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151  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Gust making a spiritual successor to Ar Tonelico: Ar no Surge on: June 26, 2014, 06:58:40 AM
Hurray, I won't have to import the game now. Hopefully the US release won't be too far behind the European release.
152  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 25, 2014, 06:35:51 AM
I started up Dragon Age II this morning before work and played a couple of hours. NOW I understand why so many people were upset. Bioware changed way too much shit they shouldn't have. I have no idea what they were thinking. Not being able to import your character from the first game and play as them is understandable given they wanted another story going on at roughly the same time with new characters, but forcing us to be human and not be able to customize like anything is horseshit. The combat system is also alot more like an action game in this one. I much prefer the combat in the first game. The improved character animations and facial expressions are nice, but the art direction in the first one was also way better since they had to make up for less pretty graphics. Now, I do think the menus are better handled in this one because I can actually read things since the text and everything is bigger. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they switched the conversations to the Mass Effect system when the first one was completely fine. Again, not something that needed changed at all. We'll see how much I end up enjoying this, but I'm pretty bummed out currently. I know I'm late to the party, but I had to vent somewhere haha.
Disagree regarding the conversation system. DA2's is the best conversation system between DAO, ME, and DA2. Tone indicators are a freaking god send. I remember multiple times in DAO when I would select and option and the implied tone based on how the person I was talking to reacted was completely different than I had intended it to be (which included the time I accidently started romancing Zervan because my line that I read with an intended tone of w/e was instead taken with a tone of "Come by anytime.")

Actually disagree with a lot of the points (prefer DA2's combat, prefer DA2's design direction, don't care about the loss of race choice), but then again my only complaint about DA2 is that it was clearly rushed, and frankly on my second playthrough, I didn't even really notice some of the short cuts they had to use despite being fully aware of the fact that they were there.
153  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Age 3 on: June 25, 2014, 06:23:19 AM
so let me get this clear:we cant import our save but we can customize our history? so theres no reason for me finish playing dragon age 2? stopped playing after my lady hawke banged issabella lol
Well finishing 2 might give you more context for the later events that occur when building your world state, but if you hate game then no you don't have to finish it if you want to be able to import into DAI.
154  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Gust making a spiritual successor to Ar Tonelico: Ar no Surge on: June 25, 2014, 06:20:16 AM
Totally importing the EU release unless we get news of a US release between now and then.
155  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently watched Episodes of TELEVISION BOX offerings! on: June 24, 2014, 06:52:04 AM
Watched episode 1 of season 2 of Defiance. I liked it. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here...although it must be said that Datak is a freak. Also was interesting to get confirmation on what I expected regarding the airlock story.
156  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Zelda Musou on: June 24, 2014, 06:49:58 AM
Well that is a playable character choice I did not see coming. O_o
157  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Age 3 on: June 24, 2014, 06:39:15 AM
This import shit is freaking confusing. I have played the first one and Awakening on PS3 and I'm about to start #2 on PS3, but I planned on buying DAI on PS4 since I have one. Should I not do that?
Not sure how it is confusing. Dragon Age Keep means you can now import the world state you want onto any system that DAI is on as long as you can get an internet connection to the system long enough to download the world state. So absolutely no problem with switching systems.

Note: You will have to build your world state on the Keep site, but you would have to do that even if staying on the PS3 as DAI will not support save imports (my guess is that there are variables they want from DAO that were lost in DA2....plus buggy DA2 imports at launch).
158  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Age 3 on: June 23, 2014, 07:10:46 AM
*sigh* Over the weekend got myself psyched up for DAI for some reason, and then I remembered there are still three months left. :(

Man, I hope so.  The way I see it, I'll be playing Inquisition on the PS3, and any future Dragon Age games (in, say, 2016 or beyond) I'll play on PS4.  Hell, if they eventually make a PS4-only Ultimate Edition then I'd probably buy that.  When I have a PS4.  2+ years from now. 

And this Keep stuff is intriguing.  If I can really customize EVERY possible decision in Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, and DA2, then I'll be happy as a clam.  If they get to the majority of the branches in those three games, then I'll probably be okay.  If it's only 10-12 major plot points over all three of those, or they totally ignore Awakening, or they don't let me visually customize my own Warden and Hawke... then we have a problem. 
You will not be able to customize EVERY decision. You'll only be able to customize decisions that are imported into DAI. However since you will be going into parts of Fereldan and having a companion from DA2, there should be a good number of decisions that get imported. As for Awakening, I believe they have mentioned that you'll finally be able to properly import a customized Ultimate Sacrifice with an Orlesian Warden Commander for Awakening, so it is not being completely ignored. As for visually customizing your previous characters....I highly doubt that will be included, but that wouldn't included in importing from DA2->DAI anyways since at least for the Warden there was no visual data transferred to DA2.
159  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Dragon Age 3 on: June 22, 2014, 07:45:03 AM
Content should be the same, just difference in graphics.
160  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Harvest Drama: Story of Trademarks on: June 20, 2014, 06:59:35 AM
This is a very weird situation where the Harvest Moon trademark is being used to basically accomplish the exact opposite purpose of Trademarks. Frankly, I think Marvelous has a good case to prevent Natsume from using the Harvest Moon title in this situation. I mean the facts are weird, but showing likelihood of confusion given the current circumstances is easy, so I think they should be able to do something.
161  Media / Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn on: June 20, 2014, 06:53:31 AM
I started Playing Steambot Chronicles again last week up to yesterday. It's official...this game is the best game ever. I will never stop playing this game.

Fear Vanilla, Boss of the Killer Elephants, the Son

of a fisherman
...pimpin...and a real playa.

I did not make this up.

I will record gameplay

and you will love

this game too.

I have played Steambot Chronicles, and while I remember it being fun, I think calling it best game ever is more than a bit of an exaggeration.

Would it have killed them to call them something other than "human ranches," like say, "internment camps"?

They're... really more ranches than they are internment camps.

... ToS is kinda fucked upper than I remember.
Yeah, but they are more ExSphere Farms than Human Ranches.....although the former would completely spoil major plot points, so yeah.
162  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Megami Tensei Topic on: June 18, 2014, 07:17:30 AM
I assumed the worst when I heard Atlus was going to start doing DLC, and I was rewarded for my pessimism.


Personas as DLC. >:(

Meh? It isn't like that is anything essential.
163  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Atelier Series on: June 18, 2014, 07:11:22 AM


And holy moses, characters other than the MCs in the intro?!  We're breaking ground here.  It also looks like an acid trip (I sound mean, but I'm excited as hell, I've loved the last two opening themes)

Hidari's designs are seriously my favourite thing for this series right now
Isn't his hair grayer than it used to be? Might just be my imagination, I guess.
164  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Capcom declared themselves 'up for purchase' on: June 17, 2014, 06:52:52 AM
I have ten dollars, I think I could afford it. Now then time to figure out what crossovers to have the Capcom characters fight...
165  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: "X" by Monolith (now named Xenoblade Chronicles X) on: June 15, 2014, 08:13:44 AM
I will say one thing, for all the xeno talk, this game bears no resemblance to xenosaga for me. I mean, I played xenogears and all 3 xenosagas, and this has a very different feel compared to them. I think that's a benefit though, given the bad rep xenosaga tends to get.

IIRC, besides the "Xeno" part of the name, certain staff members, and other "things" aside (like use of mechs), it isn't supposed to be similar to the old Xeno- titles (iirc, they really can't be since the "series" has had different publishers over the years; jumping from Square, Namco, and now Nintendo).

I think it's kinda like a Megaman > Mighty Number 9 scenario.  Very similar, but it's "not" because of who owns what.

I could also be way off, I don't really talk about gaming politics, legal stuffs, or buyouts

Well I would think they can probably reuse anything they want from Saga since that was developed by Monolith Studios (although I guess it depends heavily on several legal documents that I have 0 way of accessing or probably even reading) and Namco has sold their entire share in Monolith to Nintendo. The fact that they actually got away with what they did in Saga will always amaze me though. I mean Monolith was founded by the people who made Gears leaving Square to form their own company. You would think that Square would be a little litigious over them making so many freaking call backs/blatant ripping of asset designs. Oh well, time to look to the future. A future that apparently has Zohars, at least in computer files!

I'm actually surprised the Zohar didn't show up anywhere in Xenoblade.

I think the Monado was inspired by it.
I don't see it. One is representation of Jesus that allows humans to interface with 5th dimensional beings and also creates lovecraftian horrors. The other is a representation of a person's will to defy fate (or something like that, I forgot the dialogue from the ending). Other than being McGuffins, I don't see much similarity between them. I am however now wondering if X is going to see a return of naming stuff after stuff from Gnosticism.
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