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1216  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time hits PSP / PSN on July 31st! on: July 23, 2012, 06:44:54 PM
but with the UMD you can play it on your TV...... my PSP literally acts like a home console...

And this can't be done with a PSN copy... why? You may be thinking of Vita, but if you have a PSP-2000 or 3000 still the option remains open.

oops.... let this be a lesson folks.... don't go posting in forums when working late and running on an hour and halfs sleep all weekend.... you may think then verbalize things that make you sound like a moron.... LoL..... sorry about that
1217  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: Klyde's Anime and DvD's *Latest Update: July 23rd* on: July 23, 2012, 05:53:34 PM
I'll allow it

Thank you kind sir :)
1218  The Rest / The Bazaar / Re: Klyde's Anime and DvD's *Latest Update: July 23rd* on: July 23, 2012, 01:04:00 AM
I'm taking a cue from Wild Armor and bumping my topic for udates instead of starting a new thread as well..... If this was the wrong course of action would the powers that be here on RPGFan kindly let me know so I can conform to the proper/preferred forum conduct for this particular situation?
1219  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time hits PSP / PSN on July 31st! on: July 23, 2012, 12:01:19 AM
Yeah I always planned on getting it on the PSN, I don't buy disc based games for my PSP unless I have to, I'd rather play them a little bit upscaled on my Vita.

but with the UMD you can play it on your TV...... my PSP literally acts like a home console...

I'm really surprised more people don't appreciate this function of the PSP..... and the obvious question that comes to mind for most I'm sure is "how do the games look?" well let me lay that one to rest... they look just fine on a brand-freakin' new hd flat screen. And that is "just fine" as in, waaaay nicer then consoles of yesteryear. I even use the "zoom" function on my tv to make it even bigger and it still doesn't lose any definition or clarity.
1220  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Thread -- Making people crazy since 1987, kupo! on: July 21, 2012, 04:03:50 PM
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest review

Also known as "Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest" in Japan. In short, the game is "Final Fantasy for dumb people" that also happen to have surprisingly awesome music and a fuckton of charm.

Though, I like this cover of the battle theme more.

Did anyone here has played it?

Mystic quest was a blemish on my pristine memories of the beginning of the golden era of RPG's for me....  to be honest its been far too long since I played it to tell you what left me with such an ill impression of the title... I do remember appreciating on screen enemies and some different play mechanics though (jumping and swinging a sword in real time on the map screens if I recall correctly)

Back from the hay-day of FFVI, Chrono, Secret of Mana (the real square titans in my mind...) I remember Mystic quest and Secret of Evermore really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.... Evermore I remember much more clearly..... I recall the MC's sprite making me feel as though I was always playing as the older brother from the show "The Wonder Years".... I freakin' hated it....
1221  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tetsuya Nomura on Versus XIII and Next Kingdom Hearts: "Keep waiting... please?" on: July 20, 2012, 07:19:02 PM
The Versus XIII project dying is about the only square-enix rumor I've heard in a long time I actually believe might be true.... Why you ask? Well for two reasons really.....

A. Not delivering the title most fans have been waiting for with bated breath seems like a square enix move to me... LoL... given their track record of dashing fans hopes and dreams in recent history of actually getting what they want, it just wouldn't surprise me....

and... (my legit reason for buying this to a degree..)

B. Removing "XIII" from the title and keeping "Final Fantasy" in there with a solid console release would more then likely only help the franchise. In fact, I would venture to guess that if the exact same game was released, changing a few areas of script, local names, et cetera.... to make it into its own "new" convoluted FF universe... it would see better sales globally. Lets face it, people are jaded and simply going to overlook ANYTHING with 13 attached to the title at this point. By the same token, some fans feel so "FF-starved" that I would venture to guess they would buy just about anything that marked moving beyond the realm of 13-universe.... and certainly anyone who dug 13 would buy... in other words, I can't really see any economic drawback by doing this... its just a financially "safer" move altogeather... And a brief recap of final fantasy history makes it abundantly clear they have had no problem attaching the name final fantasy to things increase sales, so what to stop them from removing or amending a roman numeral?

Bottom line, we will see this title in some form/incarnation. It is too developed not too... the only real question is to how its going to be presented in regard to its placement amongst the franchise IMO.
1222  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 18, 2012, 03:30:44 AM

Spice and wolf was freakin' fantastic! I loved it... i just didn't list it with my fantasy stuff because... well... i forgot... LoL.... it isn't your typical fantasy fair and just didn't come to mind....

Mushishi was also great. I love supernatural fantasy stuff.... even if it isn't that great, I'm just a sucker for it.

So although I saw those two, Moribito flew under my radar. I will totally check that out..

As for the fairy tail being shonen... yea I'm very aware... probably one of the reasons I steered clear for so long but alas I'm running out of fantasy.

Now as for space operas.... I am actually to under-exposed to say yay or nay. I'm typically not a sci-fi dude and even some sci-fantasy turns me off so I never really explored much of it. But that isn't to say there are not exceptions (not that these qualify as space opera, but they are exceptions to my typical tastes).... I loved Iria (one of my all time favs actually), Outlaw Star was decent, Evangelion was awesome (even though I HATE big robots, I liked this series enough to tattoo Rei on myself.... it is hard to tattoo yourself by the way) but as I said, to be honest, if it has guns, crazy technology or in any way reminds me of my fathers affinity for star trek and transformers I have completely evaded it.... that being said Kevadu, being that you seem to have a beat on what it is I like I would love some suggestions to point me in a good direction in this regard.

Thanks for the suggestion of Gokudo. Can't say I've heard of it and as such I will be checking it out!
1223  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal on: July 18, 2012, 12:56:04 AM
Watched The Twelve Kingdoms which was just excellent. A bit sad that it looks like they were only able to cover about half of the source material. And when the last episode is a recap episode I assume they wanted to and suddenly got canceled.

Twelve Kingdoms kicked major ass!! The fact that there wasn't more of it was a real tragedy as it totally stands as one of my favorite fantasy animes. Might I suggest you check out Utawarerumono (might have to double check me on the spelling of that one....) if you dug TK.... Uta. may not be AS good but its certainly nothing to scoff at, and it definately has a TK feel to the setting....

I've been really trying to find some new fantasy stuff to sink my teeth into, but so much of it proves so disapointing nowadays.... Any suggestions excluding the following, would be appreciated (those marked with a * are ones I particularly liked for one reason or another):

Tears to Tiara*
Murder Princess
Sacred Blacksmith
Scrapped Princess*
Tales of (Anime)
Legend of Legendary Heroes*
El Hazard*
Tower of Druaga
Rune Soldier
Twelve Kingdoms*

I'm currently considering "The Familiar of Zero F", "Ragnarok the animation" or "Fairy Tail"....... so any experience with any of those three would be welcome....

In the meantime I'm watching Paranoia Agent and 3x3 Eyes.... Both are freakin' great in their own respects by the way... Paranoia Agent is such a psychologically intriguing mess that anyone who dug serial experiments lain should be able to appreciate this... 3x3 eyes is just straight up early 90's anime goodness.... I watched 3x3 when I was a kid and it is totally every bit as good as I remember it.

As an aside I gave Goldenboy and Shiki a shot (could I go more opposite ends of the spectrum?) and gave up pretty quick.... Goldenboy was definately way funny and Shiki seemed to have some originality to it but neither was really trippin' my trigger ATM..... I need my fantasy fix-LoL

1224  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time hits PSP / PSN in two weeks!!! on: July 17, 2012, 01:17:32 AM
Already pre-ordered and hoping that this is more enjoyable that Gungnir was.

I thought Gungnir was decent, but honestly I had no idea what to expect there being a dept. heaven title and all.... however decent as it was, and enjoyable as Agarest 2 is proving to be for me, the Growlanser titles have (at least thus far) all proven to be more then just a cut above the rest so to speak IMO.....  while I have no experience with Riviera, I can't honestly say I feel like any dept. heaven game could hold a candle to the Growlanser franchise.... not even on the same playing field if you ask me......

In truth, I can't really imagine for the life of me why Growlanser hasn't fostered a rep amongst players as being a titan of the genre.... much in the way the FFTactics and the Ogre Battles have managed to acquire such respect across the board. By that, what I am saying is I could go on to name a number of tactical/strategy oriented RPG's that were good, arguably great titles in some respects... vandal hearts, Jeanne D' Arc, Wild Arms XF, various NIS titles and some select PSP choices to name few that come to mind as quality.. but Growlanser trumps all these to me in the sense that NOTHING about Growlanser was really typical or mediocre, while none of the content or mechanic ever stretched too far into left field for its own good.

In short, the Growlanser titles to me, particularly 3 and 5 just didn't have any shortcomings I felt I had to overlook.... Great cast of characters, stunning artwork, large wide and epic narratives, kick-ass combat systems that I never grew weary of right up til the final boss battles, awesome soundtracks and the best blends of standard RPG real time movement and exploration coupled with tactical battle mechanics I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Might I add, that is another thing I'd love to see more of in new titles... that is, more blending of some of your traditional JRPG elements in SRPGS.... I hate how completely menu driven some of these games can be.. Let me walk around a town for goodness sake!!-LoL...... And last but certainly not least.... I love side quests and optional stuff... who doesn't?.... but when it is ALL post game content, or grindtastic it gets stale after awhile (I am looking at you NIS....)..... whilst  Growlanser's in game non-linearity and side questing all pertained (in some respects, very signifigantly) to the main narrative and adventure.... this is the type of stuff that begs me for a 2nd play-through somewhere down the road or at least demands grandios amounts of my time and attention during my experience with the title. And believe you me, 2nd play-throughs are not something I usually ever consider.

After this post, I think I am gonna quit my job as a tattoo artist and become a full time "Growlanser PR Man"..... these games deserve more people singing their praise....
1225  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time hits PSP / PSN in two weeks!!! on: July 16, 2012, 05:46:07 PM
Never played a Growlanser,  they any good?

If you even remotely enjoy strategy based JRPGs than growlanswer totally qualifies as a "don't think, just get it".... in other words, its a sure fire good time.

In fact across the board, SRPGs JRPGs WRPGs and any other RPG genres you can think of..... growlanser totally ranks as one my favorite franchises....

My most anticipated game of the year. 

Unless you hate rpgs and anime you should like this game.

My most anticipated as well!.... I unfortunately screwed myself and will have to exercise a lil' bit of self-discipline because there is no way I am going to polish off Agarest 2 in two weeks.... and if I put that down for Growlanser there is a good probability I  won't pick it back up regardless of how much I like it for quite awhile.... I know growlanser will swallow my time like no other.....
1226  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Megami Tensei Topic on: July 16, 2012, 02:10:05 AM
I never stop by the ol' SMT thread here.... mainly because I'm not a huge fan.... a fan yes.... but more so of specific entries in the series as opposed to the SMT deal as a whole.... but I gotta throw my two cents in here as the matter at hand is EXACTLY the same dilemma I faced when wanting to delve into all the SMT stuff......

Should I go Nocturne or DDS I asked myself? Now I knew I liked JRPGs..... I knew I dug persona 3...... I knew I really like Persona 1..... I knew persona 4 was just too much of the same thing and I need something new..... so what did I do? I bought all the DDS titles, Nocturne and Devil Summoner and sampled em all (well DDS 1 obviously, as that was where to start)....

Now I gotta say anyone with more atypical tastes in JRPGs who does prefer story heavy elements should start with DDS for sure IMO.... I was nearly completely turned off to the whole SMT thing by starting Nocturne first... not that it is a bad title.... but it totally missed the mark of what I had been hoping for..... unique and macabre atmosphere to be certain yes.... but IMO there is waaaay too much "unique" going on with this title for someone looking for the more typical JRPG experience.... even down to the art style, which (obviously) lends to the distinct Nocturne "feel", you are not getting anything you'd expect.... once again this isn't a bad thing necessarily... just not what I was looking for.....

So without becoming longwinded, ultimately I feel Nocturne is great once you know your in for something way out in left field and have already fosterred a love of SMT...... Before said affinity for the franchise is established however, I feel Nocturne could be detrimental to fans even giving other entries (despite how different they may be) a chance. At least that was the case with me..... Thus my vote is start with DDS for certain.
1227  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Mugen Souls on: July 15, 2012, 11:18:31 PM
And this goes back to a whole discussion about guilty pleasures.  I have them, and am definitely working on just saying, "Yeah, I like what I like.  So what?"  Let the monkeys chatter and shake their heads at my guilty pleasures.  I like what I like.  I may be a punk/metal guy, but I love cheesy Asian pop music too.  And for all I know, a pop star like Carly Rae Jepsen just may be a closet punk/metalhead who prefers aggressive bassists with moshpit scuffs over sanitized "boy" pop stars.  Hey, if Nergal from Behemoth could have a relationship with a Polish pop star and still have "street cred" for fronting one of the most intense blackened death metal bands out right now...

I like when Brian Fair of Shadows Fall said, "Hell yeah, we'd open up for Britney Spears and we'd rock her crowd every night!" 

And I'm not going to lie, the part of Mugen Souls I played at E3 where the game was heavily making fun of bikinis with abnormally high DEF stats spoke to me, because I complain about chain mail bikinis all the time. 

I know just as well as the next guy that at times it is tough to say "I like what I like, deal with it.."..... being a tattoo artist who watches nothing but anime and plays nothing but "creepy" JRPG's in my spare time has landed me on the recieving end of some verbal abuse (to say the least) amongst peers in my field.... but ya know what? It also lands me quite a few clients  who want kick-ass gaming tattoos who tell me flat out they never even considered sporting ink until they met me, saw my arm and realized tattoos weren't all skulls, busty chicks, flowers, butterflies, tribal designs and the occasional portrait. My point......? Well I suppose I don't really have one aside from illustrating the fact that even the strangest of folk with the least typical of interests given their role or "image" have their place.... I'm glad I found my "place" amongst my awesome clientele' because it certainly isn't amongst most artists in my profession- LoL
1228  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: possible ogre battle remake? on: July 15, 2012, 11:05:43 PM
About Dragon Force...


Sega is only putting the remake of the original game that they did on PS2 for PSN.

Yea... like I'll ever get to see that localized....

Ogre Battle is more of an RTS w/ turn based combat.

RTS with turn based combat eh??? By that same logic couldn't I go the "long way around the mountain" so to speak and identify any classic turn-based title as say "Adventure with turn based combat" or something to that effect?

To be honest they are all RPG's to me.... all the genre prefixes and whatnot are like splitting hairs in my opinion... it took ages for me to even adapt SRPG and JRPG into my vocab.... RTS is, in my mind, an sub-genre of a sub-genre (the SRPG) to me.

Sorry if anyone else sees this as a verbal "fo-pah" of sorts- LoL

Word around the rumor mill though is they were going start a new sub genre in the west... "Real time FPS, with turn based combat" otherwise known as FPSWSRPG (yes thats right folks, the first person shooter strategy western role playing game).... the first game to introduce this groundbreaking mechanic which defies all sense and logic was gonna be "Call of Duty Tactics" but western playtesters felt it took too much time and effort to shoot there neighbors with the new gameplay mechanic and ultimately abandoned the project.... I also heard capcom is going to have some special DLC mode for the next street fighter... FRPG-Mode (Real-time fighter with turn based combat), but development is having problems figuring out how to properly work out the new, never before seen, fighter engine.......... the future is scary,,,,,,
1229  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: possible ogre battle remake? on: July 15, 2012, 05:43:20 PM
lets cut through the SRPG cheese here folks.... I'll take an ogre battle remake, sure.... you would too....

But what we, fantasy-war-fighting fools, want is a Dragonforce HD Collection re-boot on major consoles... now THAT is what a company what do if they wanted to make a buck... I say collection because it would include Dragonforce 1 AND 2, with some cool LE junk  like Junon's helmet as a keychain or something....

yea in a perfect world.......
1230  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The NEW Game Journal on: July 14, 2012, 07:53:16 PM
Things moving along quite well in Final Fantasy XII.  I'm ~10 hours in with six party members, I've done a bunch of marks, and I'm about to cross the desert into the tomb of an ancient king.  License Board isn't my favorite thing ever, but the combat is better than I expected and I like the guild framework they use for sidequests (it's totally ubiquitous now, but it still works).  I doubt I'll see this thing through to get every weapon and summon and bounty, but I'll get some decent mileage out of it before the credits roll.

Couldn't manage to hammer out all the optional stuff for that one either.... one of the few FF's I didn't actually.... By the end things became pretty redundant to me.... that, and I just couldn't care enough about the cast in that installment... I did like Ashe though, as cliche' and archetypical as she may have been....

On my Earthbound kick this weekend, look at the cool Jeff figurine I discoverred on e-bay!!

My wallet says.... "useless, do not impulse buy....."..... but my heart and mind yearn for a cool and well put togeather earthbound display for my living room...... damnit....
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