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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:23:58 AM »
Got Kagero on my free pull. Way to many of this lady and they still haven't given Poison Dagger a refine so for now I just throw her on a giant pileup of big boobs.

On that note, I gotta say this set of new weapons for the refinery are probably the biggest disappointments by far. A lot of refines in the past changed the way a unit is played in some way, the best ones so far probably being Alm and Lilina (there's other good ones but those are the ones I found the best in actually shifting how a unit is played). This set of refines are just better versions of the base weapon they come with anyway, and Nephenee definitely came out on top within that with the effectiveness to armors, though chances are people would still just go for the +SPD refine over the special refine because I see no point in running her as a pure enemy phase unit. Katarina ploys pretty well with that RES stat but Owltome is honestly kinda bad for her because her DEF is so low that she won't be taking much advantage of it. The biggest disappointment was definitely Titania though- well, the sprite is nice at least, but something to break her out of the mold of being purely a blue counter would've been nice, and the Tactics refine is so restrictive when most people run her on Cavalry teams to get mileage out of her rounded stats. I guess it's to make her pair up well with LIke and take care of everything he fears but I'm guessing lots of people who already had her built are going to stick with a Poleaxe or Slaying Axe they gave her.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: July 08, 2018, 09:56:14 AM »
Thanks VG, your multipler bullshit has doomed Magvel and Archanea, as well as altered Jugdral history. Ike was OP enough to ignore that though.

Also I’m surprised they’ve had the self control to not stick Camilla in a swimsuit for this long tbh

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: July 04, 2018, 08:59:50 AM »
I'm supporting Ike because I'm feeling lazy and just going along for the ride this time.

Anyway last day of the Legendary Banner. Spent every single Orb I could get and I came out with another Steady Breath (-ATK) and Lector (+DEF -SPD, literally took my last orbs so I'm sitting at 0). I'd say that set is better than the -HP +RES I pulled earlier so I merged into it. Aside from that I also got a Legault with bad IVs so free Attack Tactic, hurray.

Anyway since I decided I'll work on Lector over trying to promote and +10 merge a Sheena, I decided to take my huge stockpile of feathers and go nuts with promotions for some 4*s I've been working on for a while. So far I've promoted Lloyd, Hana (complete with Firesweep Sword+), Soleil, Julius, Lyon, Saias, Legion, Titania (+1'd her since I had 2 4*s I was juggling between), Boey, and Clarine (+1'd her as well, as well as 5*'d an Azama to give her Pain). Lots of reds there but most of the game is red so not much to say there. Titania is just in time though, she's probably become my favorite character from Tellius so I'm ready to play with whatever they give for her reforge. Settled on a -HP +DEF one because she gets +4 from a DEF boon, and it evens her stats out really nicely.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 28, 2018, 12:00:22 PM »
Well, to contrast your 3 5*s in 80 Orbs, I dumped my ~300 Orbs and came out with only 4 5*s. True that I sniped Green so I was less efficient, but that's still a pretty bad rate. At least I didn't get any off-color 5*s despite getting lots of boards with no greens though, so I got 2 BIkes, and 1 of Myrrh and Hector. Didn't really get any good fodder either, I only got 1 Barst in all this and like 6 Gunters and 5 Bartres to annoy me. At least a merged 4* Bartre will kill Effie and Hardin really well though.

Anyway for some reason the game thinks I really want an army of -DEF BIkes so both the ones I pulled were that, along with the other -DEF BIke I pulled way back during CYL. That probably means two lucky people will be getting Steady Breath, but gonna have a hard time deciding who.

My Myrrh came as +ATK -SPD which is crazy good, probably only beaten by +DEF if you really care about the Great Flame effect. Her base DEF is already 36 though so she'll probably have it activate on most things that matter. Didn't realize she had Fury in her base set though, I actually think it's kinda wasted on her since the main reason you'd want to run Fury on a tank is to avoid doubles (otherwise the 6HP recoil just cancels out the 3DEF/RES you get from it anyway), but the whole point of her is that she shouldn't get doubled with Great Flame. Don't have anything else to really put on her though- fliers can't take that delicious Steady Breath food I just got so I guess I should give her +3 DEF or something in the meantime.

The Hector I got was -HP +RES, which isn't optimal but certainly not a terrible set. The guy is good no matter what set you get on him, though +ATK -SPD would be best since ISIS decided an ATK superboon was a good idea on a guy with 40 base ATK (again)- it even shoves him up into the next BST bracket (again). I'm actually kinda considering making +10 of this guy as a long term project since with Legendaries we're guaranteed they'll show up once every so often as opposed to someone deciding they want to +10 their waifu Linde and then finding out they have to wait over a year before she shows up on a banner again. It's not gonna happen anytime soon if I keep getting these crappy pull rates though.

On that note, it's basically confirmed the next Legendary will be Blue, since we know Ryoma, Lyn, and Robin will be here for July. Unless it's another OC I'm honestly really drawing a blank here on who it could be because the obvious choices have already been done. I guess you could stick a lance on the Knight Lords of the series or use Micaiah again.

The one after that in August is likely Red (along with Fjorm, Gunnthra and Robin), meaning Robin's going on to be the colorless Legendary for at least half a year. Makes me wonder if they decided not to even bother with Colorless legendaries anymore, though Micaiah would work as a staff unit too I guess.

General Games / Re: Mega Man X Collections 1 & 2
« on: June 26, 2018, 11:41:02 PM »
I hated the Guns and Roses names as a kid when I first played X5, but when I got older I found them hilarious, so I'm actually sad to see them go.

Understandably it seems the double boss challenge mode is preset challenges rather than letting you mix and match bosses however you want. I imagine there's probably some combinations that would make it literally impossible to dodge since they weren't designed with this in mind.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 26, 2018, 11:36:07 PM »
The only person capable of powercreeping Hector is Hector, and the only person capable of powercreeping powercrept Hector is Hector. CYL Hector's coming eventually to powercreep x3 and he'll probably have DC too since apparently that's solely his thing now.

Gotta say, I was expecting Hector yet I was disappointed anyway. At least put the beard on him guys. Expecting CYL Hector to not have it either. I really hope they at least make him a sword or lance unit to at least do something different, but they haven't used Wolf Beil or Hector's Axe yet.

Regardless with this Legendary announcement I guess I'll be putting my orbs to get Hector instead of putting my orbs to get Hector. Greens are especially stacked this time- Myrrh, Steady Breath, and Hector? The other colors have some units I want, but I might just ignore all that because Green just completely eclipses everything else this time.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:26:16 PM »
Summer Leo's only good as a trophy anyway. The one I pulled way back turned out to have a really good IV set even though initially I thought it was bad (-SPD +RES) and he does some work occasionally in Arena Assault, but he was already feeling the heat when Arvis was released shortly thereafter. He still tanked magic ever so slightly better though- then Julius came out and now he's outclassed everywhere pretty much. Still has some of a funniest quotes in the game though.

Anyway, not much to show for on all these free pulls, but I did get a 4* Ares on the one from the Death Blow banner which was nice. Bad IV set so I guess someone will get to have a shiny new Brazen Skill. Still pinching my Orbs successfully, but if we get a Legendary Armor then Hector might have to wait. Hoping the trailer drops tomorrow, it being Green and probably Fire still says FE6 Hector to me (and they might go out of order with the stat and just make him +ATK instead of +RES). Another idea I saw floated was Garon with his Bolverk, and with Grima being Legendary Hero it'd make just about as much sense anyway. They really painted themselves into a corner with this thing, because having some ultimate version of a character not wielding their main weapon just feels weird, and like 90% of the leads in the series have swords as that, including Alm. Hell, sometimes it happens more than once per game like with Alm's Royal Sword. But hey, Edelgard uses both swords and axes so at least they planned ahead this time!

Also in other Fire Emblem addiction news, I cleared PoR and I'm already on Part 3 of RD. I'm really liking how RD is basically FE plot cliche deconstruction hour, although it still occasionally falls into the trap of things like ugly people = evil. I'd like to see some Fire Emblem character someday cackling like a maniac in a cutscene but then it turns out they were just trying to feed the war orphans or some shit (I guess Gonzales fills in half a point though).

RD would also be really, really hard if it weren't for the fact that the game always seems to provide about 4 different Jagens for you to curbstomp everything- and on that note, I didn't use Shinon or Haar in PoR but I'm using both of them in RD, especially Haar. Goddamn this guy is broken. To balance that out I spent a lot of time trying to use Ilyana since she's the first mage you get, and she's all kinds of terrible even if after giving her lots of levels for free. I also dunno if I got stat screwed on her, but Nephenee was a pretty big disappointment too, whether its PoR or RD. Her stats just constantly get stuck in awkward ranges where she can't deal or take a lot of punishment (and Wrath is way too risky to stay in all the time so you can't cheese whole armies with Vantage+Wrath like you can with Arthur/Tine). I tag team her with Brom and he makes up for her though.

As for how that translates back to Heroes, they actually added most of the major players already, but I guess I'd like to see Haar and Brom get in (we need way more generic armors anyway). Both Davdan and Danved are welcome too. I really didn't use any Laguz characters in PoR (aside from Reyson of course, who is ridiculous) because I honestly found them really inconvenient to use, but RD really fixes a lot of the gripes I had with them.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 19, 2018, 12:08:59 PM »
The first summer banner was leaked for real, and we're getting yet another alt-first character in Noire, yet another Cordelia, and the Frelia siblings. Innes appears to be an axe flier (can't imagine a flag being anything else), Cordelia's a horse lance because we totally needed more of those, Noire's another colorless infantry bow (don't get why they didn't take the opportunity to make her another color), and Tana is a Red tome flier. Tana seems to be the winner of the banner with what seems like a Prf tome, while the rest get a +2 all stats on initiation weapon.

I'm telling my orb hand stay down for the moment though, the upcoming Hector/Matthew BHB means I'll have a chance at Hector sooner than I thought. Got about 230 orbs so far which gives me a decentish chance to get at least one of the guy- assuming whatever Legendary that comes before that doesn't get me to splurge. On that note, with Matthew getting a BHB I'm going to guess he's up for the refinery in a July update. Out of all the daggers in the game, he probably needs it the most (well, arguable whether him or Jakob is worse).

As for the new +_+, I've been autobattling Hard 30 for the most part- this one's pretty unforgiving even with me using 3 bonus units (Canas, Karel, and 4* Linus). I already capped HM on Jaffar, but not before giving him the Mountain Dew upgrade. Worth it IMO, I think the guy's underrated as hell on all the tier lists, he's a great unit to have for Arena Assault and a real cheesy character for Rival Domains-style maps. Anyway, Live to Serve as a seal is actually pretty nice, but it feels a bit too niche to justify upgrading. Same with Earth Dance. Res Tactic has its obvious uses though.

Also tangentially related but I might as well post it here- I've been playing through PoR so soon I can bellyache about which of my favorite units aren't included in Heroes too. So far I have to say Astrid is probably on my list since I was saving my BEXP like everyone saves Elixirs in a FF game, so once I got Astrid the game has basically been over. Probably the only Est I've played with who isn't completely underwhelming.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Fire Emblem: [s]Tree[/s] Three Houses
« on: June 13, 2018, 10:25:36 AM »
I discussed it briefly on the discord with a few folks after the reveal, but I guess I'll give my thoughts here.

1. First visual impression is that the art style is very out-of-the-norm for FE. Looks a lot like the artist for Persona. I like it.

2.  The units still have HP bars for the named character, so I'm guessing the generic soldiers are mostly there as a visual flair, which I don't mind at all because it makes the battles look a lot more large-scale and realistic in what a typical FE story is.

3. That being said, the battle commands included a "formation" command and they showed that triangle formation piercing through its opponents, so I'm expecting a system where formations might have a weapon triangle of its own, it causes certain stat changes (ie offensive formation gives you +5 ATK -5 DEF or something), or both.

4. I'm not against an avatar character like some people I know because it offers something gameplay-wise, but its impact on the story and characterizations in Awakening and especially Fates is pretty well-documented. I'm uncertain about the Avatar seeming to be in a teacher role this time- if it's done right it works as a way to insert the character in a non-intrusive fashion, but I'm concerned it'll instead have "watch over me senpai" stupidity attached to it.

5. The small amounts we got about the story around the crests being handed down from a deity makes me think the story may have heavy religious themes, which is what interested me the most. Despite my previous point I do get the impression that this entry is going to be a lot darker/serious than the last one, and in a good way.

General Games / Re: E3 2018: Wait. What happened to 2017!?
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:52:48 PM »
pretty sure nintendo won

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:38:20 PM »
I know I shouldn't expect that much out of the story in a kusomobage, but FEH just has some of the laziest writing I've ever seen. We only really get 2 actual story chapters every month (since the three in between usually are just the new heroes introducing themselves) and it feels like something an 8 year old would write the night before his assignment was due. It's really fucking bad when you can favorably compare Garon to the villain you've created.

Also not sure what to think of Tiki's new weapon. It does have its niche uses which I guess is the most you can expect when you're competing with inbuilt Distant Counter, or if the rest of your Dragon team is running Lightning Breath so you can do without one unit not running it. Linde and Merric seem to have their tomes built to be run alongside each other if you totally ship that, although Merric is probably still kinda underwhelming thanks to his horrible stat spread.

Kaze being stuck in the summoning pool is an interesting precedent. Of course Kaze was kind of a special case to begin with since GC hasn't had any free units since him, so who knows if it indicates GHB or TT units might make it into the summoning pool eventually. If it happens Red orbs become even more bloated (and summoning Masked Marth will be endlessly frustrating). Even without that Kaze is a really nice addition to the pool, Attack Smoke at 4* and finally a dagger worth inheriting in the regular pool (Poison Dagger really deserves refine options at this point).

Also Canas is terriawful. He's got some nice art but otherwise he's Raigh with some extra RES, and Raigh is in the running for units most in need of a new weapon alongside Rebecca and Matthew (who are all one tier above Odin of course). Unimpressive passive skills too so I guess he'll be eaten for Raourowl after all.

General Games / Re: E3 2018: Wait. What happened to 2017!?
« on: June 07, 2018, 10:59:28 AM »
Bethesda: I'm more of a Fantasy guy so I'm hoping for TES VI, but not expecting it since they'll probably be focusing on Fallout.

SE: Interested in DQXI, but honestly I don't feel like I need to see any more footage of the game. KH3 is yet another SE project that's been dragged on for years and years and I mostly just want to see it released to have some closure.

Ubisoft: BG&E2, of course. Would be nice to know...anything about it, really.

Sony: That new Spiderman, I guess?

Nintendo: The usual. Smash, Pokemon 2019, Fire Emblem Switch. Not confident we'll see the second one there since the focus will be on the Let's Go games. FE's the main one I'm looking for anyway.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 06, 2018, 08:57:31 AM »
Hector almost certainly will get a Legendary version eventually IMO. If it's any consolation, at least with Hector you can have some variety since they'll probably use epic beard Hector (the CYL win went to young Hector so I doubt they'll stick the beard on that one). If characters like Roy, Eirika or Corrin got legendaries they'll probably be as bland as the Ryoma one.

And there's no way for them to powercreep Ayra unless they massively inflate BST again at some point or come up with another broken PRF special. Ayra's good stats are the cherry on top of Regnal Astra, which is what makes Ayra so broken, just like how Black Luna is what makes Zelgius stupidly overpowered. I mean, the fact that Slaying Edge is considered Ayra's best weapon just says it all.

The biggest thing to look forward to from this banner is that we'll very likely get a demoted Legault. Alongside the previously demoted Ares it's nice they're adding more variety to the 4* skill pool, but they have a ridiculous amount of catchup to do. Double stats (ie ATK/SPD+2 etc), Bonds, Stances, Wind/Watersweep and Guard shouldn't be 5* locked IMO. Shield Pulse probably shouldn't either, but barely anybody uses it either way (aside from Fjorm who comes packaged with it).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:58:49 AM »
Nino's future husband

Canas is heavily implied to be Nino's uncle, but I guess this is Fire Emblem so I understand the confusion. Also I hate that Canas is going to be coming with Rauorowl, they really should've thought of a better way to make the thing more common than sticking it on a limited unit (plus he'll likely come with some other elusive skill you'd prefer to sacrifice him for). Wish they gave him Rauorserpent instead to reference how Shamans tended to be sturdier in FE7. Or give him some crazy Luna PRF to reference how stupidly broken he was with that thing.

Anyway a FE7 banner would seem to support the idea that the next Legendary's going to be Hector. We know it'll be Green at least, anything else is up in the air. An armor would make sense though since we still need one of those (surprised there hasn't been one already since armors are the magic whale bait in this game). If it ends up being Hector they should just have a Legendary banner at some point where all 3 Green Focuses are Hectors.

Also I joined in with Alfonse. At least he's kinda relevant sometimes as opposed to a character who was conceived as a way to make lots of whale cash and then unceremoniously killed off to justify not giving out a free copy of her.

General Games / Re: Mega Man X Collections 1 & 2
« on: May 31, 2018, 07:34:02 AM »
I have a soft spot for X3, it's the one I played the most as a kid. I just had a lot of fun finding all the crazy power ups the game had, even though a ton of them did end up being superfluous. I also played the PC version which had the PSX remixes of the music which were mostly huge improvements over that stupid grunge guitar obsession the SNES version had.

As for collection 2, I've said this before but I have a love/hate relationship with X6. It's easily the most frustrating entry in the entire metaseries for me because you could tell that if they just had a few more months to work on it it might've been the best X game for the Contra: Shattered Soldier types. They really shouldn't have rushed the damn thing out. Alongside some of the cool ideas BURN TO THE GROUND X7 played with it does make me wish they would instead take the opportunity to try to make X6 and 7: The Good Editions, but that would require actual work on Capcom's part so that won't be happening.

X8 gets a lot more praise than it deserves IMO. Not that it's bad or anything, it's just that I think coming off X7 something that was just barely above-par ended up getting praised as a return to form. X8 had lots of wonky gameplay bits, an unappealing art style and way too many forced vehicle stages. Although it was one of the string of games that featured Domon Kasshu as X before he went off and became a doctor so it does have that.

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