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256  The Rest / The Bazaar / persona 3 collector's (sealed) on: April 22, 2008, 01:02:30 PM
I am interested in the game but can only trade for it. Please see my items that I have for trade in the Bazaar section. Thanks.
257  The Rest / The Bazaar / Looking for Suikoden V and/or original Suikoden V soundtrack on: February 08, 2008, 01:27:38 PM
Hi all. Anyone have Suikoden V or Suikoden V soundtrack to trade. Please see my thread in the Bazaar for items for trade. Thanks all.
258  The Rest / The Bazaar / Anime and RPGs for sale/trade on: December 03, 2007, 09:42:57 AM
Anime and RPGs added to list.
259  The Rest / The Bazaar / Looking for Gundam stuff and more-will trade on: June 19, 2007, 08:27:17 AM
Hi all. I'm looking for official Gundam Soundtrack CDs as well as unbuilt High / Master / Perfect Grade model kits. So that would mean soundtracks and kits from the following:

Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam ZZ Gundam, Char's Counter Attack, Turn A Gundam, 08th MS Team, 0083, 0080, Seed, Seed Destiny. I am also looking for the following:

Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)
Metal Gear Twin Snakes (Gamecube)
Front Mission 4 (PS2)

I have the following items for trade:
All are original official (U.S.) in excellent condition dvd releases:

Suikoden III and original 2 disc soundtrack
Final Fantasy 7, 8 (still sealed-not greatest hits), 9
Final Fantasy 8 (4 disc soundtrack)
Grandia III

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Limited Edition 10 dvd boxset
Escalfowne Anime Legends complete collection
Rahxephon volumes 1-3 + 6
Ghost in the Shell SAC vol 1-7 + 2nd gig vol 1-3 (Vol 1 is special ed)
Last Exile Thinpack boxset (volume 1-7)
Giant Robo complete 3 volume set plus Ginrei special + 2 unopened soundtracks
Outlaw Star Anime Legends complete collection
Noir Volume 1

260  The Rest / The Bazaar / Suikoden V and other Suikoden Stuff for sale! on: March 06, 2007, 09:17:16 AM
Hi all. I have Suikoden V (brand new factory sealed up for sale).

I also a have the following Suikoden stuff for sale:
--Suikoden Tactics (factory sealed)
--Suikoden III
--Suikoden III OST (original Konami release) - not a bootleg.

If interested please make an offer. Thanks.
261  Media / The Soundroom / RPG soundtrack questions on: March 05, 2007, 03:31:59 PM
Well, is the Chrono Cross soundtrack really that good? I have the game but never played that far into it yet. I'm worried about sound quality. I bought Final Fantasy 8 OST and I have to say some tracks are good but others sound low quality maybe due to the fact they were designed for the PS1 hardware. Does Chrono Cross share the same fate?
262  Media / The Soundroom / RPG soundtrack questions on: March 01, 2007, 10:35:51 AM
Thanks for the replys. In terms of FFXII I have not exactly been enjoying the music and I'm very near the end of the game. It seems rather monotous sounding. Doesn't really have any character to it. I'm not sure what it is but it doesn't draw me into the game....doesn't necessarily detract but it is lacking.

Grandia III sounds good so far, but I can't find Grandia I or II music anywhere unless you go to import sites which I'd rather not do.

Suikoden V I have but haven't played it yet. I was hoping it was better than III. If the music is better than III then I'll get it but only if it is good to listen to while drawing or reading.

Any other good ones to get?
263  Media / The Soundroom / RPG soundtrack questions on: February 28, 2007, 02:22:41 PM
Hi all. Lately I've been getting into RPG music. I have FFX and really enjoy that one. I also have Suikoden III and thought it was pretty good. The battle themes in my opinion sound kind of hokey (for lack of a better word). So I was thinking about picking up some other RPG soundtracks and I have read the reviews here, but I was hoping for more impressions from anyone who may have the following soundtracks:
---Grandia III
---Final Fantasy XII
---Valyrie Profile 2
---Suikoden V

Any thoughts are very much appreciated. Thanks again.
264  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Growlanser Generations...opinions on this title. on: February 28, 2007, 02:12:36 PM
Well, I did end up returning the Growlanser collection as well as Grandia Xtreme. I picked up Suikoden V and Suikoden Tactics in place of the previous two. Haven't played either yet and the review here seems positive. Any additional thoughts impressions. Thanks again.
265  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Growlanser Generations...opinions on this title. on: February 15, 2007, 09:38:05 AM
Well, I was thinking...maybe I would take back this deluxe edition and just get the used copy of the games only. The remaining money I was thinking about picking up one of the following three...Suikoden V, Wildarms 4 or Tales of the Abyss.
266  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Growlanser Generations...opinions on this title. on: February 13, 2007, 02:35:13 PM
I recently found this game sitting in a store. To my surprise it was the Deluxe version. I picked it up, but now have doubts. Before I actually open this package I wanted to see what people's thoughts were about the games. I still have the receipt so I could take it back. Thoughts?
267  The Rest / The Bazaar / Anime and RPGs for sale/trade on: February 07, 2007, 09:35:57 AM
ALL anime sets and games have been REDUCED in price. Thanks.
268  The Rest / The Bazaar / Looking for a few RPG/Anime related items...will trade on: January 24, 2007, 09:54:07 AM
Hi all. I'm looking for the following games, anime or related items to each. Below is also a list of items I have for trade.

Looking for:

--Growlanser Generations (PS2)
--Grandia II (playstation 2)
--Ys: The Ark of Napishtim (PS2)
--Grandia II (Dreamcast)
--Excellent working condition Dreamcast
--Grandia Extreme (PS2)
--Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes (Gamecube)

--Unbuilt authentic Bandai Gundam model kits

--Cowboy Bebop dvds volumes 3-6

--Grandia, Dragon Quest, or Final Fantasy soundtracks (no bootlegs) original Japanese imports wanted.

What I have for trade:
--Rahxephone Complete Thinpack Collection (7dvds region 1)
--Complete Gundam Wing boxset (10 dvds) region 1
--Complete Last Exile Thinpack boxset (7 dvds) region 1
--Noir volume 1 dvd with box (region 1)
--Gunparade March Collector's edition (entire 3 dvd series w/metal tin and CD soundtrack) region 1
--Legend of Zelda Collector's disk for Gamecube (4 games on disk)
--Xenogears (GH) factory sealed for PS2/1
--Chrono Cross (GH) factory sealed for PS2/1
--Xenosaga I non Greatest hits and strategy guide
--Gundam Wing original soundtrack 1 (Japaense import)
--Factory sealed Final fantasy 8 (non greatest hits)

All items are the original not bootlegs of any kind.
PM with possible requests or trades. Thanks.
269  The Rest / The Bazaar / Anime and RPGs for sale/trade on: January 04, 2007, 09:43:23 AM
All my dvds are region 1 in excellent condition from a non-smoker environment.


Last Exile, complete boxset for sale. It contains the entire series on the thin dvd cases including box. The series is in excellent condition. Asking $40 shipped.

Gunparade March premium collection with metal collector's tin and series soundtrack. Contains entire series. Asking $35 shipped.

Rahxephon Complete series boxset. Thin pack version. Asking $50 shipped.

Rahxephon individual volumes 1-3 and a factory sealed 6 for $30 shipped

Escaflowne Anime Legends set $37 shipped

Ghost in the Shell complete 1st season on 7 individual dvds/cases for $50 shipped

Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig Special Edition volume 1 and volumes 2 and 3 for $40 shipped.

Giant Robo complete series set. $22 shipped

Video Games All are original U.S. versions and have manuals and cases unless noted.

Grandia for PS2/1 - $22 shipped

Grandia III for PS2/1 - $30 shipped

Star Ocean Till The End of Time - still factory sealed in the box - $50

Valkyrie Profile 2 for PS2/1 - $35 shipped

Chrono Cross Greatest Hits - $15 shipped

Suikoden III - $25 shipped

Suikoden III Original Soundtrack - 2CD - $20 shipped

Final Fantasy VII Greatest Hits - $12 shipped

Final Fantasy VIII Factory Sealed - $25

Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack 4CD - $25 shipped

Final Fantasy IX - No instruction manual - $12 shipped

Noir volume 1 dvd FREE with any purchase.

Please PM with offers and questions.
270  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Final Fantasy XII on: November 09, 2006, 09:17:40 AM
Okay, haven't had much time to play so I'm really at the beginning, but I'm stuck.... in the Giza Plains. I'm looking for Jinn and can't get to the location due to two monsters at the extreme south area that kill me with one. Hit. What do I need to do here? Something with those dark crystals? Thanks.
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