjob. :P  Especially considering how the games are set up:  DDS1 sets up the characters, while the sequel provides the plot.

Here's the greatest selling point, in my opinion:  there are more hermaphrodites per capita than in pretty much every other game on the PS2 combined.  Good stuff. \m/

Well, if I can muster up the $100+ it takes to buy it, and find a reputable merchant who actually delivers on their promises, I probably will. Still DDS2, as is, still feels like it could stand alone, though you definitely get the feeling you're getting into something in the middle of it.

Again now, how much gameplay time, and how much cut scene time do you think DDS2 has?

P.S. Sketch, gotta love the Atma cat!

$100? I got my copy for $35 off ebay. It came without instructions, but what do I need those for anyways?
1631  The Rest / General Discussions / RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 2007 Edition on: February 21, 2007, 09:56:27 AM
Congrats, Cauton!

I'm on the opposite diet as you. I'm trying to GAIN weight. I'm 5'9" 120lbs. Well, now I weigh 130. I'm slowly moving up!
1632  The Rest / General Discussions / 4# lanruoJ emaG on: February 16, 2007, 05:25:58 PM
@Everluck. I love your avatar. That t-rex comic is hilarious.

I've been finishing up Castlevania:Portrait of Ruin. I really should go back to Valkyrie Profile 2 after I finish this one up. I've put 30 hours into Silmeria, but I stopped when I got PoR. I figured because it was short, I'd just play through it then go back to my main task.

I haven't played a Castlevania type of a game in a long time, so I'm really pleased with PoR. I have SoTN, but I never played it. So, I was thinking of playing that after as well.
1633  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Opinions on if FFVII-IX were re-released. on: February 16, 2007, 09:10:21 AM
Quote from: "Dice"
I would kill my dog to see a remake of an earlier FF game.  Or at least an enhancement (a la FF1+2 on the GBA to PSP)

How can you say that?! A remake of an FF game isn't worth a cute, lil dog's life.

I'd only want a remake of FFVI. I remember when the N64 was coming out, there was a magazine that had screens of a 3D FFVI. I got really excited, but of course, it never happened.
1634  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria on: February 14, 2007, 04:03:18 PM
It's awesome!Buy it! You could also read the review on this site for it.

The reviews were mostly positive. Some gripes were that they don't go into the backstory of the Einjharier. I didn't find this a big deal. You can read the little backstory about them in the status screens anyways. Gettings skills can be annoying because you need certain equipment colors and types to make skills.

I can't think of much I don't like about it. Some cheesy voice acting. Some of the Einjharier have the same voice sets. So-yeah, buy it!
1635  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Odin Sphere to be brought over by Atlus on: February 10, 2007, 09:37:48 AM
Looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on it. Is it a sidescroller beat em up type of game?
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