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586  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: November 02, 2014, 01:56:02 AM
Quick advice needed.

Totally gonna get to both SOUTH PARK STICK OF TRUTH and LOST ODYSSEY next now that I've cleared some gaming kharma. Really need a JRPG in my life but I know South Park is supposed to be short. So which do you guys suggest I do first out of the two??

Part me says get to LO.

Another part of me says do SP because LO may keep me away from the park til next year! LoL

EDIT: I suppose I sort of answered my own question there, but any input prior to my late-night game session would be welcome. High anxiety always accompanies starting new titles for me.

EDIT (AGAIN): You guys can ignore my plea for advice. I'm starting LO and gonna save south park for after I actually watch the show. In truth, I've only seen a few of the halloween specials and I was just informed by my buddy that it proves to be a far more enjoyable offering when you at least know the cast.

I feel like I'm probably the only person in America who bought the South Park RPG based on its merits as an RPG without knowing a damn thing about the cartoon. I see "editors choice" in the reviews here and feel like it just has to have a place on my shelf... LoL
587  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Halloween on: October 31, 2014, 04:18:51 PM
in many parts of the Netherlands St. Maarten, on the 11th of November, is the day for collecting candy. There's no dressing up, but children get to walk around with (hand-crafted) lanterns after the dark. They knock on doors, sing a song and get candy (or perhaps some small coins or a tangerine) as a reward. Most kids prefer the funny songs, but you actually get the best rewards with a good old begging song.

I never knew of that tradition. That sounds so pleasant.

Our singer never got to go Trick or Treating growing up, so one time the band took her out Trick or Treating.  The guys all wore masks and pretended to be costumed teenagers taking kid sister out trick or treating.  She wore a classic "bedsheet ghost" costume.  She's tiny and would say "trick or treat" in the cutest "little girl" voice, so no one suspected that the little girl in the ghost costume was, in fact, our singer. 

I was actually gonna do this ^^ for shits and giggles tonite with a buddy/client of mine because I am extraordinarily small and he large. We were planning to pull a father and son act. However I decided to be a loser and call it off on account of it being wicked cold lately.

I am also partially motivated to stay in due to the fact that I really want to beat "All Zombies Must Die" because I can't really see me touching it after halloween.

I normally don't dress up --- no money being one issue, but also not really wanted to spend on something I'd wear for one night (even though I'd want to of course if the money was less tight).

I usually just put on these fox ears I bought years ago and go "I'mafox".  And that's that.

I just went to a specialty shop. I'm all about spending it if ya got it, but how people can justify the price of looking like the best power ranger at the party for one night is beyond me. I have no problem blowing money irresponsibly, I love me my scratch off lottery tickets and gambling, but I'll be damned if I'm paying 100 bucks to be the green ranger for one night. I can go and buy a Playstation TV for what these glorified pajamas would run me.
588  Site Related & More / RPGFan: Site / Re: Reviews are sometimes inaccurate on: October 31, 2014, 04:05:30 PM
We treasure Neal (Dincrest) because he's brave enough to go down the gaming roads many shy away from.  He knows that he can find hidden treasure there, and that he's hardcore enough to survive the garbage he's got to wade through to get to it.

One more Tears to Tiara II note - I bet about 0.1% of people will pick up on this, but the main characters are named for historical figures (and gods and places) from Carthage, a kingdom who fought against Rome.  The guys most famous for Hannibal and the elephants crossing the Alps.  I only know because I listen to a history podcast that happens to coincidentally be talking about Carthage now.  (That is, not because I'm some smarty pants history guy.)

Not a single copy of Tears to Tiara II have I seen yet on a shelf since release. Rarity is one thing, but that game is damn near hidden. 
589  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 31, 2014, 03:57:14 PM
Ganon's Castle
And.... DONE!

Fighting my way up the tower and then taking on Ganondorf was cake. With only half a magic meter I had to resort to a spin-attack to deflect his big energy attack thing, rather than use Light Arrows, but that's not very hard to time.

Escaping the castle wasn't too bad, but I made a few stupid mistakes against the Stalfos and died two times in total, sadly.

Ganon: I was really silly. So, my preferred strategy is usually to roll between his legs then attack. I stupidly decided this was too risky with only 3 hearts (1 hit kill), so I opted to instead go for the Light Arrow stun, followed by running around his back. That works perfectly fine, but I only have enough magic to do that about half the battle. I suffered a few humiliating deaths before discovering that DEKU NUTS ARE THE BEST ITEM EVER. They not only temporarily stun Ganon, but they actually deal damage to his tail! But then I died and had no Deku Nuts left...

Ultimately, I returned to my usual rolling strategy and beat him straight away. :P

3 Heart Challenge... COMPLETE!

I am late to the party, but want to throw my congrats anyhow. My recent endeavors with Xillia 2 made me realize just how epic certain gaming accomplishments, or even just finishing a title, can be/feel. Maybe it is just the sense of being focused and dedicated enough to set arbitrary goals and achieve them. Perhaps it is the confirmation that, in spite of challenge and difficulty, one can succeed. Regardless of the reason I have always felt stuff like this ^^ should be more celebrated than it is.

Fact is I always feel a certain degree of "anti-climactic" upon finishing a game. I want to actively do my part to start changing that. Even some simple forum well wishing can help. So congrats.
590  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 26, 2014, 06:46:40 PM
Xillia 2/ Affinity maxed for everyone. Decided to go ahead and get the debt ending today because I had more Gald than I knew what to do with. I read some nasty impressions of this particular ending but I found it pretty comical if for no other reason than being very "un-tales".

Upon reflection there was quite a bit about Xillia 2 I found "not so tales-eee". Whether that is good or bad, I think that is why I appreciated my time with it so much. It proved to be plenty in line with what I have come to expect from the franchise with enough narrative departure to somewhat shock me.

One more ending to go, and I will NOT be getting to it immediately. I am burnt. Gonna make getting the final ending a weekend endeavor from here on out.
591  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 26, 2014, 01:23:36 AM
Leo ranks amongst top bad-asses from my childhood. He may not be the top badass of yester-year for me but certainly amongst em. Ghaleon and Nall were both a cut above Leo for me in EB. I remember truly believing/searching for a means to get Nall to join as a playable character as a kid. Good times.

Ghaleon is probably one of my favorite sympathetic villains period. Or, at the very least, my favorite silver haired good-baddie. Thats right Sephy, move over, Ghaleon has the thrown sir.
592  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 25, 2014, 06:20:24 PM
I want to tear my hair out ATM.

Weeks of post game Xillia 2 and I could have easily have been done by now. I just found out there are 18 seperate bosses in the ex dungeon I have to beat to get the cameo bosses to appear. This is disheartening on account of the fact that I probably beat shadow Milla 2 dozen times already. Really wish I didn't overlook that, very relevant, bit of information.

The only advantage is I am now leveled to the point of being able to plow through the shadow boss battles with almost no effort.

XCOM BD/ Made myself and Mesh as my two agents to accompany Carter in some alien hunting last night. Why? Because I felt like hunting aLiEnzzzz with Mesh, thats why!!! Unfortunately both mesh and myself were wounded, bled out and died by about 5 AM this morning. In mine and Mesh's defense though, it really was NOT our fault. The AI in this game is one of its biggest pitfalls. That aside, my other gripe thus far is the lack of being able to recruit females. Pretty lazy design by my measure.
593  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: October 25, 2014, 06:10:24 PM
Another Mega Man X bot to add to the growing list of androids on one of my favorite clients!

This is healed work by the way. Any artist can make something look perty when it is fresh.

Can't wait to get a backdrop on this fella's arm.
594  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: A Mana series retrospective. on: October 23, 2014, 05:28:27 PM
I will needlessly express my adoration for the VI cast. Some of my favorite characters in JRPG history are part of that roster, believe it or not! LoL

But seriously, I feel like the 6 cast is by far my favorite FF group by a landslide. I could attribute my love of that game to the soundtrack and cast entirely. I also give it a nod for doing a "dark world" better than I had ever seen to date when I first played the title.

However, the biggest draw of 6 (for me personally) was the amount of content for a game at that point in time. The title created the illusion that endless amounts of optional and secret pay-offs await the adventurous and ambitious player. To play that game back in the day and accidently "discover" Gogo, in a time when you didn't have the internet and knew nothing of the optional character was one of the most exciting moments of my childhood. Than of course, long discussion with other young aspiring-nerds ensued questioning Gogo's identity at the lunch table for days.

595  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 23, 2014, 05:02:23 PM
God I played Xenoblade so wrong!

I totally relied on Sharla for healing, controlled Dunban more then half the time because I'm way more a "Dunban" than I am a "Shulk", didn't figure out the finer points of crafting until late game and did damn near every sidequest I could as soon as they opened up. No wonder it took me 150 hours to complete.

Looking back, I'm sort of amazed I finished it at all like that to be honest. The last dungeon areas and bosses took me FOREVER!! LoL

XILLIA 2 POST GAME/ Grinding away. 2 elite monsters left, got enough to pay off my debt and making run after run through the EX dungeon. I really need to be done with this soon.

PSN SALE OF THE DEAD/ Bought Dante's inferno bundle for 5.99 because that is too cheap to not buy. I feel like an idiot when I do this. The game really doesn't look too much like anything I'd normally appreciate  but it may be the closest thing I can ever experience to God of War (and enjoy). Something about Kratos always made me feel a strong distaste for God of War. Then again I try to keep an open mind. I ended up with Borderlands 2 on whim thinking I'd hate it and fell head over heels so I try to remain optimistic with impulse purchases anymore.
596  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: A Mana series retrospective. on: October 21, 2014, 11:25:20 PM
Square and consequently Square Enix is like that uber-popular band you loved since the first album, but their second album had a crazy popular top 40's tune and now you don't even want to count yourself amongst the fanbase openly because of what it could falsely indicate about your taste and sensibility. And of course you hate that top 40's song and really only now appreciate the band for helping mainstream a sound that once resonated with you.

^^ That is how I feel about Square at least.

If I said I loved Square, what I would truly be saying is that I loved SoM, and what they managed to get on the shelf of my local blockbuster back in the early 90's. I respect the fact that were it not for them I would not have discovered my primary love in terms of media, across the board, until much later in life.

Sadly, if I do indeed say I love Square amongst most anyone at present its immediately assumed I am Kingdom Hearts/FF7/FF10 fan. It is like saying I love early nineties rock so people just assume I'm a pearl jam fan. These assumptions fall a fair distance from the truth in my case.

This soliloquy has forced me to adjust my question from the dice thread: is there any Square or Square Enix game you don't actively hate on at every opportunity? You don't seem to miss a beat around here.

Maybe I'm totally off base, but I sort of developed the impression that Aeolus is hyper-critical of every game he writes about. I'm positive I've seen his posts pick apart the technical aspects of games he has openly admitted loving, with a pretty remarkable recall for detail. I think I love reading Aeolus' posts for that very reason. LoL
597  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 20, 2014, 07:15:50 PM
Finally gave up on Xenoblade (for now, maybe), I'm 18 hours in and absolutely nothing of interest has happened yet.  When's it supposed to get interesting??? Fetch quests were trite like 15 year ago and it seems like this game has been almost nothing but so far.  I also keep waiting for the part when everyone's horrible accents start to shift from annoying to endearing and I'm beginning to doubt that will ever come.  It's a shame because I'm a fan of the Terry Pratchett Discworld series, so the idea of a game set on the body of a massive celestial being really appealed to me. It kinda saddens me that, other than FFXIII (which everyone else seems to hate), the most recent (ie. the newest) JRPG that really sucked me in was Persona 3 and I played that 6 years ago.

On a positive note (and to that same end), I started FFIV: The complete collection last night (after finally recovering from Saturday's hangover) and it's a 100 times better than I remembered it being.  Granted, I last played the thing in 1994 (I was 10) and I had almost no idea what was going on, but Jesus Christ this is a good game.

When you decide to pick up Xenoblade again just stop doing the quests. That is when it starts getting interesting.

+1 for being a discworld fan my friend. Many hours of my youth were spent in Ankh Morpork and various locals (played the discworld MUD from the ages of like 12-17 off and on) after discovering the lovely franchise in my high school library.

+1 to anyone else who wasted vast amounts of there life with text based multi-user domain games.

And as a final note on FFIV complete collection splendor, I want to echo my rant from earlier this year whilst playing and just say this port had the most beautiful SNES-sprite-rework EVER by this ninja's estimate.

XILLIA 2/ Got my debt 3/4 paid off and got through the EX dungeon far enough to start claiming bell rewards. I think I over-prepared before entering though, having already taken out all but a few elite monsters. Final endings are fast approaching.

XCOM BUREAU DE-CLASSIFIED/ I can't understand for the life of me why this game got shit on so bad by fans and reviewers. It isn't perfect but it sure as hell isn't bad. I actually really love it. I feel like if X-files and the original twilight zone had a baby it would be this. Perfect fit to tend to my rare desire for something a bit spooky and extra-terrestrial. I really wish RE6 felt a little more like this. Then again I also wish RE6 had a totally different plot, breed of "zombie", and atmosphere as well.

An observation of mine about my personal taste in Zombies after qualifying as a self proclaimed veteran undead hunter this season. I don't like plague zombies at all. I like my zombies to be night of the living dead style. The end. 
598  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: A Mana series retrospective. on: October 19, 2014, 12:02:28 AM
This is one of the most epic posts by a new member ever.

Kudos to you for being thorough sir. Ironically Mana has been a topic over in the game journal as well. Maybe this all means something????

Either way Aesir, nice to see the Mana love buddy. Flawed as the series is in damn near every installment, the magic of it all cannot easily be denied. I count the franchise amongst my favorites.

599  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: October 18, 2014, 04:43:54 PM
Instead of mixing up my Xillia 2 post game time with starting Lost Odyssey just yet, I am thinking of squeezing in a little more halloween gaming. Even though I've completed 3 halloween games already and some seasonally appropriate DLC I've one more desire to entertain. X-Com Bureau declassified is now on the table.

I've played quite a bit of X-Com and just really want to putz around with this for a bit to quell my curiosity even if it sucks. The fact that its got grey aliens and a twilight zone-50's setting make it spook-tacular enough for the season for me. Something about "twilight zone" feeling stuff  reminds me of halloween even though it isn't REALLY appropriate. I think have already killed enough zombies for 2 seasons to be honest, my alien count pales in comparison.
600  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: October 18, 2014, 04:35:10 PM
Instead of tattooing tonite, I am doing "professional" face painting/make up for some girls who are going to a halloween party and want to be real done up. If I have the dexterity to tattoo, I should be able to manage this right??? LoL

This is going to be interesting.

I am thankful every day for finally leaving my parent's house, I visit on the weekends and that's it ever since I went to university, never again am I going to live there.. My father is the very definition of getting furious over the most inconsequential details of all fucking time all the time.

Your a better person than me, friend. The only way my family sees me is the come visit at my home which is a rarity. I just can't EVER go back to living with family, the thought paralyzes me to be honest. I've said it before whilst discussing fAmIly MaTtErs on here and I'll say it again, family is most easily loved and appreciated AT A DISTANCE.

Then again I am strangely set in my ways for being only 3 decades old. I can't imagine living with anyone to be honest. I don't play well with others.
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