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1  Media / RPGFan Music Discussion / Re: RPGFan Music Podcast (Rhythm Encounter) Thread on: September 04, 2013, 04:45:36 AM

So I am a terrible fan and let a number of episodes slip by me... but then I woke up today, said "F@*% THAT!" and played a game of catch up. So here are my poorly-organized thoughts on the episodes I've missed out on 'til now!

Episode 5 - Ormond Alliance

I listened to this one back when it was recorded in May, so it's not quite as fresh in my mind. Still, it was really interesting to get a musician's insight on these tracks. Casey was awesome to hear on the show (I really like his accent ︶▽︶). Also, I agree completely with Stephen that when I think of Tactics, I think of Trisection. What a powerful song. It definitely engraved itself in my mind as the 'unofficial theme' of Tactics.

I really need to go back and finish Vagrant Story. All I remember from that game is the first dungeon (and thus, I freaking love Catacombs. Used to turn on the game and put Ashley somewhere safe just so I could listen to it while drawing or doing homework). 

Episode 6 - Summer Chill

Strange that town themes are what usually give us that summer vibe, but I guess that's just how it is, huh? So glad Besaid Island was chosen, that song really gives me the warm fuzzies (no pun intended). Such good memories and yes, it definitely conjures images of summer in my mind without fail.

Stephen once again restores my faith in humanity by demonstrating his love for Chrono Cross. Good god, I love that game and I CAN'T AGREE MORE - it really is the 'summer of RPG's'. So many beautiful sunny/ocean-y locations to be found throughout El Nido. The soundtrack and visuals of the game compliment each other perfectly.

My favorite discovery in this episode has to be The Island Left Behind. It just feels so springy, airy and carefree. Perfectly fitting for the episode's theme but more than that, it's just... I don't know! It put me in a really good mood. If this track is an example of the greatness of Nayuta no Kiseki's soundtrack, I think I may have to hear more.

Oh, and I'm super stoked you guys got a chance to bring up that goofy ass song from Resident Evil DX. I was seriously laughing to myself. 

Episode 7 - Don't Tease the Octopus!

Man, what an awesome one this turned out to be. Great picks overall. I can't say enough how much I share your guys' enthusiasm for boss fights; more often than not, they're the highlight on many a soundtrack and the choices presented here showcased some of the best boss tunes in gaming.

Also, once again mad props to Stephen for hardcore repping Chrono Cross. Because seriously, if you don't like that game (or at the very least, its soundtrack), you are wrong. If I should ever get the opportunity, let me buy you a beer, dude.

I'm sad to say that while I haven't played any of its games, the Ys tracks really stood out to me, holy $@&*ing balls. Right after listening to this episode I immediately had to go and download them. Sorry Rob & Stephen, but Vacant Interference is the mad notes. So, so good!

Finally, Rob's choice to conclude this episode was great. Love me some FF7 and I agree that when looked at closer, Jenova really is a terrifying enemy. The final encounter with her really exemplified this.

Episode 8 - An Evening with Aivi

It's so cool you guys can get such awesome talent on the show! I wasn't familiar with Aivi Tran before but I feel like now that's about to change. On top of sounding adorable (and modest!), she really seems passionate and enthusiastic about what she does. Even better that some of her earlier influences/motivations include Koji Kondo and Bomberman 64 (really, I was sold after her story about obtaining the soundfont)!

Lonely Rolling Star is definitely my favorite Katamari song, so hearing her take on it was a real treat. Wonderful stuff!

Oh, and Aivi, if you should happen to start writing death metal... I'll be the first in line to hear it.

Episode 9 - Wild Wild West


Gotta' be honest, I was iffy going into this episode because, yeah, JRPG's are my comfort zone. To be honest, I haven't really played a western RPG (at least, not to completion)... so I wasn't expecting much. Imagine my surprise, then, that a number of these tracks really impressed me. My faves have to be Puppet Show, Life and Death (Main Theme) and Witendon. My attraction to these songs, I think, is due to what they all share in common- each of them seem to possess this enigmatic beauty to them. I think Kyle described Witendon as making him feel slightly melancholy and whimsical and that's more or less how I felt when listening to it. All of them were great, slightly unsettling tunes that I had to give another listen to.

Stephen's story about his father and King's Quest gave me a nerdy sense of happiness. Little things like that are always such a joy to hear and relate to on the show.

Also Derek, if you had told me one of our parks were built by Nickelodeon as a kid, I probably would have believed you!

Anyway, one thing that never seems to change is the easy-going vibe I get when listening to you guys. It's seriously like I can picture you just sitting on a couch on a Saturday night, just picking out these songs, giving 'em a listen and then talking them over. Whether you share similar opinions or disagree with one another, it always remains laid-back and fun. I'm not gonna' lie, I'm jealous! Rhythm Encounter seems like a blast to record. =) Keep up the honkin' good work, fellas.

(Oh, and if we can't get a full Chrono Cross episode, how about one that explores all three games in the series? Trigger, Radical Dreamers and Cross? Yeah? Yeeaaahh? ;D)
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