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1  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Fall/Winter 2006 RPGs - Are you ready? on: June 10, 2006, 12:17:53 PM
So wait has Ar Tonelico been confirmed for a NA Release?   And for this year?   Isn't it like a singing game?   I didnt think anyone would take a chance bringing it over here just because of its premise.  But if it is coming out over here definately put it on my list of anticipated.  From the screenshots on the main page it looks great.

O and it does look like most of the psp rpgs come out pretty soon and not fall.  I will be busy playing Legend of heroes II, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, and Blade Dancer through august, when Disgaea II hits.  If Disgaea II is anything like the first it should keep me busy until the others start rolling in.
2  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Fall/Winter 2006 RPGs - Are you ready? on: June 07, 2006, 04:45:45 PM
man about Xenosaga III, well I will be getting it, for completions sake, but I am not going in expecting much.  I was one of the people that loved ep I.  I loved the extra long CGs.  It was a great story, it really drew me in.  People complain that they were watching more than playing, but i didn't mind.  It was very cinematic, and the story was that good.   Yes the gameplay had a few issues but I thought overall it was worth it.  In episode II they tried to please to many.  A lot of parts in ep 2 would have made more sense as CGs.  Like when you are running arund following those kids, or even walking to Albedo during the last battle.  Just made no sense or you to be controlling the character at some points.  The battle system really turned me off.  The breakzones were fun for about 2 battles, till i figured you had to do it on every enemy.  Multi attacks sucked because either 1) all enemies cannot be in break at the same time or 2) it takes up all the stock bar and sp which take FOREVER to fill.  Each battle felt like a long drawn out math problem, not enjoyable.

From the gameplay vids and trailers I seen of III they put some pizazz back into the special attacks, which is good cuz in 2 it was just so dull.  Battles also look a lot easier/simpler like someone said, so I will wait to see if that is a good or bad thing.  The story is the main reason I play the xeno games.  Didn't like all the original staff leave or get fired?  I was hardly moved by 2 and its looking bleak for 3.  I am still getting it though...

Rogue Galaxy I hear they are adding another planet and fixing some of the battle issues.  I hope it is not affected sales wise since it comes out the same time as FF12.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth I am excited for too since I never played the original and heard great things, but i am not shelling out $200 on ebay for it  =p

yeah gonna be broke till tax return time in january...
3  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Fall/Winter 2006 RPGs - Are you ready? on: June 07, 2006, 02:51:41 PM
Man i was just looking around some games sites in boredom wondering what to play next as summer is the lull time for rpgs and games n general.  But man this fall and winter we got a $%#@load of rpgs coming our way on pretty much all systems, and good ones at that.  Which ones are you guys most looking forward to?  Here's a quick list of em

Xenosaga III
Rogue Galaxy
Final Fantasy XII
Disgaea 2
Valkyrie Profile Silmeria
Dirge of Cerebus ?

Blade Dancer
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
Spectral Souls
Legend of Heroes II
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Nintendo DS
Final Fantasy III
Children of Mana
Final Fantasy Crytal Chronicles

Final Fantasy 5+6
Yggra Union

Xbox 360
Blue Dragon
Enchanted Arms

Anything i miss?    Man I was going to save up for the playstation 3 but with all these games going to be out mostly by october/november i can pretty much buy almost all of them for the price of ps3.

The ones I am really looking forward to are Final Fantasy XII (such a long time coming) and Yggra Union.   I am finally glad I have a psp as it will get much loving this season.  I will pick up a ds lite in a week along with lost magic as i heard it was good.  I am going to be so broke in the coming months.  This has to be the year of the rpg, with so many being released.  It even tops that 1 year i think it was when ffX and a whole bunch of other stuff was released.  But already this year we have had grandia, tales, wild arms, suikoden, and we still have much more to look forward to.  And that is not even everything that is already out this year.  I think there will even be a Shin Megami tensei game this year too?  Oh well just wanted to say that i am excited and cant wait for fall to come.  Which ones are you guys looking forward to?
4  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Recomendations please on: June 06, 2006, 06:22:54 PM
Out of your list i say the must plays are Suikoden V and Growlanser Generations.  Suikoden 5 totally redeems the series for me after 3 and 4.  

Growlanser Generations has to be one of the most underated games out there.  You get 2 games in one.  Grow 2 is pretty cheap on the story but still a lot of fun to play.  Grow 3 has a great story and fixes a lot that went wrong in 2.  Throw in multiple endings with different girls and you are set  =).

Shining Tears, well, stay away from it unless you really enjoy Tony Taka's artwork.   I for one like the game, and will be getting Shining Wind when it comes out cause it looks like the sequel.  But the stuff that is wrong with the game totally throws off a lot of people, and I can understand.  If you are able to deal with the major flaws, its a decent game, but man they are pretty major flaws.

Get Atelier Iris series for good oldschool fun, the first one is better i think though.  Make sure you do Veola's sidequest!

Magna Carta, stay away.
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