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1  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade on: November 02, 2011, 01:29:04 PM
I'm not the one who said that. I don't think it was successful at all.
Sorry I meant that part at Tomara. x-x

Okay then... so can I ask what makes this his first successful attempt exactly? Having missed the other games.. is it to do with sales or something else?

Xenogears had major pacing and budget problems. The second disc consisted mostly of characters sitting on a chair telling the players about the dungeons they went to and bosses they fought. It was also part of a bigger story, but they never really got to do anything with it.

Xenosaga... basically the same story. The project was a bigger, but again they had to cut the storyline short. Gameplay was a mess for most of the series, they switched artstyles every episode... The whole thing was a mess. Well, okay, Episode 3 was pretty cool, but you have to play through the first two games to really appreciate it.

Compare Xenoblade to that and Xenoblade comes out on top. No discussion there. It's a huge game, incredibly fun most of time and the story makes sense up until the last few cutscenes (it was the opposite in Xenogears and Xenosaga...). You could argue that story is fundamentally flawed (and I kind of agree), but I don't think they could have told it better.

Interesting... it's always fun finding out stuff like that, least for me.

I think I'm out of questions now. :P Other than how do I hit monsters that are far higher level than me. lol.

Level up is the obvious answer, but when I can't level up no more there's still going to be higher stuff still. o_o;
2  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on: November 02, 2011, 11:41:37 AM

Link in the loo.  It "sounds" like a false alarm, maybe his stomach hurt and he just farted a bit.
O: ... I am just speechless. xD;
3  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade on: November 02, 2011, 11:12:43 AM
What the hell were they trying to achieve and who would authorize something like that?
Some random scientist builds a satelite and with the push of a button destroys the universe? WTF?
And why where those 2 turned into gods and not anyone else, even the other people on the satelite?
I guessed it was cause they were by the.. button? ... and Maineth grabbed Klus..
But I guess that doesn't make much sense either! I hate liking things then going back to think about it
and then it makes less sense than it seemed to before lol.

I wonder about many things authorized in real life really, but I guess if this was real they'd never have
left it down to one button press... it would be more something like you get with a nuclear missile.

Okay then... so can I ask what makes this his first successful attempt exactly? Having missed the other games.. is it to do with sales or something else?
4  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade on: November 02, 2011, 07:23:13 AM
Really? D: What aspect...?

I... I didn't...

Spoilers for Xenogears and Xenoblade. And maybe some Xenosaga. I don't know yet.

One of the big plottwist from Xenogears was where the Wels came from and what they were used for.
Turns out they were humans transformed to serve as parts of biomechanical supercomputer Deus.
Teletheia were... well, that too. Kind of. Atleast there were no sewers in Xenoblade.

Because of the whole 'humans are just a bigger part of a larger whole, screw them' thing the world were reset multiple times by its maker. In Xenogears' case it was Myang who reïncarnated again and again to manipulate human civilisation and destroy it if needed, like when it became too advanced to serve its purpose.
Both the Xenogears and Xenoblade (and Xenosaga) ending have the heroes put an end to the endless resets so they can build their own future.

Also, guess whose fault it is the gameworld ended up all crazy in the first place? Those damn people from Earth.

Oh, and then there's those nopon! Xenogears had those stupid Chuchu things. They were cute and cuddly and loved their vices.
They were also really close to the planet and prefered a more natural way of living.
The nopon are like that too.

As for the 'the real enemy is...!' twist, lots of RPGs have those.
Always be prepared to be backstabbed by your own god/employer/planet/guardian/whatever.

Oh wow I guess I see what you mean now... makes me think he's trying to say something.
5  Media / Multiplayer RPGs / Re: phantasy star online 2 on: November 02, 2011, 06:15:09 AM
Saw it this morning.  Was unimpressed.  Even if I had been impressed, all I have to do is point to PSU PC as an indicator of what to expect with regard to game support.  Sega will abandon non-Japanese support for this game just like every other iteration of Phantasy Star.

Look to Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars: The Old Republic for the next big thing.
I wish they'd give more power to SEGA US to do something when things go wrong, or the making of events. If they did that maybe we'd not get it so bad.
I have several friends who are going straight to the Japanese servers this time...

Edit: No posts since July huh.. (Sorry about bumping.. that counts as a necro doesn't it, I tend to struggle when even old stuff doesn't leave the first page.. but personally feel it's better than making a new topic on the same game, but I'll be more careful about it in the future), did anyone see the new news? About the Alpha tests and such?
I'm not surprised it has been delayed till next year really. I kind of expected it to be.
6  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Xenoblade on: November 02, 2011, 06:04:48 AM
Use it with Xenoblade, seriously.

Anyway, finished the game at last! Saw the ending coming from a mile away but that's probably the reason why I enjoyed it this much. Now I feel a sudden urge to listen to the Xenogears OST...
Really? D: What aspect...?

I mean I don't think I'd have seen the satellite thing coming... or anything. I kind of guessed Fiora would be all homs again when they were doing
the first person view
with her, either way I really loved the ending. Maybe I just haven't played enough big RPG's to see stuff like that coming yet...

I kinda enjoyed the later 'plottwists' (yeah, like we didn't see those coming...)
I... I didn't...

But I did say, so it's the destroy the world to create a new one plot again xD but it didn't bother me. :P I really didn't think it'd turn into that though...

They should've learned from the mistakes they made with xenogearss, that's what makes it so frustrating. It could've been just about a conflict between different races living on 2 dead titans but noooooo, let's through everything and the kitchen sink at it.
I don't know, I get kind of disappointed when things go fully straight forward, perhaps they could have taken another direction though.

Finally finished it. Unfortunately what seemed like a simple and effective story ended up falling into the same traps of the previous Xeno games, with completely unnecessary and sometimes even ridiculous plot twist and revelations.
It would've been better if the game had ended after the fight with
Egil, all this BS about killing Gods that has been done hundreds of times was completely unnecessary imo. The final hours became a drag, the game was constantly teasing
 the showdown against Dickson only to throw generic boss after generic boss at you.

That revelation the game throws at you during the ending sequence is downright offensive.

So the whole universe the game takes place in was created by a crazy experiment on a space station in the future of our world?
And the titans are just the 2 crazy scientists that conducted the experiment? Really?

I dunno, I kinda liked the revelation. I'm crazy so I just imagined "Yeah.. I can see that being what really happens to us in the end" xD;

The final hours were fun, although I admit I thought this must be the end multiple times, I beat Egil then Zanza came out and I thought okay
this must be it, the final part.. then it just continued.. lol, but I like it when an RPG makes me constantly guess when the end is, I don't like to know how far I am from it

Thinking back on the final boss, I guess it was a little dull, they could have done something a bit more special for it.

Anyway, I think I'm done quoting old posts about the end now. xD;

So I'm new here... really been loving Xenoblade and I'm up to about 124 hours, I just finished Colony 6, although it's stuck at 85%
because I need to beat some level 99 dragon first... D:

I finished the story about 119 hours in at level 80, I've taken a break recently since finishing it but now I'm starting to get back into it to do things I missed, I could do them in a new game plus, but I don't want to lose all my finished quests...

I've also been wondering, the maximum level is 99. the maximum monster level is 120... how am I supposed to hit a level 120 monster if I can't beat a level 99 monster at level 82.. I can't even hit the thing...

But yeah, sorry for the super long post.
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