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16  Media / Game Journals / Re: Josh blindly flails his way through a natural magic/no esper run of FFVI on: July 10, 2016, 12:43:52 PM
[b]The Part Where Edgar Breaks The Game[/b]

- The King of Figaro's auto-crossbow is hilariously o.p.ed for something you can buy in a shop in the first hour and a half.  I wiped the floor with Kefka's minion magitek armor guys in less than 3 turns (while also trying to steal from them with Locke) SON OF A SUBMARINER!!!

- Question to the Fanners: In South Figaro, the first thing I did was to go the millionaires mansion and run down the hidden staircase ("It's so drafty in here!") so I could grab the Running Shoes.  Edgar + Auto-Crossbow + Haste from RS = DESTRUCTION!!!  But then I started to wonder if since Haste is a spell that maybe I shouldn't be allowed to use it.  I originally set the rules to avoid using items to LEARN spells, but I'm not sure how I feel about using items that auto-cast them as soon as they're equipped.  What do you guys think is fair?

Cut yourself some slack man, use the shoes!

(RANDOM)Also, that first image you posted makes me wanna do an FF6 tattoo.

There must be some FF6 in the air because before discovering this thread I picked up the steam incarnation because I think playing FF6 for achievements seems like it would be a blast for me somewhere down the line.
17  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 10, 2016, 12:38:50 PM

Small hint towards Lil' Cactus, but have you been doing any of the quests with Escad? If not, you should probably check a FAQ about where Lil' Cactus is -- the character Lisa tells you to talk to is encountered the first time in that questline.

This is sort of hilarious. Literally the only thing I remember from when the game was released many moons ago was where Escad's events start. I remember because I recall being disturbed I couldn't play as him as a kid and then dropping the game soon there-after. That being about my only recollection, it just so happens to be the last place on my map I've yet to go to. Seems as though the solution was indeed right around the bend.

Thank God I didn't bend to my temptation to check a faq. If there is anything that will most assuredly ruin a game for me it is indeed checking a faq (I've known myself long enough to know this with certainty). Nice to know it was worth keeping the faith on this one so to speak.
18  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 10, 2016, 06:41:48 AM
THE NEW PC (HYPE) DUST HAS SETTLED/ Decided after our recent discussions that yesterday it was time to re-populate my NOW PLAYING list. I was too over-excited by the PC and Legend of Mana to think clearly for like, all of June.

Sad thing is, I more or less have the same games in rotation I had beforehand which I'm OK with. The only really compromising title I'm questioning is Dark Souls 3. I love and crave it (DS3) but I just don't feel its good for my agenda now.

Yea the above statement makes me sound like a fruit loop. I sort of just don't like the commitment Dark Souls 3 demands coupled with the fact that I played Bloodborne, Souls 2, and started 3 back to back last summer/fall/winter.... And when I say that aloud (type it) it feels like a really silly decision to jump into 3 if for no other reason than to still have the ability to entertain trying out some other new PC games as the weeks roll on.

Some days, I seriously contend that I utterly despise my fickle mind. I know this Souls desire is fleeting and I'm just craving some 3-dimensional movement and good combat and its like my brain just keeps telling me I can't get that anywhere but Souls.

Now for something journal appropriate.

ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST/ Gave some more time to this. The game, beyond being gorgeous, sports some very healthy design choices I'm fond of. The uber-fast respawn rate and ability to have creative control over your save points is brilliant because it makes the tricky platforming more enjoyable than frustrating which could really have been a bane of this title if it were handled differently.

and lastly (most importantly)

@MESH-- I fear I really screwed something up with the Lil Cactus. He is still missing. I've finished like, a dozen quests since he left. Bud is still laying sick in my living room. I've come to terms with this and decided that if/when I happen across the solution I do, but for the time being I'm just moving on. My frustration compounded a bit when I decided to help Elazul "look for someone". He joined, we journeyed aaaaaaaaaaaaand.... Nothing!! I seem to be much further along in some respects but the Jumi stuff and my lil' cactus conundrum has seen NO progress whatsoever.

19  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 09, 2016, 07:03:38 AM

My biggest issue with LoM has always been how the core gameplay just really falls short, and makes trying to dig through some of the more obtuse systems really fucking difficult due to everything becoming a boring/grindy slog.

No one can argue this ^^ point. In fact, I think the best advice you guys gave about this game since I started it was to keep other games in my rotation to avoid Mana burn out due to the "slog". I feel it is more so the obtuse solutions to some quests that hit me a bit harder than the systems though.

Its funny we've expanded the mana talk on this point because after a VERY long session yesterday I realized stripping my now-playing list to focus as much on mana as I have was a bit of a mistake. Arv warned me it was easily droppable and Mesh warned specifically NOT to play ONLY LoM so I feel sort of ignorant to only realize now what they precisely meant. Keeping this game fresh is an art in and of itself.

This brings me to a point about the beauty of it though, which may or may not suit everyone. I have a REAL hard time feeling OK about putting down a game for any longer than a few days. Worse yet, I always become retarded obsessed about trying new stuff as soon as I lay eyes on it. LoM makes juggling more 1 or 2 offerings much easier than any other RPG I can really think of.

Ultimately I think this addresses the "mystery" that Arvis touched upon weeks ago as to why the game is so commonly dropped.

So I tried...

SMITE-- This game will NOT be added to my now playing list. In fact, this game will not even be added to my backloggery list of titles I own. I know I don't harbor a popular opinion here but I couldn't imagine a worse cheapening of mythology and theology than this. Worse yet, the gameplay is just not satisfying in terms of combat whatsoever for me. There feels as though there is no weight or impact to my God's attacks and considering fighting is well, all you do, I got obscenely bored within 1 session/a few matches of playing this.

Quite the bummer considering I thought the idea of this game was REALLY enticing (I love unlockable characters, mythology, theology et cetera..). Thank the God's I didn't buy the 20 dollar unlock-pack on sale a few week ago or I'd have been seriously disgusted.

NOTE: I disliked this game enough to admit knowingly I am judging the game without giving it ample playtime. This is OK by me. I may not always know what I like but I can easily identify what I don't in certain instances and this is definitely one.
20  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 08, 2016, 05:28:02 AM
@ Mesh and Draak -- Planescape it is (down the road). Thanks guys.

@ Aeolus -- Yup that code box may in fact get looked at. I don't like having to rely on "Random" to problem solve in my games. I'm still gonna fight the good fight because I haven't looked up anything yet but geeeee golly does this game tempt you to flex your google muscle.

LoM/ Smithing, making (useless) magical tools (even though magic is sort of FUN) and running around with Elazul.

I realized something about this game as I played it during my last session. I haven't really known what to do since I started playing, still don't know what I really should be doing and not once have I actually noticed/cared or was frustrated. I can't help but feel the hallmark a decent game rings true somewhere within this fact. That is, the model undermines identifying a predictable gameplay loop which is somewhat brilliant considering how you need to backtrack and revisit so much. I don't know if it was intentional to have no clue what to expect next from this game or if it is simply a product of me playing it wrong in some way but I appreciate it.

I've gotten enough time in to say safely the LoM experience is bittersweet and may be a somewhat acquired taste for some. However it hits all the right notes for someone such as myself who foolishly believes that I know what to expect from my JRPGs or even from "Mana" for that matter. How I overlooked this game 15-16 years ago after trying it upon release is beyond me, but somehow I couldn't appreciate it as a beautiful oddity like I do today.

21  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 07, 2016, 04:56:47 PM
@ AEOLUS -- (I'd quote you but between your entries and mine we may possibly monopolize too much screen space here in the journal) I just wanted to give you a quick thank you for saving me a MASSIVE headache on the Bucaneer. That type of advice is "good ol' Aeol' Gold" if ever you did offer it. Seriously, God only knows how much time I would have lost looking into that (in game).
I'm already about to have a fit over my cactus, so that wheel thing could have put me over the edge.

Also, try out these older games when you have the chance. Might take a while to get into but it is worthwile.

Any advice as to which I should go to first? I'm thinking I want to play either Planescape or Van Helsing toward fall/halloween. I'm leaning toward planescape because of A) all the marvelous things I have heard about it and B) I think it would be the hardest to go back and enjoy after trying anything more contemporary.
22  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 07, 2016, 05:37:32 AM
By reading the Steam reviews you'd think the game is an unholy mess or something.

Man, I've learned one thing REAL fast about steam reviews. If you really choose to put stock in them, just about every game A) crashes constantly B) is not worth buying unless it is on sale C) still may not be worth buying if you read enough reviews.

RPGmaker titles on steam are especially prone to hasty-hate-reviews simply because people can't comprehend they may need to change their settings to have a comfy experience.

Then you have the polar opposite. A slew of glowing reviews that don't substantiate any selling point aside from "This is best game I played in years!"

Unless I'm cherry picking for specific info about the title in question the steam reviews just muddy the waters from a decision making standpoint for me. I guess it is really inevitable though, because a conglomerate stack of user reviews will sort of always result in what I just described.

Anyhow on the Baldur's Gate/D&D game note. This is a genre of RPG I've yet to experience but have on deck. In all actuality everything from Diablo-styled hack and slash to BG is pretty foreign to me. With the recent summer sales I picked up Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights 2, Torchlight 2 and Van Helsing to give a go that which I am unfamiliar (and excited to try).

LEGEND OF MANA/ I'm pretty sure the SS Bucaneer has some secret that could be discovered through directing the wheel-man(penguin) because "why else would that even exist". After that I did Diddle's letter quest and built a golem. I like building the Golem because I draw a parallel to real life with my sculpting here. Sad thing is, I really don't see making a decent Golem in this game as being terribly intuitive and the trial and error is just a waste of equipment so they sort of fail at being as useful a partner as other comrad-options.

Aaaaaaand still no Lil' Cactus :(

I am getting more and more tempted to go and check Aeolus' spoilerific hint that I was afraid of the other day. Another part of me knows the answer will reveal itself and patience is key.

I'm thinking it is time to move on to some more integral content as I've pretty much spent this whole week screwing around and laying out all my AF's.
23  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 06, 2016, 04:45:37 AM
Man, I suck at fighting games but knowing the story mode structure of SFV is like that of the new MK games is cool! That was my favorite part of the new MK entries to be honest. I may actually grab that someday when it is silly cheap just for the story mode (which is what I should have done instead of buying MK for full price).

LEGEND OF MANA/ The jewel hunter/thief strikes again at Polpota (sp?) port in a cute little quest featuring inspector Boyd, Gobi from BoF2 a rich fish and I "haunted" Inn. The quest was another "run back and forth and talk to folks" but thats ok on account of the environment being enjoyable enough to look at it.

Unfortunately, my Lil' Cactus is still nowhere to be found :(

Lastly I'm seeing a trend here. Every time I go to a new environment I wish I could take a vacation there. Seriously, this game is wrought with gorgeous. Between playing this and Ori, I feel like everything is now ugly by comparison.
24  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 05, 2016, 06:06:47 AM
@ Aeolus/ Im'a scared to check your hint man! Forgive my irrational fear of spoilers.

@ Mesh (and about window's 10) / I have had my first experiences with Window's 10 on this new PC of mine and I don't know if it is popular opinion or not, but to my surprise I LOVE IT. Barring the terrible lack of control I now have over windows updates, all my games run with less problems than they did with Windows 7.

There is no point to what I am saying, I just appreciated to opportunity to express how much like the OS is all.

RE:IS/ Finally got through a full set of expeditions. Last expedition was in the Andes because I was too nervous of failing anything more difficult than a 3 star rating. Brought the game to a close by insulting a Incan Emperor into bowing out of his authoritive rule so my smooth-operating scientist (Anna) could begin modernizing the tribes with more contemporary politics/government. This was, of course, just a secondary motivation to get the Incan treasure after crippling their confidence til the natives handed it over.

I suppose in a rogue-lite such as this, that would qualify as "beating" my first run/play of the game?? Not sure, but in the interest of the backloggery I'm gonna say its so. I finished 3rd place world-wide in terms of my explorer ranking and have a MUCH better grasp of how to take advantage of attitudes and moods now.

ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST/ So I decided to try this because I needed to repopulate my "now playing rotation". I can't say to what extent I am impressed because it is off the charts to be honest. Ori simply has what is, by my measure, some of the absolute most gorgeous art direction I've ever seen. If anyone has any value of aesthetics in their games of the magical and whimsy-fantastic variety you absolutely owe it to yourself to play this.

Of course the fact that gameplay is super tight with perfect physics/gravity for a platformer helps the experience tremendously. I am terribly picky about any platformer "feeling" right. Too floaty, too slow, too fast, "slippery" lack of in air directional control, lousy jumping, slow turn-arounds or directional change and I will drop a side-scrolling title without thinking twice. Ori feels good on a "Raymen Legends" level of precision control.

I couldn't be happier with my first couple hours with Ori. My only gripe is the tendency for the prologue to crash and a few more bugs which was apparently a thing on every platform it was released upon. Thankfully I'm happy to report these "problems" have not interfered with my experience at all but it frightens me none the less (I have a game/com crash phobia).
25  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Squeenix' best surprise EVER!! (Adv. of Mana) on: July 04, 2016, 05:07:52 AM

TL;DR: We got a game, and I'm shocked.

Ya know, I'm ALWAYS too longwinded. That pretty much sums up the whole enchilada for me as well. Here's hoping for dawn of a new era (where we get the games we want).

That said, the bigger surprise for me was seeing Romancing SaGa 2 getting localized after 23 years and a number of failed or unfinished attempts at a fanslation (and rumor has it that it too will have its Vita version localized; though don't take anything from this yet as this is rather unsubstantiated).

Yea, Romancing Saga 2 and 3 for that matter were always really tempting offerings for me. I had the import of 3 for the SF as a kid and tried to play with a translation FAQ I printed in my school library. That didn't go well. Plus I was forbidden from using the school library printer afterwards for obvious reasons (page volume, ink, non-academic whoring out use of school tech). A Vita-TV compatible variety of either of those games would be nothing short of fulfilling a life goal for me.
26  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 03, 2016, 05:23:27 AM

I think you might need to talk to Bud and/or Lisa for a hint?

Yup, did that. Pointed me toward Gaeus on the highway. Gaeus claims he suggested going to see the "Selkie" (Sp?) and here is where I hiccup. Problem is, I vaguely remember the name/term being tossed around but I swear I've yet to encounter it/them. I checked my encyclopedia's in game and not one entry makes mention so I assume I haven't stumbled across where I need to go yet.

Cool part about this game is how much I could tend to and accomplish in the meantime without getting hung up on the lil' cactus quest. Under normal circumstances I'd be tempted to fish for hints from you guys or check a faq eventually but this game gives me plenty of content to satiate me whilst exploring with that on in the back of my mind.

My other thought is that it is the race of someone I've encountered before so I'm going to make my rounds and hit up locals I've visited, that will without doubt unlock even more stuff for me to do.
27  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Squeenix' best surprise EVER!! (Adv. of Mana) on: July 03, 2016, 05:01:51 AM
Just saw the news article on the front page from earlier this week that detailed, without a word of warning, the Adventures of Mana PSVita Port localization.

This is huge for me.

I am presently playing Legend of Mana and I'd be lying if I didn't say the franchise was amongst my absolute favorites. I never thought we'd see the Vita incarnation of this Adv. remake in english unless some ambitious fans took it upon themselves to turn it into a "project".


Now that I've addressed that I want to complain in a first world fashion for a moment. Ok, here goes..

WHY THE DEVIL DID YOU DO THIS TO ME NOW SQUARE!!! YOOUUUU JUST HAAAAD TO WAIT TIL I CRIPPLED MY WALLET DURING THE SUMMER STEAM SALE AND LINED UP THE NEXT ODD 2 YEARS OF BACKLOGGERY FOR MYSELF TO DROP THIS BOMB DIDJA!??? Well I'll tell ya one thing, the excessive CAPS are warranted as the symphonic hype and overload I feel is emotionally compromising right now, FER REEEEEAAALZZZ! ----(ok I'm done, back on point)


So the this thread is to lament our wallets if you are in fact in the same boat as me, celebrate the release and of course provide any hands on experience anyone might have had with the port. I'm super curious to hear if this another Mana-dud or if we really got a sprinkle of Seiken-tastic magic here.
28  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 02, 2016, 04:04:10 AM

Also for the love of god, don't sell your weapons until you have 15+ types since one of the masters requires that you have 15 different types of weapons.

Man, you having mentioned this reminded me of just how many masters I missed or screwed up getting. Playing blind without a guide, I can't imagine anyone actually having the patience to find some of them.

Now speaking of missing out on stuff

LEGEND OF MANA/ Good golly I sure wish I could find my lil' cactus. Pretty sure he is somewhere I haven't opened up yet/explored cause Gaeus direction suggested he went to find someone I didn't recognize. This sucks because in the process of looking I'm completing more quests I can't report to the little rascal!

The good news is, looking for the cactus prompted me into exploring lands and placing more artifacts. Of particular note is the Midas Ruins for the soundtrack, atmosphere, and strange design. Seriously, the dungeon that is the whole of the Ruins is like half a dev's scrapped plans and one whacko programmers obtuse idea of a "puzzle" (both of which I suspect got fired). Yet, somehow, the local still drips enough Mana-quality charm to make it journal worthy here.

Also, I LOVE Watts in this game. Hands down, best Watts incarnation going. End of story. "Under a great.... helm???"

Side note: It is amazing how the knives make this game feel like you are totally playing SD3 as hawkeye. I wasn't using them before but now that I've connected those dots they are firmly in rotation with the Gloves (for Hp bonus at level), the Bow (unique gameplay), the Spear (skill level up) and 2H Axe (power level up, and I never use axes thus NEW)
29  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: July 01, 2016, 03:06:28 AM
Thanks for that, Klyde.  Is that Controller Companion just a bit of software?  I don't have a 360 controller so I'm not sure how much it's worth it for me to go through all this to get any one of my 7-8 year old DS3s tied to my laptop.

Just software, you don't need an xbox controller as those are in essence just xinput devices as far as your computer and this program are concerned.

Lets say you had a 10 buckaroo logitech gamepad and switched her over to "X" either by way of the gamepad or through devices on your com. Well then this program would be helpful to you because with it not only can you remap everything for your game but you can also have mapping to use the controller as an interface to replace mouse and keyboard function.

Now getting a DS3 to work with your labtop is a different story entirely. But don't think it difficult. Its only intimidating because various idiots across the net have made it seem like it is. The mayflash device I linked to is how you do it most simply. You just plug it in, that it.

Alternately, the more cost effective (free) avenue requires a couple steps but should also not take more then 5 minutes. 10 if you need to really pour over this tutorial for the first time --


Mind you, some folks have difficulty with the motionjoy software which is why I highly recomend just spending 15 bucks on the mayflash adapter if ever that is truly your aim.

If ever you really want to get picky with this crapola and are lost though my friend let me know ahead of schedule and I'd be happy to make myself available to help get whatever peripheral you do have working how you want it to.


Renowned Explorers/ The game is deceptive. At face value, you'd never take it to have the strategic depth it does. Utilizing moods and attitudes as a means stat buffs/penalties is as amusing as it is brilliant.

I went to Mali and was nearly insulted out of a tribal, third world, witch doctors treasure. All that after pacifying some wild hyenna via some friendly tactics.

Then in an old medieval castle in hungary I scared the pants off some occultists until they posed no threat.

Best of all it felt like I was playing xcom the whole time.  (I'm not saying the game is LIKE Xcom. It simply scratches the same itch.)

speaking of BoF III.  The difficult spikes are really frustrating me.  I've been cruising along slightly ahead of the curve when out of nowhere on the other side of Mt. Boumore there are Orcs that take half your hp in one swipe.  So when there are 2 of them (and there are often 2 of them) suddenly half of your 2 person party is wiped out before you even get to act.

I'm 6 hours in and have already spent an hour of it grinding... I'm not looking forward to MORE.  As rote as this plotline is (and as fantastic as IV and DQ's are) I'm a bit confused over why this game is held in such high regard within the series.

I just played BOF3 a year or two ago and I'll lend one piece of critical advice. There is NO NEED to grind if you begin taking advantage of battle formations and masters. Damn near everything within the main plot is totally doable if you use the formation with Ryu in the lead/front with massive attack boost (I forget the name of the formation) and utilize obvious/logical support characters behind him. Couple that formation with every available form of attack buff and watch EVERYTHING drop without much effort.

As for the praise the title recieved? Well look where 3 came from.... That is, fans had BOF1 and 2 on SNES and then 3 came along with all its lov-er-lee presentation. I think that is where it fostered a good rep. I contend though, while I enjoyed my time with the lass, I can't defend her. She doesn't hold up so hot nowa'days. In truth, I am shallow gamer and enjoyed it strictly for the eye candy and atmosphere.
30  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 30, 2016, 04:36:47 AM
This might sound weird but I think it's increasing the amount my eyes have to move to such an extent that it's giving me really bad eyestrain and making me unable to follow the text. I AM really curious if the writing's kind of bonkers in the original language though.

Ya know, I too play everything on large monitors in dark environments and sit entirely too close. I also have a terribly hard time following on screen text in some titles. I never connected the dots here. The situation has had me seriously questioning my comprehension at points until I'd pick up a book and confirm I can still read. Now I suppose I need only question my profound tendency to be ignorant to the obscenely obvious.

Grand Kingdom looks so darn beautiful.

I will second that. That game is a sure-fire purchase for me in the distant future (very distant given my present library) based on aesthetic alone. I noticed a translation patch exists for Grand Knights History for the PSP and looking at that alone was enough to entice me for Kingdom.

Also, I feel like a fool Arvis. I new to re-address the PC peripheral inquiry from the other day as I TOTALLY forgot another solution that may be worth keeping in your back-pocket should the need arise in the future.

Now, your specific inquiry aside I HIGHLY SUGGEST CHECKING THIS OUT IF ANYONE OF YOU HAVE ANY DESIRE FOR GREATER FUNCTIONALITY OF CONTROLLERS/GAMEPADS on PC's or with steam. This is essentially all the versatility of the steam controller at a much lower pricepoint (if you want to look at it like that) and it is far more user friendly than the SC.


Now, if you want to make sure you have an optimum experience no matter what you are playing. Have the DS4 utility I listed the other day, ^^^ this handy little utility here and an xinput controller of some sort and finally finish the ensemble with a gaming mouse and steam controller and you effectively never have to worry about having  "the best" controller for your game ever again.

Finally I have one additional note for those with extra PS3 Dual Shock 3 controllers sitting around.


^^^ That device is literally plug n' play tech for your DS3. Makes it IMMEDIATELY recognized by windows and works just as you'd expect the 360 controller too. The only drawback is the inability (without some serious workaround) to remap the d-pad and analog.

Ok, I'm done. Sorry folks. I'm really passionate about having the right controller in my hands.

EDIT: I should note that there are innumerable options/workarounds/set-ups/utilities for PC peripherals and compatability thereof. The suggestions I've listed are those I've had nothing but success with, all without laborious configurations, driver necessities/conflicts or troubleshooting. I'm saying this because you can seriously run into some headaches when addressing this if you opt for some of the other various solutions floating around.

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