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1066  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 25, 2013, 04:36:47 PM
This is entirely your fault for trying it when you clearly had every reason not to. You realize that, I hope.

Indeed, I am a victim of my own nature and curiosity far more frequently then I care to admit. I just heard such stellar things about the game for so long I thought it wouldn't hurt see what all the fuss was about. Clearly I was wrong... I think it did hurt-LoL

I think the bragging goes to the later titles.

And as to why it's got a hook on you?  It's Disney.  That shit was crack for our childhood and we experience a relapse of it in videogame/squeenix form

Thats the thing.... Disney apparently freaked me out as a kid. Just last week I spoke to my father (haven't spoken to him in a very long time) and ironically enough he reported to me as a little child I would apparently cry and carry on excessively when my parents would try to show me disney movies or sesame street. As such, my disney exposure is nominal at best.

And now for an off topic, but currently thread appropriate glimpse into Klyde's Childhood. WARNING: No KH relevant material for the next paragraph.

My parents were real horror buffs. The even made horror films they would enter in indie festivals and had our yard and house all spooka-fied as a walk-through haunted attraction. Growing up Nightmare on Elm Street was my sesame street-LoL. In fact the earliest memory I have of "buying" anything is of a childs play latex chuckie mask.... Apparently I was fine seeing all this stuff as young child until they showed me the exorcist when I was 5 or 6, that apparently scared the crud out of me.

1067  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 25, 2013, 04:07:51 PM
This is entirely your fault for trying it when you clearly had every reason not to. You realize that, I hope.

Indeed, I am a victim of my own nature and curiosity far more frequently then I care to admit. I just heard such stellar things about the game for so long I thought it wouldn't hurt see what all the fuss was about. Clearly I was wrong... I think it did hurt-LoL
1068  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 25, 2013, 03:29:09 PM
I don't get what the hell this game did to my head... Maybe it is just because I have a REAL hard time not finishing stuff I start, but ever since I dropped it I can't get the f***ing thing off my mind despite being completely wrapped up in wind waker HD right now.

I was sure I hated it. I can't stand disney. Makes me feel creepy as sin. I didn't know HOW creepy until I played this game actually... Before I would have told you I just didn't care for or have much disney background. Now I feel as though I have issues buried in the recesses of my mind that disney unearths for me or something.

For the love of god, someone give me a good reason to let this go entirely and never look back...

But whining about my mental anguish over KH is not why I am here... It is to offer up my KH theme download code because I never redeemed it before promptly selling the game when I realized I just don't think it is healthy for me to play it-LoL

Whoever wants it just PM me. I don't want to just post it for fear that some wandering guest might snatch it up before any of you fine folk whom I love so dearly :)

I really wish I knew why I can't get this title off my mind...  I'm just not sure if it is because I have PTDS (post traumatic disney syndrome), hate cross universe anything, or just truly loathe the title and am having a hard time shaking the 15 hours or so of trauma I incurred trying to play it. Or just maybe I truly liked it in spite of all that and should just finish it for piece of mind????.... I am so confused... This warrants a title change from doctor skype to "disney-phobic"....
1069  The Rest / General Discussions / Moving into the next gen with Sony. Advise me please. on: September 25, 2013, 03:02:42 PM
So I've got my buck up to buy the PS4. I know I'm gonna want it eventually, and I've blindly grabbed every other playstation at launch without regret. But as I reflect it was always easy to move on to the next gen because there were games I wanted to pop in and play. At present, I see nothing at launch that even remotely peaks my interest. That aside, I see lots of titles coming out I could just pre-order and pay off for the ps3 that I KNOW i am going to NEED in my collection.

So my question is as follows, although the answer seems obvious... is there any reason I am missing to jump onto the ps4 bandwagon at launch? Would it be a better move to buy the half dozen RPG's and spin-offs I want coming out tentatively between now and 1st quarter next year instead?

I really sort of feel that (unless I overlooked something) my tastes really are not going to be catered to via the PS4 for some time and it would prove a better decision to let the library get fleshed out with some more titles first.

I suppose my confusion stems from being a creature of habit and always grabbing a playstation at launch like a tradition. But this generation still seems to have quite a bit of life left to it and the fact that sooooo much came out worth playing I haven't even gotten to yet makes me wonder if it would be pragmatic to break tradition at this point....

What I would really like to hear is some good logic behind jumping in head-first and getting the ps4 because right now I see NO reason to just yet.

I am also curious about sony's silly device activation. I have 2 ps3's and a psp activated already. Presuming I grab a vita in addition to the ps4, does this mean I am going to have to deactivate and retire systems to activate and effectively utilize my new hardware??

Lastly, as we all remember, launch model hardware for the ps3 was leagues beyond the models that came soon there-after. Does anyone see this being the case with the PS4?
1070  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Gust making a spiritual successor to Ar Tonelico: Ar no Surge on: September 24, 2013, 08:47:37 PM
All of your reactions deterred me from giving the third a run (I still have the LE unopened on my shelf), although I too loved the first. The second wasn't quite as charming to me, with a weaker cast. Jaqui (from 2) however, was the exception... she was bad ass :)
1071  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: September 24, 2013, 05:26:59 PM
So I finally got around to watching Dragonball GT.
About as good as I expected =/

Totally on deck for me after rewatching all 291 eps of Dragon Ball Z this summer.

I know its gonna suck. I know it will suck with a capital SUCK.... But I am still pretty excited to watch it. I have a high tolerance for all things from the Toriyama universe even if he himself had little to do with it. Nostalgia factor I suppose.
1072  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: September 24, 2013, 04:12:08 PM
so weird... I came here to report that I finally got around to watching the first 5 eps of SAO and was pleasantly surprised by it. It appears I am late to the party...

On a side note, I totally agree with the Lunar nostalgia D. And of course, one can't help but draw a .hack comparison. Watching this briefly put me in a mood to try to pick up .hack again... 2 nights of playing reminded me just how bad the gameplay of the first quadrilogy is. I think the .hack quadrilogy is going to be the first series I drop in favor of a "lets play" synopsis to move onto GU some day. That is a different topic for a different board entirely though.

1073  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Wind Waker U on: September 22, 2013, 04:01:33 PM
Well a touch of seasonal depression coupled with the angst I was feeling as a result of my disgust with KH bested me yesterday. I sprung for a Wii U Windwaker bundle folks.

First let me say, I have been in Sony's corner since the PS1 BIG TIME.  I waved "buh bye" to to Nintendo and Zelda after the Ocarina of Time. Throughout the years, I gave each new piece of hardware and most of the big Nintendo-brand first party titles a try only to become more and more disappointed.

Now I'm not going so far as to say I am switching teams here, in a manner of speaking, but I will say that the Wii U is leagues more impressive than any hardware Nintendo has put out in ages IMO. I still fully expect the next gen stuff coming out this year to blow it out of the water but that doesn't change the fact that Nintendo "caught up" in a big way in terms of home console quality here.

Enough of that though... ZELDA!!!

I bought this on gut instinct that for some reason this would be different. I don't know why, seeing as how Zelda has not tickled my fancy in well over a decade but I wanted to give the franchise another shot before I wrote it off as not appealing to me. Glad I did. This game is MEGA-SPECTACULO-GORGEOUS to behold. Truly a  thing of visual splendor here. Graphics are not generally a strong selling point for me, but one can't ignore them here. They look THAT good. Now I'm going cast aside any objective observation and say  the art style and heavily animated thematic of it all is what really knocks it out of the park for me. This game is dripping "cozy charm" coupled with a certain giddy anime/cartoon vibe that I simply adore thus far.

I know I am not expressing anything anyone doesn't already know. But I DIDN'T KNOW damnit! Any maybe there is someone else out there who has found Zelda to be a bit lackluster as well who will benefit from reading this observation.... if not I don't care... I need to gush over this game a bit.

Gameplay. Well I was (obviously) late to the party with this one. I wish I got the memo that liittle cartoon island boy link is better with a blade then most of his other green-garbed incarnations. Once again its a matter of taste, but I find the swordplay/gameplay here to be a cut above (hahahaha, see what I did there?).

I can't say much more as I've only spent a weekend with it so far but these few hours have proven mega-inspiring. I almost feel ashamed having gone into this with such an jaded opinion of both Nintendo and Zelda for that matter. But I am not too proud to admit when I have been wrong, and the Wind Waker and the Wii U are proving just that to me.

Nuf said for now. Anyone who thought the idea  of  killing Ganon AGAIN seems lackluster and predictable but feels the least bit inclined to give Zelda another shot owes it to themselves to give this a go. This game is gold thus far IMO.

EDIT: 2 days since my post, 4 since the bundle release and no thread activity.... I suppose I am the odd man out here... well for those of you "setting sail" october 4th with the physical release, you can safely get excited! Even being as picky and fickle as I am I can find very little fault with this game.
1074  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 18, 2013, 03:28:21 PM
Well that is that... this game is officially "dropped" for me.

I have yet to drop one play- through I started in 2013 but this did it. After 15 hours or so I have zero motivation to see this through.

Gorgeous as it may be, there is no appeal for me here. I can't even say gameplay "grabs" me and there is certainly no appeal in disney or tacked on "cut-out" varieties of FF characters for this gamer. I can see how this would be pretty cool if someone had some exposure to Disney as a kid, I however did not... Disney aside I HATE cross universe anything.... I am beginning to question why the hell I thought I should even give this a shot in the first place, knowing my tastes as well as I do.

I guess years of hearing how "I had to try KH" wore down my better judgement or something.

Again, I can see how this could appeal to some but geeeeeeee golly.... NOT FOR KLYDE..... no sir... ugh.... worst week of gaming this whole year for me-LoL
1075  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Halloweeny Stuff on: September 16, 2013, 07:36:31 PM
 I really like to keep my media thematically appropriate to games I play and seasons and whatnot... That being said, with the fall upon us, does anyone have any spooky/halloween esque suggestions or favorites? Anything is fair game (anime, movies, cartoons, specials et cetera....)

In terms anime, I have already seen all of the following so I would to hear about some others...
-Rosario Vampire..... errr something to that effect
-Ghost Hunt
-Blue Exorcist
-Ghost Hound
-Occult Academy
-Soul Eater
-Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom (didn't finish, considering trying to give a re-watch)
-High School of the Dead (also didn't finish and considering giving another go)

As for movies I suppose any good horror flick qualifies. I'd LOVE to hear your folks favorite horror flicks!! Tis my favorite genre next to 80's retro-fantasy! My picks include (but are not limited to) the following.

-The Exorcist
-Nightmare on Elm Street (everything up to the new nightmare)
-Almost any film based on a Steven King novel including the "made for TV varieites" (I actually adored steven weber in the remake of "The Shining")
-Fright Night

And last but not least TV/Cartoons.... In truth I'm too unfamiliar with this category to contribute so I will hold my tongue. As such though, I am really into hearing about what you guys like. I will however admit to having a strong appreciation for all the old looney toons halloween episodes.

So that does it. Let those cooky and creepy suggestions fly folks!
1076  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 16, 2013, 04:36:16 PM
Has the Gummy Ship garage/crafting function proven ridiculously difficult to get the hang of for anyone else or am I just an idiot?

It feels as though the interface and control scheme is sooooooo awkward and unintuitive I am constantly just flipping my ship around on accident and struggling to move things in the correct places (and to no avail mind you...). Someone please tell me I can safely ignore this aspect of the game.... please...

Last tidbit: Anyone else notice that like....EVERYONE has BLUE EYES??  As a brown eyed girl, I feel a little left out... D:

Apparently it was required that you have at least a size 14 shoe AND blue eyes to make the main cast of KH. Anyone who didn't make the cut back in 2002 got passed off onto Unlimited Saga.

I feel left out too Dice.... Well I've got blue eyes, I only wear a size 8 :/
1077  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 14, 2013, 04:03:39 PM
Knowing nothing of Disney, this game is starting to grow on me for no other reason then I feel like I am getting a crash course on something major I missed out on growing up. That said I think a great deal of this is striking me as a wee bit stranger then it would most.

The gameplay does seemed to have improved a bit with abilities and dodge roll becoming available. Then again, maybe I am just getting used to it.

One thing that will never grow on my however is the size of Sora's shoes/feet. What the hell.... Feet of that size should be addressed by the plot. Explained in some sense... did Sora descend from a line of mountain scaling dwarves? Does elephantitus of the foot run rampant on his little island? I'm pretending so, because otherwise that is uncalled for...

Something about the gummi ship mini segments vaguely remind me of the first star fox which is a plus.

Oddly enough, I really hate how "tacked on" the FF characters are. I feel as though I am getting a cheap imitation knock-offs of all these characters that truly are on nostalgic pedestals in my mind.

All in all though this is proving a keeper for me I think. The production value is high enough to easily forget the lesser qualms I have with the title. Plus if I don't see this through I am gonna be all sorts of disgusted/jealous as I see inevitable sequels come to pass.

1078  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Xillia on: September 12, 2013, 03:59:32 PM
Xillia's characters are some of my favorite right now. The story was meh sure, and the fields were.....incredibly lacking, plus no sorceror's ring always saddens me. But I love Milla and Jude, adored Eliza and her little eggplant doll Teepo, appreciated Rowan's amazing old man perviness, Alvin's overly suaveness, and ....well Leia was just so cute trying to be all tough girl and shit. It all fell together so well for me, I was sad when it was over.

Yep that about sums its up for me alright. In a far less longwinded and more concise fashion than my post yesterday might I add!!- LoL

I always tend to get too wordy for my own good...
1079  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- (PS3) and Kingdom Hearts for PC browsers announced on: September 12, 2013, 03:57:23 PM
Hey guys. Total unfamiliar with KH here...

Started this up yesterday and without knowing what I was doing I picked sword and gave up shield. I notice I am using a the sword and can't discern any way to guard... and I LOATHE the gameplay. Did/does this initial decision in the beginning impact the actual control or capabilities of Sora? And lastly, does this gameplay improve as things like magic and other abilities become available?

I have an aversion to disney as it is and avoided KH my whole life and felt it deserved a fair trial but this is proving to be a bit hard to digest for me... I will say that the environments and music are top notch though :)

Something about these characters visuals are a real eye-sore to me as well. Sora in particular feels and looks so awkward and jarring to me. I wish there was some costume DLC for this game-HAhaha
1080  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Xillia on: September 11, 2013, 02:03:21 PM
I'm the same way, Annubis.  I treat items in RPGs as more precious than my character's lives sometimes...but then I just end up with a bunch of unused items.

Hahaha! THIS ^^!!! I am so guilty of it myself.

Any how, moving on, I've been absent from this thread for fear of accidental spoilage on myself (due to discussion of xilia 2) and because I really wanted to polish this title off to get to kingdom hearts hd mix before Disgaea comes out in october and takes over my life.

Ironically (with Kingdom hearts release yesterday) I happened to finish Xilia last night/early this morning.

I really hate to say it, but this title was SO bitter sweet for me. Weak in all the respects I typically adore tales games and yet while it had its strong points, those strengths were not exploited well enough to grab me in the way Tales typically does.

I really wanted to love this game. Truly I did... but it was just "hollow" feeling to me... Bland... I feel as though for the last 4 weeks or so I quite literally repeated the same dungeon night after night. Worse yet was how the regurgitated field dungeons offer very little reward for obsessive explorers such as myself baring more items to level up shops.

Secondly, I feel after having played Milla's side of things the game should not even give you a choice as to who to pick. You should have to unlock Milla or something... 3/4 of the game is just fine from her perspective but the last leg of it leaves you totally in the dark with the main plot. While I was aware of this and selected Milla anyhow, I was really not prepared for just how much you miss out on in the last stretch of of the narrative. Worse yet was how they handled "catching you up to speed" on said events so to speak. You quite literally wouldn't even know some things occurred if not for skits that all but glaze over major plot points.

While there were some other things I could certainly whine about, it is time to move on to a more positive note. The cast was great IMO. I really loved a great deal of the characters. Of particular appeal to me was Milla herself, Alvin, Agria the Shadowless and Rowen. Though a great deal of the title proved horribly forgettable to me, the memories of those four in particular will linger. This totally surprised me because I usually don't expect much out of the tales cast. Its about the gameplay to me... and I'm not even getting into that. I want to end this on a positive note.

In terms of JRPG's this title is not bad. In terms of Tales... Major fail in my book. Nuf' said.

NOTE: I know I am probably echoing some of what was already expressed in earlier posts but I had to get it out guys... I totally expected this to rival Disgaea for my personal "game of the year". And once again it wasn't bad. But Tales games are typically stellar by my measure while this was maybe a cut above mediocre in my book.
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