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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 18, 2017, 07:01:10 AM »
So we're finally getting a Normal Fateswakening Banner, angering Radiant Dawn and Thracia 776 fans everywhere. Given the name it'll probably be half Nohr and half Hoshido kids, though if they go purely by popularity it would pretty much be flooded with just Nohr kids. I'd guess Forrest has a good chance at making it in since he's a combination of being pretty popular and being a major character's child, same with Shiro. The former would also find good timing in that we're close to staffbots getting buffed. Selkie is the most popular child character as I recall, but I do wonder if they'll go ahead and add in their first beast character this way.

The reveal of the bonus characters for the TT will teach me to be so hasty on spending my orbs, since I already have a BIke to fill my multiplier needs. It's compounded by the fact that the 8% banner will only last a week, meaning I can't funnel a lot of the upcoming free orbs into it. At least that means if I end up getting pity broken out of a mutton man by Merric or some shit I still have a safety net available though.

Oh well. Did free rolls on the BHB and TT banners and got a 4* Shanna and 3* Hinata. More SI sacrifices!

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:50:42 AM »
I'll probably do full 5-orb rolls for the upcoming 8% banner despite owning a lot of the units, including all the Red ones due to the Ayra I just got. Aside from the chance at a better IV for any units I already own (well, not Celica, I have -HP +SPD on her), they have some nice skills to pass around anyway and merging is always an option.

Been leveling Ayra and goddamn is she strong, even with mediocre IVs. I mean, ultimately she's still a Red Infantry with all the typical weaknesses of one, especially with that laughable RES stat, but it's still dumb how good she is, especially with her busted weapon. She invalidates the majority of Red infantry barring the ones with a Falchion or a DC Sword. Allowing the killing edge scrubs to upgrade their weapon seems like even more of a pittance when it's going to cost you a bunch of the new currency to do so.

Also I steamrolled the new BHB with Team Nino, and proceeded to get two boards with no greens which yielded a 4* Gwendolyn and 4* Tailtiu. Nice to get :D lady so soon after she got demoted, at least.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:00:26 AM »
After the VG, I'd build a Shanna if I had one with decent IVs. I've pulled like 20+ of her and I don't have one with good IVs yet.

As for all the new info, I myself only just 5*'d an Adult Tiki so I could inherit Lightning Breath+ onto Ninian. Dragon breaths are included on the forging list so it would suck if Light Breath +∞ ended up being way better. I doubt anything it'd give would outdo the flexibility of Distant Counter though. Plus Lightning Breath is on the forging list anyway.

Same deal with Taco Meat with a Brave Bow. I doubt Brave weapons will get outdated despite not being on the forging list, especially with someone like Takumi where his original weapon had a nigh-useless effect on it. Pass has limited use even on the only units that can get some use out of it (Cavalry) so I'd say at worst you'll just have a more flexible Takumi to play with.

Also for Christmas, wasn't there a Christmas-themed Robin and Tharja mined from the game a long while back? They've probably been planning the Christmas banner for a while.

Anyway since the TT will probably have these 3 heroes as the 40%, I decided to pull. I want Mutton Man anyway since he has a DC Axe because Pugi and Helswath aren't popular enough to deserve being in the game. Game wasn't terribly nice to me though, I dumped all my ~120 Orbs and don't have any focus units yet. Did get a couple Barsts for SI which is nice, and I also got a +ATK -SPD Cherche, which I'm debating on upgrading but I don't know if I'd rather wait for a -RES one since she's a common unit (Plus Michalis is getting thrown a bone soon so he might end up being a better investment).

I got pity broken by a Red Orb at one point, which contained the community imploder herself, Ayra. She's +HP -RES which isn't ideal, but at least it's not -ATK or -SPD and I get to keep her decent DEF stat intact. Kind of a bittersweet deal since I really would've rather saved some orbs for the upcoming super ultra banner that contains her anyway. Really hope I can get one of the focus heroes before the TT comes along, then at least I could get a few tries for the banner at the end of month.

I personally didn't feel like they spent enough of Episode 4 making fun of the Earth-like planet aspects common in scifi. The one gag that I felt kinda worked was when they sat down to eat and it disgusted Mercer, which I felt could've been taken further- have a redshirt eat the food and keel over dead since it turns out randomly eating alien food is not a good idea. Though maybe that would've been too dark?

The rest of the episode felt like it was largely played straight, up to and including the pretty snappy decision to suddenly expose a civilization to nighttime after millennia of not knowing it exists. Pretty sure that would just result mass hysteria, but at least it depicted Mercer as someone who can make assertive judgment calls instead of a guy who just bitches about his ex-wife to diplomats...which brings me to the fact that I've now watched episiode 6-9!

Episode 6 was decent, but it still continues what I think is a mistake by using incompetence as the basis for its humor. I just feel like the show can't have its cake and eat it too- it wants the scifi aspect to be taken somewhat seriously when it comes up (the whole "murdering a whole ship to save our own" thing), but then you have both Ed and especially Gordon acting like the worst undercover agents possible. Episode 7 had the same issue where LaMaar just starts humping a statue for a cheap gag despite them not knowing plot-convenient things (they know what they wear but not that they have an entire society based around reddit karma voting apparently).

Episode 8 is the trite ol' "our shuttle crashed on a hostile planet moon" plot, but it centered around characters who aren't insufferable so that automatically made it superior for me.

But Episode 9 is the one I really, really didn't like because it's like an entire episode about any gripes I have with the show. Not much to say other than "Captain Mercer: Willing to let millions die because he's horny".

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 12, 2017, 03:33:05 AM »
I finished FE5. Quite a ride that was.

The last few chapters of this game really encourage you to deploy every staff user you can come up with, which really came to bite me in the ass for Chapter 22. I went to 21x after allowing one guy to get captured in the previous map, but I stuck around too long trying to get lots of different treasure and capture items and multiple people, including Linoan, Safy, Asbel and most importantly Tina became fatigued, and I had already used up my Stamina Drinks earlier in the game- kinda surprised only the one vendor relatively early in the game sells the things, would've thought there'd be another one later. They don't even provide any for you to steal.

The instant I saw what I was up against in Chapter 22 I knew I made a huge mistake letting Tina get fatigued, because her Thief staff probably would've let me cheese the chapter quite easily (alongside getting me another Dire Thunder). My high-mag sleep users were also out of commission, preventing me from sleep-cheesing Reinhardt with Pure Waters. I had to clear the map the old-fashioned way, so I deployed every single leadership star I could and kept people clustered around Nanna, Diarmund, and the King's Sword as best I could (good thing this isn't Shining Force or I'd get a face full of AoE spells), and while my hit rates were generally decent, my evade rates weren't so much. If Olwen wasn't taking out the ballistae with Bolting I think the map would've been impossible. Reinhardt is somehow even more powerful in this game than he is in Fire Emblem Heroes, and in my winning run I blasted him with Bolting a few times before talking to him with Olwen and finishing him off with the King's Sword. Karin then put some work in by equipping a Master Lance and killing the entire Mage Squadron in one enemy phase.

After that it was pretty much smooth sailing. Chapter 23 gave me Ced, who would have the crown of being The Game Breaker of two different games had FE4 not been a game where about a third of the cast were game breakers. Galzus is pretty broken too- seems like they really wanted to give the new players some last-second crutch characters to beat the final chapters if they let people die. Plus they give you a sword to make Reydrik laughably easy.

One thing I do find kinda odd is how the game tells you the Blaggi Sword can only be used by people with Holy Blood, yet you can't give it to Galzus, Mareeta, or even Eyvel, which seems like a really weird oversight when they also allowed Fergus to use it as a subtle clue to his background.

I failed my first run of Chapter 24x because the map does is not particularly nice to people going in blind. A few of my staffbots were nearing fatigue despite me spending all my money on just Life Rings in the secret shop, so I couldn't Restore as quickly as I was being Slept/Berserked, which wasn't helped by tiles randomly warping the staffs I did deploy all over the place. I decided instead to just Rewarp Linoan over to the escape point and have her kill everything with Resire. Almost seems like this was the intended design. Of course this ended up fatiguing Linoan for the final chapter, but having one less staffbot isn't a big deal since you are given like 6 of them. Also for some reason this chapter also gives out a Knight's Crest in one of the chests.

The first few turns of the final chapter were probably the hardest, needing to do some pretty unreliable boss kills thanks to the game deciding your party should be split into 6 groups, ruining most of any Charm/Support Bonuses you were hoping to stack unless you plan your deployments out like 5 chapters early. I had more than enough sleep and silence charges left though, so I could just spam the things all day long.

The final boss is a real anticlimax, in more ways than one. He's a laughably easy boss to ORKO with Ced after a journey through a hard-bordering-on-bullshit game, and killing him doesn't really solve any conflicts plot-wise when you think about it (though there's that last-minute plot twist about how Leif's parents died to make him semi-relevant!). Getting to him is pretty hard though so it's nice the final chapter's difficulty is front-loaded at least (and he has a pretty damn cool boss theme, it's got nothing on Arvis's though).

In any case this was definitely one of the most enjoyable FE games I've played. The design in some places can be bullshit, but rarely feels unintentional. The capturing/stealing is what made this game really fun for me, and not giving the player any gold to work with really encourages its use. Really hoping that they bring back this mechanic at some point, but it would need to be in a game that similarly deprives you of being able to farm for supplies.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:47:03 AM »
Went in wanting easy feathers by betting on a horse with a good ratio. Came out feeling happy for the long-shot who's not just from an older game, but also a C-list character. Many a FE6 playthrough pairing her up with Roy in celebration will be coming soon I presume. Most impressive is that it was just a clean win with no last-minute multiplier shenanigans, Shanna just had more flags saved up and brute forced through (albeit it's because of how multipliers influence player behavior, but still).

Did pretty well on feathers regardless, despite me having saved 400 flags for the end so I ended up spending them on a non-multiplier hour. I placed top 1000 on my team for both the first rounds, placed top 10k for the final round and had an overall rank of ~1100. I probably would've hit top 1000 for overall rank if I hadn't held onto those 400 flags, but oh well.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:14:38 AM »
Damn, quite the clutch victory. Both the units you wanted, plus two other pretty interesting/good 4*s, and perfect IVs on your husbando. You can quit the game now.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 10, 2017, 07:24:21 AM »
Maybe Shanna's newfound popularity will bring us some FE6 characters! Or maybe not, her popularity comes from being one of the best skill fodder in the game. That and being part of Roy's wacky harem- though it'd be nice if they added the rest of just them, another Dancer and Horse Archer to make the meta even healthier. Or they could remind everyone of how much they hate Thea by adding her and giving her a skill that only allows you to move her like 50% of the time.

Anyway, looking forward to the Feh Channel. It's been kind of a dead month so far. Placing my bets on Hero Fest 3. There will probably be a new character banner too, but odds are they won't include it in the video and just have it surprise it out of nowhere. I'd put my money on it being the Dawn Brigade to maximize butthurt, Micaiah's the last lord not in the game (since Thracia doesn't exist).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 09, 2017, 05:43:19 AM »
I think the best suggestion I've seen so far as to how to make the Voting Gauntlet more functional as a popularity vote is to give a static multiplier to underpopulated teams in ratio to how much smaller their team is (ie 1/2 the size means 2x multiplier whole way through). Also make it so your rank will not take this multiplier into consideration, it's just for victory calculation purposes. This would make it so that:

1. The character with the most enthusiastic support wins (the members are playing the most often)
2. You don't have to wake up at bumfuck who knows what time in the middle of the night if you want to catch that juicy 7x multiplier or whatever

I also personally would remove the winning team rewards altogether, it should just be about supporting the character you like.

Of course, I think this system would likely favor less popular characters since they usually have a more dedicated fanbase (so maybe still weight the ratio in favor of the large groups, like say you only get 1.9x multiplier if you have half the people or whatever). It would also mean they would need to remove the option to be able to jump in in the middle of the match or whatever, but I think that can be somewhat addressed by having a sign up sheet running a week in advance or whatever, they usually announce them that early anyway (or you could make late joiners only have their score be worth a fraction when calculating for the team, so they can still try to get rewards for playing). If they removed the winning team rewards, they could also create a loser's bracket for people who don't like it when their favorite gets knocked out first turn. It also still wouldn't fix the mode being generally boring to play though.

Anyway with the Tempest over I can spend my stamina leveling up random characters I drew/promote or whatever. I promoted that +ATK Klein and Kagero I drew earlier, and merged the latter with the one I already had. Leveled them up aside those -RES Sonya and Catura I drew. The first two are already putting in some work for me in Arena Assault, but -RES Sonya is teh sux because she can't tank a buffed Reinhardt without a defense tile, and -RES Catura isn't much better (at least she one-shots every popular mage though). Regardless, I'm having an easier time with now that my barracks has rounded out a bit, but it still takes me way too many runs to get perfect run. The maps this week are especially awful, particular the stupid one with all the walls and defense tiles running down the center- if you don't deploy specific units and move very specific ways the first turn, Thunder Birdflip and How do I shot Horses will pin the entire map and basically force a loss.

Also my free pull of Death Blow yielded me a 3* Laslow. Think that's enough to discourage me from pulling for now- plus given their habits, there's probably going to be a new banner announced next week. If I dig into the monthly quests I'll have around 80 orbs for that whenever it rears its head.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Pokemon Sun & Moon (11/18/2016)
« on: November 08, 2017, 11:57:54 PM »
Read a couple of the leaks from the text files...I gotta say these games sound pretty disappointing. It's funny how with every single trailer that came out I kept hearing people say how they were holding back on the really interesting announcements either because they were saving the best ones for last, or because for once they were not going to reveal every last detail before release. Turns out it was neither and it was correct to just say they had very little to show.

Spoiler: show
I guess that's a bit unfair, fighting every evil team boss is a neat little feature, but I bet it'll just be a bunch of boss fights with little else attached. And I doubt there's significant changes to the story and in terms of new Pokemon to play around with that boils down to, what, 5 sub-legendaries? Compare that to ORAS which offered like 15+ new Megas, and I didn't even like ORAS.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 05, 2017, 07:50:51 AM »
As for Olwen, she's a text book case of Kaga era game design, with stats not mattering as much as stuffs like Prfs, Skills and miscellaneous stuff like PCC in FE5.

I did give Olwen the Vantage scroll as soon as I got her since it seemed a natural fit, but I think my problem was that I have a bad habit of conserving rare weapons far more than I should, so a lot of times I stuck her with a regular old Thunder tome (or a Wind tome if I can spare one since in FE5 they haven't fixed the thing from the previous game where Wind is unarguably the best basic tome). Second problem is her shaky accuracy, so even if I let her waste a lot of Dire Thunder charges she can still get herself killed if she decides to miss thanks to Thracia's one-RN and "oops you missed a 99 hit attack" system.

Still, anything can be fixed with the insane stat boosts scrolls provide, so with the Od and Sety scrolls Olwen's skill and speed skyrocketed and she soon became one of my best members. I leveled Asbel's fire rank like crazy in the early game so along with him I had two options for siege to take care of the ridiculously powerful ballistas of the game. Had to use them pretty sparingly since I moved too slowly to capture Bolting or Meteor tomes with a lot of uses left though.

Speaking of Ballista, I took the A route at the split where you approach Leonster from the front since I felt that fit Leif's character better, and 17A was not a nice map to go to when Saias showed up and suddenly Ballista had a 110% accuracy or whatever. Definitely a really interesting map though, with one of the more unique ways of recruiting a character (the game doesn't do a very good job of telling you have to hold on Misha until its all over though, and unlike Lifis she's near the start of the map).

Also this game seems to absolutely love feeding the player an absurd amount of Rewarp staves. Pretty sure with the amount I've stolen I won't even use them up by the time I finish the game. Chapter 18 and 19, however, did make sure to drain my reserves of Rescue and Warp staves because holy shit are these two maps cruel.

I enjoyed Chapter 18 mass of interesting treasures and potential captures but it has the most annoying NPC puzzle in any Fire Emblem game I've played. In my successful run I basically stood there for a good 20 turns or something shuffling the civilians in a narrow hallway until they matched up with the correct armor knight (good thing they don't attack the civilians). At least the unit you get out of it has some great stats, but he's a General so he's automatically neutered by his terrible movement. A final insult is given when Leif promotes and gets probably the most laughable promotion bonuses of any Lord. An extra 19 levels to grow is nice, though.

I like the integration of story and gameplay in Chapter 19, and Leif losing a leadership star is a really nice touch, but the first few turns of the map are insanely difficult to maneuver if you want to save the civilians. It also makes the set-in deployment of the game really annoying, even moreso than the last map. Thankfully at this point I have like 8 staff users and I've promoted most of them so I can engage in mass rewarp shenanigans. Leif also gained a ton of levels fighting all the Axe Knights so now he's a pretty respectable combat unit.

Up to Chapter 20 now and it's kinda interesting seeing the references to the events of FE4. Slightly surprised that I'm cutting into the events of mid-Chapter 7 of that game here since I assumed that wouldn't happen until the very tail end of the game. The way this story is framed is really makes me wonder if they originally planned to continue making lots and lots of games that flesh out the offscreen events of FE4. Then again they probably did plenty of that in the numerous mangas for the franchise that don't make it stateside.

Anyway I did one try of Chapter 20 which went pretty well until the surprise ballistas spawned at the bottom and instantly killed like 2 guys. They bait you with those shiny Unlock and Recover staves just to trap you with those on your first try I'll bet.

Btw, have you had anybody proc their Movement Growth yet?

Funny that you ask because I went through most of my run so far not getting any movement, save one point really early on in my first run of the prison escape which I immediately lost thanks to the death trap at the end of that map, then all of a sudden I got 2 points of movements in pretty quick succession on Lara in Chapter 18, just in time for her to cap her levels (since nobody sane would promote her), and in Chapter 19 when I let Leif grind up a bit he got a ton of movement. On top of the Leg Ring I gave Leif earlier he now has 11 movement, which I guess is going to speed up the late game quite a bit for me.

Finished up to Episode 7 of Discovery. I had mixed feelings about the show at first but the last 3 episodes or so have been fantastic IMO. The characters feel like they've found their places, and it's nice that what they're doing with Stamets makes him come off as less of a guy with a stick up his ass. Lorca's a really great character and I often shift between agreeing, condemning or even pitying the guy.

Episode 6 did a very unique story that only could've been done with the idea of having Burnham as the adopted daughter of Sarek. It was one idea in the show I always thought was a headscratcher to include, considering the franchise's really, really bad precedent in letting Spock have siblings, but this episode took that idea and actually not only made a pretty good episode, but it actually brings some purpose to the creative decision, because it added something to consider for Sarek/Spock interactions in previous shows.

Episode 7 was also a pleasant surprise in that it was a classic style Trek episode, a self-contained story involving a zany time loop. Was starting to think that the show would be all serialized. Trek has done way too many time loop episodes so I was ready to not like this one much, but I think this one certainly one of the better ones and ended up liking it quite a bit.

Also watched episodes 4 and 5 of The Orville. Didn't care much for the former, it was a tired scifi concept done for the umpteenth time, which wouldn't be a problem if the show was making fun of the concept, but it pretty much played all the scifi stuff straight with some jokes thrown in. Episode 5 was pretty good though, and it had a nice balance of the drama with comedy.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Pokemon Sun & Moon (11/18/2016)
« on: November 03, 2017, 06:09:16 AM »
That's kinda cool, kind of a reversal of the PWT from Black and White 2. Still, it's really weird that it's looking like there's going to be no new Alolan forms in the game, when you'd think that would be the most marketable thing they could go for (mirroring all the Megas they put into ORAS).

One more announcement in a week or so though, so we'll see. I'd be surprised if they announced more Alolan forms because it would mean they've done a really good job keeping it under wraps. More likely it'll just be an official announcement of the special Z Move Mimikyu is going to get.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:46:51 AM »
I'm saving all of my ~20 orbs for now, since we'll probably get another new heroes banner at the end of this Voting Gauntlet like usual.

Speaking of which, guess I'll throw in with Takumi since I capped HM on Soren during the PoR TT. It also has the added bonus of if I get some idiot sending me an extra Takumi, it's actually not that big of a handicap unless I just so happen to run into a Raventome. Takumi also has a decent-ish shot at victory since he's a really popular character, compared to the waifu side who are moderately popular at best (Hinoka). Really though, I wish they'd just replace the Voting Gauntlet mode altogether at this point. It's just not a very interesting mode to play in.

Also I got a 4* Hinata and 3* Nino with my free pulls. The former was immediately sacrificed of course, no idea what I'll do with an extra Nino though.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: October 31, 2017, 01:27:19 PM »
Meanwhile, I went back to playing some more Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 for shits and giggles and it still annoys me on how much grinding you need to do to unlock essential gameplay mechanics or quality of life features like Air Dashes, or Increased Damage from your lightning attack, or Reducing EP Costs that most of your kit runs on (yes, I know that MMX did this first, but there was no random chance involved and you only needed one or two passes per stage to get everything if you knew what you were doing (and it was an earlier MMX game)). At least I'm only one normal stage away from beating the Robot Masters portion of the game (also, lol at why they initially got rid of a bunch of dialogue during the localization process, having half of your gameplay real-estate eaten up by non-stop talking heads gabbing on about its edgy and turbo cool storiez is fucking balls).

I still haven't replayed Gunvolt since I first bought it, which I have been meaning to do since I think they patched the 3DS version to have all the dialogue again matching the Steam version, which is kinda cool of them when a lot of other games would just leave it to rot. I haven't even gotten the second game. To be honest I'd probably be more keen on replaying X1-5 myself if I felt like some X-style action (and a masochistic side me would even challenge X6 again). I've said this before, but my biggest issue with the game is that it instantly destroys your combo if you get hit by anything. It means that there's no progression to your improvement like how you could maybe get less heart tanks or whatever each time through an X game, with Gunvolt its be perfect or get bent. Dunno if the second game changed this at all.

Also apparently there's a second Mighty No 9/Gunvolt crossover game for the Switch, and it actually looks...good. Turns out Inti-Creates still works magic as long as they're sticking to 2D. Guess I'll put it on the list for whenever I get around to buying a Switch.

As for me, I'm up to Chapter 15 of FE5. Seems like every chapter of this game will throw some crazy curveball at you, which I both love and hate. I gotta say Chapter 12 is a massive dick move though, with a guy in the darkness sleeping your units opening them up to instant capture, or worse yet just dying (since all your stats are 0'd when you sleep). Still, I got Mareeta to capture the guy with 1 use left on the staff. Given the Gaiden chapter after this one I can only assume that the designers were straight up expecting you to just warp skip the whole thing, but at least the Gaiden chapter you can figure that out on the first go since the instant you light a torch, you can see where Perne is and just warp Lara over. Speaking of Perne, goddamn is he ridiculous. Movement stars add a bit too much randomness for my taste but I have to admit it's fun to have Perne get two turns so often. I've also fielded Tina a few times for the same reason, but she gets fatigued real easy so it kinda balances itself out.

Also couldn't manage to get the Dragon Lance on Chapter 14. I was hoping the  group standing near that house would move at some point, but I guess they expect you to send out a team even though the map reinforces like 10 units every turn.

My team's getting pretty strong though, so far I've promoted Asbel, Finn, Fergus, Selfina, and Nanna. Asbel is easily still the star of the show, alongside Dagdar. Since Dagdar doesn't really need any more help killing things, I gave the Wrath manual to Karin like Aeolus suggested. Also gave Orsin Charge so he's basically a second Dagdar at this point.

Finally I've been playing around with Olwen a bit because she was one of the first Thracia characters I met via Heroes. Gotta say she's kinda...mediocre. Magic is really good in general for this game, but she's kinda slow and she has terrible defenses. She has a pony though so I guess that makes up for her not being a killing machine.

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