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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 27, 2018, 06:57:40 AM »
Honestly half the time I get through like 30 of my stamina before I realize I forgot to shift my accessories around to whatever team I go into Forging Bonds with (it's a pretty nice place to level up since it syncs to your party's level with no impact on scoring- Advanced can generate pretty brutal units to take anything not 5*s into, but Light's Blessings are used for shitall anyway). I really think they should take out the stupid accessory requirement. It's just a lot of unnecessary menu flipping, plus accessories should've just remained a fun dressup function anyway, it shouldn't be involved in gameplay whatsoever.

Also Christ they really went crazy with the new Marth. Mia, Karla, Leif and Celica were all attempts to power creep Ayra but they were more like sidegrades- Larth most definitely just shits all over everything. It's really funny watching them try so hard to come up with a multitude of ways to make the next sword unit worth pulling for. Celica can quad with a Legendary weapon and that still was only enough to make people go "Huh." Larth will probably have a balanced-speedy stat spread, but whatever he has won't matter all that much because on a Tactics team he'll just have +12 to every stat on top of that +3 SPD he already has, then he also has a Ultra Regnal Astra that buffs everyone around him (who won't need it because Larth will just kill everything).

Also yeah, in terms of actual units the rest of the banner doesn't really appeal to me that much (aside from Lector, though that crushes my hopes that we'll get a Hector/Hector/Hector green next month). True that Red and Green have the best units available, but skill-wise there's Wo Carrot, Firesweep Bow and Wrath up for grabs from blue and colorless (as well as Fjorm's ATK/DEF Bond which is still a pretty good skill for lots of units) so I'd say it's actually a pretty balanced banner.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: August 23, 2018, 03:04:30 AM »
Pretty much as I expected, the art is just fine and it's a decent recreation of the original designs, but I still don't get really why they would replace Urushihara's art like that. Compared to something like, say, Lufia's original art, Urushihara's fits modern animu tastes just fine so I don't even understand it from that perspective.

It doesn't even look like the goal was to sever the obvious ties to cheesecake associated with the man because they still kept the midriff-tastic designs on Chris and Liara.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Grandia 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:54:50 AM »
I for one hope that even if they re-dub the game (which I really don't expect) they'll have an option for keeping the original dub. Not playing Grandia with the laughable original dub at this point would be like popping in Shining Force 3 and not getting an earful of ARCTIC BLATHTS.

From Hollywood, I saw Ant Man and the Wasp and Mission: Impossible Fallout. The former was another McDonald's Hamburger from Marvel, and the latter was probably the best action movie I've seen since Fury Road.

Though I'm more interested in talking about two East Asian movies I saw recently- the two Along with the Gods movies from Korea, one released in 2017 and one was released a few days ago. Apparently there are two more sequels are planned and I would not mind watching more of them, because these are easily the best East Asian movies I've watched in many years. At least as far as ones released recently, anyway. Admittedly I don't watch that many (though probably more than most around here :P), but I put this miles above the crappy blockbusters coming out of Mainland China nowadays (Some notable ones I've seen are Red Cliff, Legend of the Demon Cat, The Mermaid and Wolf Warrior).

Basic premise is: Guy dies and has to be judged for his life's deeds in the underworld before he can qualify for reincarnation. I have read that some believe the story gets a bit melodramatic, and I would agree to some degree but I think the movie earns it. I recommend it.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Grandia 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:23:47 AM »
Both games feature...stellar voice acting

I laughed.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Langrisser 1 and 2 remakes for PS4 and Switch
« on: August 22, 2018, 01:22:28 AM »
Funny this announcement comes as I'm replaying the series. Sound cool, but I don't get what needs to be "casualized" here. If there's one thing the Langrisser series always lacked it was difficulty. You could only really force it on yourself by specifically not doing what the game tells you to (ie attack enemies when you're supposed to be escaping). Even then, it's not like FE where mistakes lose you a unit permanently (well, unless you game over I guess).

Also while the Ar Tonelico guy's art is pretty good too, I still think throwing out Urushihara's art is blasphemy. It was bad enough they didn't get the guy for Reincarnation: Reincarnation, but I don't get why you'd want to replace the guy's old art, it still looks great today. I demand that they reproduce the "shiny skin-tight swimsuits with pauldrons" look.

Also "fully voiced" is nice, but the Dramatic Edition is nearly fully voiced already so I assume they mean they'll re-record all of it since the sound quality on those versions is...about as good as they could've been on SS/PSX.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 21, 2018, 02:02:05 AM »
Death Blow 4 was the absolute worst thing to come out of the announcement and really sours the whole thing, but of course the video downvoting brigade didn't do their thing here because complaining about the wrong waifu getting another alt is a bigger deal. If it was just a personal skill it wouldn't be such a big deal but it's clearly inheritable. The kind-of silver lining is that none of them have boosted BST (or rather, even boosted-er BST, they have what's basically the standard BST now).

Anyway onto the units themselves- art-wise, my favorite is definitely Celica. Really digging the use of her retro design combined with Hidari's artwork. Nice to have a sword-wielding Celica that isn't ax-crazy too. She's probably going to be competitive with Ayra/Mia/Karla given that she can quad with that B skill and her sword speeds her specials, but ultimately she's yet another fast sword and there's not much she can do to stand out.

Ephraim and Hector both continue on the armor power creeping bullshit as well as pull a tome Eirika by screwing more suitable characters out of being the first to wield a weapon. I mean, it's nice that Ephraim and Hector are a different color this time but I really think they should've just made up weapons ala Geirskogul. The design isn't even really consistent because Ephraim is wearing Fado's clothes with Garm (wearing Lyon's clothes would've been a bit closer at least) and Hector is wearing Uther's clothes with...a weapon from the nation one of his potential wives is from? Seriously, why isn't it Rex Hasta...or if they wanted to meme, they could make it Vaida's glitched super spear. Or just make "Fado's Axe"/"Uther's Lance" and be done with it. Skill-wise actually I don't mind Super DC that much because it's a personal skill- not really that far off from Dragonskin anyway. Adding yet another armor Fighter skill on Ephraim is insane, but since most units can't magically double automatically Bold Fighter is probably still better. It does look like a nice alternative for the fast armor units like BK, Draug and Amelia though, especially the latter two because it's a balance of both offensive and defensive and you're probably running Aether on them.

Veronica is...pretty good, but nothing amazing IMO. I mean she's definitely destined to be the top healer of the game with both a pony and 36 speed, but her set actually doesn't stand out to me because it's ultimately the same razzle dazzle combination that's optimal on all healers. Windfire Balm is pretty crazy since it's Hone Everything no matter where your units are on the map, if you inherit Restore from Nanna onto her she can remove Panic while she's at it too.

Unlike last year I don't think any one of them particularly stands out to completely snap the meta in two like Brave Lyn did (the two armors are stupidly powerful but after Bold Fighter there's little they can do to make them even more bullshit), but I'd say Ephraim is probably your best choice for your free draw if you were just looking for the best balance of good standalone unit/potential fodder if you draw duplicates. Celica's probably the least bang for your buck on the free pick, but given that I might just skip this banner to save my orbs I might choose her anyway because I really love her design.

Also as for what I've actually been doing- finished Sothe/Micaiah with Nino Cheese Strats of course (seriously I think I've had maybe 2 maps in the span of the game I couldn't clear with her, bladetome too OP).

Got all the score rewards in +_+ but I'll probably burn some stamina potions for a ranking prize again. Not sure if I'm insane enough to go for top 1k again though, the score for that the last few times was somewhere in the 300k range and reaching that even with autobattling is amazingly tedious. I also promoted Sakura to use on my +_+ team a bit to honor that ultimate Sakura waifuguy. Also she was one of the only healers I had who wasn't capped on HM. Having a Physic+ healer around is actually a nice option though. After she capped HM I promoted Lucius, and he's pretty goddamn amazing actually. His SPD a bit average but his nice ATK and sky-high RES actually makes him really good at fighting other mages (his native Martyr+ works well with that too). If I get around to merging an infantry healer it'll probably be him.

My follow-up for the plan to promote a blue flier of some kind ended with me choosing the Dark Horse option- I promoted Valter and he's supported with F Grima of course. He's still using mostly his base kit though, not entirely sure how to build the guy yet. Decided I'd build a flier team around F Grima instead of a Dragon Team because the latter just seems to be a novelty at this point. Dragon-killing weapons are probably the hardest effective weapon to play around using the respective emblem team because the only way to completely avoid getting an effective hit would be to run Windsweep Corrin F or something.

Patch Live Edit: I decided I'd try to get one Brave Hero from the banner before picking my free one. 120 Orbs later, I have walked away with a 5* Soleil (-ATK +SPD), 5* Katarina (+ATK -HP) and 5* L'Arachel (+DEF -ATK). On the one hand, that's a pretty amazing 5* pull rate for the amount of Orbs I put in. On the other hand, all 3 of them were goddamn pity breakers and 2 of them aren't 5* exclusives (also I already have them at 5*, but I guess a free Firesweep Sword+ is cool). Gonna cut my losses here probably. At least I got the original waifu of Maeda Era FE and she even came with good IVs.

I was also pretty lucky with the fodder this time and that softens the blow. Among them were 3 Barsts, 2 Oscars, 1 Shigure and Peri. Good Red fodder continues to elude me though, that pool is just way too bloated.

Also, Genealogy hype. Didn't expect to get another FE4 banner before a Binding Blade one but I'm looking forward to failing at orb saving yet again when Quan and Lewyn show up on the banner.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:27:16 AM »
On an SRPG binge of sorts. After finishing FE: Radiant Dawn, I played through the original Shining Force. A bit of a nostalgia trip since this was probably my favorite Genesis game as a kid, but I think it has aged pretty horribly. The amount of missing and the randomness of double attacks can make it pretty annoying to play (the former especially on flying enemies). The game also seems happy to provide  maps in thick forest/mountains which slow most of your units to 2 spaces of movement each turn. Though the game isn't too hard regardless, I do also find it kinda weird they stick you with a bunch of scrubs at the beginning the way they do- Tao's the worst mage, Lowe's the worst cleric, Ken's mediocre. At least Luke and Gort do well and Mae and Kris join early though. Max and Zylo are as broken as ever of course.

Skipped on re-experiencing Shining Force 2 (might go back though) and decided to instead move onto Langrisser. Playing Langrisser II at the moment. I'm on the updated Saturn/PSX Era versions but even without that I'd probably say these games have aged a lot better than its contemporaries. Just a shame that that recent revival of Langrisser was so terrible (and for some reason was the one chosen to have a localization, instead of maybe localizing the PSN release of the actual good ones).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 14, 2018, 08:59:11 AM »
Expanding on Askr/Nifl/Muspell lore via Fates lore seems ill-advised, but I guess the generic "cuz dragons" backstory is the most they can really relate to at this point as opposed to a Christmas Julius talking about the wonders of having a death cult rule or Summer Soren talk about the rightful place of subhumans.

Anyway not wasting any more orbs myself, I'll go back to saving for Lector for now and just wait for Micaiah to show up on a Legendary banner in a few months. My odds will probably be about the same there anyway given that this is a 4-Focus banner and she's Red. Not to mention I'll probably get a lot more free random 5*s in the process on one (Overlapping with LIke or Lyoma means it'd be hard to get a losing roll too).

+_+ is here again and the maps are a marathon of all the final maps from previous Tempests. Without their respective asshole bosses they're not nearly as hard, but with 7/8 bonus units being swords autobattling will probably not be as effective as usual.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:17:55 AM »
The breaker thing wouldn't be a big deal if they weren't so stingy on making new colored daggers/bow for no discernible reason, because once the pool for those types of units is large enough colored bow/daggerbreaker skills would probably be about as useful as the tomebreakers (of course Blue Tomebreaker still isn't in the summoning pool a year and a half into the game so that should say plenty about how well they have this planned out). There's so many potential bow/dagger characters from the franchise that if they added them all as colorless the list would just be bloated (not as bad as swords probably, but still).

I put about 125 orbs into the banner and got pitybroken by Exalted Chrom, who was -ATK of course. I should really stop falling for any and all seasonal banners because it'd probably be much more worth it to just wait for a Legendary banner with the unit I want. At least I was pitybroken by a 5* exclusive I didn't already have I suppose.

Anyway I didn't get any Hinatas along the way so I could kill them to lower my blood pressure either, but I did get another Athena (Wo Dao is always welcome) and a second bad IV Ares, which is just as well since The Fonse's refine just came out and he wants that Brazen ATK/DEF. Also got a +SPD -DEF Morgan, +SPD -HP Roy, and a +SPD -RES Tharja, which are all pretty nice IVs so they in the line for promotion at some point I guess.

EDIT: Oh yeah there's a new calendar too apparently, with two new hero banners on the horizon. Micaiah+Sothe BHB and this recent inclusion of Tellius on this seasonal does seem to suggest that we might get some more RD for the one this month, and it'd be nice to actually have some RD characters instead of just Burger King taking his helmet off. Of course nothing's stopping them from adding another-another alt for Zelgius in his red armor this time I suppose.

Unfortunately I doubt Laguz will be coming, if they were they'd probably do a whole Feh Channel about it. Besides, for beasts they'll probably add about 3 different versions of Selkie before we get anything from Tellius.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 08, 2018, 04:38:01 AM »
Colored daggers. Guess it was obvious the moment they changed the text on Daggerbreaker a few months back. At least they're not restricting it to only Legendary units for no reason. Honestly I think colored daggers/bows were a good idea on paper just because of just how many goddamn potential bow/dagger units there are spread throughout the series (if they could somehow split swords into several categories that would've been nice too, but I doubt that'll happen- though daggers will leech some of those away at least aka almost all non-Tellius and Fates Thieves). They need to hurry up and introduce some to the common pool already, and it's an easy way to make what might otherwise be a passover unit at least in some way unique- Legault really should've been a colored dagger (and those new Summer Colorlesses could've been colored too). Moving forward they could make Lara a red dagger dancer or Wolt a Green Archer, etc.

Anyway I'd say Micaiah is the big win this time if you want to keep the unit (any why wouldn't you), but they did make sure colorless was still attractive to pull by giving Xander a ridiculously attractive SI loadout. All those daggers are nice to inherit, but Xander also simultaneously offers Close Counter, and if you don't want that, QR3, which you can prime for using 4* Subaki. Daggers have effective damage on basically everything except flying now, which I guess would be an interesting niche to offer them over bows, but given how Kitty Paddle is still stuck on a seasonal I'm guessing these won't be any different.

Although I guess the most important thing here is that this art confirms Ryoma has a normal head shape and does not in fact have a deformed chin and eldritch flesh-horns to fit that mask he normally wears.

As for our mini-RD discussion- I gotta say the game's story reminded me a lot of Suikoden 3. The interpersonal and political conflicts are what really drew me into the story, and I would've taken a game that was just that and nothing else, instead of winding up with the final act being in crazy typical JRPG team-up to fight-the-almighty and ugly=evil people.

I honestly don't think the Blood Pact contrivance was necessary- you could actually have a pretty morally complex conflict given the tensions that have to exist between Daein and Crimea by the end of PoR and Daein being left in ruins. Instead the story is completely written so that Micaiah has to make all the hard decisions and Ike gets to be the squeaky clean Radiant Hero throughout.

Gameplay-wise, I gotta say RD's a bit uneven. It's possibly the worst balanced Fire Emblem game in terms of unit strength disparity. I don't actually consider that a huge flaw because it's pretty much in service to the story instead of just being that way for no reason (sucks that the Dawn Brigade got like 0 character development though). The only non-forced beginner units I used endgame were Meg (who really didn't do much) and Ilyana (who was actually really fucking terrible through most of the run but Rexbolt was pretty great to have on the dragon map). The game seems designed around the assumption you're going to pick every single broken Laguz Royal plus the Greil Mercenaries because I can't imagine beating the final bosses using too many of the Dawn Brigade or any of the shitty royal knights bar Finn Geoffery (I even transferred PoR data for Astrid but she was still unsalvageable).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 07, 2018, 03:39:49 AM »
Right now my biggest problem is still that it feels like there's a lack of meat to the content. Forging Bonds has some potential for the future but they need to start making more cross-game interactions for any of the conversations to be worth reading. They should really take some notes from Banpresto, some of their crappy fanfic-tier splurging is still more interesting than what we get in this game.

That and there's no New Heroes banner in sight on the calendar, meaning no new story chapters to laugh at the incompetence.

Generally speaking the only budget units I still use only get to shine in Arena Assault, where you know your opponents ahead of time and pick specific counter-builds to them. So a TA unit, often with a corresponding breaker. Effective weapons are good for obvious reasons, and so are Firesweep units since they bypass all the bullshit steady breath builds people stick on dragons and armors. Sometimes lopsided-stat units like Clive or Summer Leo can get the job done too. In most other modes these units are too specialized to contribute to a balanced team/brigade.

As for GC results, I actually lost track of time and ended up not using ~10 spears. I already hit rank 25 though so I just missed out on maybe 500 feathers or something. Oh well. Honestly I'd just forget the extra chump change feathers after capping rank if you find the mode too aggravating, I personally do get some amusement out of trying to beat stupidly OP whale teams since I'm a hack who beats all the PvE content with my +10 Nino 5 minutes after it comes out.

Anyway this time I was too distracted finishing up Radiant Dawn. Gotta say I'm not a fan of how the story pans out in Part 4- I would've much preferred they spent a lot more time developing the conflicts in Parts 1-3, felt like they could've gotten a ton more mileage out of that (except the one stupid plot device that drives the conflict, I feel there probably could've been a more natural way for it to happen). That and Micaiah ends up feeling like a third wheel in Part 4 when I was under the impression she was supposed to be the star of the game.

Also in addition to not getting any freebie 5*s from our daily benners yet, I also got the wrong armor from the Fighter skills banner (4* Sheena). I might've been tempted to actually spend a few orbs if Hardin wasn't sharing his color with a unit I have a +10 and then some of.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: August 03, 2018, 09:08:44 AM »
I imagine if Corrin got a legendary, they'd also simultaneously add a non-Legendary variant of the opposite sex, like they did with Grima (so it'd probably be reversed this time with Male Corrin being legendary and Female Corrin being the non-Legendary). Nohr/Hoshido Noble can use Tome/Staff too, and we have a shortage of both those in our Legendaries.

I've been running GCN Infernal 2 myself, with varying levels of success. I've only actually cleared the map a single time (I used a full infantry brigade in round 1 to cash in on all the buffs), but as with Lunatic 7 vs Lunatic 5 in +_+, half-succeeding in the highest difficulty actually gets you higher points even if you had a perfect run of the next highest difficulty- if I get 20 kills and capture a camp, I seem to get a bit north of 12000 points on a x8 boost, whereas Infernal 1 caps points at 11840. The teleporting shenanigans has caused me to have a few runs where I only ended up getting like 9000-10000 points though, so I'm still not sure if it's actually worth running Infernal 2 unless you have a perfectly-tuned whale brigade.

I did manage to get to rank 3 in my Army in round 1 though, but I imagine spending so many lances will cause my rank to drop like a stone in these next two rounds. Plus armors get bonuses this round and my armor brigade is still kinda crappy (got a few decent armors to run on my friends list though).

My weakest team is still fliers though, so with those feathers from round 1 my recent new 5* promote is Michalis. Don't think I want to spend any Mountain Dew on him yet though, but he's pretty good even without it. I guess next in line will probably be Catria, Shanna or Cordelia- it would be nice if they added a 2-range flier that wasn't 5*-locked because I actually really need one of those.

Also they've started the 15 days of blatant money grubbing free pulls, post your disappointments here!

TA: 3* Clair
Vantage: 4* Mathilda
Fury: 4* Marth
Hone Atk: 4* Tharja
QR: 4* Effie (No Reds of course)
L&D: 4* Matthew
Bladetome: 4* Stahl
Threaten DEF: 4* Robin M
Death Blow: 4* Lachesis
Threaten SPD: 4* Gordin
DB: 3* Cain
Wo Bait: 3* Nowi
Refine: 5* Ephraim (+RES -ATK, can't complain about a free 5* I've wanted for a while but come on, really?)
Refine 2: 3* Laslow

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: August 03, 2018, 01:41:45 AM »
I'd say yes, although events and characters from the first season do get referenced so I imagine you'd get more enjoyment if you watched it all (that's a whole 24 extra episodes though). I'd recommend Fumoffu if you want a comedy series at some point- it really has no plot relevance to anything and is just a collection of short stories so it can be watched on its own whenever.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:37:26 AM »
I pretty much gave up on the new FMP anime.

Because you weren't enjoying it? Or because of the aforementioned "it might take another 20 years to finish the story"?

For my part, I've finished the season and I think it's by far the best of FMP I've seen so far, at least as far as actual plot and character stuff goes- though Fumoffu is one of the best comedy anime shows I've seen so that's kind of hard to compare. But compared to the first season or TSR? Stuff actually happened plot-wise and I loved the character interaction this season so much more than all the other ones. It was pretty short on comedy though, so I imagine if that was your favorite part of the previous seasons, you'll probably completely hate this one.

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