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October 28, 2016, 06:13:41 AM

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46  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: September 02, 2016, 06:21:32 AM
ADDING A SOMETHING J-TASTIC TO THE MIX -- Whelp I gave Tales of Phantasia another shot and then after getting somewhat bored by the time I made it to Morrison's mansion post the sewer escape I decided to give Ys Ark of Napishtam one more whirl. I am adding Ys to my agenda.

The combat in Ys is just too good to deny, the spritework and aesthetic (PC/Steam version) is gorgeous in a way that reminds me of the Sega Saturn/Dreamcast era (Working Designs) and then there is the soundtrack (absolutely stellar).

I really feel like a loser saying it because I am NOT suggesting classic Tales titles haven't aged well but I'm just a much larger fan of contemporary Tales games. The long and the short of it is, while older Tales games are great they immediately feel like something I've already experienced 101 times (even though I haven't). I felt this way when I briefly picked up Destiny and Eternia as well. There will be a time this is exactly what I want and am in the mood for, but that time just is not right ATM.

47  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: September 01, 2016, 05:21:10 PM
Sometimes, if I'm in a REALLY shitty mood (as I've been lately) I will fire up the Europa Barbarorum 2 mod of Medieval 2: Total War and just sorta lose myself in the monotony of empire building. It's a slooooooow grind to conquer everything (And renowned for its historical accuracy). I've probably dumped more than 4 or 500 hours into this game.  Would highly recommend. 

The only trend I recognize inherent with myself when I am pissy is identifying things/games (Tales) I want and then denying myself them (self punishing because I am bat shit crazy).

Typing that makes me almost feel like I should force myself to play Tales in the interest of "healthy". If that in fact proves means to justify finally playing it, seeing as how I've wanted to get around to the title for about 3 years now, you have my sincere thanks.

If nothing else I can totally relate to Cless being forced out of his hometown as a result of disaster/death/invader and into the world. The move I'm making with my residence and studio that I mentioned over in yonder "the haps" is the result of my landlord dying and the property being sold out from under my ass. A loose parallel but its enough for me to connect the dots and get in the characters shoes ATM. Certainly a stronger connection than "I can play as him!! We have the same color hair!!"

As for empire building, Endless Legends of the summer sort of burnt me out a bit on that. However I will totally be keeping the advice in my backpocket good sir, thanks for the suggestion.
48  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: September 01, 2016, 06:10:18 AM
@ Klyde: I think I mentioned this but:

1. ToP PSX has some major slow spot arooooound the time you're doing the elemental dungeons early on, where the enemy AI just like, turns off for four dungeons. It picks up again after that.
2. The older translation kind of falls apart as it goes on.

It's funny but of the games I sampled, even though I found Tales the most charming and I've wanted to play it for FOREVER, I just don't "feel" it right now. Games are like music to me in the sense that they need to suit my mood to some extent. That aside, if I pick up Tales now and get really into it I can imagine me never touching Dark Souls at all.

BERSERK THE GAME 3 -- Made it to smouldering lake. First off what a fantastically hidden area that I totally skipped over.  Secondly, the location is totally BRIMMING with secrets and passages. This maybe my favorite area in terms of design thus far (not that any have really disappointed).

PERSONA 4 Arena Ultimax -- The P4 fighter part 2. What can I say about this. For starters I don't feel like I really play this at all. I more or less just "watch" it. Seriously, the game is like 85% graphic novel/anime and 15% gameplay. The novelty of modes that actually require button pressing wore thin pretty quick.

I am however choosing to see the story through because it is extremely well done and the only leg of P4 narrative I've yet to see.

Bottom line is I wish they just made this a 12-episode anime. Would have been MUCH more enjoyable.

DARKEST DUNGEON -- I don't wanna burn myself out on this right now (cause its a PERFECT October game) and the title is not exactly short. That being the case, it is TO BE CONTINUED until we get closer to halloween/october.
49  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: September 01, 2016, 05:58:13 AM
The Pet Rock was the best pet.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_Rock

This ^^ is about where I stand on pets nowa'days.

After my last dog (Interceptor) and cat (Pip) died I just couldn't handle the responsibility of a pet properly anymore.

I did had a beta fish (Repede) since then a few years back and even that felt like a commitment.

And yaa, everyone read that correctly for those who didn't already know (talked about it in another thread awhile back) I DID have a dog named Interceptor from childhood on through my teens and early 20's.
50  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: August 30, 2016, 04:54:28 PM

You still get to make your own hours and don't have to report to an idiot boss.  It still sounds like a net positive to me.

side note: how much does a reasonable tattoo artist charge for a palm sized black outline of a sprite (e.g. dig dug or shy guy)?  I haven't gotten a new tattoo in close to 10 years and it seems like prices have absolutely skyrocketed.

Believe me when I tell you, truly, my boss is an idiot.

Hours are determined by my clients when it comes to tattooing and that was how I ended up on nightshift in the first place believe it or not (it did become my preference over time). Now as for the rest of my day, which is sculpting, drawing, some graphics jobs and occasional illustration THAT stuff I full control over so yea, I do have reasonable freedom to an extent with my workday.

Now the REAL perk of it is being in control of how I work and what I charge. Its been my experience that working in a shop can prove highly restricting in regard to these points. I get to do mondo cool large scale stuff that very few would ever be able to finance if I had a more conventional position within a public studio. That aside, I also get to maintain a much higher standard of sterility whilst operating like I do (important for me cause I am a germ freak).

As for your piece and pricing it could range. Truth be told, it should not cost more then 50 bucks but the sad fact is 150 dollar hourly rates are becoming more and more common. Some artists won't pick up a machine for less than 100 because at best that means they are taking home 50. This "range" can go on up to 400 buck hourly rates in some areas if the artist is extremely reputable.

Seriously though, heed my words, price does not necessarily equate to quality. Make sure whomever you go to has done work you can verify as decent post healing before you commit to an artist. A lot of folks put together impressive portfolios because it is easy to get a nice shot of a fresh tattoo that could potentially end up healing like shit. Find someone who doesn't overcharge and try to see something on flesh that has been there for a minute.
51  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: August 30, 2016, 03:47:48 AM
Switching myself from nightshift to dayshit to take care of stuff I need to during daylight hours. I do this periodically and can't say I'll ever get used to it.

The stuff I gotta "take care of" is finalizing and doing the labor to move both my residence AND private studio for tattooing. Had to make moves and found the necessary properties available (blessing) and now I gotta wrap my mind around the labor involved (arduous).

The real light at the end of the tunnel here is it is a mondo-upgrade in terms of both my living conditions and work environment but I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn't a little intimidated by the whole ordeal.

NOTE IN REGARDS TO BEING A PRIVATE SELF EMPLOYED TATTOO ARTIST - Moving sucks hard because you need to find two seperate properties instead of just one.  ^__^
52  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: August 30, 2016, 03:37:34 AM
Tried "sampling" a few games to add a 3rd into my rotation. Not really sure which I'm gonna choose. All were in the interest of having something a little "brighter" in the mix. After trying TALES OF PHANTASIA (PSX version gorgeous spritework), YS AoN (Steam version, also gorgeous spritework) and PERSONA 4 AU (again) I can safely say all of em fit the bill. Persona actually proved enjoyable this time around for me which is surprising since its a fighter. I think with my current commitments I'm leaning Persona but not quite sure just yet.

Its like I feel somewhat "lost" when I don't have JRPG going. TALES OF PHANTASIA was something I wanted to play for a long time and I love what I see (just as predicted) but I guess I fear the commitment/clash with Dark Souls and life (life is rough going at the moment).

DARKEST DUNGEON/ DEE led a group of MESH, DICE and STAR through the Cove. Great loot, no fatalities. MESH and DEE are officially powerhouses and DICE is now my highest leveled survivorcharacter.

From the stagecoach we now have MARIUS the crusader along with both ANNUBIS and TOOKER the occultists joining the fray.

53  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: August 28, 2016, 08:51:55 PM
@ RANADIEL - Congrats on the dedication to Trails there good sir. 3 play-throughs of a meaty RPG like that is respectable for sure! I tip my hat.

@ MESH - (Suikoden) Ohhhhhh boy, your about to get my favorite elf in all of gaming!! **EXCITED FOR YOU**

DARK SOULS 3/ I had two nights of mondo-slaughter-fests in a row. Hopped me up to level 72 and progressed through Irythil of Boreal Valley. Then I did it again co-op with a client/friend just to kill everything all over again. Yipee.
54  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: August 28, 2016, 08:40:43 PM
@ Artim and Mesh in regard to LIQUID DIETS

I totally get this. My screwed up guts has had me living off of unsweetened almond milk and a rotating protein source for years.  In fact for well over one year I ate the same meal daily and survived just fine-- ALMOND MILK+broccoli+red peppers+tomatos+garlic+brown rice protein+garlic+GARLIC+nutritional yeast blended into a soup, store in tupperware, live happily.

 I have way too many plushies as it is.

Not possible.
55  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: August 27, 2016, 08:45:19 PM
I am about to bitch (briefly) in effort to deflate things in my own mind a bit. Feel free to totally ignore this.

I am depressed. I do not use this term often/lightly. I speak in a biological/hormonal sense.

The long and short of it is life stressed me out. Big fish to fry in a manner of speaking involving property, business and career crapola'.

This came coupled with some additional dietary issues which has forced me to live off a diet of strictly chicken breast and almond milk (unsweetened) and coffee for the last 2 months or so. Great for my womanly figure, terrible for my mood. Mind you, prior to this I had an entirely plant based diet. Eating meat makes me feel like shit, plain and simple.

Now I've handled this stuff just fine and coped the way I always cope, which is exercising myself silly. Without getting into the gory details, I've successfully overtrained myself now to a point where physical pain is entirely secondary to mental/emotional troubles. I am well aware this is a result of me retarding myself metabolically on a hormonal level (I've done this before). Hence why I stated "depression" as my status and not just "bad mood" or "feeling down".

When I screw myself up like this, it feels like winning the lottery would barely get me to crack a smile. I hate this, in no small part due to my awareness that it is completely my own doing.

Thank goodness games like Dark Souls exist or I don't know what I'd play when I feel like this.

I'm done now. Stopping my whining to go for a jog because that is all I feel like I know how to do lately.

EDIT: I re-read my post and like to state that I am aware of the hypocritical nature of the line "I've handled this stuff just fine". Cause clearly, I HAVE NOT!
56  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: August 25, 2016, 08:40:45 PM
Didn't have any time to play anything due to work and whatnot.

Got frustrated and wanted to feel like I at least played and did something relevant in Dark Souls 3.

Used a pale tongue to change hairstyle to pulled-back/ponytail.

Decided to use another pale tongue thereafter to switch it back.

Now I want to use another pale tongue to switch it back AGAIN!

I hate myself for things like this and now I'm down two pale tongues!!!
57  Media / Game Journals / Re: Help me defeat my (super weird) Steam backlog! on: August 24, 2016, 07:44:52 PM

Now I feel more like (based on your description and the screens) its a distant cousin to early Breath of Fire. That is all sorts of fine by me.

Stoked to follow this thread and see what else you have on your list. I sort of have a sick pre-occupation with finding obscure steam gems ATM. There are just so many odd-ball titles that are actually GOOD it reminds me of what it was like when the NES was around and I never knew what to expect from a pile of cartridges I would get from a yard sale or the flea markets (I grew up in flea markets, different story entirely)
58  Media / Game Journals / Re: Josh blindly flails his way through a natural magic/no esper run of FFVI -hiatus on: August 24, 2016, 07:38:37 PM
I can't help but wonder if I should take this personally...
59  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: August 24, 2016, 07:38:02 PM

Also discovered that if I want to play older PC Legend of Heroes stuff comfortably, I'm going to need to set up a Windows 10 VM on my Windows 10 PC so I can force the to run in a Window/use my laptop for dictionary fun. To clarify, I can't run them windowed normally, and I can't screenshot them for some reason, so checking a dictionary would be problematic. Also true of Sorcerian to a lesser extent, although I CAN screenshot /the text/ and nothing else in that.

I don't know if this would help your particular issue but I'm pretty sure it would. If nothing else check it out because at some point it could prove useful.

60  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: August 24, 2016, 07:33:56 PM
Exactly the info I wanted but was a'scared to look up ^__^ Thanks!
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