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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:39:08 AM »
Book 2 ends as it began: Being complete shite while fellating the player in an attempt to dull the pain. Well, since we're done with the fire and ice worlds I'm looking forward to Book 3 and our next themed worlds, one of of dirt and mud and a one of nothing but tornados 24/7.

Anyway flood of new units coming in. I guess Muspell being playable now explains why we're getting so many back-to-back New Hero banners. As powerful as Flora's Great American Novel is, it's really not that broken IMO. Daggers have been screwed since day 1 and their continuous buffing of 1-range units (which was deserved at first but went way, way too far with armors especially) just made it worse. Simultaneous buffing of Dragons meant that if someone wanted to target RES, they would invest into Dragons which also screwed every single 2-range unit that wasn't some crazy fast damage unit (admittedly 1-range high RES units like Eliwood or Fir did need some help there which is what that opened up). Anyway if it was inheritable then it'd be pretty dumb because it'd just reset to all the problems they had at launch, but as-is it just gives Flora something unique to do and since she's colored, really damn slow and only has the extra DEF on Player Phase she has immediate obvious weaknesses to hit.

Her A slot skill is kinda dumb though. I guess the idea is that you miss out on Spurs, Hones from the next turn and Full Ally Support but I'm pretty sure most people prefer Drives and Tactics anyway. Whatever the case, the budget options of Fury and L&D are just getting worse all the time.

Nina's going to be a lame pitybreaker in colorless and I don't understand why they yet again didn't make a colored bow because she offers nothing too unique. Pretty straight powercreep of Setsuna though with that SPD stat.

Ophelia's stats paired with that tome is absurd and she's going to be used in a lot of really, really annoying turn-1 AoE special nuke defense teams. She even comes with Blazing Light (which is actually the worst AoE special, but it's not like it's hard to inherit the other ones).

Silas once again shows the blessing and the curse of being the obvious demote- every skill he has to offer is great (even his weapon is a select choice for FTP summoners), and you get to have an easier time +10ing him if he's your husbando. Could be a lot worse.

Garon is a Red Dragon immune to Falchion. But it's attached to his weapon rather than being a skill so it's not that bad I guess.

The real bullshit are these new Duel skills coming on Laegjarn and Helbendi though. Nice of ISIS to tell us that they know Arena scoring is structured poorly and their solution is to not do anything about it and ask us to pay money to get a "fix" that makes said unit much shittier because they basically won't have an A slot.

In other bullshit design news, I haven't cleared the final map of Relay Defense and I'm not sure if I will bother. Fighting a giant flood of units with 90 HP isn't hard, it's just annoying. I actually didn't clear the Legendary Abyssal challenges a few weeks back either, but I bet one of those accessories will get used for bonuses in the next Forging Bonds because why not.

Less bullshit is this new ++ though. Might be the easiest one yet, but mostly because the bonus units are so good. Sigurd and Lewyn just destroy everything and a free healer for me to grind HM on makes them AIdiot-proof. I 5*'d Jamke too and he's obviously not nearly as good as the other two, but my Sigurd is -ATK and Lewyn obviously can't do shit to Sigurd regardless of IVs so the boss takes ages to kill unless I have Jamke nuke him with Astra or whatever.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 07, 2018, 07:24:32 AM »
Usually when you go try to turn people against each other there's some kind of purpose to it. There didn't seem to be any purpose to it this time because she just turned around and handed you directions to where you're going anyway. I guess you can say she just enjoys it given her name, but it just comes off as lazy writing like usual. Anyway I think it's pretty obvious setup for Angry Axeman and Veronica to join the good guys. I actually don't think Alolan Severa will die, but Camus with boobs tragically will.

I'm fine with most localization changes for Genealogy so far since they're actually pretty cool mythological references (Erinys/Super Iuchar Bros. being the best ones so far), although there does seem to be a lack of consistency for which mythology they draw from, but I guess you could say that's in the spirit of how a lot of JRPGs use Western mythos. Also I don't get why they continue to skip over Girl of the Spirit Forest for BGM selections, that was probably the best song from that game (of course it would've been a much better choice for the first Genealogy banner given the characters they added there).

I put about 80 orbs into the banner and sniped Green before I came out with Lewyn. The -ATK curse continues with me, although for me he also came with +SPD so at least he'll be going sanic fast.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 06, 2018, 09:58:23 AM »
I use Morgan M as my example for a demoted PRF weapon not just because he's relatively recent, but honestly, the ones we got at launch were mostly hot garbage, even after accounting for the massive power creep since then. A few of them were good like Falchion or Durandal, but shit like Tyrfing and Fujin Yumi were so awful they were basically just Silver Weapons. As a general rule they seem to give PRFs to units they aren't planning on demoting, but then again that might just be a coincidence since more than 2/3 of new units don't get demoted anyway.

Anyway I'm on Team Lyn since the CYL banner screwed me over and I'm too lazy to pick a less obvious choice. I'm actually surprised how popular Veronica is- well, I guess being on a pony gives her an advantage but honestly I was surprised she won the CYL poll to begin with. Yeah she's a cute loli girl and that gets votes on its own with this fanbase, but beating out actual characters just left me scratching my head.

Ares actually has Brazen ATK/DEF for the Fonze and other beefcake units, but either way yeah, Celica's refine is absurd. We do have Linus for a relatively easy-access Brazen ATK/SPD but I've always been averse to eating limited units like that.

RIP in peace for anyone who inherited Brave Axe+ onto Cherche. A boring choice for her new weapon but I guess if it ain't broke.

Odin's weapon is kinda disappointing, both in terms of fixing him and in terms of creativity. I guess you can do some Link skill shenanigans in his B slot and make him a weird support/combat unit but I don't think anyone will be better at that than Brave Veronica anytime soon.

Also manuals let me free literally hundreds of spaces from my barracks instantly. Because you can even redeem the manuals for feathers on top of the aforementioned skills/merge availability there's basically no reason whatsoever to not just convert all your bad IV pulls to one immediately from now on. I doubt we'll reach 800 characters before the game dies so I'm probably safe to never buy any space ever again.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 05, 2018, 02:25:48 AM »
She's also a Dancer, who have a history of non-demotion. I think Quan will get demoted, if anyone. Yeah he has 5 skills and a PRF, but none of them are particularly remarkable (annoying power creeped rally aside), and they've demoted Morgan M in the past who had a PRF.

Also that B skill on Lewyn is ridiculous. Everyone's going to want those seasonal Desperation weapons along with it.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 04, 2018, 03:53:05 AM »
So like usual I kinda ignored GC until the final round, but apparently that was a bad idea this time around because every single area was knocked out when I went to check, causing me to be stuck at Rank 23 with about 12 Lances to spare. It's only 4 coins and 1 orb I'm missing out on, but it's still kind of annoying. They should probably just allow people to grind battles in the home base in cases like this, if only to at least let people max out their rank. They can just make it not count towards team ranking. Either way I'll probably remember to just burn my lances ASAP next time around and not give a hoot.

Also Jamke was a pushover, though Guidance is incredibly annoying as always. Jamke himself has a nice ATK stat but is mostly just another bow to throw on the pile (unfortunately they didn't give him stacked skills to let him shoot 100 times in a row or whatever). Once again, they really should've made him colored because at least then he'd stand out. Free Heavy Blade would've been nice about a year ago, but now it's outclassed- and more importantly there's a seal for it.

Anyway hopefully the Genealogy banner gets a main chapter instead of a paralogue this time, we gotta see where this trainwreck of a story is headed.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: September 03, 2018, 04:32:02 PM »
I know battle animations typically get turned off a few hours into play, but I still can't get over the fact they went with the bobbleheads-sorta-briskly-walking-next-to-each-other-before-exploding look that probably took a lot more time for that intern to make, but looks infinitely worse than even Langrisser 1.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 31, 2018, 01:25:24 AM »
Combat Manuals are late (my barracks is at 776/780), but still welcome. Makes all the extra space I bought kinda worthless because the majority of what people horde is potential skill fodder or limited unit copies. It's nice that you not only can merge even after turning someone into a book, you can even promote them as a book with no grinding required. After this I'll probably shave it down to less than 200 units in there.

For the Refinery, Celica's been powercreeped pretty hard I'd say, especially for a 5* exclusive. Yeah she's still usable but I haven't used the +SPD -DEF one I've had for a while. Her base SPD is just on that line of not being able to double things that matter even with the Ragnarok boost, and Lilina just completely outclasses her in one-shotting things (Plus Lilina is a common pull now). Her evenly low defenses work against her too, other Red tomes who don't have all their stats dumped into ATK/SPD will at least have high RES so they can take a hit or two. I'll concede that there's at least 3 Red Tomes who deserves refines way more than her though- Raigh, Canas, and Henry, who all scrape the bottom of the unit barrel, especially Henry.

On that note, I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with Odin to try to make him not suck. If they just base it off his tome in Fates he'll just end up with Nameless Tome- it's an effect that's so good it made Fir a solid unit, but I think even with that Odin would struggle.

I actually think Cherche is the oddest unit to be giving a refine, she's one of the few launch units who has preserved her usefulness, and there's plenty of other common pool units who could use the help. She's great either as an armor killer or one of the best Brave Axes in the game- if her refine ends up basically being Dauntless Axe that'd do it though.

Also I'm on the dud team this GC so I'll probably end up getting like 2000 feathers at the end of the round. Here's to hoping I'll get teamed up with whales next round.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 29, 2018, 03:28:08 AM »
I actually didn't know there was a GC happening until you mentioned it. If you're tired of that mode I'd just autobattle my way through it to be honest- auto battle AI is dumb but it's somewhat decent at keeping the forts you start with since its only strategy is "kamikaze all your units" which works fine with the infinite reinforcements you get from your base.

As for the Legendary banner, I spent 55 orbs before I stopped. Got lucky with the unit pulls at least, with Lancina to +2 the one I have, Lene (+RES -SPD) and Larth (+HP -ATK). Getting pretty tired of shitty IVs ruining all the good characters I pull, but with Larth it probably won't matter that much just because of how busted his skill set is. Plus Larth's guaranteed to appear every so often so I'll have some chances to fix him (probably SOL on Lene though, just like how my Azura is still -SPD). Though I only just noticed how his C skill actually doesn't synergize too well with his weapon- if you stick him on a Tactics team it means you'll only have 1 other infantry unit to benefit from the Flashing Blade effect. At any rate now I gotta figure out what kind of team I want to build around him.

On the subject of Legendary Whalebait, I also tried to do that new Blessed Gardens map but realized I only have 1 Water team. I guess I could just hand out Water blessings to random units but I'd prefer to actually build workable teams. Hopefully the next Legendary is a Water one, but whoever it is is Blue and we already have Fjorm filling that slot (we already have LLyn and Gunnthra both as Green Wind Legendaries though, so it's not like it's a strict rule). There's yet another Red Legendary coming in October, but I'm guessing it's Hrid since the time frame seems appropriate.

Also since Gunnthra is confirmed to be running in November, we basically have confirmation that we'll finally be getting a second colorless Legendary to replace Grima that month.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 27, 2018, 06:57:40 AM »
Honestly half the time I get through like 30 of my stamina before I realize I forgot to shift my accessories around to whatever team I go into Forging Bonds with (it's a pretty nice place to level up since it syncs to your party's level with no impact on scoring- Advanced can generate pretty brutal units to take anything not 5*s into, but Light's Blessings are used for shitall anyway). I really think they should take out the stupid accessory requirement. It's just a lot of unnecessary menu flipping, plus accessories should've just remained a fun dressup function anyway, it shouldn't be involved in gameplay whatsoever.

Also Christ they really went crazy with the new Marth. Mia, Karla, Leif and Celica were all attempts to power creep Ayra but they were more like sidegrades- Larth most definitely just shits all over everything. It's really funny watching them try so hard to come up with a multitude of ways to make the next sword unit worth pulling for. Celica can quad with a Legendary weapon and that still was only enough to make people go "Huh." Larth will probably have a balanced-speedy stat spread, but whatever he has won't matter all that much because on a Tactics team he'll just have +12 to every stat on top of that +3 SPD he already has, then he also has a Ultra Regnal Astra that buffs everyone around him (who won't need it because Larth will just kill everything).

Also yeah, in terms of actual units the rest of the banner doesn't really appeal to me that much (aside from Lector, though that crushes my hopes that we'll get a Hector/Hector/Hector green next month). True that Red and Green have the best units available, but skill-wise there's Wo Carrot, Firesweep Bow and Wrath up for grabs from blue and colorless (as well as Fjorm's ATK/DEF Bond which is still a pretty good skill for lots of units) so I'd say it's actually a pretty balanced banner.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: August 23, 2018, 03:04:30 AM »
Pretty much as I expected, the art is just fine and it's a decent recreation of the original designs, but I still don't get really why they would replace Urushihara's art like that. Compared to something like, say, Lufia's original art, Urushihara's fits modern animu tastes just fine so I don't even understand it from that perspective.

It doesn't even look like the goal was to sever the obvious ties to cheesecake associated with the man because they still kept the midriff-tastic designs on Chris and Liara.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Grandia 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:54:50 AM »
I for one hope that even if they re-dub the game (which I really don't expect) they'll have an option for keeping the original dub. Not playing Grandia with the laughable original dub at this point would be like popping in Shining Force 3 and not getting an earful of ARCTIC BLATHTS.

From Hollywood, I saw Ant Man and the Wasp and Mission: Impossible Fallout. The former was another McDonald's Hamburger from Marvel, and the latter was probably the best action movie I've seen since Fury Road.

Though I'm more interested in talking about two East Asian movies I saw recently- the two Along with the Gods movies from Korea, one released in 2017 and one was released a few days ago. Apparently there are two more sequels are planned and I would not mind watching more of them, because these are easily the best East Asian movies I've watched in many years. At least as far as ones released recently, anyway. Admittedly I don't watch that many (though probably more than most around here :P), but I put this miles above the crappy blockbusters coming out of Mainland China nowadays (Some notable ones I've seen are Red Cliff, Legend of the Demon Cat, The Mermaid and Wolf Warrior).

Basic premise is: Guy dies and has to be judged for his life's deeds in the underworld before he can qualify for reincarnation. I have read that some believe the story gets a bit melodramatic, and I would agree to some degree but I think the movie earns it. I recommend it.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Grandia 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:23:47 AM »
Both games feature...stellar voice acting

I laughed.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:22:28 AM »
Funny this announcement comes as I'm replaying the series. Sound cool, but I don't get what needs to be "casualized" here. If there's one thing the Langrisser series always lacked it was difficulty. You could only really force it on yourself by specifically not doing what the game tells you to (ie attack enemies when you're supposed to be escaping). Even then, it's not like FE where mistakes lose you a unit permanently (well, unless you game over I guess).

Also while the Ar Tonelico guy's art is pretty good too, I still think throwing out Urushihara's art is blasphemy. It was bad enough they didn't get the guy for Reincarnation: Reincarnation, but I don't get why you'd want to replace the guy's old art, it still looks great today. I demand that they reproduce the "shiny skin-tight swimsuits with pauldrons" look.

Also "fully voiced" is nice, but the Dramatic Edition is nearly fully voiced already so I assume they mean they'll re-record all of it since the sound quality on those versions is...about as good as they could've been on SS/PSX.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 21, 2018, 02:02:05 AM »
Death Blow 4 was the absolute worst thing to come out of the announcement and really sours the whole thing, but of course the video downvoting brigade didn't do their thing here because complaining about the wrong waifu getting another alt is a bigger deal. If it was just a personal skill it wouldn't be such a big deal but it's clearly inheritable. The kind-of silver lining is that none of them have boosted BST (or rather, even boosted-er BST, they have what's basically the standard BST now).

Anyway onto the units themselves- art-wise, my favorite is definitely Celica. Really digging the use of her retro design combined with Hidari's artwork. Nice to have a sword-wielding Celica that isn't ax-crazy too. She's probably going to be competitive with Ayra/Mia/Karla given that she can quad with that B skill and her sword speeds her specials, but ultimately she's yet another fast sword and there's not much she can do to stand out.

Ephraim and Hector both continue on the armor power creeping bullshit as well as pull a tome Eirika by screwing more suitable characters out of being the first to wield a weapon. I mean, it's nice that Ephraim and Hector are a different color this time but I really think they should've just made up weapons ala Geirskogul. The design isn't even really consistent because Ephraim is wearing Fado's clothes with Garm (wearing Lyon's clothes would've been a bit closer at least) and Hector is wearing Uther's clothes with...a weapon from the nation one of his potential wives is from? Seriously, why isn't it Rex Hasta...or if they wanted to meme, they could make it Vaida's glitched super spear. Or just make "Fado's Axe"/"Uther's Lance" and be done with it. Skill-wise actually I don't mind Super DC that much because it's a personal skill- not really that far off from Dragonskin anyway. Adding yet another armor Fighter skill on Ephraim is insane, but since most units can't magically double automatically Bold Fighter is probably still better. It does look like a nice alternative for the fast armor units like BK, Draug and Amelia though, especially the latter two because it's a balance of both offensive and defensive and you're probably running Aether on them.

Veronica is...pretty good, but nothing amazing IMO. I mean she's definitely destined to be the top healer of the game with both a pony and 36 speed, but her set actually doesn't stand out to me because it's ultimately the same razzle dazzle combination that's optimal on all healers. Windfire Balm is pretty crazy since it's Hone Everything no matter where your units are on the map, if you inherit Restore from Nanna onto her she can remove Panic while she's at it too.

Unlike last year I don't think any one of them particularly stands out to completely snap the meta in two like Brave Lyn did (the two armors are stupidly powerful but after Bold Fighter there's little they can do to make them even more bullshit), but I'd say Ephraim is probably your best choice for your free draw if you were just looking for the best balance of good standalone unit/potential fodder if you draw duplicates. Celica's probably the least bang for your buck on the free pick, but given that I might just skip this banner to save my orbs I might choose her anyway because I really love her design.

Also as for what I've actually been doing- finished Sothe/Micaiah with Nino Cheese Strats of course (seriously I think I've had maybe 2 maps in the span of the game I couldn't clear with her, bladetome too OP).

Got all the score rewards in +_+ but I'll probably burn some stamina potions for a ranking prize again. Not sure if I'm insane enough to go for top 1k again though, the score for that the last few times was somewhere in the 300k range and reaching that even with autobattling is amazingly tedious. I also promoted Sakura to use on my +_+ team a bit to honor that ultimate Sakura waifuguy. Also she was one of the only healers I had who wasn't capped on HM. Having a Physic+ healer around is actually a nice option though. After she capped HM I promoted Lucius, and he's pretty goddamn amazing actually. His SPD a bit average but his nice ATK and sky-high RES actually makes him really good at fighting other mages (his native Martyr+ works well with that too). If I get around to merging an infantry healer it'll probably be him.

My follow-up for the plan to promote a blue flier of some kind ended with me choosing the Dark Horse option- I promoted Valter and he's supported with F Grima of course. He's still using mostly his base kit though, not entirely sure how to build the guy yet. Decided I'd build a flier team around F Grima instead of a Dragon Team because the latter just seems to be a novelty at this point. Dragon-killing weapons are probably the hardest effective weapon to play around using the respective emblem team because the only way to completely avoid getting an effective hit would be to run Windsweep Corrin F or something.

Patch Live Edit: I decided I'd try to get one Brave Hero from the banner before picking my free one. 120 Orbs later, I have walked away with a 5* Soleil (-ATK +SPD), 5* Katarina (+ATK -HP) and 5* L'Arachel (+DEF -ATK). On the one hand, that's a pretty amazing 5* pull rate for the amount of Orbs I put in. On the other hand, all 3 of them were goddamn pity breakers and 2 of them aren't 5* exclusives (also I already have them at 5*, but I guess a free Firesweep Sword+ is cool). Gonna cut my losses here probably. At least I got the original waifu of Maeda Era FE and she even came with good IVs.

I was also pretty lucky with the fodder this time and that softens the blow. Among them were 3 Barsts, 2 Oscars, 1 Shigure and Peri. Good Red fodder continues to elude me though, that pool is just way too bloated.

Also, Genealogy hype. Didn't expect to get another FE4 banner before a Binding Blade one but I'm looking forward to failing at orb saving yet again when Quan and Lewyn show up on the banner.

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