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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: May 02, 2018, 08:10:00 AM »
Takumi, once king of the Arena, now given out while everyone cheers for the free Close Counter they just got. Since my own Takumi is neutral already I'll probably be using the one we'll be getting for just that (Hopefully Close Counter is a 4* skill, other single-level skills like Hit and Run or the various Shields are that). Gonna be tough to decide who to use it on though.

Corrin and Camilla were high on the expected list for the Refinery, but Clair's a bit of a surprise, though she's a good choice because she really needs it. They're going to need to come up with something really good, because she's probably the worst lance flier outside of Florina, and even with Florina you could make some gimmicky DC Res tank set if you were so inclined. Given its use in Echoes I'm guessing they might just make it a Wing Spear, to the annoyance of everyone who wanted it on CYL Caeda or whatever. Her stat spread is almost identical to Caeda too, down to the ATK superboon.

Changing how the enemy behaves in Rival Domains is the sleeper hit here, you could play around it to an extent sure, but it was always tedious as all hell to approach any enemy fort and was easily the worst part of the mode. Unfortunately we'll still have to suffer through it for this Grand Conquest.

Anyway since I have a Fire Hero now I collected some more orbs from Blessed Gardens and some quests and pulled 10 more units. My luck did turn around this time. Well, kinda, at least it averages me out to pulling around the expected amount of 5*s if nothing else. Got 2 more 5*s in Halloween Jakob (+RES -DEF) and Grima F (+SPD -HP). The set on Jakob is workable presuming I bother using him and that's probably the best set possible for Grima, but I'm gonna need a ton of other skills (particularly Hone Dragon) before I can build any sort of team around her.

I actually also got a +SPD -HP Soleil which I'll probably end up using more than both these 5*s I just pulled, but at any rate I think I'll stop now. Would've liked at least one Genny to show up, but I'll count my blessings.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:19:48 AM »
Being that I'm insane and autobattle endlessly on the weekends while doing whatever I appreciate the 10k feathers coming my way. I ended up above Rank 100 with a score close to 300k. Funny thing is that even with all that auto-ing my Swordhardt isn't even halfway to 5k HM yet. I did cap Seliph, Finn, and Greenolwen on top of re-capping a bunch of staffbots and Reinhardt Classic. Despite my Seliph being a nice +ATK -SPD one, he'll remain at 4 stars for me for a while, especially given how stingy the game is with Divine Dew. Can't spare him the version of Tyrfing that actually does anything.

Anyway went all-in on the Legendary banner and I averaged out pretty poorly. Got 5 5*s out of 72 character pulls which is a below-average result even without accounting for pity rates. The content of said 5*s was similarly underwhelming to a degree. So far I've gotten:

Micaiah (Neutral)
>:^Ɑ Celica (+ATK, -DEF)
Henrula (-HP +DEF)
2x L'Ephraim (+HP -ATK and +SPD -ATK)

The traits on Micaiah, Celica, and Henry are all okay and it's nice to finally have a ranged armor to use, but the double -ATK Ephraim was really disheartening. Still I guess it's nice I got at least one of the units I really wanted. Don't think I'm particularly interested in giving Sturdy Stance to anyone so I'll probably merge them together. Probably will go with the +SPD one since even though more HP fits his role better, his speed is actually kinda salvageable if you give him a Hone Cavalry.

Softening the blow was a couple good 3/4* pulls. In addition to a variety of skill fodder, I got 4* Marth (+SPD -HP), 4* Rebecca (+SPD -DEF), 4* Sheena (+SPD -HP) which were the sets I was looking for for those units.

Before the Legendary banner ends I should be able to get enough orbs for one more round, possibly two, so let's see if my luck turns around.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 28, 2018, 06:49:43 AM »
A fifth Lyn was certainly not needed (though arguably this one's more justified in existing compared to the two seasonal ones), and she's not even using Mani Katti so we'll probably get a sixth one eventually (honestly giving her Mani Katti would've made way more sense in terms of how the Legendaries are loosely themed, after the events of FE7 and she probably wasn't lugging the Sol Katti around and I doubt she went graverobbing for Mulagir, but I guess this was one of their few chances to make a Legendary Bow because otherwise we'd have a huge pileup on swords for whenever the other Lords become Legends). Anyway she seems like an above-average unit but actually nothing gamebreaking, certainly not near the level of Brave Lyn. Putting aside the lack of cavalry range her base kit is heavily reliant on player input. Plus the green color is more of a detriment than anything, Colorless's neutral damage to everyone was what made them so annoying to check; DC swords are everywhere and she can't block counters like Brave Lyn can without running Firesweep. Also her attack is low-ish (at least in comparison to the ridiculous units we've been getting), but you can see that as them being faithful to the source material. At least she's the right color to take care the most threatening tome color.

Regardless I'll probably dump my orbs on the Legendary banner. I wouldn't mind getting any of the units I'm missing and the ones I already have I could use more of for merging/skills. No scenario for this banner where I'll pull 3 shitty Gaiuses in a row and feel like snapping my phone in half. Ephraim's my most wanted unit here, along with the new Lyn and a bunch of Gennys so I can give everyone wrathful staff.

Also it's nice that Grand Conquest is going to be another potential source of free units, but they need to figure something out about how they'll rerun units from the past because the list isn't getting any smaller.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 26, 2018, 11:15:12 AM »
Unless they start having quests asking for S-ranks, clearing the quests shouldn't be too big of an issue IMO, even with a bad phone. Just tap like you're crazy and you'll come out the other end with a crappy rank but a clear nonetheless. And personally I hope they don't go too far with these quests, because I play this game for light fire emblem action and a side of paying your month's salary for your waifu and not Dubstep: Off-tempo edition.

As for datamines, I do know that there's something looking suspiciously like a enemy phase music disable, which is nice (unless they screw it up and now it just resets the same song every time phase changes). Now they need to expand the options for when animations happen in terms of fluff options and I think we're good to go. In terms of actual gameplay QoL changes though, I really want them to add more team slots (and I guess have them be optional like how the Pokemon boxes work in those games), because the more Legendary Heroes they add, the more teams built around them people want to make, and 8 teams isn't going to be holding your 2 Arena teams (Offense/Defense), your Legendary teams, and your Emblem teams for those monthly quests and a free roll slot for leveling up whatever you're working on.

That aside, I think the thing I'm looking forward to for now aside from all the banners lined up is that we should be getting an announcement any day now for shiny new Weapon Refinery options (assuming we're getting some this patch anyway). Yato is a likely candidate naturally, and if they want to keep the Fates theme going, they can come up with new weapons for Corrine and Camilla. Jakob could probably use one because he really has no niche, and if they want to mix things up, maybe it's time to give us some Prf Staves and put one on Elise and Sakura (Elise doesn't really need it, but hey, symmetry).

They should also give one to Odin because he really deserves one, and they could probably put Close Counter, Blade Damage, Heavy Blade and Breath Damage all on the same weapon and he'd still be bad.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:42:44 AM »
Grand Conquests ended up putting me on a crappy team for Round 2 and a pretty good one for Round 3. Much like Voting Gauntlet, the right way of playing is to barely play at all and just use it as free feathers. I still say it's much better than VG though since you aren't expected to play at ridiculous hours to get your personal ranking and the battles are a lot more fun because they let you use a bunch of units you've built instead of the handful of them you were babying for Arena runs on top of the ones from your Friend List.

Anyway more alts instead of new characters. Admittedly I do like the art for this Hinoka though, very fitting of her personality. Tempting as it is to try for her or one of the shiny new skills on the banner, I'll be waiting for whatever the new Legendary ends up being (and a second attempt at getting Ephraim). At least we'll probably be getting Kaze for free, and apparently they decided that Kagami Mochi needed a generic version after all instead of being event-locked. RIP anyone who sacrificed a New Year's Takumi for his overcooked dessert, though I guess we'll only be getting like 2 copies of Kaze so that balances out. I'm also guessing Corrin will be a bonus unit on the next Tempest so we'll probably be getting that Yato Refine pretty soon. We'll see if Corrine gets a unique breath to go with that too.

There was a theory that the new Legendaries coincide with whatever new heroes were most recently introduced, with Ike coming off the Radiant Dawn Banner, Ephraim off that second Sacred Stones banner, and Robin alongside...well, it was a villains banner instead of an Awakening banner, but it still kinda fits. Alongside that recent addition of colored bows I think the prediction that it's going to be a Green Bow Takumi is decently likely (so no Legendary Thracia hero for another 5 years or whatever unfortunately). It's an opportunity to give him a non-crappy version of Fujin Yumi too. Wonder if they'll make him Wind though, since that'd make him kinda redundant with Gunnthra.

As for the current T_T, I'm afk-playing for tons of HM as usual. I have a ton of bonus units and they're all stupidly broken (except for Seliph, who is still a chump). I know some people aren't doing that anymore because you can use that free Legendary Ike to autobattle a bunch of the GHBs for no stamina cost, but personally I think I still prefer doing it on Tempest since it autobattles on its own way longer due to the consecutive stages. Besides, I still have that giant stockpile of Stamina Potions and with that aforementioned change to GHB costs there's nothing else left to use them for.

General Games / Re: Mega Man X Collections 1 & 2
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:09:00 AM »
Yeah, gotta agree with that. The oldest Classic collection had what, the first 8 games on it, plus both the fighting games as unlockables? Though I guess the more recent Legacy Collections only had half that each so they're continuing with that model I guess. That's Capcom for you. At least it has that weird Boss Challenge mode though. I'm looking forward to seeing people trying to fight Infinity Mijinion and Rainy Turtloid at the same time or whatever.

I do wonder if gauging interest in the X series is part of the goal here. We did get Megaman 11 not that long after the releases of those two Legacy Collections. Hm.

Also that image really reminds me how much I didn't like the X8 artist. His character art is okay, but I really prefer the harder edges to X's armor from X-X7 (especially X4 onwards) compared to the "softer" art style the X8 guy did.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 14, 2018, 05:32:08 AM »
Personally I'm really enjoying Grand Conquest so far. You "only" need to go play once every 8 hours if you want to use all your stamina, and unlike VG you can burn all your stamina at once instead of needing to play every time an hour ticks. Of course strategically saving lances for later in the match and spending appropriate amounts of stamina is the "right" way to play, and it might end up having that annoying back-end burning like Tempest Trials ranking has, but I think it's relatively casual-play friendly.

Of course, just like VG, the big problem is that there's really no way to organize your team. I'm on Team Sharena in Outrealm 24 and we were losing early on in the match, but as of this post we currently own 20 areas. That could easily change though. Thankfully the ranking awards are pretty small so at least losing in this mode doesn't hurt that much, and increasing your VG Tier is only moderately challenging- I'm Tier 17, though I've spent most of my lances, but there'e still 10 rounds left so I don't think I'll have any trouble hitting the cap. I am playing only Infernal, but I've successfully beaten all of one base so far- most of the time I only secure one enemy fort, if that.

As for the maps themselves, the larger maps of Rival Domains was quickly becoming one of the best parts of the game for me, so expanding on that idea to face off against the entire barracks of other players is a lot of fun. It encourages you to have a healthy balanced barracks of different unit types so you can capitalize on bonus areas, instead of just slapping together whatever 20-man band of broken guys you have. (so that Reinhardt you're working on will help, but he's no silver bullet in this mode). And unlike Arena you won't feel like tearing your hair out from ruining your score via losing a single unit. So far the most memorable match I had was against some guy who has a Close Counter Vantage Lilina- I didn't note the build until after I had sent Jaffar out doing massive AoE damage and that Lilina proceeded to be impossible to attack into. On that note, Savage Blow build units are really good in this mode, whether they be Pain Staffbots or Jaffar.

If you don't need me offering up Reinhardt anymore though, let me know what you'd like instead. Don't think I have much unique to give though.

After many years of hearing about Breaking Bad and how great it is, I decided to start watching the show about a week and a half ago.

I am now finished with the show, all 62 episodes. I haven't went through a show that quickly in a long while.

Maybe I need some more time to process it, but for now I think I'll say it was one of the best, if not the best show I've ever seen.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 11, 2018, 08:44:31 AM »
Was planning on spending maybe 100 of my orbs on the Thracia banner, but after an initial bit of luck I hit a long dry streak and ended up spending almost all of them (~250 orbs) before I got something to end my pity rate. Overall I did pretty good though, I ended up with:

Greenolwen (+RES -HP)
Shiro (+SPD -RES)
Nanna (+HP -ATK)
Swordhardt (+RES -SPD)

The -ATK on Nanna is a bummer since its a superbane, but otherwise I think they're okay sets (or good in the case of Shiro). Besides, Nanna will probably get demoted so I can fish for a better set later. For non-5*s I got a Morgan M (+SPD -HP), another Sothe, 2 Hinatas and a Roy.

Also the second set of GHB Quests involves using Blessing teams instead of Emblem teams. It's nice that the stamina cost is 0, so now I can freely screw around with my teams until I figure it out. I still don't have a Fire Blessing team though, and I probably won't try building one until I draw a Fire Legendary of some kind. Back to saving up now so hopefully when the next Legendary banner comes I'll have gathered up a few orbs to get Ephraim.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 10, 2018, 07:50:33 AM »
I didn't do too hot on this VG, since I slept through a ton of the multipliers and ended up burning lots of flags on non-bonus hours. Oh well, free feathers is free feathers, and at least I was on a winning team twice this time around. Still don't really like this mode though.

But the big news is all the new goodies with the new version. Didn't expect it, but they actually adjusted the summoning pool. The downside of course, is that Hinata will be a lot harder to find now, but I'll take that if it means I won't ever have to be pity broken by Merric or Peri or whoever. Plus I'll have an easier time finishing up my Effie merges and finally finding that +ATK Reinhardt. Kinda disappointed mediocre 5* only units like Karel, Luke, Jaffar, or Mist didn't get booted downward, but I guess you have to have some losers in that bin.

Anyway I've added Caeda and Lilina to my 5* collection, and I'm wondering if I should replace the -HP +SPD Lilina with a +ATK one at some point. She gets +4 from the SPD boon so it's actually a somewhat workable stat if I give her an appropriate A slot, but it might be fun to get Lilina up to like 65 ATK or whatever the hell she's capable of.

I also have a -SPD +DEF Roy I thinking about keeping as-is, since he gets +4 from the DEF boon and he basically has Vengeful Fighter-1 now. He might want to avoid doubles though so -HP +SPD might still be the best choice for him. Either way he's being pushed as a mixed tank which is pretty much what people were doing with him before, and with the Dragon killing effect on the Binding Blade now it's certainly worth noting that he actually has a RES stat unlike all the Falchion users, so he has that going for him.

Also I gotta say I'm a bit disappointed with the choices for Thracia. It's going to be ages (if ever) before they add more characters from it so it's annoying they wasted two slots on alternate versions, especially if they're going to double up on one color. Would've been much better served giving that slot to Eyvel or Mareeta, and GreenOlwen should've been Ced or Asbel. Plus we'll only get one merge for Finn, who has a normal Brave Lance instead of a shiny Prf one like he deserves.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 04, 2018, 10:34:11 AM »
Soleil is definitely the best sword unit on a budget, but aside from a few units I'll be merging for arena/waifu-husbandoing I think I'd otherwise prefer variety in my barracks rather than just making good meta units, even if some units are just straight up worse versions of her (Besides, they'll probably release some other unit to outdate her down the road anyway). I generally don't replace weapons for units with Prfs since I like to keep whatever unique role they have to offer, but I doubt characters like Hana are on the list for shiny new Prfs so I'd feel safe giving them Firesweep (although Navarre might get one given his status in the franchise).

Also I'm on team Chrom since that's the only Spring unit I have. Hopefully the power of chaotic neutral multipliers will take him far.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:30:19 AM »
New 4* Banner, so I decided to try for some fodder. Of course I go through 60 orbs and got none of the characters I wanted from it before I get pity broken. 0 Hinatas, 0 Kleins, 0 Blue Focus units. Also I got pity broken by Saber, whose only plus is that he's probably one of the rarest units in the game at this point, but aside from being an unremarkable unit anyway he also came as -ATK, so he gets to stand around being a trophy I guess. So yeah, kinda annoyed, but I'll stop while I'm ahead so I can fail at getting Leif and co. when they show up.

On the bright side though, I did get a Caeda with +ATK -DEF, which I'm pretty sure is the absolute best set for her because despite the Flashing Blade effect on Wing Sword, she wants the extra attack. I also got a Cain (with -HP +SPD which is pretty good for him, but I might end up taking the WoM anyway) and 2 Soleils who are both -SPD to seal their fate as Firesweep Sword donors.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 30, 2018, 05:40:52 AM »
Nowi would probably be a good choice instead of Child Tiki, you're doubling up on Blues but Grima M is so absurdly broken you won't feel the absence of a red that much, and Ninian's not that good at being the Falchion counter on a dragon team. If you insist on a Red I'd say Child Tiki is a better long-term investment than Adult Tiki if you're a whale. She's basically a Red Nowi so she has the old version of boosted BST if you're going for Arena scoring. Adult Tiki's nice for budget players because she's easy to pull and her lopsided stats make her very easy to specialize into doing what you need her to do.

And hurray on lots of Elibe love in the Refinery, although most of them being red kinda sucks as far as using them is concerned. Roy was the first 5* I pulled in the game (and he did a really good job chopping Veronica down in that first Tempest Trial) so I look forward to using him a bit more again, and I was expecting a Lilina reforge eventually so it's nice to get it so soon. I also have that pitybreaker Karel I got way back so I guess he might get something useful, and while it's a nice little call into continuity, sharing his weapon with Fir (and I guess Karla when she gets in 10 years from now) will probably mean one of them will be redundant. Might consider promoting a Lloyd too, but I'm flooded with swords even without all the other ones getting love in this patch.

As for Ephraim- eh, I guess it's nice to set the precedent that units will continue to get new versions of their weapons, but I feel like Flame Siegmund kinda sucks for him. He doesn't have the mobility of a horse so it's more annoying to make positioning work with its effect. Probably better to just stick to the existing refine. Similar problem with Hector- I hope they'll add some kind of refine for the normal Armads at some point because if you give him Berserk Armads he just ends up being a straight up crappier Valentine Hector. Normal Armad's QR effect at least gives him something to distinguish himself.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:53:12 AM »
Jesus, that's a pull alright.

I've only done one set of pulls- of course not a single colorless showed up, but I did get another copy of Fjorm with crappy IVs. Not much else to show. Think I'll stop there for now, this is probably the least interesting Legendary banner for me yet. I have more than half the units, the ones I'm missing aren't that interesting to me (Nowi, Zelgius, Tiki and Lute), and while Robin herself would be nice, she'll probably show up next month too so I might as well pull then and also get a chance at the returning Ephraim.

As for the TT, my autobattle spam landed me around rank 700 with my final score being something like 260,000. My stamina pots have dipped below 300 so going nuts like this actually does end up in a net loss in those. If I keep this up maybe I'll run out of them by 2025 or something.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:54:13 AM »
If your predictions end up being true I might consider saving my orbs for Leif and friends, I was pretty damn lucky on the Performing Arts banner way back, pulling 3 of the Focus units, so I already have Inigo and Shigure. Though it did come back to bite me and I'm still mad that I drew 3 fucking Gaiuses last Legendary banner and now I'll have to wait god knows how long before PA Olivia is available again. At the rate they're adding new seasonals they'll never be able to cycle through them faster via Legendary banners so I don't know how the hell they're planning on fixing that.

IIRC Ephraim's not showing up this time so Fjorm can get another go. Guessing they'll be doing the same thing going forward, not having 2 Legendaries on the same color (just to make it that much more annoying to get one of each so you can do well in an entire mode). Hopefully whatever colorless Legendary we get this time around will be Fire to make up for Ephraim not being there, and they'll keep color balance within each Legendary element.

Dunno about Grima though, it'd be weird as hell to have her being a Legendary "Hero" since so far the theme seems to be either an OC donut touch character or a version of a character at the end of a given game (Ike's a Vanguard and for Ephraim it straight up says he defeated the Demon King). I think Corrin F might be more likely if that's what they're going for.

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