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1  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Replaying RPGs? on: February 28, 2007, 05:29:56 PM
First and foremost, welcome. It feels a bit odd for me to welcome anyone seeming as I'm quite new as well, but just roll with it.

I replay a lot of my RPG's. Though I was much more intense with it when I was younger. These days, I've developed a strange sense of perfectionism instead. I'll treat you too a good example from just a few minutes ago.

I'm currently replaying Final Fantasy IX for like the eighth time in my life. It's one of those games that I always can replay after a while. Once more, I'm going for the "perfect file" which pretty much is the goal every time I replay a game. I remember when I was younger I would actually run through a game so I beat the "story" as soon as possible, and then start a new file and try to get everything possible. Any ho this is what happened.

I'm in Lindblum at the moment, partaking in the Festival of the Hunt. Seeming as I have this part of the game imprinted in the back of my head I wasn't expecting much difficulty. Problem is, I have a habit of mixing up where the Zaghnol, hope I got that spelled correctly, is in the Buisness District(he's at the shops, not at the church). Due to this mix up, I only had about 30 seconds left on the clock when I found him. One slash away from killing him, my time runs out.

But I was still in the lead, and as such, I won despite failing to kill the beast. But I couldn't accept it. So I turned off the game. And I'll just have to do it better this time.

That's a good example of how serious I take my gaming.
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