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2296  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Can* English Voice Acting ruins Characters in RPGs? on: April 15, 2007, 06:34:59 PM
Quote from: "Eusis"
Quote from: "Bernhardt"
Video-games are still pretty niche in the U.S., at least, beyond First-Person Shooters and other games like that, and for the most part, English VA talent for video-games is taken right off the street, or from whoever answers a classifieds ad.

Knock this shit off guys. Most of the RPGs we play anymore (and quite a few non-RPGs like Ace Combat 5) have VA handled by the same VA studios most anime use. Whether they're better or not you can argue about over and over, but they're not lacking experience, and I think most of them do a pretty good job. And don't disregard the Voice Director's role in this: Farleen's voice is an abomination, but the voice work for the Tachikomas in GitS:SAC isn't. Both are handled by the same actress.

Admittedly, the anime VA studio thing I mentioned brings along a new problem: You hear the same people in practically every game. I'm convinced that in half the PS2 games I own, Crispin Freeman voiced a character or two in them.

Aha, but I find most of the English Dubbing in anime quite poor, at least when compared to their Japanese counterparts. Late last-gen it has caught up to anime standards with games like FF12, but they still have a long way to go. Just look at games like Metal Gear Solid, that sounds fantastic in English. I would like Japanese RPGs to reach this kind of caliber instead of being done by the "Anime Dubbing studios". They should be done by the "Video game Voice-acting studios" instead.
2297  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy 3 has all the charm that so many RPGs miss on: April 15, 2007, 10:05:34 AM
Quote from: "Alisha"
thanks i think i'll stay away from ff3 now. what you described is what i like to call artificial difficulty. developers instead need to come up with innovate ways to make games challanging instead of cheap tricks.

Making the dungeon and it's boss a single entity is artificial difficulty and cheap tricks? I can't even think up a competent reply to this person. I guess NES games were nothing but artificial difficulty, eh?

It's not even that the game is overly frustrating either, it just requires a bit of planning ahead and uncomplex strategy.

Oh well, don't you worry, I'm sure they'll make games even easier for you this gen.
2298  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy 3 has all the charm that so many RPGs miss on: April 14, 2007, 11:40:13 PM
I recently bought a Nintendo DS and I've been playing this classic, and by all means I feel like this is the definition of what the basic structure for what Final Fantasy's and many similar styled RPGs should be. It's like a fresh splash of water playing a game like this again.

The Fundamentals of the game just feel more solid than FF12 (Which I'm also playing, 30 hours in). You go into a dungeon, the monsters whittle away your mana and supplies, you collect levels and rewarding loot, then challenge the boss. There's no petty save points before the boss that regenerates all your health. I actually just died to a boss after spending 30 minutes fighting my way to it, and I didn't feel upset at all. I was used to the newer RPGs that hold your hand throughout the experience, and I went into the dungeon ill prepared.

What exactly is the purpose of having cure-all save points that not only replenish your Health and Mana, but completely cure all status ailments? I'm being babysat while playing FF12, and the character development is being fed to me through a straw. I've probably found out the same back story as Refia in a few hours as much as I've found out of Balthier's after 30.

Ah, how I've missed these games. One could easily say that the popularity of gaming as a whole is the reason games have become easier in general. I'm glad developers will be getting chances to remedy this via optional modes as we've seen already in Blue Dragon, but it still feels as if the structures of RPGs that define the challenge of the game have been killed entirely.

Just a bit of ranting,
2299  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Can* English Voice Acting ruins Characters in RPGs? on: April 10, 2007, 04:47:36 PM

Here's a video I uploaded quite a while ago, It's the trailer for the Japanese version of FFXII with English subtitles.

The Dubbing in English isnt that bad actually, but the few noteworthy "downgrades" are:

Parts with alot of anger and passion are usually dumbed down in the English versions. Watch for when Ashe and Vaan both do their little yelling bits, it was so poor in English. Also, Vossler sounds so much more serious in Japanese.

Of course the small line with Fran only expresses why I loathe her English voice so much.

Ah, if I could only play it subtitled..  I'm 20 hours in and cant find motivation to keep going.
2300  The Rest / The Helper Monkey / I want to play FF4, FF5, and FF6. Which versions do I play? on: April 09, 2007, 07:29:41 PM
Should I play the SNES or GBA Versions? I heard the GBA versions fixed alot of stuff and cleaned up the dialogue, but it also has much worst sound. I could use some advice.
2301  Media / Single-Player RPGs / scaling enemies to your experience level on: April 06, 2007, 05:57:04 AM
Yeah but being able to be the grand master champion of the arena at level 1 isnt very satisfying, nor does it give the feeling of achieving anything.
2302  Media / Single-Player RPGs / scaling enemies to your experience level on: April 06, 2007, 03:57:51 AM
Achievments are nice, but I enjoy really powering up my character to be able to explore a dungeon that was too hard for me previously. I guess I mean gameplay and personal achievements, :P

If you mod the game to hell and back, it can feel that way on the PC of course.

They revamped the lockpicking system and put treasure and bounty inside houses, made NPCs patrol more for thieves, completely revamped every indoor random dungeon level in the game to have specific enemies, lore, and a boss and unique loot at the end, and so much more. Modded Oblivion is great. If I only had a powerful PC rig (My PC that was barely capable of playing it broke).
2303  Media / Single-Player RPGs / scaling enemies to your experience level on: April 06, 2007, 01:07:19 AM
For a game massive such as Oblivion, I felt it gave the player TOO much freedom, and completely killed the feeling of accomplishment and progress.
2304  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Pseudo topic revival: Looking back at anticipated games on: April 03, 2007, 05:02:38 PM
Quote from: "Eusis"
You have to admit, yelling 'biggest disappointment of my life' then talking about how you powergamed through it and would only give it a 9 versus a 10 (or 11?) that you would apparently give other Zeldas makes it hard to take that statement seriously. :P

Plus at least it wasn't Chulip you were anticipating.

Aha, but you see I believed the game to be so much more. It's not about the quality of the final product, but the build up of anticipation and expectations.
2305  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Pseudo topic revival: Looking back at anticipated games on: April 03, 2007, 02:30:41 PM
I'll tell you of the biggest disappointment of my life.

Twilight Princess: This game was delayed consistently by Nintendo, and the frustration of us Zelda fans honestly couldn't get any higher, unless the game was canceled. The day it was coming out, I camped outside of a Best Buy for 14 hours. This wasn't just going to be a great game, I told myself, but one of the greatest games ever! Indeed, my hands shaking from the cold, I entered the store and handed the clerk a wad of cash, around $320, sniffling as I thanked them and headed home.

I didn't sleep that night. It didn't matter that I had been up for around 30 hours on pure hype already, I had to play this game. I hooked up my Wii and played about 6 hours straight, completely being blown away by the game.

Every day I would wake up just to play Twilight Princess, The Wii was immediately on and I loved every minute of the adventure. Just how long could this game be? It was really taking Zelda in a next-gen step, at least in it's presentation and quality.

I did indeed finish the game after a few days of power-gaming. However, my outlook on the game wasn't as bright as it was while waiting to buy it and playing the first few dungeons. The game was clearly not finished, the spit shine on the first half of the dungeons and development in between them was nowhere to be found later in the game. The Dungeons did not scale up in difficulty enough, and the bosses were absurdly easy. The game has major flaws, at least for a big fan of the genre or just the Zelda series itself.

It did leave a bitter taste in my mouth, the last two dungeons were almost laughably short and easy. The Final Boss barely pricked my health with each attack. I left the game disappointed. Perhaps this would have been challenging for a Nintendo 64 game, when gamers had never experienced a action adventure 3d title, but it's 10 years later and I just expected more, especially for a game that was pushed back from it's 2005 release date.

As a standalone game, it's great, definitely deserving of a good score on any site, but as a ZELDA game,  I wouldn't give it higher than a 9, and it definitely wasn't worth the money I payed for the console.
2306  Media / Single-Player RPGs / A New FF game to be announced...? on: April 01, 2007, 11:42:07 PM
I have an inside source that's told me the new FF game will be similar to Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, but with Final Fantasy girls. Its intended to be the title that will skyrocket PS3 sales millions past the Wii and Xbox 360 worldwide.
2307  Media / Single-Player RPGs / A New FF game to be announced...? on: March 31, 2007, 03:56:07 PM
wow. The displeasment with FFXII wasn't just because they were "following the tradition" of making a new battle system each game, it was because they changed it so drastically. Its true there's a difference in the battle system with each game, but they've always stayed true to the turn based style.

I know you can slow FFXII's Battle system down to make it sluggish, with freezing between each command to strategize, but if you use gambits and have it at full speed with Battle Mode Active, it's actually a really well made system. The problem is that it just doesn't feel like a traditional Final Fantasy, aka turn based with a twist.
2308  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Cutesy-ness on: March 31, 2007, 02:04:39 AM
Those Japanese love appealing to the teens. I still catch myself saying Tidus instead of Vaan :/
2309  Media / Single-Player RPGs / A New FF game to be announced...? on: March 31, 2007, 01:36:10 AM
I'm only 7 hours into FFXII, but gambits are relatively simple for me, especially after playing games like KOTOR which have a similar feature.

But I could totally see a Japanese-RPG Gamer getting confused by them.
2310  Media / Single-Player RPGs / A New FF game to be announced...? on: March 30, 2007, 08:12:30 PM
Well FFXIII is supposed to have an evolved version of the combat system from XII, from what I've read online.
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