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 I can only speak for myself as I've read drastically different opinions when it comes to discussing podcast length, so I will say 'Personally' once and just assume from here on out that it applies to the rest.

 Personally, when taking into consideration that the podcast already runs over an hour, it seems you have a bit of room to work with, as most people are already dedicating a solid chunk of their time to it. That's not to say exceeding much over two hours would be the best idea. Still, there is the fact that it is a podcast about music, and music is certainly something which requires time. While most video game pieces do limit themselves to shorter tracks on loops, there are a few tracks which have a more dynamic nature often requiring more length, and to see them cut out for the sake of time would perhaps be limiting. While I am here equally for the music and the discussion, I would appreciate having a slightly longer podcast that gives the music... ah, how to say - a complete presentation? (my vocabulary has failed me)

 These are my thoughts anyway. (have I mentioned that?)

I don't often create an account for the sole purpose of expressing enjoyment at a thing, but I would hate to see the podcast stop due to a perceived lack of interest.

I happened to be listening to be listening to the summer podcast while playing Dark Souls - particularly while going through New Londo. The music clashed with the game so badly it actually made me laugh aloud several times.

It's always conflicting hearing something from Chrono Cross, because while I agree that the music is some of the best I've heard and the art direction is wonderful, I just dislike almost everything else about the game. I've enjoyed nearly everything I've heard by Mitsuda. Hearing the selections from Lime Odyssey was both pleasant, as I got to hear more of his work, and heartbreaking as it is a game which I will never play (for multiple reasons). Certainly it would be worth listening to the music separately, but as has been stated, it adds so much to hear it within the context of the game.

Thank you sirs for the content, I look forward to more in the future. And lest I forget: Mint chocolate chip ice-cream is the bee's knees.

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