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I semi checked for this being posted about before, so sorry if its already been brought up.  But who made the decision to post reviews for multi platform games in each section the game was released in, as opposed to just the platform it was reviewed on?  The example that first comes to mind is Taelus' review of Broken Age (which is available on the Vita, PS and PC) being posted in all 3 sections even though he played through it on his Vita.    I know it's no longer a Grandia II port type situation but can't different versions of games still vary between systems?

I've been rooting around your reviews section for the last few weeks (because I am insane) and it's come up a few dozen times and I guess I was just wondering what the dialogue was on that. 

The Helper Monkey / Matacritic or Game Ranking
« on: August 31, 2015, 01:51:47 PM »
I'm working on another thing and I need to know whether or not one is massively better than the other. 

IMPORTANT PART FORTHCOMING ----> I'm really just wondering which site is more efficient at retrieving the information I need (aggregated review scores). So I'm not, for the love of God, trying to start a debate on the merits and/or utter ridiculousness of collecting subjective data on non-uniform scales.  I've had that discussion before and it ends with an editor angry at me for not understanding his ham sandwich analogy.


RPGFan: Site / Andrew's editorial
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:25:54 AM »
(yes, I realized this contradicts my topic about never reading the main page.  I'm not Jesus, so I'm not perfect. Therefore, I make exceptions for reviews, editorials and GOTY pieces)

Andrew's editorial about playing FFVII for the first time is dated August 10, but he says it was written before the VII remake was announced.  But wasn't the remake announced at E3 on June 15 (almost two months ago). What happened? Did you guys just sit on his post for 60 days? Or is it still June in Australia?

You may remember my previous installments of what is fairly obviously going to become a regular thing with me.  If you don't, and you wish to bore yourself to tears and regret every second of reading it, here are links to two entries that I'm completely embarrassed by: Josh breaks down every game of the year pick ever and Josh plays to everyone's vanity by posting forum statistics

For this version of Data Whore (that's me!), I decided to compare the sales figures of (almost) every major video game console sold in the last 38 years.   The spreadsheet linked below includes the Name, Manufacturer, Lifespan, Sales totals and Launch price (adjusted for inflation) of each system that I decided was worth the time it would take to sift through multiple internet sources.

A few quick notes about what is going on in the excel file: the release and discontinue dates are the initial release and the year that production of the console was ceased entirely.  If I was going to include worldwide sales totals it only made sense that I also keep track of the entire run of the machine and not just the North American numbers.  HOWEVER, in interest of consistency, the launch price is the price during the NA launch and inflation was adjusted according to what year the console came out in the NA market.

I will probably post some thoughts later, but right now I have to go mow the lawn.  ENJOY (or don't, I don't really care).!112&authkey=!AC9n9HInk-OSGHA&ithint=file%2cods

As always, if you have any concerns or complaints, please direct them here --->

The 20th anniversary of the Saturn's surprise U.S. launch was in May and for some reason I'm just now getting around to reading some of the (rather glowing) retrospective on the device. 

For those interested, here are two that stood out and

Reading these posts got me wondering about why I chose one system (The PS1) over the other back when I was young (and didn't have the disposable income to buy both).  My progression of systems as a pre-independent adult went something like this SNES->PS1->PS2->360.  I am certain that the reason I bought a PS1 instead of a Saturn was because I wanted to play Square games.  And I am certain that the reason I initially bought a 360 instead of a PS3 was because of that time that the playstation network got hacked and everyone completely lost their minds.  BUT, what I'm REALLY interested in is hearing why other people on this forum chose to go the gaming route they did.

This doesn't matter so much now that most of us are grown and can afford to play games on multiple fronts.  But as a broke youth, the choice you made could mean a whole hell of a lot more than just being out a few hundred bucks.  So, fanners, why did you all choose to buy that Saturn/Dreamcast/NGage (looking at you Mike...) way back when?

The Helper Monkey / First time Dungeon Master, needs advice
« on: July 13, 2015, 03:22:43 PM »
A group of friends and I have been attempting to start a D & D games for a while, but have been dragging our feet a bit on who would be the DM.  Eventually, out of necessity and desperation, the task fell to me.  I've never lead a  game before so I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with it and could give me some advice on the matter. 

RPGFan: Site / I almost never read the main site
« on: May 11, 2015, 04:49:07 PM »
I recently realized that outside of checking if a new podcast is out (which is usually announced in the forums anyhow), I almost never look at what goes on in the main site.

This is not a knock on RPGFan proper.   It's just that I've already read all of the reviews that might have appealed to me, so I only have the forums bookmarked on my browser. 

Am I alone in this? Is this a normal thing for the forum regulars around here?

After just suffering my way through almost 15 defeats in a row at the hands of Belias from Final Fantasy Tactics, I felt it might be a bit cathartic to ask the community to share their own stories of the fights, boss or otherwise that made them so goddamn angry they yelled at the TV.

YES I UNDERSTAND OVER LEVELING IS A THING, BUT FUCK YOU ALL THAT'S A HORRIBLE WAY TO PLAY A GAME.  Struggling a bunch tends to get me more invested in the story and characters than spending 80 hours beating up on slimes and then walking through everything else the rest of the way.

A few examples:

Belias from FFT (of course)

This fucking guy...  One time, on THE FIRST MOVE OF THE FIGHT, this prick stepped forward and pulled petrify out of his ass and turned 4 of my 5 characters to stone.  I've played through FFT a dozen times and I have never not had issues with this battle.   He is technically supposed to be at level 31, but I have gotten my ass handed to me before at levels well above 40.   And those Archaeodaemons.  Oh and every time you die, you have to replay the Wiegraf fight first. Just nasty.

The HoloHolo Bird from Baten Kaitos: Origins

This guy was rough for 2 reasons.  First of all, the level of difficulty comes out of nowhere. Nothing that comes before it even remotely hints at how frustrating this thing ends up being.  Secondly, Monolith puts this fight right after a disc change, which makes dying over and over doubly frustrating on account of all the time you lose going back and leveling up (only to get pummeled again because of bullshit cards...).  God, just thinking about getting spammed into oblivion by Holo Chicks or suffering through a ridiculous 15 minute fight only for the thing to HEAL ITSELF, makes my teeth clench.

Magic Master from FFVI

He casts Ultima after he dies...  It took my 11 year old brain half a dozen tries to figure out that A) he does that EVERY TIME HE DIES and B) reraise is a thing.  SCREAM!!!!
This counts triple because I am in love with the Tower of Fanatics

Any other examples any of you feel are worth sharing??

Hey all, I did a thing again!

The title should say "Josh breaks down every Game of the Year pick EXCEPT FOR 1998 (and regrets every second of it)"

This project was a fucking albatross if I've ever seen an albatross in my life.  It took about a week longer than I thought it would and got to the point where I was spending 3 hours of my work day (for about 5 days) on it just trying to get the damn thing done.

Honestly though, while it's neat to look at (check the link to the excel file I've included). I'm still not entirely sure if all this data actually means anything.  I was trying to use the editors picks as sort of a public/expert opinion poll in order to say something about the greater population as a whole.  And, while I THINK there is something in the numbers that speaks to how diverse RPG's have become (and their migration towards handhelds AND Square Enix losing its strangle holdon the industry) and how that's probably a really good thing, I don't necessarily know if those conclusions are easily drawn from what I ended up putting together.  Though I suppose it's "relevant" since it's about that time those in charge of this place churned out another edition of the feature that initially drew me to this site about 10 years ago.

So What's in the Spreed Sheet?

1) A master list of every single Game of the Year Pick ever made on this website (except for the wonky 1998 list), complete with who developed and published said game, as well as what system it can be played on.  831 in total.  Yes, this took forever to type out.

2) A console generation by console generation break-down of all of the Picks (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th).  It is my assumption, that the cutoffs between console generations are well established (5th = PSX and Saturn, 6th = DC, 7th = Wii, 8th = WiiU).  Things get a little more squirrelly when dealing with handhelds and PC's because the "generations" tend to overlap (and there are none with PC's).  I ended up just picking an arbitrary (playstation related) date for when to switch generations with PC's.  Making distinctions between generations is important because of stuff like Square leaving Nintendo. Duh. 

At the bottom of all the console lists are a running list of all games/developers/publishers who got more than 3 mentions in that particular generation.  Because of the varying numbers of editors that made picks each year, these lists are not perfect.  I was thinking about making an algorithm similar to the one used by baseball to determine E.R.A so that all games/publishers/developers could be judged on equal footing.  Something like number of times picked per 5 picks, would seem appropriate, but I sort of ran out of steam before I got to the part where I ran those kinds of numbers.  So take the numbers that do show up with a grain of salt.

3) And this might be the most interesting to some (the editors themselves, maybe), In an attempt to determine if any of RPGFans editors had certain tendencies I separated their picks individually.  You had to be around for 3 years in order to qualify (1 is an example, 2 is a coincidence, 3 is a trend... as it were).

4) I'm sick of looking at this goddamn excel file, so here it is

note: There is no way to acceptably put a project of this scope onto the forums without hours and hours of formatting.  I promise the file above is not a virus.

Game Journals / glass Ruins Final Fantasy Tactics
« on: November 14, 2014, 05:59:15 PM »
Ok, so I'm a terrible writer and no one cares what I have to say.  But I'm also impossibly stupid and stubborn and have always wanted to try doing an LP of some manner.  So you'll all have to deal with my terrible punctuation and run on sentences, while I muddle my way through a game that deserves a much better treatment than I could ever give it.  I'd wrestled with doing either FF IX or Chrono Cross, but my deep seeded love for history and political drama made it impossible not to revisit this masterpiece of game.  In my humble and uneducated opinion, FFT has the most impressive story out of any RPG I have ever played to completion.  The setting, plot and characters are almost all believable (except for the fun extras like cloud, byblos and construct 8) and (and this is HUGE) there aren't any moments in the entire game where you are left wondering why the villain didn't just kill the protagonists when he/she/they had the chance.  With the intricacies of its plot (with layer after layer peeled back as you play) and the development of its characters, it could conceivably have been made into a book instead of a game and ended up just as enjoyable.  Think a medieval version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  

Now, I know thoughts on which version (the PSX or the War of the Lions redo) is the preferred one are pretty split.  I've played the hell out of both and decided that I like the later version better.  Yes, Thee Olde Englishe can get annoying at times, but I find it infinitely less garbled and confusing as the original version (ex:,

Oh, and if you bitch about things like slow down, you need to seriously re-evaluate yourself as a privileged human being.  "The animations on my handheld miracle machine are slightly too slow!! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE I HAVE TO WAIT AN EXTRA .3 SECONDS TO CAST STASIS SWORD???"  The positives of completely understanding what's going on in a story where you absolutely need to know exactly what's going on far outweigh the "negative" of needing to wait an extra nano second to sit through a few select attacks (and oh my, those new animated cut scenes...).  Grow up people.


This is Ivalice:

I will get into crazy stuff like how long after FFXII is FFT?  And where on the FFXII map are the duchy's from FFT? later.  But for now, what's most important to know if that A) Ivalice just "lost" a 50 year long war with Ordalia (yes, technically they didn't lose, but for all intents and purposes they did) and B) a whole bunch of former soldiers just returned home and were more or less told to go fuck themselves by the nobility.  The resulting fallout from the ensuing class struggle sets the stage for the entire first chapter.

I'm going to use this space to point out one of my biggest pet peeves from this game.  That the goddamn world map doesn't let you know which of the 6 duchy's you're in.  A lot of the characters make reference to something being in Galionne or Limberry or Zeltennia, but unless you consult a map on the interwebs, it's really difficult to figure out which towns are in which regions and ultimately makes the whole Order of the Northern-Southern-Cross-Black-White-Lion-Goltanna-Larg conflict even more confusing than it can already be.

Also, as far as I know, Romanda is only ever referred to as that "militaristic country across the sea that invaded Ivalice during the Fifty Years War with Ordalia".  If nothing more is ever said about it, that's a shame because I am absolutely fascinated by it.  I imagine it's something like Porre from Chrono Cross.

CHAPTER 1: The Derp

~ The beginning is standard RPG fare and the first few fights don't matter at all outside of establishing that you need to drag things out as long as possible in order to gain JP (and you'd goddamn well better get on with getting JP boost right off the bat). Then you rescue THIS asshole who just watched the Marquis de Limberry get himself kidnapped:

Argath! AKA the requisite 80's coming of age movie, I'm a dickbag because this movie needs a dickbag, dickbag.  This guy is one of the best examples of an archetypal baddie this game has to offer and I love him for it.  Unearned sense of accomplishment? Check.  Snotty looking facial expression? Check.  Complete inability to comprehend why others don't particularly care for him? Check!  You could just as easily slot this guy into a John Hughes (RIP) movie and no one would bat an eye.

~ After that something happens where Tietra and Alma act all helpless lady like or whatever and then Ramza's older brother tells him to stick around and guard the castle while the grown ups look for the Marquis. And the game ends there because of course Ramza listens...

As anyone who read suffered through my previous thread on aggregating game completion times knows, I have an almost childlike/borderline autistic fascination with raw data.  In any case, on these very boards exist an extensive and exhaustive numerical record of each and every person who has ever registered (since this iteration of the board, which I gather began around February 27, 2006).  AKA the Members list.  Since I'm a noob here and also possess a similarly all consuming obsession with history, I spent WAY too much time pouring through the numbers and reading 8-5 year old forum posts about shitty games on dead systems by people I've never met.  What I found out may interest you, or it might make you a bit nostalgic for days gone past, OR most probably, it'll bore the ever loving piss out of you and you won't even bother to read it all.

Whatever, I don't care. I had fun putting this together and I don't really care if anyone even likes this.


Forum Data as of 11/1/2014

Members: 2200

Post Counts!

Members with 0 posts: 962

Members with 1 post: 230

Members with under 10 posts: 1629

Members with under 100 posts: 1974

Members with under 1000 posts: 2120

Members with under 10,000 posts: everyone but Dice, Din and Eusis.

Food for thought (aka the lunch break): The average book is roughly 64,000 words long (you can trust me, I’m a librarian), that means that if Eusis, Dincrest and Dice’s average post length was comparable to the length of this here run-on sentence, that each of those three has contributed an entire book’s worth of material to the RPGFan forums in the last (almost) 9 years. Cray!


6 Administrators


45 Banninated (to hear some of the stories about how this place used to be I would have thought this number was higher)

4 Contributing Editors

2 Editor Emeritus(es)

5 Rainbow Club Members(?)

1 Restricted Member(?)

12 RPG Fan Editors

808 Members (if you don’t count people who only posted once or not at all)

? = Someone is going to have to explain these to me (especially the Restricted Member)

Membership by month! (aka hows taste my pie chart??)

So I wen't freaking crazy and broke down forum registration month by month.  
If we exclude Mike being a ridiculous person and "registering" in 1999 and the initial land grab that followed the opening of this version of the boards in March of 2006 (130 people registered) we get some "interesting" results.

I'd really like to know what accounted for the "Great Spike of the Summer of '09", does anyone remember an event that would lead to so many people registering like that?  What games might have caused that? Did RPGFan get linked a bunch at some of the larger gaming sight (sigh...I'm probably the only one that cares).

Random Facts!:

Last Person to be Banninated: Demon Princess Kay
Registered on February 29: Tebian (‘08), Pmayo (’12)

General Discussions / Halloween
« on: October 30, 2014, 11:05:10 AM »
Will you be costumed? And if not, why are you such a sad and terrible person?

I searched the forums for this and it looked like some random word-number-number-number named individual already posted about this game in April.  But the YouTube vid he posted in connection was shite.  So here's one that isn't a total waste of time.

I've heard good things and am desperate to play something on this Vita of mine that isn't a port.  Is anyone else planning on giving this a shot?  And if not, for the love of Zeus, can someone at least direct me to a decent Vita title on the horizon that I can look forward to?  Or is the system as dead in the water as many suspect?

(My central concern is that my desire to play something decent on my big bright screened toy is distorting my perception on what is and isn't worth a purchase)

edit: I already own persona 4 golden, virtue's last reward and muramasa rebirth

Single-Player RPGs / How long to beat an entire series
« on: October 01, 2014, 05:55:54 PM »
 So recently, there have been a few threads on the boards to the effect of "finnish me bak'laag!".  This got me to wondering about exactly how much time I have and potentially could be dumping into working my way through all the titles that I own.  I used RPGFan's review section, a few gaming aggregating sites and my own monkey brain to determine the bare ass minimum it would take someone to burn through a bunch of titles sight unseen (first playthrough).  I grouped them by series and even gave each one a total minimum time to complete the entire series.  This may or may not be helpful/interesting to anyone, but because I am borderline autistic and get easily excited about raw data I enjoyed putting it together.

A few important notes:

Titles were only labeled as "series" if they have 3 iterations worth inclusions.  This bummed me out because I had to leave out Baten Kaitos and the Team Ico titles (ICO and Shadow of the Collosus). 

I didn't include Phantasy Star because it is more known as an MMO.

I have nothing to say about Shining. It's just so meh to me.

Zelda bores the piss out of me, deal with it.

I didn't include any WRPGs because outside of Mass Effect, I haven't really touched any.  Sorry, but I'm just not interested.

With a few exceptions (see below) this list only includes titles that were released in North America.

Each series only includes the titles that I considered to be the core of what they represent as a whole.  Many I included are not necessarily "main" titles, but I felt that they merited inclusion because of how much they added to the general narrative of the series.

I grew up on the SNES and later the playstation, so I am partial to those particular consoles.  The "systems" included above are the ones that I would recommend to a friend if they asked.  Sometimes this means playing the original over the enhanced remake/port and vice-versa.  You can disagree with me, but I had to have some sort of criteria for which version to go with.

There are a "few" titles below that weren't released in North America, but had fan translations that were so widely recognized that they are basically "official" versions.

Feel free to tell me if I left out a series which you think merits inclusion. You can also allow one minor error or omission to ruin the entire project for you, if you see fit. 

RPGFan: Forums / Formatting help
« on: September 30, 2014, 02:27:13 PM »
So I made this thing in excel that i wanted to post on here, but every time I try to copy and paste the columns don't match up.  So then I pasted it into word and lined everything up with the space bar. AND STILL it's way off on here.  Then I just went ahead and used the space bar to make everything look pretty in the message box here (the one I am currently typing in...) and things STILL won't line up.  There is no point in posting what I want to if no one can  read it.  Any ideas/unhelpful criticism of my intelligence?? 

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