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541  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: November 26, 2014, 06:13:11 PM
LOST ODYSSEY/After blitzing my way to roughly 45 hours in on Lost Odyssey, I realized I was reaching that nervous anticipation of "gotta see the end" and decided to give it a breather. I HATE when I get so into completing a game cause I am enjoying seeing it through that I skip content. Clearly there is A LOT of content on Disc 4. Curbing my enthusiasm to move the plot forward, I spent 5 hours questin' around and whatnot.

Almost had my enthusiasm dashed with a boss fight cleverly placed a fair distance from my last save after a terribly time consuming puzzle. Way to coax me into blowing some choice items to ensure victory. Evil design choice-LoL

What I really love thus far about the optional content is the narrative reward. Rarely do I see the pay-off of eager exploration result in such mind-blowing story development. It almost seems like a gamble of a design choice to me, because some stuff I clearly could have missed would most certainly have left me feeling a lack of closure. In short, Lost Odyssey really makes the efforts of exploration feel worthwhile to a degree I don't often experience.

@ Mesh... I don't know if you are at/near/past the start of Disc 4 yet but for the love of god, take the time to search and revisit lots o places if you are not/haven't already.

MURAMASA REBIRTH/ Hated the difficulty settings at first. Legend = invincible and chaos = retarded handicap, or so it seemed. Now I am really seeing the brilliance in Chaos mode. The scaling enemies make the ideal approach to progression based on speed and NOT leveling or fighting unneeded battles. Once I got this the pace of the game became awesome. Can't say I've really ever liked the mechanic of scaling enemy levels but it works in spades with Muramasa to keep me moving pretty swift like, I must say.

Don't think you got bad based on your description of the final fight. Easiest way to tell would be to check your trophy collection as each of the endings has a different trophy.

Yeah it was the normal one. I did the true one since.

I LOVED the contrast in the endings. One solidified Lugar as one of my favorite protags ever thanks to the freedom they give you to have things play out as you saw fit (or at least I saw fit). Brilliant scripting. Alternatively, the other ending frames Luger as a complete failure by way of the overall underwhelming tone. Both gave me the distinct sense that my choice really had some weight.

I know quite a few people had drastically different feelings about the endings but they really worked very well on different levels to me. That is, all EXCEPT the arena ending. I felt totally cheated given the time and effort it took me to get that one.

542  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: November 23, 2014, 10:21:36 PM
I like how after 3 years of it, we're STILL arguing about final fantasy games and our own personal likes and dislikes regarding how they're approached. The best part of it all is at the end of the day every single one of us will be guaranteed to play XV regardless of how bittered we were or how engrossed and overjoyed by previous installments.

If you say otherwise I will call you a baldfaced liar.

Short and sweet truth here. Wise words sir.

I think its appropriate to note the hallmark of any worthy media is longstanding debate as to its value. Love it or hate it, D is right, it still has us talking now doesn't it? To explore the fact further, I also think there is great value in anything we love or hate enough to examine "why". Final Fantasy has certainly achieved that at the very least.

I think the ultimate truth in all of it for me is that, whether or I love FF or hate it, the franchise is valuable to me and worth experiencing as an enthusiast of the genre. The games are arguably cultural experiences at this point.
543  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: November 23, 2014, 08:16:52 PM
@ Damacon/ You sure know how to stir the pot buddy. I'm starting to get the idea that you just really hate games but are rather fond some choice memories you hold onto of a time when you enjoyed them.

If you look for fault/fallacy in RPG's you will find it. If you play through FFXIII condemning it and focusing on internet forum whining you will be hard pressed to even catch what it is you COULD potentially appreciate.

I'm gonna take a titan of a title, Suikoden 2 as my example. I can play through it whoring out and exploiting the most game breaking teams and unite attacks. I can ignore the game-length puzzle of 108 stars and utilizing my favorite characters/teams. Heck, I'm gonna go ahead and play it without playing the first, skipping over long winded dialogue and just blitz it cause its just another something I wish I loved like a game from my childhood. At the end of the day I'm gonna want to cry it had no redeeming gameplay, a lacluster story and all sorts of other problems.

Your not gonna see this ^^ often.  While it can certainly prove one gamers experience with the title, if you appreciate what the game offers, it likely won't happen. You almost naturally get swept up in searching every nook and cranny with a distinct sense of adventure and discovery in Suiko 2. Can you break the game and bitch about it? Of course. 9 out of 10 gamers are gonna be captivated by a sweeping narrative and OCD tendency to tying up loose ends and completion-ism via 108 stars of destiny that yields a massive amount of optional ways to tackle the game.

In short even the best games can be lacluster depending on how much of a critic you are and how you go about them. Play and appreciate games for what they go right and you'll have fun.

And if you stumble across a few games you REALLLY hate on every level, don't play them. The end.

I'm gonna be "that guy" that claims the distaste for games in the current gen stems more as problem with the "gamer" than the games.

Now i'm beginning to re-hash what I said in the other thread so I'm gonna stop there and go back to believing with all my heart that the PS4 will be the most amazing thing to happen to me in my adult life yet as a gamer.
544  Media / Game Journals / Re: Let's write an RPG story- A Journal penned by all! on: November 22, 2014, 07:57:59 PM
Beckoning in the distance breaks down the barrier of solitude and slumber for the youth. Crestee, named appropriately after her late grandfather Dincrest (a hero of the great war), always found a great sanctity in resting well beyond the rising of the dawn. Today however, the young lass was more than ambitious to spring from bed. Her ears perked up at the sound of a distant hollar with excitement before her eyes could even begin to crack the gentle dew at the corners of their lids. The ambition that ran through her animating mind was vividly producing visions of song and dance in the hours to come. Of any all whom dwell in the realm, Crestee enjoyed the merriment of celebration as much if not more than most.

"Crestee!! GET DOWN HERE!! The sheep and livestock!! YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE SHEEP AND LIVESTOCK YESTERDAY!!!!" cried out her uncle in predictable agitation.

Crestee's inner joy at the thought of celebration was quickly snuffed out at the sound of her uncles call. Quickly she remembered that although her duties demanded she lock in the livestock the night prior, her anticipation of the festival effectively edged that responsibility from her mind. This was not the first time, nor did her uncle presume it to the last, that she would simply neglect to remember her chores in wake of something more enticing. Crestee also quickly recalled that of consequence, this generally meant hours of scouring the forest edge to round up farm animals binging on over-ripened fruit.

The forest was a foreboding place. Inviting to none save the farm animals whom couldn't see the trees past the berries in a manner of speaking. Venturing in, as you can imagine, was not an endeavor Crestee enjoyed.

"The animals got out! CRESTEE GET DOWN HERE!!" her uncle projected again.

.... @ Dincrest/ This is all sorts of cool buddy. Nice post. I'm happy to play along here :)

545  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 22, 2014, 07:32:01 PM
I recently started writing for another website and they have this thing were they try to predict the hundred best games of the next year. Writers and editors award points to one hundred games (from a list of 200+ titles) they are looking forward too and the editor-in-chief turns everything into a big list using math and some common sense.

This was my first time contributing and picking one hundred games you're looking forward to is HARD. I managed to mark 40 or so titles before I had to start researching (we're encouraged to look up all sorts of indie titles anyway). Where am I going with this? Well, I saw something really awesome:

Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame

I'm not the type of gamer who gets very excited about games that aren't out yet, but I really want to play this. I'm not even sure my laptop will run this all that well (the PC I bought my parents should be able to handle it, so worst case scenario I'll play it there), but I'm going to buy it anyway because it's going to be like €15 and the soundtrack will be included.

The downside is that I feel kind of insecure about being enthousiastic thanks to all that bullshitty GG objective of eliminating the human element from game reviews. Blah. I just wanna enjoy games and be happy about the good ones... So, hey, I case I sounded too promotion-y: nobody bought by feelings. This is just me being happy about stuff I like, and I hope some of you may like this stuff as well.

Well if nothing else seems like it will worth it for the OST if that trailer music is any indication (epic).
546  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: November 22, 2014, 07:21:20 PM
@ Kevadu

I was gonna cite Agarest 2 amongst a few others as my "examples of CH's capacity for improvement" argument but Dincrest beat me to it.

Fact is, I don't think Compile Hearts/Idea Factory are going to break the bank making the games that will make my prediction a reality. My bold prediction is more or less on the grounds that the fanbase for RPGs is going to flourish this generation and meet the budget titles halfway. CH/IF have already proven their potential to learn and make better games with limited resources. If said games develop a greater following and profit there of its only a matter of time before teams behind titles like Fairy Fencer can exercise a bit more ambition.

A ComPilE fActOrEE epic is on the way, I can feeeeeeeel it!!

3. The support and focus on indie devs coupled with the aforementioned fact will result in more Retro-Love-Letter RPG's in the years to come than you can shake a stick at (or play before the PS5 comes out a decade from now).

That's kind of already happening in Kickstarter-land.  Though it remains to been seen how many of those games will actually be good.

See its happening already! I knew it! The seeds have been planted. LoL

Truly though, its not like good things have not come from indie devs. The big hurtle is exposure. PSN on the PS4 is just the vehicle to start opening peoples eyes to what is out there whom would otherwise never look in the given direction. Case and point is Dust an Elysian tale. I've already seen quite a few people ranting and raving about the awesome "new" metroidvania offered to PSplus members last month. And that was already nearly half a decade old on the XBLA. Imagine how much potential exposure could be in store for lesser known quality titles.

5. Somewhere along the line, PS4 users will be able to finally change their PSN names.

Now that's bold ;)

Ok, I'll take that one on the chin. Maybe I'm just being plain silly now.
547  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: FINAL FANTASY XV, This is a fantasy based on reality. on: November 22, 2014, 06:08:24 PM
After not really being into anything Square related for awhile I hopped on the PS4 recently with sights set on Squeenix offerings. The way I see it, the games square have released in recent years just don't happen to be aligned with what I would care to see. This by no means makes them bad games. It is simply dumb (cruddy) luck for someone such as myself.

Plainly, KH, the FF XIII and FF X brands are really the only Square-made RPGs I really didn't have a taste for. Now, with the definitive version of FF XIV on the PS4, Type-0, and XV finally on the horizon I feel like my return to enjoying the hell out of a square game is just about here. I suppose I never really saw Square as having dropped the ball in terms of pumping out quality titles so much as having just shifted their focus briefly to things that lie far outside the realm of what I personally would hope to see.

One of my motivations in recently buying the PS4 was honestly to tackle a few titles before Type 0 comes out so I can comfortably focus on that. In short 2013-2014 were just bad "Square" years for me personally that I am happy to see over.

Now maybe I am just too optimistic but I truly feel that, outside the realm of Square, the PS4 is really going to prove to be a great console for RPGs. Without making a list here and getting longwinded it seems pretty safe to say that there are some very interesting and promising titles from various devs in the works for 2015/2016. At present, as an RPGFan I really can't imagine counting the purchase of PS4 as a mistake at this point. It would seem a pretty safe bet that you can comfortably count on having something awesome running on the system from this month forward.

I had actually just been reflecting on how surprised I am that the PS4 already has a library developing that excites me. I sort of assumed it would have taken a wee bit longer than one year to coax me into feeling the purchase tempting enough to jump on but lo and behold, they got me.

Now that I have said all I cared to on that, I want to make some bold statements/predictions on the PS4 front.

BOLD PREDICTION 1. Both NIS and Compile Hearts will be responsible for grade A RPG's this gen, on the PS4 that successfully break the barrier of "niche". Yep I did say CH is gonna make an awesome game by most peoples standards. Remember, I am being bold!!

2. The FF brand will reclaim some glory but ultimately have a large hand in mainstreaming interest in JRPGs once again this gen. As a result no one will be able to continue to pose questions like "Are JrpG's deAd???" for quite some time.

3. The support and focus on indie devs coupled with the aforementioned fact will result in more Retro-Love-Letter RPG's in the years to come than you can shake a stick at (or play before the PS5 comes out a decade from now).

4. After years of whining we will see some dead/dormant franchises whored out once again for profit that everyone will complain "isn't as good as the classics". In short, RPG players will get what they have been crying about for ages only to cry some more.

5. Somewhere along the line, PS4 users will be able to finally change their PSN names.

Alrighty I will let my dreamy idealism rest now. The end.
548  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: November 21, 2014, 10:26:35 PM
Honestly, I feel like if I get ten solid hours out of a game I got my moneys worth. ... As I said, I'm bad at finishing games, though.

@ Klyde, I want to mention this as like a... sort-of complaint against LO but it's not really a complaint because I dig it but it's sort of wonky.

I noticed a few points where the game has some pronounced leaps of logic. Which admittedly aren't worse than any other JRPG but like... That scene in Numara on Disc 1 where Kaim and Seth are like 'Gongara stole our memories CLEARLY HE WANTS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD' seemed kind of abrupt to me.

Exceeeeeeeeeeeept I'm wondering if that's actually intentional. The abruptness and leaps. Because there's a huge theme of /dreams/ in the game and those kind of free associative jumps are typical of dream logic. The way cutscenes are framed, the way the story sometimes bounces around between different places, etc. It all feels really dream-like. It's surreal in a way I've not been able to pin down beyond that.

idk i haven't gamed prpoerly in day.s

You make an excellent point Mesh. Actually, until you pointed it out, I don't think I even realized precisely why I have found the plot and writing so appropriate.

That is, the plot mechanic of immortals whom have lost their memory is a damn near perfect fail-safe for the writers to reach into left field and make it believable. I think that was why it was  so easy for me to suspend any disbelief and easily digest things early on. They sort of make it clear the characters "know" more than they even they themselves are aware of.

As the game has progressed now and revealed more about their pasts I have found pretty much everything that had me raising an eye-brow to be very appropriate. I don't know if the writers were actually this clever or if it was just dumb luck but in short I find the brand of this fiction manages to make the narrative very believable. At the very least I find it far more believable and realistic than most JRPG's in recent memory.
549  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: RPGFan Members: PS3 IDs / 360 Gamertags / Wii Friend Codes / Steam IDs on: November 21, 2014, 07:37:13 PM
I'm looking for people to play hard mode on destiny and Diablo on ps4

Syz9000 psn

Hey buddy! I'm not grabbing diablo for the ps4 until I finish Lost Odyssey (another week or two I imagine) but I'll add you none the less and hope you are still looking in a few weeks. Likewise, contemplating Destiny when the need arises for another shooter in my life.

EDIT: Yoda aside I think I need to browse back some pages and add some of you fine folks on PSN.
550  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Most Favourite Gaming Moments~! on: November 21, 2014, 07:32:17 PM

Oh, and I remember when Mortal Kombat first came out in arcades.  There was a massive controversy about all the blood and brutal finishing moves in that game.  I think that was the first domino that signaled that mainstream gaming was growing up.  That gamers weren't just young kids any more.

I will never forget that either. Being a young gamer myself at the time, I was totally captivated by the hype/buzz created by the advent of MK-Gore. I still remember when it hit consoles and other kids at school were not allowed to play it by parents because of media attention the 16-bit gobs of red fostered. Good times.

The very first time you walk around in Mario 64 (HOLY CRAP THIS IS THE 3D FUTURE)

That was a real good one Monsoon, kudos.

When the local rental store set up the N64 with Mario to sample-play it was awe inspiring. Most definately another "I'll never forget it moments". But more then that, I think that marked one of the greatest evolutions to witness in terms of gaming. That was a time I am very grateful to have experienced first-hand in my youth. Pure magic.
551  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Awesome deals - 2014 version - Save money for that PS4/XBONE on: November 21, 2014, 07:18:37 PM
Decent playstation network sale for North America this week folks.

Mass effect (all 3 games) and DLC is discounted substantially. I never played em but couldn't help but scoop em up for somewhere down the road. You can nab all 3 games plus most DLC for less than the trilogy costs without any DLC whatsoever.

Alice Madness Returns is only 2.99

There are quite a few other deals but those are what caught my eye.
552  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: November 21, 2014, 07:11:52 PM
Alrighty, I'm officially blown away with Lost Odyssey. I'm not gonna be so bold as to make any final conclusions since I'm not done, but I certainly feel comfortable in saying this has been 35 hours VERY well spent.

The writing and soundtrack are still super strong well into disc 3. The narrative hasn't bored me for so much as a moment. Disc 3 itself has been a mile a minute since I popped it in.

Big plus for LO on these accounts (in my book)
- Difficulty has not subsided. Disc 3 is still very challenging and offered me 2 game overs thus far. This is a good thing.
-Dungeon design is remarkable here. I have a strong appreciation for the integration of puzzles as they appear as more organic hurtles of progression within the dungeon design than in most titles. That is, your not plodding along on the rails until you hit a room with a brain twister in this game. I love when the dungeons themselves prove puzzles of progression as opposed to being presented with things clearly and strictly "puzzles".

^^ Hope that puzzle talk made sense to someone.
553  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 21, 2014, 07:00:43 PM

If you swapped the mayo for greek yogurt or kefir and the cheese for non fat variety that would be a pretty healthy dip/spread.

554  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Most Favourite Gaming Moments~! on: November 19, 2014, 06:37:23 PM
In no particular order.

1. Ni No Kuni/ Skull Mountain- Not so much a "gaming moment" but the whole dungeon and skull mountain sequence was just awesome to me in terms of atmosphere. Few things nail creepy, cute and cool as harmoniously for me as that dungeon.

2.Breath of Fire 2/ Finding a certain Naga Cameo Sorceress in hometown- Hidden cameo characters always get me. Being able to recruit them as playable characters makes it all the cooler.

3. Secret of Mana/ Got a few....
A. Gaia's Naval, Tropicillo and recruiting the sprite.
B. First encounter with Thanatos at Pandora.
C. Truffle King Flamie rescue.

4.Xenoblade/ Ending- Shulks dialogue coupled with the fact that you know damn well you are the brink of completing something epic culminated in "memorable" for me.

5. Earthbound/ Opening and Onet- Once again another on the list purely for atmosphere. If I had to single out a particular part it would be the arcade.

6. Final Fantasy 6/ Yep here come the predictable entries to my list....

A. Leo at Thamasa event.
B. Shadow and the Floating Continent
C. Daryl's Tomb
D. Terra's first transformation post the Narshe battle.

7. Lunar/ Ghaleon's assault on a certain dragon blew my mind when I was a little kid. I'll never forget that.

8. Tales of Vesperia/ Yuri going criminal at the end of the first act.

9. Chrono Trigger/ Zeal, Prophet events (isn't this on everyones list?)

10. Mega Man X/ Zero to the rescue

Now for a 2 that recently blew me away...

11. Tales of Xillia 2
A. The "good" ending
B. The return of

12. Lost Odyssey/ I need to give em time to sink in but....
A. End of Disc 2
B. Cecil and Rosa heading off to rescue Polom and Porom on the phantom ice train. (I got those names right didn't I???)

555  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: November 19, 2014, 05:59:36 PM
I made fake bacon in the microwave last night and put hot sauce on it. Then I washed it down with black coffee. Yum Yum.

BTW I'm convinced that no imitation low fat variety of bacon can even remotely imitate the real deal. Thing is I eat one modest meal a day and by the time I get to that single meal I'm hungry enough to make salted card-board palatable.

Well I'm off for todays run. 27 degrees outside. At least that is substantially warmer than yesterday. I have a funny feeling I am going to regret this.
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