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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:43:25 PM »
Calendar looks pretty dull, really they should stop tying the main story to new heroes being released- they should just release new story chapters as their own thing and make every single roster addition a paralogue. Removes arbitrary restrictions on themselves and will benefit the story.

Also apparently Null C-Disrupt will stack with Firesweep weapons to allow you to attack without being countered but also still allow you to counter. Sounds overpowered until you think about how few units would actually bother running such a build, so it's an interesting interaction if nothing else.

AR's been kinda shitty for me too. After using up both my ladders I've had one full loss thus far, and pretty much all 3 of those were because of annoying fucking stall teams. Winter Cecilia obviously has an easy time eating up all the cheesy cavspam and can even facetank Ophelia's bullshit instaAoEs, but she's bad for stall teams for obvious reasons.

Can't really figure out how to build an effective team here. Been eyeing a +ATK -SPD Est I pulled a few sessions ago. An Armorslayer team would work for a lot of comps but a lot of people stack one or two of their armors with Svalinn Shield which can ruin everything.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:16:41 PM »
So apparently Sturdy Impact is exclusive to Infantry and Fliers, while Null C-Disrupt is exclusive to Infantry. I guess it's nice fliers are finally getting thrown a bone, though personally I feel that flier was always the most broken movement type assuming max investment, even with all the skill restrictions they get.

Null C-Disrupt being locked to infantry makes it significantly less useful (for the moment), and I obviously can't inherit it to my juggernaut Cecilia. Obviously Nailah herself will use it quite well already though so I'd say she'll be the one I'll pull for. It's still a good skill to consider inheriting too, but as far as existing infantry go there's just not a lot of units you can stack stats on to make Null C-Disrupt a solve-all strategy (which I suppose is "good" balance, but firesweep weapons are bullshit anyway). The issue, as always, is that any smart player is going to stack physical and magic damage within the same threat range, and even if you get into a poorly built fort where you can keep buildings intact to avoid the sword cav, you'll have to deal with Brave Lyn or LLucina (and the odd LLyn or Valentine's Roy).

So that makes units with super-lopsided defenses a big risk to inherit Null C-Disrupt onto. Fae and Nowi will probably still be solid choices as always (the odd Recover-Bladetome of the right color will probably take them out though), the Robins are in some danger with that low RES stat, while Felicia, Micaiah and Julius have low DEF. Special mention for Faye for that nice balanced DEF/RES spread she has on top of being colorless, but she's 5* locked and you have to sacrifice a perfectly good Firesweep Bow fodder for yourself. I think potentially the balanced defenses healers might be okay for it too (Lissa/Sakura/Lachesis/Genny), Absorb is sometimes safer than Aether when you're taking on multiple enemies.

As for Naesala, he's definitely a pleasant surprise. Since they need to continue making Grails valuable (to encourage people to whale to win at AR), it seems they'll keep giving us some solid free units. Naesala's definitely the best player phase unit they've given for free, and both his skills are crazy good fodder (even though Guard is a bit of a headscratching choice for Naesala himself). But yeah, not looking forward to Swift Impact that will have inbuilt Flashing Blade or some shit.

The refines this time are all at least okay, no stupid Super Ruby Sword level garbage at least. Seliph's is probably the most disappointing. I appreciate the more creative effects (Despite my initial dislike of it, Titania's Weapon is actually one of the best refines they've given out IMO), but Seliph's just seems way too specialized for it to be that good. It's certainly not bad because there's going to be a lot of gimmicky things you can do with it, but for general usage I'd say Divine Tyrfing is still a lot better.

I actually think Divine Naga is way better than Naga. First off, they goofed and the latter doesn't disable Wrathful Staff at all, and the Close Counter only activates against Dragons, so it just makes Julia completely specialize into killing dragons, which is fine for Arena Assault and such, but for general usage Divine Naga is way better. Divine Naga continues to not fear bladetomes so you can't get cheesed by those, and Dierdre's one of the highest RES units in the game so she'll activate the bonus stats pretty consistently- looking at it again now I actually think Dierdre might be a pretty good candidate for Null C-Disrupt as well, stack on her with Drive DEF and maybe give her Deflect Missile for insurance and she won't really fear any ranged. Though her mediocre speed kinda makes her require QR I suppose. Divine Naga also disables adaptive damage on non-dragons but there's basically no use for that at the moment (possibly futureproofs the weapon a little though).

The big winner here is Tailtiu though IMO. Mages can't inherit Wrath so she has a completely unique role. The big issue is setting her up of course, but Bladetome has that same problem too (and she won't fear Panic as much). Darting Blow was kind of an odd choice as the refine effect, but ranged weapons get lower stat refines so +6 SPD on Player Phase vs +2 SPD all the time is a pretty big difference, especially with Tailtiu who had that kind-of-decent-but-just-misses-out-on-doubling level of speed.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 09, 2019, 02:25:13 AM »
Sturdy impact looks fucking dumb, the prevent double effect alone probably would've made it a strong runner for A slot but all the stats on top just make things worse. RIP in piece to anyone who ate a Brave Celica for DB4, although I suppose DB4 is still superior for Galeforce cheese and the like.

Getting 2 Herons at once is pretty unexpected, would've thought they'd try to fit in one of the C-lister Laguz like Volug (or Lyre for the memes) for the obvious demote, instead it looks a lot like Reyson will get a demote. It's a mixed blessing for sure, like usual- on the one hand, he'll actually be possible to obtain and merge, but on the other hand, he doesn't have stupid minmaxed stats like the waifu dancer gets. Still, it's not like he's purely inferior since he's a different color. Plus beyond being Laguz he's also a Green Flying dancer which would be a wholly unique introduction to the 4* pool on its own. Honestly with how unique a flying green dancer alone is I'm half suspecting we're getting no demote yet again, but I'm guessing they've noted the recent outrage and will try to appease us a bit (again, still surprised they didn't save Reyson for later and just give us Mordecai or something). It'll suck to get pitybroken by the guy though, Steady Posture is okay but not something you want to be pitybroken with.

Overall I actually find the way Laguz implemented to be...disappointing, but possibly in a good way? Basically I was expecting them play a bit like they always do, with some difficult transformation requirements but ridiculously overpowered once they do. Instead it looks like they're just normal-ass units (Nailah countered the archer in the trailer like any normal unit would) and they get some bonus stats on top when they transform- which is actually really easily accomplished so it really seems like all upside and no downside, which is just another way for them to stealth powercreep the game. It's not like they have reduced BST before transforming so they just get a bunch of bonus stats essentially for free. So basically I'm disappointed it took them this long to implement something so uncreative, but if you really like Laguz you can enjoy how good they'll be I guess.

Also obligatory grumbling about how they sold us broken skills for $$$ so they could then sell us extremely esoteric counter skills for more $$$.

Forging Etrurian Scum (Xmas edition)'s Boot to improve Def is probably the correct solution

join the club

End Turn and win. I still lost a unit earlier though, because I got spooked by a Brave Lyn with Pass. Got too cocky and forgot to check skills, the guy deserves his +20 points for the meme B slot.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 07, 2019, 05:11:49 AM »
I actually found LAzura to be easier than Hrid- once you account for the stupid bullshit of her adding +1 movement you can kinda predict what's going to happen and try to counterplay appropriately. That skill's gonna be more and more important as LAzura gets summoned by more people (and the upcoming Legendary Mythic marriage). Last week one of the two uses of my ladders was me getting completely stomped on by a Flier Emblem (the other one was just a surrender because I lost 3 out of 5 units and I didn't want to eat that bad score). Flier Formation will be a pretty common thing to go up against as we rub up against whales with access to loads of skills.

On that note, pretty amazing you managed to climb to Tier 19 on a non-bonus week. Unfortunately I think from here on out it's literally impossible to do it (unless you get defense wins like 4+ days out of the week) so I hope you Light Blessed Winter Cecilia to tank all the things this week. Seriously, with double Eirs she's sitting at 63 HP and 50 RES before buffs, and even when bonus week ends I'm pretty sure she'll be a reliable member for me. I finally fed away that free Tacomeat we were given to her. I also supported her with Male Corrin and gave him double Spur DEF/RES2 because why not, 50+ base DEF/RES seems totally fair. Her decent on-screen RES stat also means I won't get cheesed as easily by fucking Ophelia- seriously, I've been seeing her everywhere, and there's almost no way whatsoever to safely tank her AoE special even if you waste a slot on the best Green RES tanks in the game.

Also I'd wait for the fountain if you're even somewhat consistent on getting perfect wins. 20 extra Aether every day adds up to an extra game per week, with runover to potentially save a second one.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 04, 2019, 03:56:36 AM »
I'm on Team Hrid (again), and I really feel the need to point out that Hrid is like 3x more popular than Corrin despite the fact that Corrin was a free unit last year and Hrid isn't on either of the Scrooge McDuck packages.

So good job IS, a character that got like 3 lines is more likable/popular than Corrin.

EDIT: Unfortunately it seems Corrin's main character shield took effect. Every OC except Gunnthra is out, because she activated the "has boobs" clause (naturally Fjorm was outgunned in that category). Guess it's probably Team Azura for me the rest of the way.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: January 02, 2019, 03:54:33 AM »
Pretty good rule from now on is anytime they announce something cool coming up, it's almost certainly to damage control some stupid thing they know will piss us off in a day or two. They've done it so many times it's hard to not assume it's intentional. Anyway, fuck these $75 "deals". I've started playing Dragalia Lost a bit recently and while it has the same issues typical of any Gachashit, it's pretty crazy the gap in quality in terms of effort put into the events and rewards given out.

Also AR not going too well for me this week. Already used both my ladders, one was for your typical horse clusterfuck (with a restore staff next to Eirika so I couldn't bait safely) and the other was of course flier emblem stacking every goad in the universe alongside LAzura in the back. Also got score losses 3 times in 2 days because someone playing late got me right next to the 20 hour reset (I get why it's not 24, but why this isn't something like 23 hours I'll never understand).

Also got pitybroken on the Legendary Banner thanks to the influx of orbs from ++2 Electric Boogaloo, another Helbendi with bad IVs (+HP -ATK). At least I can make another Arena scorestick (my first extra went to Nino of course), but probably would've preferred another merge on Lector or Nino. Think I'll call it on the Legendary Banner here given what we know is coming- up next for Legendaries is likely a Colorless in January (Almost certainly Ashera or Yune, but I think most people already guessed that), as well as the return of LEirika and LLyn, both of whom I'm missing (doubt I'll have the Orbs to get all 3, probably gonna all-in dump for the new one since it's probably going to be Dark Blessed for less AR scoreloss stupidity). Also Whale Tiki is there too. February is anyone's guess as to color, but with only Earth RES and Fire SPD Heroes left, I think it's a somewhat safe bet for Xander on Earth and Roy on Fire (the latter would also lead into our first Binding Blade Banner on March, which will probably have an Idoun Mythic). March will be an insane month for Blue already because it's stacked with LLucina and LAzura, one of the most cancerous tagteams for Arena and AR.

At least the New Years banner tickets managed to get me a free Flying Hrid so far, with decent IVs on top (+ATK -RES), but honestly I probably won't use him much, Enemy Phase fliers don't tend to work all that well outside of Lrima IMO. Hone Attack 4 and his Chill Atk Sword both seem like crazy good things to inherit too, but the collector in me wants to keep him in my barracks as a trophy.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 28, 2018, 06:43:18 AM »
When I first saw the headline I really thought they were going to introduce +20 merges or some shit. I guess I got a pleasant surprise instead, though as nice it might seem, the merge change is pretty obvious dolphinbaiting. Changes like this are certainly more welcome though since they can even benefit FTP players. Just gotta make sure you go into banners with enough orbs to pull at least 2 copies now. Definitely makes it so much easier to hunt for the right IV on common units too- my +8 Lilina for instance is +ATK -RES, and now I don't have to hunt for -SPD or -DEF anymore (still waiting on a +ATK Reinhardt though). Too bad I didn't get a Lewyn on the Hero Fest, because mine's -ATK +SPD.

More powercreeped skills from the NY banner. I'd say the Odd/Even Wave skills are kinda obsolete now. They have the bonus of being active without adjacent units, but being able to have the buff every turn can be crucial on turn limit maps. In any case, impressive they managed to buff LAzura before she even came out. With the upcoming change to Legendaries and Mythics it pretty much cemented that LAzura will be fucking everywhere now. Also means Future Vision shenanigans won't be going away either (sure will be fun seeing both on Water/Wind season). On the bright side it also means I'll be able to use my merged up Lector, season pending (though he probably doesn't handle the meta all that well). Hrid's also been pretty amazing for me the past 2 weeks, though that might just be from him being a bonus unit.

Jugdral getting love in refines is something to look forward to. Ever since they set the precedent that they're willing to refine things like Merric's Excalibur even after he got Dark Excalibur, I've been holding off on investing in units like Seliph. No idea how they'll fix that crappy thing to be different but still somehow viable compared to Divine Tyrfing, but my +ATK Seliph is at the ready. I'm guessing Tailtiu's Thoron will be a sidegrade to her Bladetome even if they don't give her Blue Thunderhead (I think it's unlikely they'll give out another one, Odin probably only got it because he was the laughingstock of the game), but I don't think that'll be a problem because honestly, Bladetomes are pretty limiting in terms of positioning. For example, One Punch Lilina does more damage with a Bladetome, but the flexibility and support Forblaze gives makes it just a generally better option (though with Lilina you also save 20k feathers I guess). I'm assuming they'll be referencing her Wrath skill in some way, it was always sacrilege she didn't come with it. The Nagas have aged kinda poorly as well- they can still one-shot a lot of dragons, but needing to put in Death Blow and such just so they can do that was kinda dumb. Also I have no idea how they'll handle Julia with Divine Naga, might piss off a few folks if they can only refine base Naga because that basically means wasted Mountain Dew.

As for the Legendary Banner, I went in with about 250 Orbs and so far I've come out with:
Helbendi (+DEF -RES)
LAzura (+ATK -SPD)
Lector (+HP -RES)
LAzura (+ATK -HP)
Lector (+SPD -ATK)
I also got a +ATK Clair and finally snatched a copy of Silas, but otherwise I actually did pretty poorly on fodder. Probably only did average as far as the amount of 5*s go too, but I got pretty lucky on the spread there. Still didn't roll +ATK on Lector unfortunately, but 2 LAzuras is kinda crazy considering how I stopped pulling Blue after I got the first one (was "pity" broken by her). Plus we're getting another +_+ soon so I can probably squeeze one more 5* out of the banner (and maybe some free orbs on the New Year? We'll see.).

Eir-dit: Got some Orbs from Chain Challenges and the Water Gardens I hadn't done yet thanks to LAzura, and the Banner decided to pitybreak me with Eir. Decided to merge her in since AR is still the hot new thing for the moment, the +1 to my score per match will surely make a difference. That's like +15 to my score over a week!

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:00:27 AM »
Think this might be the best Legendary banner yet in terms of overall quality (prime baiting pre-Laguz probably), but since my initial goal was to try to continue merging my Lector it's actually kinda middling, especially compared to Lector's launch banner containing BIke and Myrrh. Was really hoping we'd get Lector and BEphraim on Green together but I guess they were smart enough to not do that (chances are they'll run BEphraim with LLyn since she's probably the lowest-value Legendary Green so far). Nino and Helbendi are both still pretty nice though, the former maybe not so much since I already have her and her SI potential is average. I have a bad IV Helbendi that could use replacing but even if I don't roll a good one, G Duel Infantry has its obvious uses.

Though, I might put rolling Green on hold and try for Lazura first, because goddamn is she cancerous. I don't really get worked up about character choices for Legendaries but that Weapon combined with that Assist skill is just going to be the worst to play against. The assist alone would've been bad enough, but since dancing removes panic it means people running weird Rallying Bladetome setups can just extend their threat range ridiculously large and make them almost impossible to enemy phase. At least she's a Legendary and not a Mythic I guess, because if she was the latter it's basically guaranteed we'd be seeing her on every goddamn map after the meta settles (even without that we'll probably see her plenty though). That aside, Fjorm is always a good merge project (assuming Eir doesn't just kick her off the Arena Bonus cycle) and Juicy Wave offers the chance for some unique builds even if you've sworn off ever using any Camilla.

Red and Colorless have their obvious winner pulls as well but I think splitting my orbs between two colors will already give me pretty bad chances, so I'll probably just do Blue+Green.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 19, 2018, 02:41:32 PM »
I won't be dropping any orbs myself (and in retrospect I probably shouldn't have spent on the Hero Fest either, since we got that free Light Blessing- there's no way I'm going to have space for 3 blessed units and 2 Eirs next week), but honestly Christmas Cecilia might just be the best free unit we've ever gotten. They didn't screw us and gave us the typical armor statblob spread, and her weapon is perfect for enemy phasing. Plus she doesn't have the same issue that units like Halloween Dorcas have- colorless unit usually means it comes down to just stat checks because almost nobody runs Raventomes on defense. You can safely put her into one of those annoying tiles people set up where you have to bait all 3 colors at once and have her survive. The only problem is that Armorsmashers are somewhat common this week due to Surtr but after that's over there's a good chance you can clear half the maps in Aether raids by just Ward/Drive stacking onto Cecilia and letting her solo everything (to that end, she's a prime candidate for the free Close Counter we got a while back).

As for the rest of the banner, I'm not really impressed by Fae or Ephraim. Fae fills out another 180 BST slot but she lacks a PRF weapon so she doesn't even fill the "gotta bait whales" quota, plus we already have one of those because for some stupid reason Surtr has trainee stats. Also yeah her actual weapon is kinda lame, since she's an armor it probably doesn't outdo the standard Lightning Breath/Steady Breath combo, and inheriting it to a Flying Dragon or something is pointless because if you really wanted those defenses, you'd probably go with Water Breath instead to avoid positioning nightmares. Ephraim's problem is that he wants to be alone, but he's an armor, so that sort of answers itself (I guess you could Smite-launch him or something, but there's really no reason to play risky with him over just statblobing people to death with Brave Hector or something). I'm surprised at how slow Eirika ended up being, but I suppose with defenses similar to Cecilia here she can do basically the same thing (except hitting RES), and she's easily the best candidate for the till-now gimmicky Absorb-QR build. Obviously she'd be using Vengeful fighter instead, but yeah, pair that with Miracle and you'll have a fun time probably.

Anyway like I said I'm saving orbs, hopefully with the back-to-back ++s and login bonuses I'll have something like 250 Orbs ready for the Legendary Banner at the end of the month. Annoyingly they end the Legendary banner right before the upcoming RD banner so I won't get to choose between the two, but that's probably intentional. Right now I'm wondering if they'll still give us another Legendary this month on top of Eir being on the banner. Actually seems kinda likely now that I think about it.

ARpocalypse edit: Well, I'll be short about 60 points from reaching the next tier this week, so it looks like you and Tomara get to catch up to me now. On the bright side it looks like there's only going to be ~1400 people or so reaching the next tier and beyond so within this tier it will still be possible to get top 3000. Next week is Light Blessing week though, so we'll get to see whales automatically getting +150 score or whatever the fuck per day.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 17, 2018, 02:50:09 AM »
Update: I spent another 100 orbs or so on the Hero Fest before I got any 5* at all. So in total I spent like 140 Orbs for that which I'm pretty sure is less than 1/2 the rate you're supposed to be getting 5*s from these. Hero Fests don't seem to like me.

At least I did get Eir as the one 5*, but she was fucking -SPD +DEF of course. On the upside we are getting a free Light Blessing this AR season though, so that means I can get like +60 on my score next season if I play it right (of course, I'd have to bless a bonus unit which isn't likely to be terribly helpful).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 16, 2018, 05:47:57 AM »
Oh boy, an army of armors again (At least Ephraim actually put armor on top I guess). At least there wasn't some new completely broken Fighter skill thrown in this time I guess. We get our first staff armor though, and she's an absurdly good buffbot, automatically giving ATK+6/DEF+5/RES+5 to your highest ATK unit. Those are all inheritable though, I'm guessing Staff Armors as a unit won't be anything particularly special for anything other than rounding out an emblem team, because they don't get to equip both the stupid Staff skills and Fighter skills at once. They can't use Fighter skills well anyway since Healer specials are supportive (and have a cooldown of like 2 each anyway), and they can't reach their allies fast enough to give heal support- Physic only does so much.

Also I'm betting they stick Wary Fighter on Free Cecilia.

In banner news, I got a 5* Catria on my free pull of one of the New Power banners (+SPD -RES too, wish I had this luck on a 5* exclusive). Haven't gotten any 5*s out of Hero Fest despite having spent about 30 orbs on it on top of the mass of free pulls we've had. When we get our last ticket tomorrow I might spend a few more to try for an Eir- it's dumb, but at some point I'm going to need two Light Heroes to have any chance of advancing AR.

On that note, I'm moving into Tier 18 next week (and losing like 400 lift when that happens of course), meaning I'm going to need to earn 1000 Lift to be able to get to the next Tier. Considering how Light Blessings end next week, it will likely be impossible for me to advance because even if I play perfectly, I'll probably still be short thanks to getting -80 Lift basically every day. I have no idea why IS thought Surtr was a good idea- anybody who managed to pull him basically get free wins during these bonus weeks, basically every single defense map I've had involved someone shoving Surtr out front and tanking every single hit directed at him.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:26:55 AM »
Yeah, anything decent about Book 3 coming out (which really isn't much since this update didn't actually add a lot) is completely canceled out by the bullshit of Mythic Heroes. The one thing you could praise AR for- that is, even FTP players could reach decent tiers (and whales could get steamrolled, as I once did on a very satisfying defense replay)- is now completely gone.

They really should've just added a bunch of new Legendary Heroes, because these are just them, except only limited in their use to one mode in the game. It's already hard enough to build teams to counter all the stupidity you run into in AR without needing to restrict us further with specific Heroes and Blessing tags (and of course, you can't have Mythic Blessings and Legendary Blessings on the same character- this wouldn't be such a big fucking deal if they refunded Blessings when you overwrite them, but it ain't so).

Anyway, didn't need more excuses to not give them more of my money, but hopefully that downward trend on their profits continues so they'll learn to not do this stupid bullshit anymore. It's still up to the whales though. Also they'd probably just shut down the game first.

Well, for what's left of this shitty game I guess we can try to find what's decent. I quite like the new character designs personally. I remember really not liking Kozaki's designs very much when Awakening's first screenshots were coming out, but compared to Shigeki's designs for Book 2 I gotta say I greatly prefer Kozaki's art. He doesn't do things like blatant titmonsters ala Loki or totally-not-orgasmfaces that the Nifl siblings have on their damage art. Plus his style probably fits better with something outlandish like Hel instead of something that was supposed to feel more "grounded" like Awakening. Hel herself is a really cool villain design.

As for refines, it's nice to get so many at once but I really wish they'd stop just making PRF weapons the same weapon as whatever base weapon they have, or at the very least they should not do it when the original weapon so obviously sucks for the character. Of course the one exception they make here is for Ogma's Brave Sword, but the person that gets screwed the hardest here is Palla. Triangle Attack Refine is a heavily offensive option, and it works like complete trash with the TA effect. It has the same problem as Alfonse's refine option, where the weapon is really strong so you want the refine to help improve matches against the same color or the color you're weak to. But at least Alfonse has the choice to ignore the TA- Palla's just screwed forever now.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: December 02, 2018, 12:33:06 AM »
Pretty cool the franchise is doing well enough to have its own expo I suppose, but I'm more on the side of suspecting this means another delay for Three Houses. Either that, or this will take place just before it's released and they'll simultaneously give us some kind of remake announcement.

Light/Shadow seasons is only half a surprise, it's obvious they would've found some way to continue whalebaiting, and adding another two rows to the Legendary chart is probably one of the less shitty options they could've given us (unless Light/Dark ends up being its own type of unit somehow, and they might announce something entirely separate anyway). Besides, there's a pretty good image that shows that they don't even need to add something like 6 stars anymore- they're already in the game.

As for my progress, even though I like this Forging Bonds a bit better since it isn't just showing off whatever the newest banner units are, as you said it's still a pretty big Summoner wankfest. When it's all said and done we still really don't learn that much about the characters. But like I said, hopefully they'll shift to doing this format for Forging Bonds more often, it's still an improvement, albeit a small one.

Also I haven't gotten a +10 for a while, but that's mostly because the units I'm merging up have not been showing up or have neutral IVs so I've been keeping them at like +6-8. Since Cecilia's been doing so much work in AR though, I thought she was deserving of me dropping my stock of feathers for (also I lost one match where she simply got overwhelmed by too many fucking units, so the extra merges will help):

Also also, I pulled a free Helbendi from the VG banner, but he's -ATK +SPD of course, so I guess I can make one of my Green units an Arena scorestick instead. The obvious choice would be Nino since I have her at +10 anyway, but she has no Prf and I get the feeling she won't have one anytime soon, so I'll hold onto him until that happens or I finish randomly merging up Bartre or something.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:16:00 AM »
Honestly Surtr is pointless for Aether Raids IMO, yeah you gotta make sure you have a really strong Red to wall him off on your squad (or build Lilina to one-shot him), but he's relatively easy to play around like most armors are when you're not forced into using crappy armors yourself. In Grand Conquests he's just the worst though because he's basically invincible on forts, and trying to bait him out results in instant 20-damage.

Also my Aether costs are already at 60 per match- it's pretty crazy that there will be many days where the only match I'll get is my free one, but unlike a lot of the community I appreciate this mode only takes like 15-20 minutes to do your runs of every day (and that's if I'm going super slow to plan my turns ahead). Apparently a defense victory can protect you for 20 hours, not just a defeat, so it's not quite as dumb as first assumed and a high win/lose ratio will result in you getting bumped down less, but it also means you might get unlucky and get 5 defense wins and just happen to get your loss after that 20 hour mark, so that'll be fun.

Also also this new Legendary banner seems pretty good for me. With Blessed Gardens annoyingly requiring more and more teams, I'm going to try to get Lyoma and Bowcina alongside Hrid. Laevatein and Bector are also great units I wouldn't mind having, so Red and Blue will be my prime targets (watch me pull like 6 Summer Cordelias though). Don't really care much for Green or Colorless though. Getting merges for Gunnthra and Queen Squatter of Colorless is low on my priority list, don't care for the two seasonals (even though Summer Innes has a pretty nice statline and a hilarious weapon), Kana and her greasy hair have already been left in the dust, and Nina sucks and should've been demoted in the first place.

As for Hrid in particular, I have a Eliwood+8 and I was planning on building him with DC due to his solid RES, but I'm expecting Hrid to just completely outdate that idea, because Hrid
1. Comes with DC
2. Can stop all follow-ups with a relatively easy requirement
3. Will probably have low speed and good mixed bulk to capitalize on that
I even had Eliwood S-supported with Gunnthra already. Time for a Durandal refine IS (Hell, even Blazing Durandal is kinda outdated now).

Legendary Edit: Pretty much exactly as I guessed, Hrid not only has low SPD, but in fact has one of the lowest in the entire game, beating Arden out by 1 point at neutral (and losing to him by 3 points when baned). Whatever the case I dropped about 250 orbs on the Legendary banner and I managed to do pretty good. My 5*s were:
Hrid (+SPD -ATK)
Pewpew Lucina (+ATK -SPD)
Hrid (+DEF -ATK)
Flappy Ryoma (+SPD -ATK)
Laevatein (+SPD -HP)
Hrid (+ATK -HP)
Pewpew Lucina (+RES -ATK)
Was getting flooded by terrible IVs at first but the latter ones salvaged it a bit. Only natural I started off by pulling -ATK and -SPD on precisely everyone who doesn't want them. I'll probably end up using that SPD bane Lucina for now anyway, +6 ATK is probably worth the -3 SPD. That last +ATK Hrid is really nice though, he gets a superboon in that stat, though HP is a superbane on him too so that kinda sucks for his intended role. Also nice to have good IVs on Laevatein but I doubt I'll be using her all that much. Would've liked a Bector too, but I think getting all 3 of the Legendaries I was aiming for is already a really good result, so I won't complain too much. Now I gotta decide if I wanna merge the Hrids I got or finally start handing out DC to units.

Did okay on 3/4* pulls too, got a copy or 2 each of Athena/Shigure/Hinata/Soleil/Shanna, but didn't get any of the units I want to finish up merging for (mainly Draug, but +ATK Reinhardt also continues to elude me). Also no Silas- I actually really would like Steady Stance fodder right now.

Also I've played a bit of the new Forging Bonds and so far I'm liking it more than the previous ones. They need to structure more of them like this one. It still has FEH's typical sucking up to the summoner but its not nearly as bad so far. Pretty late to add some much-needed characterization for the Nifl squad, but better than never I suppose. Hopefully Book 3 actually sticks this shit at the beginning.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 25, 2018, 06:03:19 AM »
Some people are guessing Gharnef's PRF might be useful in Aether Raids, but the fact that it only hits non-magic units probably really hurts that because basically everybody is using 2-range units- DC just doesn't solve the problem when dazzling staves are everywhere. Cecilia MVP.

Speaking of which, annoying maps galore have prevented me from getting the bonus aether several matches in a row, leaving me with 42 leftover Aether which could've gotten me another match if I wasn't running into Veronica and one-shot wars in a super cramped map basically every single match. I also failed a match once again this season. It seems the annoyance is putting everything into balance though, because despite me doing a lot worse this week so far my rank is 1017. There's still 12 hours left of course, but I am fairly confident I can get another Golden Throne this week.

Next season has the dumb healing tower as the bonus building though, so I have a choice to make- either I get the healing tower to keep the stat advantage I've been enjoying so far, or I spend my stock to unlock my fifth unit slot. The latter sounds like it'll be a lot more useful, but there's been a ton of matches which just devolve into whoever one-shots the other first so losing 4 in every stat might make that a lot less reliable (plus Aversa will be worse at panic ploying everyone).

Also despite the odds for Iceloli or Evil Pyro being a lot better than usual, I'll probably wait for them to show up on a Legendary banner nonetheless because pity breakers are awful, and at least Legendary banners always guarantee you something kinda useful.

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