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1021  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: February 03, 2013, 07:35:11 PM
Just realized it's been over a month since I fixed my PS3's YLOD and it's still going strong.  Fuck yeah.

that actually is quite the feat.... congrats
1022  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem 3DS on: February 03, 2013, 05:15:22 PM

this will prove a blessing to me.... not only does it give me more ni no time but the odds of scoring a pre-order someone doesn't pick up because they "had to have it" and got the digital version has just increased dramatically!
1023  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Community Photo Thread: 5th Anniversary Edition on: February 03, 2013, 04:58:15 PM
This could officially be one of the worst photos of me ever.... I had to share it with you guys-LoL..... taken last night by my clients girlfriend post his first session on his new rugrats tattoo...

didn't have a chance to brush my hair or anything before coming into work yesterday... this is like... "klyde right out of bed"-mode
1024  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: February 03, 2013, 04:49:11 PM
I actually think her leaving will be a blessing, as it gives me time to maybe build up that critical self esteem I lack, or maybe moreso discern if it's something real or just infatuation. I mean, I spent all of last night just pondering about earlier that evening...but a friend of mine did clarify that I really don't know much about her, outside of that she's amazingly pretty and gets along well with my sister. Besides that, she's spending the day with her family and then leaving tonight or tomorrow morning, so any oppertunity to speak to her is officially out the window anyways.

Probably all for the best then I suppose.... I just know I can't wait when it comes to such matters... I would need to express myself in that situation to return my focus to other things in life.... but once again, I wouldn't deem my advice wise... I've just never been the type to sit and idle when it comes to stuff like that.... Hesitation and lack of action has cost me too many cool opportunities especially when it comes to females and relationships...
1025  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: February 03, 2013, 03:49:21 PM
There is the one issue of her leaving for military basic training today or tomorrow, forget which. She probably won't be back here til.....fuck I dunno when. My sister's not even remotely disconcerted by the idea of me trying to hook up with her (mostly because she knows that I'm a chickenshit who won't work the nerve up). I think she'd be happy with the idea because she knows I'm far less stupid and more caring and considerate then most of the guys they know.

I haven't been this distracted by a lady since I was in grade school...I forgot how much this feeling sucks. But damn she's beautiful.

well.... this is probably horrible advice.... but hot damn man, you must act fast!! or at least I would.... it would bother the piss out of me if she left and I didn't at least express myself.....

but I wouldn't want to make things too over the top considering she is leaving and probably more concerned about that than anything else and you don't won't to come off as insensitive by over-complicating things for her ATM..... Soooo... I would probably go about it like this.... I would use her leaving as a segway into the expression of my feelings... something to the the effect of "hey, you know what? I got to thinking about your going away and all and it really made me realize just how much I think you freakin' rock! I just needed you to know that." then I would proceed to honestly express what you have already said here..... continuing with  (after a brief chuckle at myself for beginning to spill the beans) "no seriously though, I haven't been so impressed by a female since detention, being grounded and homework were the banes of my existence."...... now here is the key to the whole plan... ready???..... you immediately move into a new (prepared) topic you can easily bullshit with her about. This is super-important. See, you've delivered a message that can cultivate in her mind, the impact of which can lead to a very awkward moment if given the opportunity.... however if you immediately move into something to get her train of thought of the gravity of what you've said into something positive and engaging you accomplish a number of things.... the most important of which is the reduction of a chance of rejection because you haven't actually provided her the opportunity yet to reject you....

voooo-waaaahhh-lahhhh!! message delivered, you feel better, she'll be off at boot camp dreaming about your hot ass because you left her with the notion that you'll be doing the same.... she gets back, you live happily ever after....

..... in all honesty though, this is really what I would do.... I've never been rejected when I've just been honest, down to earth in my delivery and somewhat strategic about the follow up convo... though I do have a tendency to be blunt and open to a fault which I know has made for some uncomfortable moments, I can't recall any really turning out badly.... the only time things have fallen to pieces in my efforts to express such affections in the past is when I make things SEEM WAAAAAY MORE SERIOUS then in fact they are.... I mean, think about it... your clearly not a freakin' unintelligable cave troll and all your doing is expressing to her that you feel she is superior to other females in your eyes... there is NO reason that any female would recieve that negatively unless it was accompanied with a thick slab of "creepy-weirdo-semi-obsessive-ness".

EDIT: Objectively speaking, I would take any advice Dice offers long before mine by the way.... I really never know what the hell I'm doing in life, but I just thought I'd offer you how I would go about it. Good luck friend!
1026  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem 3DS on: February 03, 2013, 03:24:14 PM
Gee golly I hope I can find this game tomorrow... I really dropped the ball on pre orders lately.... between missing this (not thinking gamestop we cut off pre-orders like 3-4 weeks ago...) and getting the steel-case of Ni No Kuni instead of the Wizards Edition I feel like I'm slipping.... thank goodness the German amazon saved me with Ni No or I'd be reeeeeal upset..... I think I'm gonna try my local wal mart tonite at like 1 am for this-LoL
1027  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on: February 01, 2013, 06:22:10 PM
Just beat the game, now messing around in post game, bounties and quests a plenty. The final boss was pretty cake, but I was SERIOUSLY overleveled (heroes are all 80+). Overall, I give the game a solid 8.5. The gameplay was fun, but the tame rate for creatures sucks way too much, especially when you're trying to catch them for quests. All the excess attempts caused a bit of a level spike, making everything pitifully easy. The story is great, but it starts to become pretty easy to see coming, and I didn't like how they pulled the old 80% of the game villian is in fact not the major villian baloney, it always sours my taste buds (though it does get surprising at the absolute last second though, I chuckled for it). The music was catchy....til you realize that there is only 1 fucking song playing the whole game. Sort of a late kick in the balls, but I'll eat it. Honestly, my gripes are miniscule regarding the game, Level-5 did a great job making an old rpg here, and I'm gonna use the term old because this is an rpg of olden days. Fuck the wrpgs and jrpgs of today, they're both crappy 9 times out of 10. This reminded me of games like chrono cross, ffvii, pokemon, and so forth. So much freedom to explore, places to go, stuff to do. I was always occupied with this game, and had to force myself away at times to relax and level out from gaming. Last time I did that was probably FFIX or X. This is easily my most enjoyed week and a half in years, and I spent most of it sick and achey.

One suggestion for anyone who is still on the fence or even just starting, take the time to read everything and not speed past it. The language used is quite entertaining, especially the fairies' english slang. It's downright comical at times.

You sir, play games like a demon! LoL

I only say that because I know we both started playing literally within hours of one another and I'm not even close to done... I've been playing for like 30 hour or so which is a record for me.... typically I can only get in 1 or 2 hours a day at best.... but I agree with just about everything you said in your mini-review.... I feel so excited to play, just like a freakin' kid again.... this game is gold....
1028  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: January 30, 2013, 11:13:50 AM
I know I posted this before but...




........... no...... just no.... and I can assure you, butthole tattoos are most certainly NOT the next big thing....LoL.... but seriously, that girl getting tattooed in the video pisses me off.... people like that keep the reputation of those sporting ink in the gutter.... loud, obnoxious and vulgar does not go hand in hand with being tattooed... though some would certainly lead you to believe otherwise

I see what you guys mean about GS but I have to admit I go there sometimes just to chat about games, local mgr here is awesome just to talk to, and it is seriously funny when he and I get on a RPG conversation when all of the COD fanboys are in the store too, the look of confusion on their face is fantastic, lol (guess I am being an elitists though huh). Klyde, just think, maybe you can have a "me" at your store too, lol

bytor my man, I could only hope there is a you or two around....  COD discussion is gonna be rough.... i hope they don't ask me COD questions in the interview tonite.... i'll be screwed-LoL
1029  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on: January 29, 2013, 04:01:25 PM
Man, i just spent 2.5 hours trying to tame the bone-soldier from the desert and the pirate-cat because I missed em and they were some of my favorite looking thus far....

Dice... I officially concur.... tame-rate is waaaay too low.... that sucked
1030  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Soul Sacrifice on: January 29, 2013, 03:58:56 PM
Character customization looks promising.....but.....

......VITA ONLY??? what the heck man......
1031  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: January 29, 2013, 03:54:09 PM
I have never seen someone look forward to working in gamestop before. :P

My life has slowly been ruined just knowing the type of people that live out there and come into the store... . S:


Thanks for the advice Dice ol' girl! I'll say it with immeasurable self-assurance!!..... even if I don't know what upselling means...

Klyde, it's good to know that you have positive thoughts about working at a GameStop.  As someone who worked at one for four years through college, I have to tell you, though, that your experience will be more like this:

Shelve and alphabetize games constantly that soccer moms and kids with fudge-covered hands have stuck in bizarre places, listen to the same three teenagers talk about Call of Duty because they won't leave the shop, have people yell at you because you're only giving them 50 cents for their precious copy of Madden NFL 2007 for the PlayStation 2, and have people legitimately threaten you with violence over GameStop policies that you have no control over.

True story..... I once had an elderly gentlemen throw a fit (borderline violent) and scream at me because when he called I told him there was a 10 inch black dildo but upon arrival he could only find a 6 inch and 8.... ironically after he left I double checked and sure enough both the 10 and 12 inch were right on the shelf....

I also fancied myself a treasure hunter for many years and did flea-marketeering.... ( i literally told people I was a treasure hunter, stolen of course from locke.....lol).... made a killing as a result of dumpster diving, yard sales and estate sales... but the customers at flea markets are brutal... at least people who come into stores have  the notion that some standard of conduct exists... all bets are off at flea markets...

As for organizing games.... i actually have a ridiculous good time putting things in order.... its strange... scratches that obsessive compulsive itch for me and passes time quickly....

But I imagine, like anything else, it will grow old.... like I said, its just for fun.... tattooing is what I do.... this is just for the hell of it... the second its not fun for me any more, I'm done-LoL
1032  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: January 29, 2013, 01:34:13 PM
well I've really done it now....

I decided to take a part time position at gamestop for fun....LoL

when I went to pick up ni no kuni a week ago they told me I stood a good chance of being hired and I could essentially work as much/little as I wanted so as not to affect my tattooing.... my interview is tomorrow...

i'm super excited! I get to stand around, talk about games, wear a gamestop shirt, wait with bated breath for someone to walk in with cool trade-ins, put games in alphabetical order and deal with aggrivating customers I can laugh about at the end of the day.... its gonna be like when I used-to sell dildos at a porn shop except I actually like video games... this kicks ass....
1033  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: January 29, 2013, 01:26:46 PM

I'm jealous.... I always wanted to make my way through WK to get WK2.... looked very appealing to me... but alas, it still sits on my shelf untouched... I made the mistake of buying that the same time I bought Xenoblade.... popped in Xeno first... you can imagine what happened...

Honestly you aren't missing much. >.> I was anticipating White KNight Chronicles from the moment I saw the first trailer.....and the series really has been a diappointment the entire time. The original trailers and such implied a world with giant scope and fast paced action. The world you get is still giant in scope, but the game play is so miserable. And considering the scope of the world, the actual storyline feels....small. I don't know how it feels small considering it is about a war engulfing the entire world, but somehow it does. For 2 this is probably because the entire game is basically just repeating the areas from 1, but I don't remember why things seemed small in 1. There really was only one time in both games where I really felt the scope that the trailers gave me was in one of the final battles of 2 where you have all five knights fighting and somehow it actually felt dynamic and epic to me despite it just being another fight.

Am I to take it then, that I should  jump right into 2 should I choose to indulge the series in the future...? 2 other individuals were trying to tell me to skip part 1 but I'm a big "start at the beginning" type of guy.... Learned my lesson though... when you guys here tell me to skip something its worth skipping....

NOTE: Yes, I am once again referencing my delinquent decision to not heed the wisdom offered to me here about Atelier Rorona... And now with Ayesha around the bend, the chances of my ever desiring to return to Arland is becoming slimmer and slimmer.....

Actually we're trying to tell you to skip WKC completely. WKC1 was awful, WKC2 was only marginally better at best, and playing them means not playing something better.

Noted and appreciated.... after just filling up on XBox Rpgs I missed out on, this was actually gonna be a fork in the road I encountered as soon as I finished up Ni No Kuni... I'm thinking tales of vesperia is on deck.... tales is one of my favorite series period, vesperia and legendia are the only 2 I have yet to play through.
1034  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Random and Amazing Pictures, Please! on: January 28, 2013, 02:46:57 PM

I've got nothing against pokemon but I got a kick out of this.... thought it should be seen
1035  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on: January 28, 2013, 12:32:53 PM
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