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General Discussions / Re: Today In The News
« on: Today at 08:31:56 AM »

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 20, 2017, 05:05:30 AM »
I don't mind having a bit of "downtime" each month where there's nothing special going on, gives a bit of time to train up units you might have pulled (or just not play at all). I do wonder what new units we'll be getting next though. I want to say Radiant Dawn or Thracia 776 seem the most likely since they're still missing their lords (and just have very few units from them in general, though RD is a bit of a weird case since a ton of the cast there was returning cast from PoR). As much as I'd like to see some good new axe users in the form of Dagdar or Orsin, I'm expecting the former since we just got a bunch of Jugdral characters.

Anyway got 20 orbs so I guess I'll continue rolling on the Dancer banner.

Lucky spread of 1 Colorless and 3 Blue.

4* Kagero: +ATK -DEF, which if I'm not mistaken is one of the best sets on her. Might actually promote her then.
4* Reinhardt: Unfortunately wasted that IV roll on Kagero because this guy's -DEF +RES. Would've preferred it here to be honest. Oh well.
3* Jagen: If they release a few more units like Sigurd I bet a Ward/Fortify Cavalry team would be really annoying.
5* Shigure: Did not expect this. Guess I should figure out how to build the guy. Since he's Neutral I'll probably Raventome him though.
Pulled the final orb because why not- 3* Gunter: Everyone tells me only scrubs abuse horse emblem but it's not my fault if the game keeps encouraging me.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:11:30 AM »
Definitely a dick move on IS's part. Introducing a really popular powercreeped new hero on a banner mixed with old heroes, one of whom can pity break her, a week after another banner she would've fit just fine on (all the while another limited-time banner with 4 really good dancers is running too). Personally I'd discourage rewarding such a dick move with more of your money, but whales gonna whale I guess. For my part I would've aimed for Sigurd over Ayra if they were on the same banner so I guess that's good for me?

My free pull was a 3* Hinata. Haven't see him in a while and I have like 10 heroes who need Fury so he's a welcome sight even at 3*.

Anyway Lunatic Arvis did give me a bit of trouble (because once again they want to challenge horse emblem with that one guy with the Horseslayer alongside all those trees on the map), but it was nothing that couldn't be brute forced by Nino. I 5*'d one of my after level rushing him through the Warriors maps. It will suck when we lose those, but Warriors maps don't give badges so if they stuck around long term we'd still feel it whenever we got around to forging our Sacred Seals.

Speaking of which, I finally decided on what I wanted to upgrade so I dumped my coins to get Distant Defense 3 and Panic Ploy 3. I'll probably upgrade Speed+1 next. In the meantime it's hilarious to stick Distant Defense 3 on Sigurd and watch him take single-digit damage from some blue mages.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:34:49 AM »
Looking forward to it personally. Even though Valflame (by the way that name really bothers me now that the official translation for the Crusader is Fjalar- names being changed a bit I can handle, but the thing was called Falaflame in Japan so now its name makes no real sense) doesn't have its massive Mt from its original game, Arvis is a pretty interesting unit with his massive RES to active its double ploy effect (plus his inbuilt C slot ploy skill). If they release some more ploy skills via sacred seals it turns him in a really powerful debuff unit. That's without mentioning how he's just a really good Red Tome just on his own, and aside from allowing him ever more flexibility in a healer support role, the Recover Ring can also synergize well with the omnipresent Fury which pushes his stats even higher. He's just a really flexible unit overall (and is another nice middle finger to daggers which are still waiting for some kind of buff).

Also yeah, Ayra and Sigurd both have +5 BST like villager units do, which is pretty clear power creep. It makes it so that Sigurd has a higher BST than normal infantry despite having a pony to ride around on. That's without accounting for the fact both of them have two very powerful exclusive skills. Oddly enough, Deirdre, Arvis, and Arden all don't have that bonus BST. The only other units that have it were the two CYL winners (BIke and Bow Lyn), but most people assumed that was just a special case.

Also you guys are underselling Arden, he's awesome. Because of his guaranteed Quad it means you can make his dream come true by sticking Galeforce on him and giving him an armor march. Watch him zoom across the map and delete two units for you.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:04:48 AM »
Paging @Arvis, you're in the game now!

I love how Arden basically got meme'd into the game with very fitting art for him, and he even has his Pursuit Ring which gives him a unique niche even with Zephiel and BK competing for his slot. Ayra is a fucking monster and completely blows other speedy swords out of the water, even if she didn't have her unique speed-based special. Arvis is disappointingly not an armored mage as expected since he's his Gen 1 incarnation, but damn that's some really nice art and he basically has Renewal 4 if I'm not mistaken. With 3 units unaccounted for though, I wonder how the third will be distributed- or are we going to get a second Genealogy banner? Seems unlikely.

Whatever the case, I got more than 200 orbs so let's roll.

Off to a great start with 2 blues and 3 colorless. Oh well.

3* Shanna: Actually was running kinda low on desperation fodder so not too bad.

Oh boy, one red and a bunch of blue and colorless.

5* Sigurd: Holy crap, holy knight. My luck streak's not over I suppose, but it is somewhat tarnished a bit by the fact that this guy is -ATK +RES. Probably one of the weaker, if not weakest sets on him. -ATK is always a pain because its prone to leaving things alive to teleport around using Wings of Mercy. Guess I'll see though.

Guess I'll shoot for Deirdre and see if I might luck into a better Sigurd now. 1 Green and 3 Red.

4* Sheena: I have like 6 copies of her now I think, I'm actually wishing for Barsts now.
4* Ogma: Bad IVs so into the trash he goes.
4* Lilina: Hurray, new unit.
4* Roy: Cute. They showed up as a set. Unfortunately I'll sacrifice Roy shortly because I really need some TA3 action.

1 Green 1 Red.

4* Raven: He's a lot less appealing after you pull your first copy. Only good skill to pass around is Threaten Def 2.
3* Raigh: Oh boy, even fewer good skills to offer.

2 Green.
3* Cecilia: Bad IVs again. Blah.
5* Deirdre: Oh hi there. Apparently she's also a pair with that Sigurd I pulled because she is -ATK +RES as well. At least with her +RES is actually good though, and she comes with Quick Riposte so she'll eat Reinhardt for breakfast, all I need her to do really.
Pulled one of the blues too: 3* Odin. Eh.

Well, I got the two stars of the banner, albeit with suboptimal stats, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Think I'll try pulling some more dancers now since those are limited time.

3* Cecilia: Bad IVs- identical to the one I just pulled in fact. Hah.
3* Arthur: Quite fitting that you represent bad luck.
4* Gunter: Free Hone Cavalry, whee.
4* Niles: -HP +SPD. Would be kinda nice if he wasn't completely outclassed by like every other archer.
3* Stahl: Figured I'd take the 3-orb cost. Would be nice to get a Hinata again.

4* Bartre: MUSCLE UP
3* Cecilia: Bad IVs again. She really doesn't want to come to me with good stats.
4* Catria: At least she wasn't 5* I guess.
3* Est: Free feathers!
3* Felicia: Wrong pretty face. Would like a Klein now.

4* Raven: At this point I think I'd prefer pulling your lover or your sister (hopefully as two separate people).
5* Inigo: There's the pretty man I'm looking for. +SPD -DEF which is pretty nice, though I don't know if that'll hurt his ability to beat Lyn if I pass a Raventome to him. Guess I'll have to see.
4* Hawkeye: He's a terrible unit, but he's new so that's nice. Also he has Threaten ATK 3 which might come in handy eventually.
3* Arthur: Should give HP+ to Arden when he shows up, he has like 60 base HP or something crazy like that I think.
4* Olivia: Dunno if I should merge my 4* Olivia or pass out Hone Atk, but Corrin F gives that too so I'll probably merge.

Guess I'll snipe Blue and Colorless now.
4* Nowi: I'll take the Threaten RES over the jail sentence.
4* Shanna: Whee, more desperation.
3* Shanna:, even more desperation?

4* Lilina: Bad board, but I got a totally useful backup Lilina I guess?

3* Subaki: Perfectly inopportune timing.
3* Azama: Not +DEF, pass.
4* Priscilla: Balancing out those Ravens huh? Too bad you're -SPD. Maybe one of the other healers will appreciate Rehabilitate though.

3* Odin: I have lots of feathers so I guess I can afford promoting all these 3* Odins I'm getting.
4* Sakura: One more step towards matching that one guy who uses a 4-Sakura team!
3* Matthew: Hone Speed is nice I guess.

4* Donnel: Useless skills, so I guess merging's the only option.
3* Azama: Come on Azama, just show up as +DEF once.
4* Matthew: At least he showed up as 4* this time.

4* Gwendolyn: Hm, +ATK -SPD. Dunno if that's worth keeping around because I don't know how people build Wendy.
4* Maria: I know she's Green, but next time just make your sister magically show up instead.
3* Saizo: -DEF is the opposite of what he wants, but I guess Poison Strike might be kinda nice at some point.
3* Setsuna: Bowbreaker is nice since I'm guessing Sigurd will only make the Lynhardt Death Squad combo even more common.

4* Catria: Who even uses Luna anymore?
5* Faye: Really would've preferred a different pity breaker, and +HP -ATK doesn't help much. Although she does open the option of me getting to be a really annoying asshole if I promote a Mathilda and create the ever-annoying Firesweep CA Bow Lyn for my defense team.
3* Lon'qu: Hm, -HP +SPD, in case I ever want to make an absurdly fast unit for the luls.
3* Henry: Well, his skills are kinda nice, I just need another red mage that can actually use them worth a damn.
3* Hana: You're cute and all, but these are like the worst pity break rolls ever.

Ended with a disappointing pity breaker, but I think I got pretty lucky here, -ATK IVs not withstanding.

It actually wasn't so much the "second half" of the film that lost me so much as it was the last 30 minutes or so. Still, after having some time to process the film I appreciate it a little more now. Some parts of it still bother me though. Guess I'll go ahead with the spoilers since the movie's been out for a while now.

Spoiler: show
The final action scene in the ocean was very visually striking, but I didn't get much from it beyond that. The final confrontation between Roy and Deckard, beyond just being pretty, was Roy teaching Deckard what it felt like to be hunted. Given 2049's focus on the womb and the supposed difference between being human and not to being born from one, as something of a follow up to the first film's obsession with eyes, I thought what was going to happen was some kind of action scene that would be visually reminiscent of a birth scene. Instead we have Luv declaring how she's the best, then K drowns her. I've tried thinking of how this sequence might've linked back to the themes or symbols the film was setting up, but I'm coming up with nothing.

There's also a part of me that thought Deckard's inclusion felt a bit unnecessary. The scene where he's talking to Wallace was the only one I felt was good (though strictly speaking I don't think you even really need Deckard in the room to pose that same question). I don't think it really matters if Deckard meets his daughter, plot-wise or thematically, so I thought it was a bit of an odd note to end the film on. On the other hand, the shots with the real/fake snowflakes on the hands at the end was really nice.

Also the inclusion of the resistance aspect of the plot was a bit out of left-field for me. It didn't feel like it really added anything at all and almost felt like a bad sequelbait scene.

Also I watched Donnie Darko and The Foreigner. I watched the former via Director's Cut, which I hear is some great blasphemy, but nevertheless I thought the film was fine. Kinda reminds me of Fight Club in that someone of a certain age will really love the film, but only because they completely misinterpret the point. The latter contains a hackneyed and convoluted conspiracy plot somewhat buoyed up by some good performances from Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. If you have a burning passion to see Jackie Chan with a dead serious grimace on his face I guess this is the film for you. It did have a couple scenes of Jackie Chan beating the crap out of people though, which we all know is the only reason people ever watch him.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 14, 2017, 11:38:12 AM »
I'm guessing Arden has a fanclub since he's something of a lovable loser of the cast (and he gives you free rings and stuff!). Or maybe he's a meme to Japanese players like Dorcas is for Americans, who knows.

Also you guys are looking at the potential 1.4x characters all wrong. You can't make it something that makes some kind of logical sense like parents+children or Gen 1/Gen2. It's going to be Sigurd, Dierdre, Eldigan and Julia following the drop for Tailtiu to 4*, because the important thing is to make sure they're all 5*-locked and screw all non-whales and luckscum.

And while I really hope Arvis is an armored mage just because of how unique it'd be, it is somewhat worth noting that there's no generic mage armors in the game, unlike how generic horse archers existed before Brave Lyn showed up.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 13, 2017, 04:48:03 AM »
Ninian's matches have been crazy close due to multiplier shenanigans. Last match she actually got a final-hour multiplier which ended up burying Corrin M in a 6 billion point lead. I've been lucky to catch all the multipliers for Ninian so far so I got a rank over 1k for both rounds. Hasn't been that many of them though so I have lots of flags lying around for the final round.

I finished the new BHB without much issue. It's probably the easiest one so far. I'm guessing the devs were too busy trying to screw horse emblem over once again by just placing trees all over the goddamn place. If there's something that's getting me stuck, it's the new Squad Assault. Decided to put that on hold while I clear out any remaining monthly quests and the like- the SPD seal from it would be really nice to have though.

Finally, it seems the rumors were true: Sigurd is here, and holy shit did they make the wait worth it, because is he overpowered as fuck. Even if he ends up with an embarrassingly bad stat spread his unique skills alone will make him worth using. Dierdre comes with an amazing base kit and a beefed up Naga as well. Tune in next Monday to see if my good fortune the last few weeks comes back to bite me on this banner.

The final unit is a surprise addition of Tailtiu. She'll probably be pretty good like most bladetomes (especially considering the one we already have), but her non-unique skills put her as a candidate for downgrade to 4* post-banner. Of her two skills, Drive SPD would be way nicer to have at 4* than ATK/RES+2- which is probably why we'll be getting the latter.

I also spy Ayra on the map at the end of that trailer, so I'm guessing either GHB or perhaps the next Tempest?

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:10:39 AM »
I think there was still a small chance that Fae could get a final hour multiplier and beat Ninian, so it'd be funny to see the meltdown if that happened. I might jump in with Fae if that happened since I'm guessing everyone's out of flags so I might actually be able to compete.

But yeah, Klein would be really nice, I sent you an invite. I have Burger King up front to take care of any terrible greens from eating Ninian. Can't think of much else appropriate to give...maybe Celica.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:53:01 AM »
I remember one of the reasons I hate VG now. I had to burn a Light's Blessing during bonus times because idiots still don't know how the VG works and send me extra Ninians (or any number of blues so a single Arthur can steamroll me).

Outside of Frakes, he somehow got a big name like Jon Favreau to direct the first episode, and Trek fandom whipping boy Brannon Braga directed the third. That does show an A for effort at least.

So I watched 3 episodes of The Orville. Didn't like the first two a lot- almost everything I enjoyed about them were the Trek nods, and the show almost never made me laugh despite being billed as a comedy, although the bit with the viewscreen did make me laugh because it's actually a joke at the expense of the setting that would fit right in with Galaxy Quest. What I especially didn't like was how the captain just came off as an unprofessional jackass- it's this sort of "jokes at the expense of character" that makes me really dislike some of MacFarlane's work, moreso than cheap dick jokes and the like (but those two usually overlap anyway). The actual scifi aspect of both episodes were rather pedestrian as well.

The third episode though, was really good. It felt very much like Trek and kept cheap jokes to a minimum. My only possible complaint is that it did feel like the writer was a bit confused between physical variances like intersex and gender identity (though with how it ended they might revisit that). The comedy was a huge improvement too, because while a lot of it didn't make me laugh, it felt a lot more natural and character-based. The Captain also wasn't acting like an idiot. If they can keep making episodes like this one I'll definitely keep watching.

Dunno if you've seen Episode 3 Arvis, but I'd recommend you check it out if you haven't.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 09, 2017, 11:02:14 AM »
There's actually a few more characters currently in the game who secretly have dragon blood, plus a bunch more who aren't who can easily fill several banners' worth. Was partially hoping they'd surprise us with one such banner, but I guess not.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 09, 2017, 09:51:28 AM »
It's definitely going to add a lot of interesting options to unit builds, and with some of those Urvan-like seals being limited to melee, it's a pretty clear concerted effort to nerf brave weapons and tomes.

Kinda funny they just started flooding us with Sacred Coins now, I guess they took note of the non whales talking about how miserable AA is. It'll basically be the same as missing out on the few hundred feathers from not staying in Tier 20 Arena- would be nice to have them, but not worth stressing over.

I'm still waiting to know if there will be any new heroes this month, but it looks like that won't happen until at least after this VG ends.

Also for the VG so far- I hopped in instantly rather than waiting the first hour like some people do so they can farm feathers. I was pretty surprised to see Ninian absolutely annihilating every other teams' score, including Nowi and Corrin F. After the initial multiplier Fae has already gotten like 4 or 5 of them in a row to catch up. People always talk about the war between old school FE players and Awakening/Fates waifu players, but I guess it turns out FE7 fans were the waifucancer all along.

I'll probably get screwed out of feathers this time around, but I guess it's nice that I won't have to stress about bonus times for once (unless Dragon mom gets blue shelled out of nowhere).

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Pokemon Sun & Moon (11/18/2016)
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:37:15 AM »
The first two generations of the Pokemon games did have a specific charm to them. They had this really weird ambiance and the Pokemon designs were generally a lot simpler. There was also a lot more left to the players' imagination. There's a reason why creepypastas and the like use Gen 1 as their basis. Gen 3 onwards really makes me wonder how much of that was intentional though, rather than just something that resulted from the limitations of the GB/GBC.

As for the new trailer- going to the UB realms was something that really felt like it should've been in SM to begin with, so it being in USUM is nice. Kinda disappointed that it looks like all the realms will just be essentially a hallway like the Nihilego one (with varying wallpaper) though. UB Adhesion is IMO the most disappointing UB design so far. Every other UB is just this weird monstrosity whereas Adhesion kinda looks like one of those Mew variants we get every gen. Gameplay-wise it's a disappointingly mundane typing too.

I guess I might check out the Orville given that I'm hearing some good things about it, but I have to admit there's a part of me that really thinks some of the buzz is from obnoxious people talking about how great it is as an indirect way of complaining about Discovery (btw this isn't directed at you Aeolus- you know how the internet can be). Part of that also stems from me really not liking most of Seth MacFarlane's work.

And I enjoy Tilly so far, especially since a lot of the other characters seem like total jerks.

That was somewhat my gut reaction too, but it does make sense some of them are being dicks when for some of them (like Stamets), they essentially had their lives taken away so they could be conscripted, and they have enough reason to believe that Burnham is responsible for the war (she doesn't even take any opportunities to deny it).

The whole first season of TNG was pretty much not good. :P

Hell, I'd say the same for season 2. I think there's a grand total of like 2 good episodes in the first two seasons (Measure of a Man and Pen Pals are the ones that come to mind for me).

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