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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: Yesterday at 09:12:21 AM »
I think you mean SPD ploy for Arvis- that's the one he's missing and a bunch of people ate Deirdre for it since they came out at the same time (plus we have DEF Ploy as a seal already). Though it won't be a complete loss for people who already did that because personally I think his ideal build would involve SPD Ploy in the C slot and a RES seal to make sure he can ploy other high-RES mages (Or QR if you want to bait with him I guess).

And yeah, Obstruct seems kinda dumb at first but I could see it actually could being pretty annoying to play against on certain maps if you stuck it on Sigurd or some other tanky unit. DEF Tactic is pretty cool since my aforementioned Earth Blessing team is almost a complete Tactics team (Ike gives DEF, Lilina gives ATK, L'Arachel gives RES), but the downside is that Ike himself doesn't get that DEF buff so this could solve that.

Anyway as I expected this T_T is pretty awful for my team of 4* Donnel/Cherche/Robin and now 5* Gerome, especially for lazy afk playing. I opted to eat a 3* Cecilia and a 4* Setsuna so at least Robin could have some utility killing colorless units. Being Brave weapon low-RES units, Cherche and Donnel are great if I'm playing myself but the stupid AI will make them kamikaze very easily. Even auto battling Hard 30 I lose on the final map like 90% of the time, whereas I've been auto-ing Lunatic 35 for a lot of my previous Tempests and probably had better win rates. It really shows how absurdly overpowered he is, even 5+ levels below your units he can still solo whole teams. Even when I'm actually playing Lunatic 40 and using Olivia, I have to make sure she does basically no combat before the final map so she can withstand a hit from Grima (Mine's running Fury since I plan on giving her a Wo Dao if Athena ever feels like showing up again).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 14, 2018, 09:22:19 AM »
Free 40% was nice of them, means I don't have to torture myself trying to roll for one. Donnel, Robin F and Cherche are all 4* for me so this Tempest might suck for me though, especially since Robin is a really bad unit. Maybe I should give her Triangle Adept so she can at least kill blues reliably.

Tempting to roll for Hector too, but getting 0 greens on my free pull reminded me how awful it would be.

Really, unless you want a specific character a lot there's no reason to roll on anything but Legendary banners anymore (or maybe the 4-5* banner if you really need skills). They've avoided putting completely pointless characters like Karel on them so you're guaranteed at least someone useful.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:07:35 AM »
Chose Evil Celica myself in the final round so once again I walk out with no victory feathers. Also just barely was outside overall rank 1000 (~1100), probably because I didn't have a bonus unit to run the last round.

Thankfully since we have all these new gameplay modes it'll help keep voting gauntlets far less frequent than they used to be, at least until they make the mode suck less.

Indeed Rival Domains is the better of the two new modes, it took me some time to figure out how to clear Infernal. After spending way too many runs trying to reach the fort (seriously, it's nearly impossible, and the enemy doesn't even have a limited number of units like you do) I cleared it by just running a full squad of infantry and getting a shitload of bonus points. Tamara's Tacomeme gave an assist here.

Blessed Gardens has really nice prizes but the mode is so lazily designed it really shows that it's just an excuse to make people whale for blessings and Legendaries. At least it was kinda fun to build appropriate teams though, my teams so far are:

Water: Ike/Soren/Fjorm/Chrom
Wind: Eliwood/Gunnthra/Camus/Priscilla
Earth: LIke/Leon/V!Lilina/L'Arachel

Pairing Fjorm with Chrom is pretty cool since Fjorm's biggest weakness is Axes, and with that SPD boon Chrom's at 36 SPD while standing next to Fjorm. If I wanted to I could get it up to about 45 speed by refining his weapon and giving Fjorm Spur Speed. Not bad for someone who's mostly ran as a slow Brave Sword.

Being that I don't have Legendary Ephraim yet I'm holding off on giving out my Fire Blessings, but I'm guessing he won't return before time runs out on the current set of stages so I guess I'll have to run a team without him.

As for banners, funny that they confirmed Thracia so far ahead of time, I guess they wanted to avoid the flood of hate letters if they announced the Awakening banner without that. Leif looks completely wrong without his 80s poofy hair but at least Nanna has her nonsensical anime sideburns. With none of the Fallen Heroes being demoted I guess it's natural to expect none of the new Awakening ones to get demoted either. Certainly not Chrom, Morgan M has a Prf Tome and Morgan F is a flying mage with a full set of skills. Anyway I'll likely pass on the banner, but if the next TT requires us to get one of them I guess I'll have to try.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 04, 2018, 05:36:09 AM »
I joined team Celica in round 1 and goddamn did people get dumber in the time since the last VG. I think like 80% of what got sent to me was either Celica or some other shitty Red. I did get a Hector from one of my friends, and while I appreciate he wasn't stupid enough to send me a Red enough to not purge him from my list, the fact that so many dumb people also exist on the opposing team meant that Hector was also fighting Red units a great deal of the time. Or Brave Lyn which just shits all over everything.

They've also done nothing to make the mode less random, so Celica lost as soon as she triggered bonuses on the wrong hour. Joined Team Takumi for round 2.

I also did one last hurrah for the Legendary banner, and I got another fucking Summer Gaius. The one unit I didn't want from the banner and I get three copies of him.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:24:44 AM »
This Legendary Banner is pretty good for me as long as I don't pull any red 5*s. Basically everything else I would want either to use or as fodder except for Summer Gaius. I wouldn't mind a better IV'd Gunnthra, BIke or Jaffar, and I'm missing everything else and they're all good. I especially want Olivia.

Naturally, after sinking in my 80 orbs, I have come out with 2 Summer Gaiuses. Thanks Obama. Got -ATK +SPD on one to add to the pain. If he got a bane literally any other stat I could've at least got some use out of him. Other one's -HP +RES. I guess I have a free Def Ploy to build a super meme Jagen.

The good news is that I got some pretty nice 4* pulls while I was at it. Got another Effie, that Red flier I wanted in the form of a Palla worth using (+SPD -RES), as well as finally pulling a good Cecilia (-HP +ATK). I also got a Tharja (+ATK -RES) and I have no idea if that's optimum for her, but it's certainly better than the one I had before.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 26, 2018, 05:54:46 AM »
Kept playing with the idea of giving my Soren a Gronnowl+, but my laziness has saved me another 20k feathers! Still holding out on that Binding Blade refine and them giving Lilina Forblaze. Anyway I'm guessing Wind Brand is going to synergize with Watersweep somehow much like how Alm's Falchion was designed to go with Windsweep. But so far I still haven't spent my mountain dew on anything except Eliwood- aside from the fact that I'm short on normal weapons to spend pop rocks on, it's hard for me to justify putting down the Dew I actually get into a weapon I won't use very often. Eirika and maybe Soren will probably be worth it for me though. Will be interesting to see Leo's new effect too, he needs a lot of help to be relevant again.

Rival Domains allowing 20 units is an interesting idea, but I wonder if it's just a poorly-worded way of saying you choose 20 heroes, then pick 4 from them for any given map. I don't think they have any plans on making larger maps, which is pretty much the only way you can have more units than we already have.

I still kinda hate the concept of Blessings, but the new mode forcing us to build separate teams is nice I guess. Just have to decide who gets what blessings.

I'm disappointed the next Voting Gauntlet will have basically no rehauling, at least as far as I can tell. I would've thought they got some unkind words about the mode back during that survey so they would've been working on making the mode not suck.

Anyway, I said "why not" and dumped a bunch of orbs into the Evil badguy banner. Continuing my mediocre luck I dumped about 130 orbs and came out with no banner units. I was aiming for Robin, but after about 6 straight boards with no Greens I got pity broken by a 5* Effie. Could be worse than a free extra merge I guess. I also got a 5* Mia on the same board. I guess all my luck is focused on getting me a bunch of sword units I'll never use.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 22, 2018, 04:45:24 AM »
I only have ~130 orbs so I'll probably sit on them until the Legendary banner or something. There's also another new heroes banner early next month which will totally be the Thracia banner this time pinky swear'd.

Anyway having themes for the new hero banners like that sibling one early on is cool, but it'd be nice if we actually got some new heroes on the new hero banners instead of the second of third Celicas we'll have and the, what, 5th Robin? Arabian King Incel is in though so that's something, and we now have that blue armor with a legendary weapon I thought we'd never see.

It's nice that they added Bold and Vengeful fighter to the regular pool, but I'm expecting them to remain 5-star exclusive while Celica drops down (if one drops at all) and offers Hone Attack 3 at 4* instead of any of the shiny new skills they just introduced. On that note, I really hate the concept of the Chill SPD skill. I guess they want to punish the speed-centric game a little bit, but it's stupid to have a debuff that just works on the best opposing unit with no thought needed into how it's used. At least with Gunnthra it was unit-specific, but you can stick Chill SPD on your dancer or whatever and let it fly (it doesn't seem to have any limitations whatsoever so you could stick it on a staffbot too I guess). I guess Harsh Command might get some real use now, though.

Also I know it probably won't happen, but it'd be hilarious if we got a bunch of free Close Counters. It probably wouldn't even be that broken because Close Counter is usually put into weird niche builds, and the one unit that completely dominates with it comes with it in her base kit anyway.

Expanded my list of slow, "pretend I'm smart" scifi movies with The Martian and Ex Machina. Funny I watch these two so close together because they came out in the same year and the two have something of opposite attitudes about technology- one has a general "science is teh awesome" message, and the other one has sort of a "science will screw us over" attitude.

They were both great, but I will say I'm a bigger sucker for space exploration than AI, so points to The Martian for me. I like that for once, there's a movie of this kind which focuses on the problem-solving abilities that the scientific method can bring and envisions a future of global cooperation as in the ideal of space exploration, rather than using space exploration as a vehicle to explore pseudophilosophical/spiritual gobbledygook which happens so often in these kinds of movies. Also I learned a lot about potatoes and human poop via tangential learning, so there was that too.

Also saw Gerald's Game, Stephen King adaptation number 5 or so in 2017 alone. This was a pretty good one though, after being underwhelmed by the It remake and The Dark Tower being...what it was. Interesting to see where these movies on direct-to-Netflix or other such streaming services will go- if I had the space I imagine a good long-term investment would be to just get a hugh jazz TV and watch movies like this at home instead of needing to drive/walk to a theater like a healthy functioning adult.

On the other end of the spectrum, I watched the Evil Dead trilogy. Funny seeing a series realize how ridiculous it is and becoming more and more self-parody over time, yet somehow still working as good movies.

But I guess more topically, I got back from seeing the latest installment of Disney’s plot to dictate global pop culture. I’d say Black Panther is one of the best MCU movies so far though. For reference, my favorite so far is probably The Winter Soldier, and I think I’d put this one just below that one.

I was already pretty interested in seeing the movie before it came out simply because of the unique visuals it promised, so I would’ve enjoyed the movie purely on that alone, but thankfully the plot/characters were pretty good too. Most notably, the villain Killmonger (yes, really) is probably the most well-developed and sympathetic villain in the MCU thus far. I was surprised that the movie decided to take the unfortunate implications that its premise had and decided to basically make the movie about that, something that could just as easily blow up in their faces if not handled correctly.

I will say that if you don’t like superhero movies, this one probably won’t change your mind. It still very predictably follows a three-act structure, and there’s really not any surprises along the way even within that framework. It has quite a few “that was clearly inserted later” type jokes the Disney movies are known for now, and while the side characters are a bit more well-developed than typical Marvel fare, they’re still pretty thin.

oh right i also saw justice league at some point and it was terrible

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:16:00 AM »
Yeah, the seals are pretty disappointing this time around, but Fortress Res is okay. The boots are also okay but not working under 100% means ranged enemies are still a pain, which is the main reason being locked to 1 space movement is so awful to begin with.

I did manage to beat Narcian with a team of only melee armors. It required me to put Wings of Mercy back on Black Knight for some shenanigans. Also if I didn't just happen to have an armor march available it wouldn't have worked either.

What was your strategy? I assume you had one unit facetank the first batch to aggro them, then retreated (using Armor March?) and had Black Knight jump in to protect the original bait from further harm. I'm just not quite sure in what order and who was your bait...

Would need to wait till next week to remember the exact steps, but I used BK+1, Effie+5, Sheena and Winter Robin. I imagine with a Free Eliwood being handed out he can be used somewhere in there too. I used Robin to bait the first attacks, with Sheena giving him Ward Armor, but I imagine any Lance Armor can work as long as you can avoid doubles from the Blue Cavalry. The important thing is to take out at least half of the Red Infantry life (unless you'll have a special charged by next enemy phase). Narcian should've also moved down.

Second turn Robin and Sheena move down two spaces, BK gets Hone Armor from Effie so he can bait Narcian and 2HKO him on enemy phase. Robin also kills the Red Infantry.

Third turn the Green and Bow Cavalries should be closing in so you move everyone out of the way except BK to bait them on enemy phase. BK Kills the Bow cavalry with Black Luna and the Green Cavalry by casting fist. BK should've taken basically no damage from Narcian so he can avoid Panic Ploy from the Green Cavalry.

After that is where WoM comes into play so everyone can stand right outside the range of the incoming Blue Cavalry and Bow Infantry. Next turn either kill the Blue Cavalry, or damage him while jamming up their movement so only one will attack you on enemy phase. After that it should be simple, but I did cut it pretty close so I don't know how much variation in stats the strategy allows.

Anyway after feeling good about solving that one, I got stuck again today on trying to beat Robin with Fliers. Don't think I can get out of this one without promoting my crappy Palla, and I think I'll hold on that since I have the whole year to try to get a Caeda who doesn't suck.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:27:58 AM »
I would like to 5* a bigger variety of units, but I've spent the bulk of my feathers merging things and I still only have like one eighth of a merged armor team. I feel like I should start 5*ing some units without Prf weapons though, because I actually have nothing to really spend my pop rocks on but lots of units that would like their Prfs upgraded.

I'm having trouble choosing someone with the whole "giving Prfs to old units" precedence being set (most notably Infantry Lilina seems like someone who will get that treatment at some point). Plus anybody with a Blade/Raventome or a Gem weapon would need an extra 5* promoted so they can get a different weapon.

While I mull over that I did manage to beat Narcian with a team of only melee armors. It required me to put Wings of Mercy back on Black Knight for some shenanigans. Also if I didn't just happen to have an armor march available it wouldn't have worked either. At least today was a nice break since Navarre is a pushover.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:28:41 AM »
Well, since we're back to 40% bonus units being barred behind 5* exclusives I went ahead and wasted all the orbs I had saved up to this point trying for one. Got pity broke by Soleil at one point (+RES, -HP), which I guess isn't that bad since even though she's available at 4*, I now have a free Firesweep sword to give out. Got all the way down to my last orb before I pulled the seasonal Lilina (+RES, -DEF). Might've preferred Hector, but I guess he evades me even as a seasonal.

Didn't get much else, the game seems to really love giving me units available at 3* as my 4* pulls which is getting pretty annoying. Wouldn't mind so much if I was getting some Palla, Hinatas or Reposition farms but the game keeps giving me Gaius and Bartre. I did pull my first Oscar though, so there was that.

Anyway, since I have Klein, Ninian and Clarine as well, I can run a full bonus team again. Even though I said I wouldn't do it again, I actually placed top 1000 in the last mini TT as well, but in my defense I barely actually played it the second time around. I'm still sitting on 300 stamina potions after that so I might just keep doing it if only because it's not like there's anything else to do with the things (and there probably never will be so the game can stay newbie-friendly).

So far with the GHBs, I was able to complete all the quests for Lloyd, Michalis and Xander, but I've hit a snag today on trying to clear Narcian with Armors. It really seems like it's impossible without having at least one ranged armor (which are all seasonal because fuck you) or having distant counter slapped onto everyone, which is just as likely. One run I was able to get it down all to just one archer left over but with no way to heal all my units are worn down at the end. There's no hurry to complete these year-long quests but it's still pretty annoying they throw it at us when there hasn't been a new armor unit in the normal pool for a long while now, let alone a ranged one, and one who could drop to 4* is a pipe dream.

I've also cut it really close with my flier emblem team, which is easily my weakest team. I lack a good red flier or any ranged fliers and the lack of Palla or Caeda in my pulls isn't helping with the former. Only reason 4* Palla is serviceable for me is because nothing's running around with Cancel Affinity yet. With Narcian I spent a bunch of the time just abusing the mountain range and I imagine if you really wanted to you could put Renewal on everyone and just cheese it slowly. I just used it to isolate and kill units though.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 10, 2018, 03:14:12 AM »
I was able to clear all the missions for Lloyd myself. I think your armor emblem should be good enough for Lloyd because he's one of the easier GHBs. The armor team I used was basically identical to yours outside of having Christmas Robin instead of Zephiel. My flier emblem is kinda crappy overall but I have two really good units in Hinoka and Azura so they pretty much carried me through. Might have trouble on the harder GHBs though.

I'm short an almondboy myself, but I'm not in a hurry to get him given how many swords there are to use. The sweeping brave weapon is kind of a fun gimmick but I doubt that will place him above the stupidly broken swords like Ayra and Mia.

I'm expecting some kind of overhaul of the Voting Gauntlet when it comes around this time. It was nice to have a break from it for a while, and I don't think it was a coincidence it happened the same time they got our surveys. They probably got a lot of angry feedback about it. I do miss the free feathers and sacred coins it gave out though.

As for the 2 new hero banners, I'm relatively confident one of them will be Thracia, to go with that new GHB that runs alongside the return of Arvis. New Awakening characters is also possible since they actually haven't ever had a normal banner and I'm guess people really want Sumia or whatever.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 08, 2018, 06:37:52 AM »
Movement banner gave me Bartre. I still haven't pulled one with +ATK.

It's nice to finally get a seasonal banner without a single Fateswakening character in sight, but I'm completely out of orbs (well, I have about 20 from the last few days, but not worth pulling with that obviously). Plus I'm not sure I'd pull on this banner even if I did have orbs. Well, Hector's being a manly man as usual, Lilina's cute as a button and it's nice to get Wada Sachiko as the artist for Lyn again (who doesn't do that thing Yamada Kotaro does in overemphasizing her boobs). Not quite seeing the relevance to Valentines or any other holiday of the month though. Was actually kinda hoping they'd do either a groom banner to balance out the brides banner from last year, or do something completely different and go for a Lunar New Year theme.

As units I'm just not interested in pulling for even more armors when the main reason I ever play it is for Arena score, and that's not going anywhere with limited availability units. Hector got powercreeped by himself, and even if they introduce the betterer Armads to the Refinery it'd probably not be worth getting because QR shenanigans is all Hector classic has left for him. Roy is pretty terrible with that speed stat but his stats are specialized enough to choose between a cookie cutter Brave Build or a Guard Bow build, and I'll take that lateral expansion over them introducing another Brave Lyn-esque nightmare. I'd say Lyn is the best unit of the banner, and Atk/Spd bond is probably a preferred skill on a ton of units.

The shiny new weapons for old units are great, although it does make me less motivated to invest in units I was interested in before like Lilina, because if they ever got some Prf from a patch, it's possible whatever build I give them immediately becomes obsolete. I'll probably swap the L&D2 and Hit and Run on my Hinoka for Fury/Desperation. At least Raven made it out okay though since he'll still run pretty much the exact same skills. He's pretty ridiculous now, after considering his new L&D effect he's the fastest unit in the game alongside Mia, but with basically half the amount of DEF and RES. Eggs-sacks has a new effect basically tailor made for people who already gave him distant counter, so I guess he goes back on the bench for me.

If I had a decent Caeda I'd probably start building one, but I guess I should first decide if I'm waiting for a +ATK or +SPD one because SPD overload actually has a use on her now. Kitty Paddle is still better for Felicia to do her best work but I think it might be more fun to let her do whatever gimmicky things her plate throwing can allow for and leave all your pet cats alone.

As for Falchions, I'm pretty happy that they were nice enough to redeem this +SPD Chrom I have. With the bond effect active I can get him to 36 SPD without any buffs which is a pretty good "avoiding doubles" speed tier, and Lucina appreciates the same effect for obvious reasons. Alm's is a pretty interesting effect to go with his native Windsweep skill. I'm slightly disappointed that Marth's new effect makes him even less impressive at combat compared to Lucina than before, but I guess it was better they came up with something unique instead of trying to make him compete there. Though I'm surprised none of the Falchions got a "ignore dragon buffs" effect on there somewhere.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 04, 2018, 05:36:26 AM »
I put 15 orbs into Hero Fest and came out with Nephenee (+HP, -DEF). Bad stats but at least that's the one unit from the banner I didn't already have.

I spent a bunch of stamina potions to get all the orbs in the monthly quests and the all the new maps that went up today, and dumped them all into the Legendary banner. I got up to 12% pity rate before the game decided to be generous. I got another Gunnthra with the exact same goddamn stats as my last one (+DEF, -SPD), another Summer Robin (+DEF, -HP), and (with apologies to Smash) a Legendary Ike (+HP, -ATK). Given that I have regular Ike with +SPD I doubt the Legendary one will see much use with those IVs. I can admire those biceps though I suppose.

Overall, this Legendary banner gave me bad stats everywhere and lots of repeat heroes. No idea what to do with the repeats too, because they're not even really good as skill fodder. Infantry Pulse from the second Xander I got will be kinda nice if I figure out a unit to use it on, Res Ploy's not really worth eating Gunnthra for, and Deft Harpoon kinda sucks.

Didn't do too hot with my 4* pulls either, though I did get a Cain after not seeing him for a while, and he'll be shortly consumed by one of my dancers. I also got enough pulls to make my first +10 unit, and it's actually not Shockjock Mctinyhands, but rather the little mage who could.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: February 01, 2018, 06:50:09 AM »
Looking forward to 2025 when we get Brave Lachesis as a rainbow-colored unit.

Personally I'm not big on the Heroes characters placing as high as they did because of how thin their characters are (especially Loki since we all know there's only one- well, two- reasons she's that high up), but to be fair I guess their characterizations are on par with like, Archanea characters at least. Plus they can pretty much go wild with what they do with CYL Veronica. I'm guessing she'll end up being colorless dagger or something since the others will probably slot in as Beloved Zofia Celica, Reginleif Ephraim on a horse, and Wolf Beil Hector.

Also Gonzales was one of the highest-scoring Binding Blade characters who isn't already in the game (and the highest-scoring Axe user just barely beating out Lot- well, unless you count Dieck), so fingers crossed we'll get his pretty face in the game when FE6 gets its turn. I'm hoping Lilina will be one of the units up next to get a retrofitted Prf weapon, alongside Seth and maybe a healer like Sakura or something.

Meanwhile the t_t's not too bad for me since I have a flood of bonus units to choose from- I had Axura, Gunnthra, Lancina to start with, pulled Summer Robin yesterday and got Marisa today. FTR -ATK on Gunnthra does not matter at all, especially with +SPD. I don't recommend feeding her a Bladetome if that's your plan because her base set makes her pretty much as powerful as any bladetome without the need of a support attaching themselves to her at all times.

So my bad luck came to an end, kinda, in the worst possible way- I pulled two copies of Summer Xander within 20 orbs. More Bonus Units, hurray? They're both -SPD which kinda sucks since his SPD would otherwise be kinda serviceable, but at least one has +ATK and the other has +DEF which are both nice on him. I really, really would've preferred more copies of Axura or Gunnthra if I had to get a Green unit from this banner, but I guess I have a copy of Infantry Pulse to give out if I ever want that.

I also pulled two 4* Felicias, one with -HP +SPD and one with -DEF +ATK, to compliment the -HP +RES one I already had. Just in time to give me lots of options when we see what her Prf actually does.

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