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451  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 21, 2015, 08:43:31 AM
BIG Ol' CONGRATS TO DICE ON SH!! (I play some of these vicariously through you ya know!)

Shadow Hearts (the first) was an awesome experience for me, but giving up a huge chunk of my backlog in the interest of moving on sanity means I probably won't being seeing more firsthand any time soon. Somehow your victory Dice, has brought me some sense of closure. I love reading your mini-reviews by the way.

Shadow of Mordor/ Just about done. This game deserves the acclaim it got and then some. I say "then some" because as a Tolkien fan I'm really impressed now having seen most the game how NONE OF IT felt like a franchise cash grab. The story is straightforward alright, but it sure as hell paid homage to the Tolkien lore in almost a legitimate way. Maybe I'm off base, but this felt very much like a unwritten leg of the middle earth history to me in a very legitimate way. Of course the ending could change all that I suppose.

Muramasa Rebirth/ Monohime arc done as of this past week. I can't remember if I came on to express this already and talk about how much I love her as a character. If I did it is well worth saying again. Kisuke's tale sold me on the game, but I can honestly say I became a solid fan with Monohime. I will happily open my wallet for the DLC.

Citizens of Earth/ I only played one day, but I put in a solid 2 sessions (few hours) and this one shows promise. If for no other reason than the quirkey, feel good satirical humor and Earthbound-ee art/music styling it seems charming. What really gets me though is how original a simplistic turn based title like this can feel. It may have shown up looking like Earthbound, but Citizens is totally its own identity entirely from what I can initially see.

452  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Citizens of Earth on: January 20, 2015, 08:12:36 PM
Well since I cleared some room on my agenda by beating the Monohime story in Muramasa this week, I felt like giving Citizens a whirl today after all.

I am thoroughly enthralled. Charming for sure, but being that I just started it I can't sign off on much yet other than the following.

Initial Impressions:
-Gorgeous Palette and art.
-Wonderfully intuitive and simplistic menu system.
-Very responsive movement and navigation (controls)
-UBER-EARTHBOUND-EE!!!!! (awesome)
-Excellent voicework.
-Vice Prez (main character) actually made me chuckle a bit. This is huge. Comedy is not my thing. For me to find something genuinely entertaining on a "funny" level is pretty freakin' rare.

I feel distinctly like this is just a uniquely "feel good" game. I really hope the rest of the title comes off as stylish and interesting as it kicks off.

EDIT: I decided to read some of the other initial impressions and release reviews. I swear, people bought this blindfolded or something. Twice I read about how the characters were shallow and one dimensional and even caught some whining about how the game was comedic. If anyone out there plays this expecting High Fantasy or something deep and thought provoking they deserve to be disappointed. I've not  enough time with it, to pass judgement on this game myself, but it is ridiculous how people bash a game like this because it isn't subjectively in line with "their" taste in an RPG. If a title achieves its aim whilst doing so with some individuality (rare these days) doesn't that deserve at least some recognition??

The two most stellar complaints I caught thus far:
-I don't like this game because I play as a politician and I don't like politicians.
---This complaint is only rivaled by the following----
-The menus are way to bright and look like plastic.
(Surely these two complaints are enough to warrant 2-3 point drops in review scores, right?)

^^^ This is essentially me getting sick of reading the same complaint over and over a million times elsewhere on the internet. The complaint mind you is as follows, "This game isn't exactly like my favorite game, so it sucks, the developers suck,  my vocabulary sucks, and if you question me, you suck. Oh yea, here is few reasons to support my claim I articulated after deciding everything sucks. The end".
453  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Citizens of Earth on: January 17, 2015, 10:10:57 PM
Wow, good to know Grim gets approval from some trusted community peeps here! I already have it pre-ordered for the theme. Sort of a "compulsive click and buy" so I'm stoked to learn I didn't make a poor call with that.

As always, I really didn't want to look up any Grim info because I want it to be a surprised and additionally I didn't want to risk anything spoiler-ific. Really intrigued by it though, klyde is!!! LoL

If I can curb my enthusiasm for Citizens I may actually try to hold off the week and play Grim first, as curiosity is really getting to me with that one. Hyped as I am for citizens, I feel like I sort of know what to expect to some extent. Grim on the other hand looks like something I am completely yet unfamiliar with. Newish (to me) genres/titles have really been proving rewarding media risks for me in recent history and Dincrest's review there totally confirms I haven't touched anything like this yet (never played any graphic adventure games before).
454  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 16, 2015, 08:33:08 PM
Decided to stop grinding Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn for plat for now and went back to playing Escha & Logy. I think I'm identifying some problems I have with this game more. First, the alchemy system, while greatly enchanced with elements, slows down synth a lot too, which slows the game down even more than the extended time limit. Second, talking about paperwork. It is not moe, it does not make the characters more symphatetic, nor is it funny. It's just boring. I prefer stories with no plots, but they certainly don't all hit the right notes. Anyway, I'm at assignment five and making bursts of progress.

I still haven't played a single Dynasty Warriors game nor have I got a platinum trophy. I should/want to tend to both of those things in the not so distant future.

I commend your efforts with Escha and Logy though. Seriously, the problems I was able to identify (or more accurately, was unable to ignore) actually left me completely un-pumped for the 3rd installment of the trilogy. That game, for as much as liked Ayesha, was a TOTAL chore to play through. The writing was so boring for me, I actually found myself skipping dialogue. Thank goodness it was pretty with an awesome battle system because save those aspects and the alchemy it sure as hell was not wowing me with much else.

MURAMASA Rebirth/ Momohime's chapter in hell was awesome. Kudus to vanillaware for untilizing all the colors of the rainbow on the pallet for hell without making it look like a cave of fiery skittles. Not like the art direction in a vanillaware game being amazing is a surprise, but i found hell to be a cut above here even for them. 
455  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Citizens of Earth on: January 16, 2015, 08:21:54 PM
Nice!! 3 editors and Mickeymac!!!! My hypo-o-meter is rising knowing I will not be the only one! I brought it up a few times with clients at work who game and at gamestop and no one even knew it was coming. I felt alone! LoL
456  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Citizens of Earth on: January 15, 2015, 09:44:20 PM
Anyone else looking forward to the Earth-boundish release of this next week? I have hardly heard a peep about it.

A minor buzz over the last few days at some preview stuff dropped by atlus and the surprisingly low release price reveal but still it sort of shocks me there isn't more expressed interest.

The idea of a proclaimed "comedy" RPG is a bit off putting for me, but after seeing a bit previewed and feeling as though this is more a direct love-letter to Earthbound before a mere "influenced by" offering has me enticed. I am probably gonna grab this immediately when I finish something else if not day 1.


^^That is the link for the sale price but I can't help but think there are some typo's amuk in that article. Regardless the PS Plus price listed at 11.99 makes this all the more tempting for me.

The only problem is it comes out sort of head to head with Grim Fandago and thus creates a split decision for me as to what to get to first. While I admit to knowing nothing at all about Grim, the names and publishers involved make me pretty interested in that as well.

457  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 15, 2015, 05:09:44 PM
Muramasa Rebirth/ Got to Monohime's story recently. Surprisingly, I like it more than the Kisuke tale. Purely subjective, but there is something remarkably awesome to me about her character. I guess I'm a sucker for previously slaughtered, now possessed, samurai/ninja chicks kicking ass for their possess-ees own self serving ambitions. Reminds me of the type girl I would date (minus the swords and the previously dead stuff).

Seriously though, Muramasa is Vanilla-crack. Between this, Diablo recently, Binding of Isaac and Senran Kengura I have never felt so compulsively hooked strictly to the gameplay. These aforementioned just have felt too good for me to put down.

In other news, I pre-ordered Grim Fandago without knowing a blessed thing about it because I wanted the theme for some stupid reason and am beginning to feel pretty excited for Citizens of Earth next week.

458  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: January 15, 2015, 04:59:21 PM

kylde have you tried running other scandisc/discrepair type things on the HDD first? Also maybe take the ram out and put it back in.

Yup, I got ambitious at one point and ran every program to repair/defrag/fix I could get my hands on. Now I am of the pursuasion (since it still works) that I shouldn't even clean the damn thing for fear that even disrupting the delicate ecosystem of dust may do her in given that, by rights, it really shouldn't even be capable of running period at this point.

Two seperate computer tech-types whom I tattoo looked at it and both confirmed with the amount of fragmentation, lack of updates now (for years), and inability to defrag that my com more or less runs on miracles at this point.
459  Media / General Games / Re: Approaching DLC. Advice/Help please. on: January 14, 2015, 07:54:34 PM
You could maybe try going by the dates they were released?

That is actually brilliant. An obvious and logical approach that totally makes sense, no wonder I didn't think of it.

Unfortunately, there is no real standard as to how DLC is involved. The closest thing one can expect with handling DLC is that you have to go into the game itself for the option to be available. Typically the option for DLC will either be on the Game Start/Options menu or integrated within the game itself. As for seeing the difference in what's affected by DLC, the best advice I can give is to play without it the first time around and then pick it up afterwards if you feel like you're missing something (or find a guide on GameFAQs).
DLC usually is just an offset to the main story, a way to keep you in the game that you enjoyed so thorougly. That being said, if you like the game a lot and wanna keep playing, buy the dlc. It's just there to keep you playing after the main story is finished.

This was more or less my fear, and IMO the ultimate flaw in the DLC model for a gamer like me. Even some of my favorite titles rarely coax me into caring to play beyond the closure of the credits. In a perfect world, I feel like in game flags and notices that it as an appropriate time to engage DLC that ties into the narrative would be a great boon and selling point. In other words, if I got to "X" point and met "Y" character with notice that an accompanying quest could be purchased with focus on "Y" in the exclusive "Z" environment, the X Y Z combo would totally entice me into happily opening my wallet. I wonder why this bait tactic isn't a more common thing, if it is a thing at all.
460  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: January 12, 2015, 11:24:17 PM


Missed this the other day, but THIS ^^^! A thousand times, THIS^^^^

I actually am ashamed of my gluttonous tendencies when it comes to nicotine at this point. I chew the gum, wear a patch and smoke all at the same time. I wake up mid sleep and suck on two nicotine lozenges to fall back into slumber. Worse yet, after everything else I quit in life, I have zero inclination to quit.

COMPUTERS AND BLUE-SCREENS/ I feel ya dice. My com has been blue-screening at 75% fragmentation (that I can't defrag) for ages. I can't update it, or do much beside come on here and run photoshop. Thing is, I sort of have it wired to other crap in my house as a pseaudo media hub and it would be a mega a headache to lose it all or set it all back up so I've been running it (amazingly) like this for years. Media hub aside, I need the com daily for work so I never really found a convenient moment to go without it or risk having to operate with it down.

461  Media / General Games / Approaching DLC. Advice/Help please. on: January 12, 2015, 09:48:28 PM
This is specifically about Shadow of Mordor for me ATM, but is a problem that seems to rise in just about every game I play with substantial DLC content so I'm posing the question generally.

How the hell do I know when to download and engage DLC levels. Is there some general standard? Do I just guess? Will they only open at the appropriate point whilst playing through the title so I'll know when its OK to engage them? I never know. Checking the internet for answers only yields spoilers.

This is the biggest problem I have with the "age of DLC" and it really compromised my ability to enjoy the additional content of Borderlands 2. So how do you guys approach a game like Shadow of Mordor with like a half dozen DLC levels available for purchase without any indication as to which to buy first, what order to play them or when. I know this answer is going to be more or less on a game by game basis, but with the problem being a general one I'm just sort of curious how you guys go about addressing it.

(CASE AND POINT/ THE PROBLEM) Borderlands 2 DLC gives no indication of when to tackle them, save the level of the enemies which is ENTIRELY misleading. Some additional content would lead you to believe you should tackle them mid-game but contain big end game narrative spoilers. This has left me with a DLC-phobia. Help.
462  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 12, 2015, 09:35:26 PM
SHADOW OF MORDOR/ I just killed all the warchiefs. I must applaud this game for coaxing you into doing the same thing over and over, in the same environments without it ever really feeling stale. This game is wonderful in that regard and I think it truly could have been a all-time favorite of mine if it had more visual variety. Additionally, I hate Tailon. He is so much more CONAN than ARAGORN. Skins help but completely break immersion in cut scenes.

TRINE/ This game is such a blend of beautiful and ugly it is almost funny. That is, it has the most beautiful stages and environments coupled with ass-ugly and uninspired character design. This is aesthetically bitter-sweet for me. I know Trine wasn't aiming for memorable characters but they didn't have to be this generic did they?? (initial impressions)

463  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 10, 2015, 03:53:04 PM
Life is mildly back to normal, so I'm playing Star Ocean 4 on the weekends again. Will update my progress journal some time tomorrow.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences with this. It is one of the few titles for the PS3 I really wanted to get to on my shelf but didn't yet. 

BINDING OF ISAAC REBIRTH/ Holy crud is this game whacky. I've yet to discover too many rogue-like titles I really love, but this certainly had my attention this week. I feel like if the old NES Zelda titles were produced in hell by a bitter fallen angel turned game Dev with ADHD you would have this. Brief, cruel, dark and nerve racking almost to a fault with downright awesome twin-stick gameplay. The true value of this game comes from the sense of accomplishment in progression, which I suppose is the point of rogue-likes that usually eludes me, yielding a true sense of pride with each ugly sprite I unlock.

Isaac is something in the way of the horror you don't want to see but can't help but stare at. Something grotesque or weird enough to compel you to look. While I disagree with all the completely stellar ratings this game gets across the board, I will say that everyone owes it to themselves to at least peak. One first run of the dungeon could be completed in under 30 minutes but the experience lingers for quite awhile thereafter.

NO MORE NOSTALGIA/ After years of fitting old games in my routine I think I've finally had my fill for the time being. This makes me sad in a way. I think I finally got retro-gaming burn out or something. I blame the playstation 4 and vita TV for this. My suspicion was confirmed this week when I tried Tales of Eternia and couldn't get into it for the life of me (which really bummed me out). 
464  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: January 10, 2015, 03:27:12 PM
Busy as sin this week. I REALLY hate when I don't find the time to make it on here and post.

This damn board has become such a part of my life that I really feel absent and as though something is "wrong" when I have a few days of "retard pace" that keep me from posting/replying.

I still read posts from the ol' Iphone to feel like "a part of" from work and in transit (while driving, of course).

Its funny to reflect on the things that worm their way into my little circle of priorities. RPGFan seems to clearly rank as highly as gaming itself, art, running and nicotine in terms of my daily needs for normalcy.
465  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: January 04, 2015, 09:19:48 PM
I think I'm near the end of XenoBlade.  The final boss and his disciples revealed themselves and I have the path in front of me.  Now the question is... how much of this endgame content do I really want to do....

Careful how you answer that question good sir. Its been years so I can't recall accurately, but if I'm not mistaken it was at that point some optional stuff had shiny-rewards I couldn't turn a blind eye to. It wasn't until I realized nearly a third of my clocked time with game was spent on end-game stuff that I forced myself to move on. One of the worst parts was a ten-level stretch in grinding that was necessary to beat some enemies that were probably better approached in new game plus. There was just no comfortable taper on the enemies to grind and I found myself crawling level to level VERY SLOWLY.

Then again, after reading some of the experiences here I think I played that game entirely "wrong" and am sort amazed I even finished it so your experience with end-game may prove very different than mine.

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