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4771  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Suikoden VI on PSP?! on: July 04, 2008, 06:12:21 AM
Quote from: "ChevalierEagle"

Seems that the Suikoden 1 and 2 compilation for the PSP sold poorly in Japan, so maybe they think that it will sell even worst in america.

I still don't understand that one. Considering how much they go for on Ebay, you'd think Sony would be chomping at the bit to re-release it here.
4772  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Suikoden VI on PSP?! on: July 03, 2008, 10:50:13 PM
Quote from: "Eusis"
Quote from: "Leyviur"
I still pray to the gaming Gods that it'll be on PS2.

If it comes out on PSP you know it'll be ported to that before too long!

Funny I was already thinking of that.

I'll argue for a console release for the same reason I argued against a Wii release. The plots, since Suiko 2 anyway, have become denser and denser with each release. Hell it's five or six hours before the plot starts rolling in Suiko V.

I don't know the ratio of how much space there is on a UMD vs a normal DVD but I'd prefer a console release just for the fact that the story the developers wanted to tell wouldn't be hampered by space restrictions.

I'd actually argue that Suiko games hinge on plot more than a lot of RPGs (even though it seems like there are certain events that have to happen every game, like a prince/someone of nobility having his kingdom stolen) and I'd rather have a game with a dense plot that took the time to establish characters and setting than a Suiko game that skimped on it.
4773  The Rest / General Discussions / Ronald McDonald part of "giant gay agenda" on: July 03, 2008, 07:26:49 PM
Seriously, you can't make stuff like this up.


American Family Association Launches Boycott Against McDonald’s For ‘Promoting The Homosexual Agenda’»

Today, the right-wing American Family Association (AFA) announced a boycott of McDonald’s. According to AFA, Ronald McDonald and his gang are part of giant gay agenda:

What the boycott of McDonald’s IS about

It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. McDonald’s has chosen not to remain neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage.

AFA is upset at McDonald’s for refusing to condemn Vice President of Communications Richard Ellis’s decision to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). AFA President Donald Wildmon said the situation is “strange” because “it’s the family that McDonald’s appeals to — children’s playland, you know, all the little toys, all of that. And they are promoting a lifestyle that would utterly destroy the traditional family.”

So far, McDonald’s is holding strong, writing a letter to Wildmon on May 29 and rebuffing his attacks:

We treat our employees and our customers with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or other factors. We support our employees’ personal involvement in organizations of their choice.

Although AFA tries to make clear that it is NOT protesting McDonald’s “hiring homosexuals” or “homosexuals eating at McDonald’s,” as Good As You notes, “Whether it’s a direct attack on gay customer or employees or an attack on particular employees role in a pro-gay capacity, this situation is still about the company supporting diversity (something the AFA resists at every turn).”

AFA has a long history of silly, offensive boycotts against, among others, Wal-Mart (for selling “Brokeback Mountain” DVDs), Ford Motor Company (for advertising in gay-friendly publications), and the American Girl dolls (because the maker contributed to a youth organization that was pro-choice and supported the acceptance of lesbians). In 2005, it called off its unsuccessful nine-year boycott of Disney (for its “embrace of the homosexual lifestyle“).

McDonald’s should follow Disney’s lead and ignore the right-wing protests. After all, during the nine years AFA was boycotting Disney, the company saw record profits.
4774  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Suikoden VI on PSP?! on: July 03, 2008, 06:06:58 PM
Quote from: "macirex"
Why´s that? I own a psp it would be a great addition to my library

I would rather see it on a console, not a handheld.
4775  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Suikoden VI on PSP?! on: July 03, 2008, 04:57:24 PM

German news site GameFront recently posted an interesting story regarding the listing of Suikoden VI for the PSP on a retailer's website. The story has been roughly translated on the NeoGAF forums. The retailer was in Japan and the entry has been removed -- but the rumors live on. Is Konami hard at work on Suikoden VI and moving the series onto the PSP? Or was it a clerical error and should have read PS3? Either way, until Konami makes a statement, we'll have to wait and see if anything comes up at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show.

I hope this isn't true.
4776  The Rest / General Discussions / Ever get robbed? on: July 03, 2008, 02:41:24 PM

Did you get a license plate number or anything?
4777  The Rest / General Discussions / Judge Orders YouTube to Give All User Histories to Viacom on: July 03, 2008, 02:00:46 PM

Judge Orders YouTube to Give All User Histories to Viacom
By Ryan Singel EmailJuly 02, 2008 | 7:16:54 PMCategories: Copyrights and Patents  

Youtubelogo2 Google will have to turn over every record of every video watched by YouTube users, including users' names and IP addresses, to Viacom, which is suing Google for allowing clips of its copyright videos to appear on YouTube, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Viacom wants the data to prove that infringing material is more popular than user-created videos, which could be used to increase Google's liability if it is found guilty of contributory infringement.

Viacom filed suit against Google in March 2007, seeking more than $1 billion in damages for allowing users to upload clips of Viacom's copyright material. Google argues that the law provides a safe harbor for online services so long as they comply with copyright takedown requests.

Although Google argued that turning over the data would invade its users' privacy, the judge's ruling (.pdf) described that argument as "speculative" and ordered Google to turn over the logs on a set of four tera-byte hard drives.

The judge also turned Google's own defense of its data retention policies -- that IP addresses of computers aren't personally revealing in and of themselves, against it to justify the log dump.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has already reacted, calling the order a violation of the Video Privacy Protection act that "threatens to expose deeply private information."

The order also requires Google to turn over copies of all videos that it has taken down for any reason.

Viacom also requested YouTube's source code, the code for identifying repeat copyright infringement uploads, copies of all videos marked private, and Google's advertising database schema.

Those requests were denied in whole, except that Google will have to turn over data about how often each private video has been watched and by how many persons.
4778  The Rest / General Discussions / Man wants to be zombie - gets tattoos. on: July 03, 2008, 01:47:20 PM
Well he's from Montreal, so that explains it.

4779  Media / Miscellaneous Games / "Real" Yakuza 3 to PS3 on: July 03, 2008, 01:31:11 PM
From Kotaku

While we already know the game will be an immediate sequel to the second, featuring the same characters and the same storyline, what we didn't know was that the game's going to be taking a pleasant break from the streets of faux-Tokyo. While the game will still be based around Kamurocho, it'll be adding a "second city": island getaway Okinawa (or, at least, a fictional take on Okinawa).  Toshihiro "Brown Man" Nagoshi talks up the addition, saying the addition of the island's resort lifestyle and touristy atmosphere - coupled with its "darker side" - will stand in stark contrast to the gritty, urban atmosphere of Kamurocho, and as far as the story goes "fits the bill perfectly". No doubt the location testing will also fit Nagoshi's sun-bathing bill perfectly, so it's a win-win situation for all involved.
4780  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Star Ocean: The Last Hope on: July 03, 2008, 01:30:16 PM
Quote from: "Sabin"
Hi guys im new here.

I have been a big fan of this series but currently i own a PS3, PSP and PC for my gaming pleasures i havent really been intrested in X360 before but if this game does not come to PS3 im going to get me one.

I have to admit, I never thought I'd be keen on getting a 360 either. Especially after their media blitz and getting Frodo to do the TV special unveiling it.
4781  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Persona 4 on: July 03, 2008, 01:27:17 PM
Isn't there Apathy Syndrome in P4? Or am I thinking of the anime?
4782  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Famitsu reveals new Tecmo title, Wind of Nostalgia (for DS) on: July 02, 2008, 06:00:34 PM
Quote from: "Eusis"
Don't forget that they made Alundra! Hell, that alone has me pretty interested, them doing their own thing again after Alundra II kinda had everyone hate it.

Did they? It's been a long time since I've played it. I didn't think it was Tecmo. For some reason I thought it was Hudson.
4783  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Famitsu reveals new Tecmo title, Wind of Nostalgia (for DS) on: July 02, 2008, 05:50:04 PM
Forget looking ahead to E3 -- today is the name for new DS game announcements. Despite their current issues, Tecmo is still kicking around, and is set to release Wind of Nostalgia, an action game from developer Matrix Software. Matrix has handled Square Enix's Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS, and the similarity is obvious in the snippets revealed on the one-page announcement in Famitsu.

Wind of Nostalgia is scheduled for a Japanese release this year. Also looks like it will feature some pretty spiffy airships. We'll get more on this one as details are released.


I'm surprised there are any employees to finish the game.
4784  Media / Miscellaneous Games / "Real" Yakuza 3 to PS3 on: July 02, 2008, 05:28:20 PM
Get ready to hit the seedier side of Tokyo and slug it out in HD – Yakuza 3 is coming. The "real" Yakuza 3. As first reported on 2chan, the latest issue of Famitsu quotes Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi as stating that the game is a direct sequel to Yakuza 2, and is in development exclusively for PS3.

Nagoshi states in the Famistu article that Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! – which is set in Edo-era Japan – is actually considered a spin-off from the "main" Ryu ga Gotoku series (Yakuza here in the West). No release date has been announced for the series' third (well, technically fourth) installment, but we'll keep you posted.

(from Joystiq)
4785  Media / Single-Player RPGs / "Countdown Site" = Chrono Trigger DS? remake, new on: July 02, 2008, 01:20:25 AM
Three SNES remakes in the space of a year?

Over excessive, dontcha think?
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