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1  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: Today at 04:36:47 AM
This might sound weird but I think it's increasing the amount my eyes have to move to such an extent that it's giving me really bad eyestrain and making me unable to follow the text. I AM really curious if the writing's kind of bonkers in the original language though.

Ya know, I too play everything on large monitors in dark environments and sit entirely too close. I also have a terribly hard time following on screen text in some titles. I never connected the dots here. The situation has had me seriously questioning my comprehension at points until I'd pick up a book and confirm I can still read. Now I suppose I need only question my profound tendency to be ignorant to the obscenely obvious.

Grand Kingdom looks so darn beautiful.

I will second that. That game is a sure-fire purchase for me in the distant future (very distant given my present library) based on aesthetic alone. I noticed a translation patch exists for Grand Knights History for the PSP and looking at that alone was enough to entice me for Kingdom.

Also, I feel like a fool Arvis. I new to re-address the PC peripheral inquiry from the other day as I TOTALLY forgot another solution that may be worth keeping in your back-pocket should the need arise in the future.

Now, your specific inquiry aside I HIGHLY SUGGEST CHECKING THIS OUT IF ANYONE OF YOU HAVE ANY DESIRE FOR GREATER FUNCTIONALITY OF CONTROLLERS/GAMEPADS on PC's or with steam. This is essentially all the versatility of the steam controller at a much lower pricepoint (if you want to look at it like that) and it is far more user friendly than the SC.


Now, if you want to make sure you have an optimum experience no matter what you are playing. Have the DS4 utility I listed the other day, ^^^ this handy little utility here and an xinput controller of some sort and finally finish the ensemble with a gaming mouse and steam controller and you effectively never have to worry about having  "the best" controller for your game ever again.

Finally I have one additional note for those with extra PS3 Dual Shock 3 controllers sitting around.


^^^ That device is literally plug n' play tech for your DS3. Makes it IMMEDIATELY recognized by windows and works just as you'd expect the 360 controller too. The only drawback is the inability (without some serious workaround) to remap the d-pad and analog.

Ok, I'm done. Sorry folks. I'm really passionate about having the right controller in my hands.

EDIT: I should note that there are innumerable options/workarounds/set-ups/utilities for PC peripherals and compatability thereof. The suggestions I've listed are those I've had nothing but success with, all without laborious configurations, driver necessities/conflicts or troubleshooting. I'm saying this because you can seriously run into some headaches when addressing this if you opt for some of the other various solutions floating around.

2  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 29, 2016, 04:15:05 AM
The dualshock 4 stuff can be found here http://ds4windows.com/


Thank you. I have a couple games (mostly dotEMU ports) that could really use a controller with a d-pad, but won't support my PS4 or Saturn-style USB controllers. And what I used before hasn't been updated in years, and won't work on quad-cores. That should be a big help. Garou, here I come!

Enjoy! I shared the elation when I discovered that program for the d-pad specifically. Coolest part is how easily the UI gives you total control of custom mapping.

PRO TIP: if you get your hands on a dead DS4 with which the only problem is the analog, you can disable it with that program and still use it strictly with the D-Pad as a dedicated PC controller (2 buddies had DS4 controllers they didn't want that I now make perfect use of on 2 seperate PC's)

IN MY WORLD OF GAMING Finally calmed down after having set up the new PC and realized I needed to narrow my "now playing" focus. It was time to cut the fat and make some hard choices (omit games from my rotation that are not presently holding my interest).

I've recently been obtaining and trying a TON of new games with the PC and I'm just too stoked to move on to new exciting prospects. The long and the short of it? The ONLY two I'm keeping in present rotation are Legend of Mana and Renowned Explorers. Can't drop either, love em both and they got me by the nardicles if ever media has.

3  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 28, 2016, 03:37:04 AM

3. I don't know. Fallout 1 was about 15 hours long and didn't overstay it's welcome at all. I've spent at least six hours on FO3 -- around half of FO1's total playtime -- and done all of two quests outside of the starting town (one of which broke. See above!), and it's already starting to feel kind of repetitive.

Excellent point. I didn't start to hate fallout 4 until about hour 20 or so. Heck I may have even loved it if it was condensed and ended by the 15 mark. Timeframe aside (and I've posted plenty about this already so I'll be brief) the cardinal sin of Fallout is that I can think of NO OTHER game that so aggressively disrupts my ambition to progress and utilize my time productively.

Also, heading back to your last post Mesh... ***REWIND***

I think you can save Gilbert at some point. If you want to. Also I THINK the cactus diaries carry over in New Game+

Unrelated question: Is there some RPG that has... a character or an empire named Bairados or Beirados or something like that?

Thank you so much for the Cactus diary tidbit. I feel ok about screwing up now.

And your naming inquiry drove me bonkers because I knew there was a Balbados in something but couldn't remember where. Shamed to admit it but I threw in the towel and googled it for my own sanity and the Balbados (at least the one I was trying to recall) was an inventor in Star Ocean 3.

Can't you USB a controller instead? I believe the game has full controller support.

My USB controller doesn't seem to want to work with Stardew Valley even though it has worked with every other Steam game that has gamepad support.

It's fine, the $10 mouse I just ordered will do the job.

If you have a PS4 you can try out your dualshock 4 for not cost/effort with use of a simple program. I suggest this because I had the same hiccup and the DS4 worked like a charm.

Also worth noting, although this might be obvious, some controllers are recognized differently depending on what you have them set up to be recognized as through "Device Manager" on windows. I've had this happen too. In other words, (example) the game wants an X BoX controller, which you have but in device manager it is set to be recognized as a generic gamepad (or vice versa).

The dualshock 4 stuff can be found here http://ds4windows.com/

Last note, FYI for the future. The steam controller works with literally everything (so long as your willing to screw with it) through steam. If you are interested in a super unique compatible peripheral I highly suggest it. Although be forwarned, I hated the steam controller for like 2-3 weeks until I got used to it. Now I couldn't imagine steam without it to be honest.

4  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 25, 2016, 02:08:02 AM

Anyone buy anything good on the Steam Summer Sale, yet?  I bought Stardew Valley and am a few minutes from starting it up for the first time.

Taking opportunity to praise PC game sales. The lovely community model of steam/valve allows clients of mine to now tip me with crap on my wishlist. Being a Sony kid up until present this is new and awesome for me.

I just got the gaming PC up and running 2 weeks ago and already have waaaaaaaaay more titles on it than I do console. Long term cost effective gaming is apparently a major appeal of steam/gog/origin et cetera, that totally eluded me.

But to the point, steam summer sale specifically....
-Ys Origins, Ark, and Oath
-Pillars of Eternity 2
-Freedom World
-Valdis Story
-Incitement 3 (1 and 2 included)
-All the Endless Legends expansions and DLC
-Van Helsing
-Battleblock Theatre

In other news.

LEGEND OF MANA/ I was happy to see Gilbert's rocky fate (hahaha, see what I did there?) as I have a degree of contempt for hopeless romantics. Then it was back to the junk-heap thanks to my cactus' shenanigans. Pretty sure my sequence of reporting in to the cactus got screwed up now since he wasn't there until after I finished the broom quest-line which then negated my ability to report what I finished prior. --- Please no one tell me how bad this screws things up (if it in fact does) as I will become discouraged. I would prefer to maintain ignorance in the matter. I sort of went into this game knowing full well I was going to miss content playing blind anyhow (the game sort of doesn't leave you much chance NOT to miss things with your first playthrough it seems).

EDIT__ I have my PC hooked up to a 40 inch Samsung monitor. I sit roughly 3-4 foot away (just enough for field of vision) in a theatre-like set-up. At the expense of burning out my eyeballs eventually, this is EXACTLY how I dreamed of playing the Ys games since I discovered them years ago. My attempts at various means of upscaling since then have always left something to be desired.

Long story short. ^^ this set-up + Ys on steam = a 1080'progressive dream come true for me.
5  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 24, 2016, 01:42:30 AM
Shadow Hearts is frustrating and I hate it think it's pretty average. Still going to keep playing though...

This plus your review on The Last Story (plus your reviews on about a half dozen other games I love) has led me to believe that we enjoy games for VERY different reasons...

The judgement ring is bar-none the best battle system in a turn based JRPG

edit: I'm interested to know what it is about SH that you find frustrating?

I gotta side with Andrew on this one. I just played Shadow Hearts last year and it was a bitter sweet experience for me. Presentation and atmosphere were wonderful. Virtually everything else DID frustrate the sin out of me. That being the case, the pros more then made up for cons and I did see it through to the end.

As for the judgement ring mechanic itself, I can't call it anything other than polarizing. It keeps you more engaged than you typically feel in turn based gameplay which is great. However, doing so with a mechanic that relies so heavily on rhythym-esque timing execution may not be everyone's cup o' tea. I personally suffered more agony than joy as a result of the ring but I also have hated rhythym based gameplay since the dawn of guitar hero.

The last point
I remember SH:C's font being /really/ hard to read on my old TV :S

EVERYTHING WAS HARD TO SEE!!!!! Various visual design choices hurt my eyeballs. (Subjective matter)

ETERNAL EDEN/ Finished it up Klyde did. Sadly I don't feel as positive about my experience with the ending as I did the journey. There is a terribly obvious and unforgivable means of sequence breaking the last hour or two. Thing is, doing so yields out of place text, dialogue, events et cetera that should not trigger yet. What is worse yet is the fact that the pay off nullifies any chance of even the slightest difficulty for your final confrontations.

In short my final verdict on Eternal Eden is as such. Beautiful and charming journey that had the potential to yield magic lost with the SNES era but is FAR too casual and broken to ever realize such possibilities. The unforgivable mess of an ending needs to be viewed as seperate from the rest of the experience to appropriately appreciate the title, which is a shame. That isn't to say the game isn't worth the time. The ending and shortcomings only account for a fraction of the experience they just happen to be too damning to ignore when discussing my experience.
6  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 22, 2016, 11:36:32 PM
Dude, Platinum's are to celebrated. I don't care whether you are a trophy hunter or not. And even if one is of the persuasion that "they don't play for achievements and could care less", a plat in an RPG such as DAI is to uber-commendable.

7  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 14, 2016, 07:30:03 AM


You've got a fancy gaming PC and the first thing you do is play a Dutch indie game? That is awesome :D

Here's a fun fact: Renowned Explorers: International Society is an acronym. 'Reis' means 'journey' in Dutch.

I couldn't help myself!! I was eye-balling how cool RE:IS looked for a minute! It was part of what prompted me to want a new PC to be honest. The old gal' I was playing on couldn't even handle that so I said to myself "Gee, maybe its time I look into new hardware"... Not one to half-commit, I figured "ahhhh screw it" if I'm gonna do this I might as well do it proper, hence the gaming pc.

Anyhoo thanks a bunch for the REIS tidbit. I love that type of thing ;)

I don't recall anything involving the Jumi Questline locking you out of anything. And yeah, pretty much everything involving Niccolo ends with somebody getting PO'd by his antics, not that it really affects anything since its played for comedy. Of course, for all of mine and Mesh's bitching about Gato, Niccolo's best quest occurs there.

Vital info appreciated as always. As for Niccolo, something about him I find very unlikable. Not in a "poor character design" sort of way but more of a "I just don't like him" type of way. So in this instance I'm gonna side with the fairy.
8  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 13, 2016, 10:55:31 PM
So then, has Klyde dropped Legend of Mana yet?

Nah, not even close. Quite the opposite actually. I was TRYING to hold off on picking it up until I finished some other stuff and got my feet wet with the PC but couldn't curb my enthusiasm for Mana no matter how hard I tried. There isn't a snowballs chance in hell of me dropping this. I assumed anything that effectively got me to put down Dark Souls won't be out of rotation til the credits rolled but I've confirmed it now. I have a brand new computer and a steam library of amazing titles I've wanted to get to for sometime and even with that on deck LoM still seems to me to be exactly what I want right now..... Ok I'm lying, LoM has been what I wanted to play for like 2 years now, I'm just horrible at A) Abandoning a game/agenda for something else B) Giving myself what I want instead of what I think I should have.

LEGEND OF MANA/ I'm laying out everything and exploring/re-exploring each area before I talk to Elazul or do anything Jumi-related, as that seems intuitively what I should do at present. Started my coral (love the pet system) and gathered me some berries with Niccolo last night. Something tells me my berry picking may have displeased a fairy.

ETERNAL EDEN/ Pretty sure I'm approaching some serious plot folks. End-game beginnings. I'm happy to report that in spite of some really poor writing here and there the story itself (and pacing there of) has totally kept me hooked. Pretty sure I broke this game though. I don't think it is intended to be approached as seriously as I have played it. I feel like I undermined the difficulty entirely at this point.

RENOWNED EXPLORERS/ I had to try something out on the new PC and I don't think I could have picked better. This game makes for an obscenely charming pick up and play title to go along with my main gaming endeavors ATM. What makes it great is how streamlined yet engaging all the strategy elements prove to be. Tons of systems and management to take advantage off but it ALL MAKES SENSE (this is huge) through a super friendly UI.

I'll comment more on this as I spend more time with it.
9  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 12, 2016, 09:39:57 PM
I've been absent for a week because I finally took the plunge into PC gaming. This is entirely new to me and the first time I ever owned a computer capable of running anything.

With no know-how or experience, the last 5-6 days have been spent figuring out the finer points of all this. Mind you, this computer was built part by part and also required a fair amount of me learning/playing around with things I knew quite literally NOTHING about beforehand.

Thankfully this was due to the kindness and guidance of one of my clients, without whom I may never have considered the endeavor.

Long and the short of it, I sit a week later with a new toy I'm super proud of but I'm TOTALLY GAME STARVED (didn't actually get to playing much of anything yet).

I think therein ^^ is why I've always favored consoles and viewed PC's as something to suit a different role entirely (not gaming). That is, to summarize, PC's require A HELL OF ALOT MORE TINKERING AND WORK BEFORE YOU EVER ACTUALLY GET TO THE GAME PART!!!! This was something that was always obvious and intimidating to me thus making it an unexplored frontier of my hobby til now (in my thirties-LoL)

Forgive this unconventional journal entry for me, but the amount of frustration, elation, failure and success (finally) this week yielded, demanded I blow off some STEAM somewhere (ahahahaha PUN INTENDED).

Congrats to Mesh and his dedication to the Mother series! Yea, I'm a week late with that one but not letting it go uncelebrated. Finishing Earthbound was a milestone of my adult-gaming-career so I'd be remiss in not commending your completion of the franchise, Mesh. **Thumbs up**

EDIT: I'm actually just using this edit as a test to make sure with the um-teenth-gillion forms of browser protection I have now running I can still successfully post here without problem (yes, this is how dumb I truly am)
10  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 05, 2016, 08:42:58 PM

Yeah, Legend is really fucking good in the writing and charm department, but just as you mentioned how the mechanical flaws seem to melt away in the face of the writing, you're going to find that at certain points, those flaws will come roaring back to haunt you later on in spite of all of the loveliness of the game's ascetics.

I feel like rough mechanical edges and gameplay flaws are something I developed thick skin to after some endeavors of the last few gen. Mind you, this is ONLY in the genre of JRPG's because of the aforementioned charm/writing/oddity they inherently have.

If I can survive and thoroughly enjoy back to back playthroughs of Persona 2 IS and EP, as well as titles the likes of Agarest then I can't imagine I'll be too put off with Mana's shortcomings.

Since I'm on the subject.

LEGEND OF MANA/ The Gorgan Eye quest was endearing if no other reason than having a turtle character straight outta a Jim Hensen production (Dark Crystal?). Couple Hensen-tastic with the lake environ which gave me a very "NewEnglandish" vibe and the quest scored two thumbs up.

Now, Flame of Hope? Not so impressive. Rueben the Ruby Knight came across as dramatically generic vs every other design I've seen yet (they can't all be amazing right?) and inherent design choice of forcing you to run back and forth to find the sproutling in the beginning yielded more rabite load screen than anything else.

After hitting up Domina, Lumina, Gato Gratos (sp?) and seeing the first few mazes I totally see where Mesh was coming from with how they set up the player to fall drastically and deeply into the lore that crafts the world. I love games that don't feed you every detail through windy volumes of reading but rather introduce you to its world through its characterization and clearly LOM is the embodiement of that. <<<< This is the difference between getting to know a fantasy world vs. studying it IMO which is how I feel with A LOT of western tolkien-rip fantasy I could otherwise love.
11  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 04, 2016, 08:35:24 PM
LEGEND OF MANA/ Well this game's atmosphere and world officially melt away any questionable design choices for me. Never thought I'd say it, but 5 environments in and I feel this title might actually beat out SD2 and 3 in the charm/style department. If nothing else, the aesthetic at least makes it very easy to digest the ever aging mechanics of a 17year old game and it tastes good.

Case and point, I only had 1/2 hour or so to play earlier and went to Lumina. I started and completed the Fearies' Light quest. That half hour playtime has left a lingering sense of magic in today's air. I can hear the games opening theme in my head as I type, I wanna answer people with "Gak!" in dissaproval of their idiocy (native language of the towns inhabitants, the dudbear), and ultimately I can't wait to turn the title back on just to see/hear it again. THISS is how I want a game to make me feel.

On the note of the Fearies' Light quest. I thought the conclusion was fantastic, albeit the nuance of a plot point that it was. Heartache and unhappily ever-after in a city of splendor that rivals the most bubbly and perty of magical cities is demonstrative of inherently perverse tone of Mana's writing that comes off as characteristic and endearing to me.

Yep I got all that ^^ out of a half hour.

STEAM CONTROLLER AND PC GAMING -- Not customary to talk about hardware here in the game journal but it was part of my gaming life (or maybe a hindrance in my existence) for the last two days so I'm making mention.

I am here to report one thing and one thing only. THE STEAM CONTROLLER IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING PERIPHERAL DEVICE EVER CREATED!!! Coupled with the bittersweet truth that it also has, by my measure, the potential to be the absolute best gaming device for PC gaming if you indeed want a controller in your hands. These facts culminate in a loss of many, MANY hours, of fussing with the thing.

I knew all this going in and yet was still ensnared.

Ya see, turns out my POS computer doesn't even have the capability of running BP mode with steam (necessary to enjoy the full luxury of the Steam Controller, which is a TERRIBLE design choice BTW)

The long and the short. Klyde is gonna end up with a gaming PC soon because one of my clients builds them, needs tattoo work, is a nice guy and my patience with all this has reached maximum capacity.
12  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: The Banner Saga (steam) (giftable) looking to make a trade (read for details) on: June 02, 2016, 11:16:55 PM

Ok folks that was fast.....

This deal is done, my copy of the saga has been claimed. This thread can closed. Thanks a bunch
13  The Rest / The Bazaar / The Banner Saga (steam) (giftable) looking to make a trade (read for details) on: June 02, 2016, 08:04:11 PM
Hey folks!! So I'm new to the Steam deal (finally doing some PCgaming) and I was gifted "The Banner Saga". I already own it on PS4 and really want Final Fantasy 5 (North American copy) for Steam which is on sale now via the Square Enix website.

Thing is, my game (banner saga) is giftable and I know I can get horn-swaggled/screwed and I don't trust anyone on the internet outside of this community. As such I figured I would throw up a post here about it in case anyone was interested.

Mind you, this deal will work out in your favor financially (The Banner Saga is 19.99 and Final Fantasy 5 on sale now is 7.99).

PM me or reply and we can work out the details.
14  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: June 01, 2016, 08:52:31 PM

Agreed.  Give me something important to do, and then when it's done, something pointless and fun.  That's all I want.

Recipe for both a good day and satisfying game session ^^^. Never fails :-)

I'd contend however, "pointless and fun" is a bit of a misnomer in phrasing. That is, after something important there is a serious relevance (or point to) having fun and paying yourself a dividend. In my professional life (art), silly as it sounds, I draw profound inspiration from my gaming and media (the dividends). Without those pay-offs the "importants" begin to suffer (capabilities in my professional life).

This is also another aspect of life that took me forever to grasp. For a long time I was of the pursuasion that all work and no play makes Klyde get good at something. That train of thought proved true enough but there is more to the statement.... Should read something like "All work and no play makes Klyde good at something and then burn out." 

NOTE: I apologize for having nothing to offer the current subject of love and dating. Experiences would dictate that is not a subject I should speak on, much less lend advice.
15  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 01, 2016, 08:36:42 PM

I'd really recommend playing the game because it's my absolute favorite worldbuilding in any Square game and the... bizarre narrative resonated with me in a way that few other things in gaming have, but the gameplay mechanics have a lot of issues and it's probably something best come to terms with early on. I'm not saying it can't be fun, but just tune out the RPG stuff and treat it as the open-world fantasy Streets of Rage that it is.

The maddening thing about LoM for me is that on the one hand it's one of my favorite games from that era but on the other hand in terms of balance and sane gameplay mechanics and things I assumed I valued in game design, it falls apart, and trying to reconcile this duality is one of those things that never set well with me until I was just like, fuck it, you can get a firebreathing tomato in your party and I think Ross Perot owns a part of my soul, I ain't rationalizin' shit to anyone.

Fret not Mesh, you couldn't pay me to not play through LoM at this point. My non-sensical wishy-washy posting about "what to play" merely stemmed from the critical error of entertaining LoM before finishing Eternal Eden.

I get "turn based burnout" reeeeeeal fast nowadays. So in a hasty move I tried LoM (cause it was on my mind due to having to stare at the concept art for work) and fell completely in love. I am "hardcore, head of over heels, gonna not buy 4 brand new RPGs I had my eye on in June"-- into LoM.

The thing I didn't really mention is that I'm like probably 10 hour max away from finishing Eternal Eden --- published by Working Designs blossomsoft in 1994 2008 and literally feels like the game I've been waiting to play since I was 11.

In short, Mana and Eden are just too much awesome all at once. I suffer from thinking too often my decisions about what to play have some permanent gravity. The past few days I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I could finish Eden in under a week and allow myself to get immersed in Mana with a clear and cleansed palette.  This summarizes concisely why I often qualify as a mental midget.

The fact of the matter? Its a terribly bratty-first-world-problem. I have two games I love on hand. Two games I find enticing on level or to a degree that is completely extraordinary and rare. I was just being foolish to look at this as a "problem" at all. I've got something to look forward to with something to look forward to thereafter --- which doesn't really sound like a bad thing when looked at in that light.

Thanks for getting me to reflect on the matter Mesh. You've somehow forced me into a healthier, sobering frame of mind about the conundrum. I sincerely mean this because I was really stressing myself out over it prior.

// Another dungeon down and the puzzles steal the show yet again. It is to the point where other elements of the game actually are dulled by the anticipation of dungeons for me. That is something I can't honestly say I've often experienced with classic RPG's.

Eden has scored another point with me with an actual plot event I didn't see coming. I'm not gonna get spoiler-ific because I truly believe anyone who has not played this game absolutely should but, in short, it is reassuring for me to see the narrative has yet some tricks up its sleeve.

^^ This is unfortunately followed by some seriously questionable art direction. It wouldn't disturb most I imagine, but the bastardization of a particularly arch-type has come across EXTREMELY generic and unappealing to me. I will once again, NOT be getting spoiler-ific here and I can see this gripe is totally subjective but it hurts my feels none the less.
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