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I watched Moana. I wasn't crazy about how Maui looked on the poster, but in the movie itself I thought he was a really great character. His intro brought to mind a bit of how the Genie was introduced in Aladdin.

Similar to how I felt about Frozen and especially Zootopia, this movie again made me think that Disney's really been upping their game in recent years while a lot of Pixar's movies have been kinda "eh" for me. It actually got me interested enough to do a bit of reading on Polynesian culture.

Also saw Spiderman Homecoming. After two reboots I had a really hard time working up any excitement for this one, which is why I passed on seeing it in the theater. I gotta say it won me over though. I really liked the villain especially, would not mind seeing more villains like him in the MCU. If I had any problem with it it's that I felt like Spiderman wasn't in any real danger the majority of the time. Some crazy shit happens but it feels like he always comes out the other end with very few scratches. I'd place it just under Spiderman 2.

Finally, on the recommendation of a movie buff, I saw a movie called Farewell My Concubine. It's apparently a really well-regarded film, and it didn't take too long into the film for me to see why. Like a lot of great drama films it's hard to explain why it's great simply via a summation since the plot itself is pretty simple. Definitely not a movie to watch if you're not in the mood to deal with some heavy things though.

Reading about the film afterwards was pretty interesting by itself. In a headscratching but nevertheless typical decision, after initial screenings the movie was nearly banned in China but just ended up censored after international outcry. Don't think I'll ever understand the reasoning for this sort of thing. That aside, reading about the director was pretty interesting too. The fact that the director himself was a Red Guard in his youth adds so much significance to several scenes of the film for me.

EDIT: I saw some more movies and stuff. I saw the Lego Batman movie and I liked it enough. It got a couple good laughs out of me but there was this really weird "assembly line" feeling permeating throughout the film for me.

Blade Runner 2049 was one of my most anticipated films this year, and I was really excited when I heard initial responses were positive.

Visually, I liked it a lot. Thematically is where the movie dropped the ball for me, and that's what made the first movie exceptional. I really loved the movie at first, and it did set up some very strong symbols and themes, but it really lost me around the second half, where I felt it became a really generic scifi movie.

I'm writing this just after seeing it, so maybe I need some more time to process everything from it, but for me, I knew the first Blade Runner was one of my favorite films the instant I finished it. This was not the case for 2049.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:53:34 AM »
Oh boy, a colorless hell banner (unless your waifu is Shanna). It's still beaten out by the ones from the healer gauntlet a while back though.

I got 1 Colorless and 4 Greens on my free pull. Thanks desire sensor.

5* Jaffar: I'm being set up for a dry spell down the line, I just know it. Although he's -SPD so he's even worse than usual. Dunno if I should sacrifice him for Life and Death 3 or keep him around to satisfy the obsessive collector in me.

Also Arena Assault is broken right now despite the new quest for an orb. I think it's pretty funny that the first reaction a lot of the community had to that was "this is good because we might get compensation orbs".

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: October 02, 2017, 07:21:14 AM »
Alphonse being one of the bonus units this week encourages me to get a Dancer sooner rather than later. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Nothing to do with poor impulse control!

Guess I'll snipe for Greens since I want Inigo. Of course my first board gives me no greens whatsoever. Got a 3* Shanna and noped groans of increasing discomfort out of there.

2 Greens and 3 Colorless.
5* Soren: You're not even remotely immodestly dressed. Well, that sure used up the pity rate fast. Somehow I got super lucky and he's -HP +SPD though. Guess I'm obligated to build him for real now. Maybe I should just give him Guard so QP Moonbow won't immediately delete him.
5* Azura: Someone screwed up and mixed up my roll with Smash's. Seems like everyone I know who wants Azura gets Inigo and vice versa. Not like I'll bellyache about getting one of the prize units of the banner, though.
4* Azama: Not +DEF so my search for the ultimate troll healer continues.
3* Felicia: We've got trouble.
3* Gordin: Vantage 1 is totally worth it.

The rumor is that we're getting a Genealogy banner with Sigurd later this month. Given my luck these last few weeks I'm guessing I'm getting prepped for getting tons of Firs when that hits.

Spoiler: show
I was mostly just being glib about the shuttlecraft thing. It's not something I really thought much of at the time, but yeah, it is pretty odd that they just plain didn't have any. I mean you could probably think of any number of reasons they didn't have any (maybe they just finished having a few Voyager-style adventures of their own already, durr hurr) but it's ultimately a pretty thin way of justify firing a guy in a spacesuit at an unknown object.

Also maybe I missed it in the preview, but I don't believe they showed that Michael was being set up as a future Captain? I suppose it's possible given that they're setting up a rather obvious redemption story for her, but for the moment this seems to be more of a Tom Paris situation where rogue Captain dude is going to take her on because she has some skill everyone else lacks.

As for influences of the show, while ISIS would certainly be a fit for what the Klingons represent, I believe the writers straight up said that the 2016 elections influenced their writing for the show, and they did their whole slacktivism thing by kneeling the day of the premiere, so I'll just throw out the tiptoeing and say that the Klingons are representing White supremacists. Not like it's the least bit subtle, I think they even literally had one say the term "Klingon supremacy" at one point. It's probably why you have alt-right trolls flooding the comment section of anything related to this show and making it unpleasant to have any actual discussion on it. (My favorites are the ones who go on about how "SJWs have ruined Star Trek" even though Gene Roddenberry was pretty much the original SJW who wanted minorities on his show because basically nobody else did)

I'll understand if you don't really want to continue discussing it down this road, but making points about modern politics is certainly something very much Trek IMO. All I have to really say there is that I do believe there certainly do exist forces, both in the context of Trek and without, where negotiation will not work, at least not in an immediate sense. Within the context of the show, the admiral even tried to negotiate after the Klingons attacked first. I don't think it's too hard to make the connection to some of the things you heard being said by people today.

But that does bring us back to the problem of them making this a prequel- their hands are tied as to where this will end up. We know the Federation will only get a shaky ceasefire after a few years and won't make peace with the Klingons until The Undiscovered Country. If they wanted to end the conflict on the hopeful note Trek is known for, they would have to have the show span ~40 years of the timeline or have some awkward flash forward at the end.

As for the general structure of the show, my hope is that the show is taking a DS9 route in that it'll have "classic style" Trek episodes in between episodes about the Klingon War. I don't believe the latter is incapable of meshing with the Trek vision, but it depends on where they take it. I feel that idea especially shouldn't be coming out of the mouths of anyone who accepts DS9 as a Trek show- though I know lots of people still don't.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:01:28 PM »
I did a 5-pull on the Dancer banner, but didn't get much. 4* Camilla, Leon, Rebecca, and Lissa and a 3* Florina. Dunno what I'll do with all these Leons. Ignis is good on like, maybe 2 characters? Most other characters would prefer Bonfire's faster charge since Ignis is often overkill. Wish they'd make the other Slaying weapons available at 4* since the Bow's the least useful out of all of them. Well, Rebecca's new at least- nice to get the sacred FE7 waifu, but I'm not a fan of the way the artist drew her. The VA's sounds kinda off too, like she's trying to do some country girl accent but gave up halfway through coming up with it.

I'll be saving my Orbs for now, but if nothing else comes out this month I'm probably most interested in Inigo out of the new dancers. Aside from being best husbando, if you ran a Raven tome on him he could probably check both of the Horsecancer units while also being a dancer.

Saw the Star Trek Discovery premiere and thought it was...good. Nothing great, but I enjoyed it enough. I'm gonna have to see more episodes before passing any sort of judgment on the show, but given past Trek openings I think this is certainly one of the better ones. But like I said before, most of the Trek shows had really bad first episodes- only Emissary was better than this one IMO.

Had some very different reactions to various situations in the episodes from you, Aeolus.

Spoiler: show
As far as turning tail and running, I assume that was a non-starter because of the civilian outposts in the area. I do agree that it was likely a mistake to show that the "correct" solution would've been to be aggressive assholes and firing on the Klingons, but I'm not entirely sure that was the intent here. I think that once again, Trek writers can't get over fucking Star Trek 2 and were trying to invoke memories of the Kobayashi Maru again. There's no ship in distress, but it was arguably a no-win scenario: even without the benefit of foresight (since we know the war is going happen in-canon) I don't think the Klingons, with as jingoistic as they were depicted, would've responded to aggression any better than perceived weakness. Speaking of which, reeeallll subtle social commentary with them here talking about racial purity and the threat of multiculturalism.

My biggest issue might've been with how apparently easy it was to unite the Klingon factions but maybe they'll expand on that, who knows.

The Starfleet insignia in the sand was pretty dumb, but I got over it.

I'm indifferent to the lack of shuttlecrafts, although I admit I'm a bit biased after my experience with Voyager where it was always laughable how they would blow up a shuttlecraft every other week when they were supposedly struggling to survive (but then again that was also the same show that simultaneously had the holodeck running 24/7 so you could always walk in and live out your fantasy life banging every supermodel ever before returning to your room where the toaster wouldn't run).

Lethality of radiation does increase kinda exponentially the longer you're exposed, so I don't have too much of an issue with that part. I'm sure people have already made numerous jokes about how Spock should've just walked to sickbay afterwards but Michael had a full suit on whereas Spock put on some oven mitts before going to work so I'll just handwave that.

I actually thought the telescope bit was kinda clever, in that I do sometimes run into things at work where sophisticated testing methods ends up missing things that can be caught with someone just taking 5 minutes out to look at a sample under a microscope, but I'm not one of those hyper nerds familiar with Trek tech so I'm guessing someone can list to me all the ways the scene was nonsense.

But I guess the biggest question here is, "is this Trek"? Just going by this one episode, I would say no. There wasn't really any exploration, just set up for what will likely be the season's plot arc. Of course a lot of people didn't seem to have an issue with Enterprise doing the same sort of thing (if anything, it was the "Trek-like" episodes that show did that were god-awful, like that episode where Trip essentially get raped and they sit around cracking jokes about it for an hour). But I think they were setting up a pretty obvious "globalism vs nationalism" metaphor in there, which is certainly a very Trek thing to be doing.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 28, 2017, 07:29:12 AM »
I think all of them are infantry actually, but flying Bards are probably inevitable for whenever they get around to adding a Heron. I don't think they'll make Arena Assault any worse than it already is, since whales probably already have at least one dancer fully merged up (pretty easy to do with Olivia), and having two dancers on a defense team isn't all that optimal. Azura also already fills the role of a dancer that fights well, though the tome dancers will probably be a lot more annoying for anyone who doesn't have a bunch of Distant Counter fodder just sitting around waiting to be used.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 27, 2017, 06:09:02 AM »
Well, you could always ask for an early birthday present the next time we see Ninian/Takumi on a banner...does it count as whaling if it's not your money?

Shigure would be interesting because strictly speaking I don't think they've added any child characters yet (well, Seliph and Julia probably count). The silhouette makes it look like they're adding Azura with another spear again, which seems kinda redundant, but then again they added Summer Leo where the only real difference was that he was on foot (ie worse).

Still holding out hope on that rumor that we're get an FE4 banner in October. Not like it would be the first time new units and seasonal units were running simultaneously. It would be a nice way to wash the flavor of Awakening and Fates from them being on every seasonal banner and like three quarters of the Warriors cast.

Also I got 5* Burger King so I guess I can replace Zephiel with him on my Arena team as soon as I get the ridiculous amounts of SP needed for him to learn all his skills.

EDIT: On today's episode of "Every banner is a bait banner", the seasonal banner contains nothing but Dancers (with some other really good skills to boot, and not one, but two Green Dancers). In one instant we have more than double the dancers we had before. With 7 Dancers total Arena Assault would be a lot less torturous, except with this being a seasonal banner only whales are going to have all of them.

Since this banner will run till the end of October, I'll be penny pinching my Orbs to see if we get any new heroes in the middle of the month. If it's nothing interesting guess I'll go all in and try to get myself some Dancers.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:56:18 AM »
jesus christ the sacred seal quests include using henry to kill level 35 enemies which i think is the worst quest added to any game ever

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 23, 2017, 09:14:20 PM »
Even with a glacial pace of adding new characters it would probably be wise of them to pace themselves so they always have one popular character to bait whales with. This game's been crazy successful so I imagine they're planning for the long haul. Also its the only way I can hope characters like Treck can make it in. Though out of less popular characters, I'd love too see how all the kawaii uguu artists of this game would render Gonzales.

Really I kinda miss the series' more unconventional character designs in general, like Vaida or Archanea's healthy senior citizen representation. In the newer games even geezers like Fuga are beefcakes.

As for TT, I'm spamming Lunatic 5 after the two daily boosted L7 runs like the last few times. Couple of the maps this time kinda suck with the danger area overlapping, but level 35 enemies aren't too bad. I think Titania's actually a pretty good unit with her unusually high RES and native Emerald Axe, but her base kit is kinda crappy and I don't have a lot to SI onto her. I gave Soren a Gronnblade so he's deleting everything like bladetomes tend to do (kinda dumb bladetomes have equal Mt to Rexcalibur with the added effect). Also I guess people really wanted Burger King and dumped a ton of stamina potions since my ranking's pretty low. Let's see how many of them burn out before the finish line, I guess.

I also said "screw it" and dumped 80k feathers to get Effie to +5. The good news is that my maxed Arena Assault score seems to be comfortably in the 1000-5000 range again. The bad news, as one might guess, is that I'm running into pure cancer as my opponents. Facing down +10 horsespam, bladetomes and teleporting dancers is not fun. I really don't get how this game calculates this shit. Why am I facing +10 merged teams with one +5 and one +2?

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Warriors
« on: September 23, 2017, 03:07:07 AM »
IMO the animations on Caeda and especially Tiki are embarrassingly bad. Not that the game looked that good to begin with.

I dunno, maybe it's just streamed videos being fuzzy unfocused crapheaps but I feel like Hyrule Warriors looked so much better than this. The mooks and the PCs look like they took assets from two separate games and threw them together.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 21, 2017, 11:06:12 AM »
Strange that they didn't make a banner for Naruto and his sister, but it's not like we needed more sword lords clogging up red pulls.

Also apparently the FE: Warriors maps do not half XP or SP after you've cleared them once, so...I guess if you have a lot of SP to grind this is a nice chance (of course Tempest is coming soon and then we'll all be dumping stamina into that).

Alternatively they could always slap a random GBA/GCN era S-rank Lance like Maltet, Rex Hasta, Vidofnir or Wishblade onto a random knight/general like Bors, Barthe, Douglas, Murdock, Oswin, Wallace, Gilliam, Gatrie or Tauroneo (although, given the game's track record thus far, only Douglas, Murdock, Wallace or Tauroneo have even a chance since the rest will be stuck with Silvers/Slayers/Braves at best, and that's only if they don't get turned into Sword or Axe users first).

I think it'll be years before we see C-level fan popularity characters like Bors or Wallace make it in (but then again they seem to try to include at least one of them per banner so they won't have to make banners of only unpopular characters down the line). Rex Hasta would probably be held by Darin (who is more like an F-list character) given Lloyd, and we all know the real wielder of Maltet is Miledy after she gets done soloing the second half of the game.

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« on: September 21, 2017, 05:12:48 AM »
I usually send Reinhardt in alone for my first run of Arena Assault every day. If I roll a Green on Beginner, I just take the loss. I might start using items though since them encouraging us to do at least one run every day has led to me having a massive stockpile of them

And yeah, for me a perfect run with my score-setting team (Zephiel, Effie +1, Reinhardt +2, BIke) could take like a straight hour or some shit of just playing Arena Assault. I guess I could just take a pittance of Sacred Coins but you just know it'll be used for something super important like leveling up Sacred Seals or something.

Also if my normal Arena score is any indication, +1-ing Effie probably won't do shit for my Arena Assault ranking. I have enough extra Effies and feathers to feed her up to like, +4, but aside from me not being able to get her an optimum set anytime soon (she pretty much needs Distant Counter) that's still no guarantee she'll be good enough to push my team up the threshold and there's always the chance she'll get Zephiel'd by some new unit down the line. Though to be fair, that last point doesn't seem too big a concern since I don't recall any ridiculously broken Lance Armor Knights with legendary weapons in the franchise history.

Incidentally the amount of investment needed to merge a perfect 5* makes me believe that it's very unlikely they'll ever introduce 6* units or something to the game. It would probably piss off everyone, including whales, if you had to upgrade that 5*+10 you spent thousands of dollars pulling for.

Also Sophia's actually decent-ish skill fodder IMO. You can use her to give Fortify Res 2 before feeding a Jagen to a horse so you can also get Fury 2 while you're at it, and Dragon Fang's a really good slow-charge special (Or you can prep a unit for getting Draconic Aura).

Also also FE Warriors maps are out, and appropriately enough they're maps with massive amounts of mooks being thrown at you so staffbots can be useful. This is just me but I've never enjoyed Musou games that much so reminding me why that is can be a nice laugh, but probably not a very good marketing tactic.

General Games / Re: Misc. Gaming News Topic
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:54:28 AM »
Despite the two games having very different styles/tones, I wonder if Super Robot Wars is part of the reason they're not going for another SRPG Front Mission. I imagine they compete at least to some extent and SRW dominates that niche with the power of multiple IPs behind it, and SRW alone already kinda burns me out on the whole "SRPG with big robots" thing.

So apparently this is a thing.  A Little Witch Academia game that actually looks decent that combined adventure elements with...Dragon's Crown-style brawling.

No, seriously.  The combat is very reminiscent of Dragon's Crown.  And I know Dragon's Crown didn't invent that style but it's about the only contemporary example since it's a style of gameplay that has largely died out.

Well, there was Code of Princess, but that game was awful.

Honestly I'm sure I'll get some shit for this, but I thought Dragon's Crown was really "meh" as well, amazing art aside. Anytime I was playing it I was thinking I'd rather play Guardian Heroes instead.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:47:46 AM »
Adorable that IS thinks they're Thracians and stick horseslayers everywhere, but that's not going to stop broken horsebuffs steamrolling everything.

I used Lancina myself- move her up the first turn and she'll kill like half the map on enemy phase. I haven't SI'd her at all so I imagine another fast lance or maybe one with Quick Riposte will do the same.

Alright, time for a third go at not getting Ninian.

1 blue, that's a good start.

5* Linde: Wrong 5* blue cute girl drawn by Kippu, but its hard to complain about getting one of the best blue mages in the game. -HP +RES. I know she's best with the Bladetome but I kinda hate wasting Prf weapons so I'll probably stack Breath of Life on her.

No blues. Okay...

5* Eliwood: Not looking for this kind of luck plz. Also I already have you- one that's not -ATK. Oh well, guess I get a merge since Eliwood has no interesting 5* skills.

1 Blue.

4* Robin M: Guess more bonfires is nice.

No blues. Come on.

4* Corrin M: Bad IVs and no skills to inherit. You're doing a bad job at trying to make me like you Corrin.

No blues...

3* Olivia: Hone attack 2 is something, I guess. Could be worse.

No blues. What the hell, game?

3* Raigh: Well, here's the "could be worse" draw.

2 Blues, alright let's get some SI fod-

5* Ninian: Wow. Guess the game wanted to piss me off before rewarding me. Neutral stats so could be better, but could oh so much worse, so I'm glad. Also broke the curse of the desire sensor.

3 5*s in 7 pulls so I think I just used up all my luck for the rest of the year. Clearly I should do like most people that do after thry get what they want and immediately quit the game.

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