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1  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: Now with Stol- Borrowed Contents idea (Warning, lots of pictures) on: October 07, 2015, 07:14:44 AM
When starting the game, players are only given access to 6 of the 22 jobs. These are the classic Final Fantasy 1 jobs: Warrior, Thief, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Red Mage. The others must be unlocked- here’s the questline for one of them, alongside some backstory for a character seen in the Windurst story.

A Ranger’s Story: The Sin Hunters

The Mithra are not native to Windurst, but are rather from a continent far to the south. They have their own home away from home in the Windurst Woods however, where their chieftainess, Perih Vashai, resides.

There are some rumors that the aging chieftainess plans on passing her position onto the Sibyl Guard Semih Lafihna, but they are just that- rumors.

Many of the Mithra who live in Windurst now only came during the Crystal War, and a great deal of them lost their lives in the Meriphataud Mountains during the war. These days, the Mithra of Windurst Woods often ask any adventurers who pass through the mountains to bring back any twinstone earrings they might fight there, so that they may honor the Mithran warriors who left them behind. Rapifafa herself had come across a few of these in her adventures.

The Mithra are known for their dexterity and their tracking abilities. On one of Rapifafa’s trips to the Mithran community, Perih Vashai senses that Rapifafa potential in learning these skills, and is willing to teach her some of them. First, she tells Rapifafa that she must be accepted by nature as the Mithra are, by watching nature take its course. Rapifafa asks some of Perih Vashai’s followers to shed light on these words, and they tell her that she must travel to the Sauromugue Champaign to witness the death of an old tiger as part of the learning process.

Rapifafa finds the home of these tigers, and finds the oldest sabertooth within. The sabertooth does not attack her, but rather spends its final moments near the bones of other tigers that had come before it. After it dies, Rapifafa takes one of its teeth as proof of her deed.

Upon her return, Perih Vashai explains that the fangs of a hunter are the same as its life, for without the fangs it can no longer live. The fang, however, is left behind. Perih Vashai fashions the fang Rapifafa took into a necklace for her, telling her that as a Ranger, she must live by the fang and die only leaving the fang behind.

Some time after Rapifafa starts her training as a Ranger, Perih Vashai gives Rapifafa another task. She hands Rapifafa a strange earring and tells her she is to take it to Semih Lafihna, who is on an investigation in the Ranguemont Pass.

Rapifafa questions one of the guards in the pass, who tells her that he had seen Semih Lafihna pass through. Apparently the guard had seen some strange creature of darkness wrapped in robes.

When he tried cutting into it, it did not spill blood, but light. With the break of dawn, the creature disappeared. He told the story to his captain, but he would not believe him. However, Semih Lafihna traveled here seeking the creature as soon as she heard the rumor. She told the guard it was a “bearer of darkness”, and searched the pond where he had spotted it for some of the sand that fell from the creature. She could not find any, but the guard tells Rapifafa that perhaps she could find some.

It takes Rapifafa some time, but she finds some of the glittering sand that fell from the creature after a lengthy search. She takes it back to the guard, who asks her to take it to Semih Lafihna. There was another merchant who claimed to have spotted the bearer of darkness in the Jugner Forest, so it was likely Rapifafa would find Semih Lafihna there as well.

Rapifafa finds the merchant, who tells her that he saw the strange shadow near a tree during a full moon.

Rapifafa finds the tree- it has a hint of sparkling dust on it, resembling the glittersand.

As she was told, Rapifafa also soon found Semih Lafihna. Semih Lafihna says she can’t reveal much about the shadow due to security concerns, but Rapifafa tells her that’s not what she came for, and hands her the earring.

Semih Lafihna seems excited at first to see the earring, comparing it to a similar one she keeps herself, but just as quickly changes her expression to disappointment, and then confusion. Their conversation is soon interrupted by someone in the shadows.

The mysterious Mithra introduces herself as Shikaree M, a Mithran Tracker. She has come from the Mithran homeland to the south, tracking a sinner who lives amongst the tribe in Windurst. 20 years ago, the sinner and her daughter were both hunted down by another Tracker. However, that Tracker lied- before her own death, she confessed her own sin, that she let the daughter live- Shikaree M believes Semih Lafihna is that daughter.

The Sibyl Guard is quite an anomaly- while most Mithra orphaned by the war were simply sent back to their respective homes, the few which would form the guard were taken in by Heaven’s Tower. Of these orphans, only Semih Lafihna’s parentage is not recorded- Shikaree M declares that a sinner must be punished, regardless of memory, and takes out a handful of king’s tear moths to judge her sin.

Semih Lafihna does not carry the scent.

Shikaree M apologizes for her mistake, and turns to continue her hunt. Semih Lafihna, however, actually looks somewhat disappointed by the ruling- she once again does not know her own origins.

Rapifafa returns to Perih Vashai to report, but they are soon interrupted by Shikaree M.

Perih Vashai assures the hunter that they are seeking evidence of the daughter’s demise, but Shikaree M bluntly states that she does not trust the chieftainess, that she in fact struck a deal with the sinner. Aside from the fact that Perih Vashai lost a Mithran treasure called the Bow of Light long ago, she also assumes that Vashai sympathized with the sinner’s plight because her own daughter was of a similar age. Shikaree M reiterates that she will not return home until she has hunted down the sinner before leaving.

Semih Lafihna arrives just as the Sin Hunter leaves, saying she is here as a peacekeeper of Windurst. She asks the chieftainess if the sinner’s daughter is truly dead, and Vashai repeats the claim she made with Shikaree M. Lafihna is a bit puzzled at Vashai’s concern for her given the claim, but Vashai only answers with silence. Lafihna doesn’t pursue the inquiry further and returns the earring. As she turns to leave, she takes tells Vashai that she has no interest in becoming chieftainess after her.

Vashai turns to Rapifafa, assuring her that such conflict amongst the Mithra are a rarity, but this incident was unlikely to be over.

Rapifafa returns to her Ranger training, but a few days later Perih Vashai tells Rapifafa that the Mithra who knows the fate of the sinner’s daughter has been found in Mhaura. The Tracker had already set off in search, so Vashai asks Rapifafa to follow.

Rapifafa finds the Mithra called Koh Lenbalalako. It seems the Tracker had already spoken with her, and she gives Rapifafa the same information.

A Mithran tribe called the Fire Tribe lives on the southern continent. About 30 years ago, the chieftainess of that tribe committed the sin of killing a fellow tribe member. She spent a decade atoning for that sin, before escaping from prison with her daughter in tow.

At the time, Lenbalalako was an escort for people and supplies between Jeuno and Windurst. It was during that time a woman and her child slipped into her company. There was no shortage of refugees during the war, so she thought nothing of it.

As luck would have it, that same supply run was attacked by Yagudo in the Meriphataud Mountains, and they were all taken to Castle Oztroja. One by one, the Mithra were taken away from their prison, until only Lenbalalako and the sinner’s daughter were left behind. Perih Vashai arrived in time to save the two of them, but despite Lenbalalako’s efforts the child died from her grief, and was interred in the Eldieme Necropolis.

Shikaree M interjects- clearly she's not a very trusting person. She wishes to confirm the veracity of the story, but the Eldieme Necropolis isn’t a place to be ventured into alone, so she asks Rapifafa to meet her there.

At the Necropolis, Rapifafa and Shikaree M search each of the tombstones, eventually finding the name  Syu Befrathi- the sinner’s daughter.

Shikaree M uses her moths on one of the nearby graves to confirm the story- it seems the daughter was indeed interred here, and she even finds a correct twinstone earring. With that, Rapifafa and Shikaree M return to Perih Vashai.

Shikaree M is still not satisfied however- she wants to know where the other half of the earring is. Vashai tells her that the mother’s body was never found, because she perished in Castle Oztroja. The Yagudo King forced the prisoners to fight his soldiers, and then tossed the bodies into a large pond near the top of the castle. Shikaree M asks Rapifafa to search Castle Oztroja for the earring.

Rapifafa travels to the Meriphataud Mountains, and then to Castle Oztroja. She finds the pond as instructed, and after wading through the remains, finds an earring similar to the one she saw in the tomb. With that, she returns to Perih Vashai.

Shikaree M compares the two earrings, and seems satisfied. However, it seems she has one more question, about the “Bow of Light”. Shikaree M had questioned one of the witnesses to the rescue Perih Vashai led at Castle Oztroja, and this witness mentioned that the prisoners at Oztroja were saved by a bow loosing arrows of blinding light. Apparently, this was also how Vashai lost her eyesight.

Shikaree M demands that the bow be returned to the homeland, but Vashai does not answer. Shikaree M tells Vashai that she will give her some time to think on the matter, and turns to Rapifafa and rewards her for her help before leaving.

Rapifafa’s returns to her Ranger training, finding other pieces of a Ranger’s armor.

A few days later, Semih Lafihna pays another visit to the chieftainess.

Vashai guesses she intends to ask about the Bow of Light, but Lafihna instead asks about her past. All the talk about the Bow of Light made her realize that all the Sibyl Guards were prisoners in Castle Oztroja 20 years ago- the Sibyl Guards were taken in by Heaven’s Tower to prevent the secrets of the Bow of Light from spreading. Yet somehow, all the other Sibyl Guards remember being saved by the Bow of Light, and she does not. What’s more, Lafihna has a clear recollection that her twinstone earring was switched with another one during the Great War.

Vashai clearly knows the answers to all of Lafihna’s questions, but instead of directly answering, she instead hands her the twinstone earring that she had asked Rapifafa to give her a few days past, and directs her towards Koh Lenbalalako in Mhaura- whatever the truth is, she doesn't feel comfortable revealing it in public. Rapifafa decides to follow Lafihna to Mhaura.

Semih Lafihna is a bit annoyed that Rapifafa decided to tag along with her, but she soon gets over it. Lafihna asks Lenbalalako about the mysterious earring, and she is told that the earring is the same one she had swapped out when she was a child- it is her original earring. It was done at Lafihna’s mother’s request. When the sinner and her child arrived in the central lands, Perih Vashai was deeply troubled over whether to send them back to the homeland or not. In the end, Vashai approached Lenbalalako, and they decided to report to the homeland that both the sinner and the daughter had perished in Castle Oztroja. To complete the deception, they swapped Lafihna and her mother’s earrings with the sinner and her child’s earrings. They were not aware that the Sin Hunters would have other methods of detecting a Mithra’s sin, which was why Vashai gave that initial task to Rapifafa to swap Lafihna's earring.

Lafihna accuses Vashai and Lenbalalako of doing this so they could have the Bow of Light for themselves, and Lenbalalako answers by saying that at this point, it’s doubtful Lafihna would trust anything she would have to say. Instead, she tells Lafihna that the second earring that forms a pair with her original earring is in the Northlands, where Lafihna’s was told her mother died. Lafihna is not terribly excited at the prospect the mother who abandoned her continues to survive in the northlands, but she cannot simply let this matter go, so she leaves.

As soon as Lafihna leaves, Lenbalalako tells Rapifafa the real story.

When Lenbalalako and all the other Mithra were trapped in Castle Oztroja, the Fire Tribe chieftainess, Nhev Befrathi, managed to escape alone. With her daughter Syu Befrathi still in the clutches of the Yagudo, she went to plead with Perih Vashai to save her. It was then Perih Vashai used the Bow of Light to defeat the Yagudo, but at the cost of her own sight. In that same battle, Nhev Befrathi lost her life. With the child Syu Befrathi and the Bow of Light left over, they were forced to tell one lie after another to safeguard both.

With her story complete, she asks Rapifafa to take a gold earring and travel to the northlands to give it to Syu Befrathi.

Rapifafa travels to the north of Quon past the Ranguemont Pass and arrives in Xarcabard, and soon catches up with Semih Lafihna.

Lafihna is glad to have some company this time, and tells Rapifafa that she found a broken arrow glowing with a strange light. Lafihna tracks the arrow to a cave near Castle Zvahl, where they find the woman they have been looking for.

Semih Lafihna is surprised to see Syu Befrathi, but Befrathi is aware of what Lafihna is searching for, and decides to give them the information they seek.

The Bow of Light is a famed Mithran weapon, but it was not originally what the Fire Tribe chieftainess carried. About 30 years ago, Yow Rabntah found a strange stone in the northlands, and took it back to the homeland, where she used it as a base for constructing the bow’s shaft. It far exceeded the power of the Bow of Fire the chieftainess of the tribe originally used, and was named the Bow of Light. Contrary to the name, however, it did not bring light, but stole it. Nhev Befrathi believed that the bow was cursed, and that it should’ve been returned to the northlands, but the tribe was already divided over whether or not to keep the bow.

Before the issue could be resolved, the strange stone summoned a fiend which killed Yow Rabntah, and Nhev Befrathi was blamed for the death. Ten years after her imprisonment, Nhev learned that the fiend was, in fact, the Shadow Lord, and she escaped from prison, hoping to exact revenge for her people. The rest of the story was as Rapifafa had heard before. While Nhev Befrathi failed in her task, Syu decided that she would instead carry on her mother’s legacy, hunting in the northlands for the rest of her days.

With her story complete, Syu Befrathi hands the Bow of Light to Semih Lafihna- she has already removed the strange stone- the Magicite- from it, so it can be returned to the Tracker to take back to the homeland without concern. She also takes off her earring, telling Semih Lafihna that it was given to her by Perih Vashai to conceal her identity. At that, Semih Lafihna takes out her original earring and compares- they are a perfect match.

Rapifafa hands the gold earring to Syu Befrathi, giving her a new identity, and travels back to Windurst with Lafihna.

Shikaree M is thankful to Semih Lafihna and Rapifafa for their work finding the Bow of Light, and rewards Rapifafa with something appropriate of a Ranger.

With that, the Tracker leaves for her next hunt.

Perih Vashai comments that it was likely that the Tracker’s primary objective was to destroy the Bow of Light, with the sinner was only a secondary objective. Magicite is able to awaken feelings of envy and jealousy within the Mithra. The Befrathis were able to resist its influence, but many others were not able to. In Vashai’s case, she had closed her eyes to the power of the bow as she drew it, and lost her sight forever.

Even decades after the defeat of the Shadow Lord, the stones that lie beneath his castle continue to destroy the lives of his foes.

2  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: Now with Stol- Borrowed Contents idea (Warning, lots of pictures) on: October 03, 2015, 07:31:06 AM

i am happy to inform you that i won't get to the bastok story until after both the windurst and san d'oria ones, assuming i even go that far

Windurst Part 11: The Lost Journals

The children go home upset at Honoi-Gomoi's declaration, and Rapifafa tries to convince him to reconsider. Honoi-Gomoi tells Rapifafa that if she cares for the children, she’ll go and disassemble Joker herself, because it’s not likely that Joker will simply sit there quietly if the children are forced to take him apart.

Rapifafa has little choice, so she travels to The House of the Hero, where she expects to find Joker.

Joker was already expecting Rapifafa to come disassemble him, but he pleads that Rapifafa first help him find something in Toraimarai Canal. He claims he was brought back to life for a reason, and this would help shed light on that purpose. The Toraimarai Canal is right under Windurst, so it would not be an unreasonable delay, and Rapifafa agrees.

Before she leaves, a Gate Guard informs her she has received a new mission, apparently a minor one from the Optistery.

Tosuka-Porika informs Rapifafa that the mission he sent to the Gate Guards was actually just a front. He’s been feeling uneasy about The Book of the Gods going blank as well, and he wants Rapifafa to investigate.

He gives a short explanation of what exactly the book is. The book was written by the first Star Sibyl as a “true history”, and was passed down for the benefit for all who would succeed her. Because of the danger contained in this knowledge, it was sealed with powerful spells which could only be broken through the use of the Diza Star, a jewel which hangs from the neck of the Star Sibyl.

Somehow, the previous minister of the Optistery was allowed to open The Book of the Gods and learn the true history. This minister, of course, was none other than Karaha-Baruha. He was allowed to build a laboratory under Windurst, which became a “sixth ministry” of sorts: The Animastery. A venture into this laboratory may reveal some clues. Tosuka-Porika gives Rapifafa the Optistery Ring to open the door to the Animastery, and asks for her to search for it in the Toraimarai Canal.

Rapifafa again travels past the Three Mage Gate of Horutoto Ruins into the Toraimarai Canal. During her search for the Animastery, she finds something curious- a Joker Card. Cards are used to control the Cardians, so it is odd one would be found down in the canals like this.

Rapifafa continues her search in the canals, eventually finding a magically sealed door. It was likely this was the Animastery. She enters using the Optistery Ring.

The room is filled with books of all kinds, scribbled notes littered the floor and there was even a bad in the corner- was this where Karaha-Baruha had spent his final days?

The books contain a wealth of notes from Karaha-Baruha concerning the Horutoto Ruins, the first of which contains the old legend of a wondrous star leading the Tarutaru to the Ruins, which then bound a beast of some kind to the Full Moon Fountain. His notes go on to say that the Optistery records indicate the ruins had indeed been around since the time of the first Star Sibyl, but that the technology within them seemed to point towards the existence of another civilization in the area.

As Rapifafa approaches the last of the tomes, she feels a strange sensation, as if someone were whispering to her.

Before she can touch it, someone behind her warns her not to touch it- it is the Star Sibyl.

She’s puzzled why Rapifafa is here until she spots the Optistery Ring in her hands. The Star Sibyl considers for a moment, and decides that perhaps Rapifafa was guided to this room by the stars, and decides to explain the function of the room.

As Tosuka-Porika had mentioned, the Animastery was built for the previous Optistery minister, Karaha-Baruha, about 25 years ago. He had declared that the ability to draw magic from nature was limited, and so he was looking into drawing magic from living creatures- not normal creatures however, as that would not be sufficient. Karaha-Baruha was trying to draw power from something far more powerful, and that was what saved Windurst during the Great War, the result of which Rapifafa had seen in the Full Moon Fountain.

The Star Sibyl tells Rapifafa that she will not be punished for her trespassing, but that she return to Windurst at once and forget the matter. With nothing left to see here, Rapifafa returns to the Optistery.

Naturally, Tosuka-Porika is distressed at learning that the Star Sibyl was in the Animastery. Fearing any impending punishment, he hands Rapifafa the blank Book of the Gods, asking Rapifafa to use it to secure his freedom should he be imprisoned.

With the mission finished, Rapifafa takes the Joker card she found earlier to the House of the Hero.

With the card in his possession, Joker seems to have found a new clarity, and asks that he be allowed to leave. Rapifafa never really wanted to take him apart to begin with, and this would probably take the problem out of the hands of the children, so Rapifafa agrees.

The next day Rapifafa is given another mission, this time from the Rhinostery.

It seems that Iru-Kuiru, the Tarutaru who was part of the Multinational Expedition 30 years ago, may still be alive, and the Minister Rukususu had run off to the southern continent in pursuit of this rumor.

The Elshimo islands can only be reached by airship, so Rapifafa travels to Jeuno to find a flight to the village of Kazham.

Music: Kazham

Kazham is a self-governed fishing village largely populated by Mithra, a home away from home of sorts for any who had left their homeland to the south.

Rapifafa decides to begin her search by speaking with the local chieftainess, Jakoh Wahcondalo.

Jakoh remembers Rukususu, but since all she asked about was from a time from before she was chieftainess, she instead sent Rukususu to their former chieftainess- Romaa Mihgo.

The mother of the famous Cat Burglar is rather stoic by comparison, but she gives Rapifafa the information she needs- Iru-Kuiru had been banished to the Temple of Uggalepih a long time ago, so that’s where she should begin her search.

Much easier said than done, as the temple lies deep within the jungles of Elshimo, which have a maze-like layout, and the available map isn’t much help.

It takes her some time, but Rapifafa finally finds the Temple of Uggalepih.

The temple is inhabited by large amounts of beastmen known as Tonberries. They’re certainly not pleasant to fight, as a well-placed throat stab from their weapon is enough to almost instantly kill any adventurer.

Thankfully Rapifafa’s search is soon over, and she finds Rukususu in what appears to be a study.

Rukususu explains she was trying to follow up on Iru-Kuiru’s work, who was also investigating the truth behind the legends of Windurst’s origins. His work generated a great deal of controversy, and most preferred to continue believing the Tarutaru were led to Sarutabaruta by a wondrous star. Iru-Kuiru did not give up on his work however, and something in his journey to the Northlands led him to Elshimo.

Apparently whatever it was was right in this room, as Rapifafa and Rukususu are confronted by a spirit of some kind, who introduces herself as Grav’iton of the Kuluu. Grav’iton addresses Rukususu as the Star Sibyl and asks if the Tarutaru have lost the power of the Horutoto. When Rukususu explains that the ruins had ceased to function 20 years ago, Grav’iton seems shocked- the towers are responsible for harnessing the power of the moon, and without the towers the power would instead roam the land in the shape of a fiend.

Grav’iton soon notices that the Book of the Gods has lost its magic. She explains the book was written by the first Star Sibyl using that same power and promptly returns some power to the book, hoping it will help guide them as the Kuluu guided the Tarutaru so long ago. With that, Grav’iton disappears.

Rukususu tells Rapifafa that she will need to take the book back to the only person who can read it- Ajido-Marujido.

Before Rapifafa leaves, she decides to read some of the tomes in the room, apparently full of notes left by Iru-Kuiru. Many of the entries recount his journey to the Northlands and his subsequent return. He felt the Northlands were cursed in some way, and his suspicions were only confirmed when he received word of the death of several other members of the expedition. Of particular note, Iru-Kuiru left a note about the ruins of Fei’yin- based on his observations, an ancient race once inhabited those ruins, but were wiped out by some sudden calamity.

With her task done, Rapifafa returns to Windurst with Rukususu. Rukususu asks that Rapifafa not yet reveal what they discovered in the temple, as it’s likely the citizens are not yet ready to know the truth.

For now, Rapifafa was more concerned with just how she was going to get the book to Ajido-Marujido.

3  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Street Fighter V on: October 03, 2015, 01:38:08 AM
No, his head stayed completely still the entire time...

play it in slow motion
4  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Street Fighter V on: October 02, 2015, 05:10:49 AM
He did spin his head actually, he moved sort-of realistically in that he does the thing dancers and such do when they're pirouetting- you turn your head large amounts at a time instead of along with your body so you don't get dizzy.

It still looked pretty cartoonish though.
5  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Inafune's latest project The Mighty No.9 looks Mega Rocking, man. on: September 27, 2015, 09:46:35 AM
Here's a nice enough video with the three Mighty Number stages from the beta in case any of you want some visuals to go with my rant.

Sure it takes some initial investment to make a 3D model, but once you have one you are free to manipulate it however you want.  As opposed to sprites that have to be drawn a frame at a time for every situation.  Which is part of the reason 3D graphics took off in the first place:  At least for larger projects it's actually less work in the long run.

That's true for highly detailed/animated spritework, but considering the level of animation Mighty No. 9 is showing I doubt that's the case here. At least in the demo, I don't see any movements from the models which couldn't have been done using sprites with less effort, and would've looked better to boot. As you mentioned, once you've actually made the models you have more freedom to do a variety of animations without exponentially increasing the workload like with sprites, which is why I find it odd the cutscenes in Mighty No. 9 are so damn stiff (even if they didn't make the models themselves capable of having mouth movements, would it have really killed them to make face textures or whatever with mouth flapping?). Even comic-style cutins like from X5 and the like would've been better.

From what I've heard, due to the rules on how the different companies were working on this game, Inti Creates weren't really allowed to get too involved. They were hired to provide certain tools and services and nothing else, to the point of not even being able to provide advice about what was going on. That's why they've put out two full games (Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gal Gun 2) while this mess has been going down, they really aren't that involved.

I'd rather see some kind of source on a claim like this before I believe it, because at this point there's been tons and tons of bullshit passed around due to some of the drama surrounding the game and its development. This isn't the first time Inti Creates has put out multiple games in a year.
6  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: Now with Stol- Borrowed Contents idea (Warning, lots of pictures) on: September 26, 2015, 12:23:09 PM
This is one of the Artifact Armor questlines in the game (I brought up the Red Mage one in an earlier post). It's actually kind of crazy how much of the game's story was put into these sidequests, because back when these came out it took a great deal of time to get to level 50 when these quests were offered, and then usually required parties of anywhere from 6-18 people to complete, meaning only a fraction of the people playing the game would ever see it- I doubt any MMO would do something like that today. Even after the game became a lot easier many people stuck to playing a handful of the jobs instead of branching out, and even if they did a lot of the rewards from these quests became obsolete which meant a lower chance of them bothering to check them out.

A Black Mage’s Story: The Great Star Tree

Baby Star Trees, the offspring of the Great Star Tree, are appropriately cultivated within the basement of the Great Star Tree- that is, the basement of Heaven’s Tower. Their growth has stopped in recent times, however, and the Three Professors of Windurst Walls are asked to help solve the problem.

Koru-Moru guesses the soil is the problem, Yoran-Oran thinks the water is the issue, and Shantotto insists that they’re both idiots (and that the lights are broken). Arguing gets them nowhere, however, so the gardener Chumimi just tells all three of them to test their theories. Shantotto’s never one to do the work herself, however, so she asks the nearest Black Mage available to help her out. In this case, that's Rapifafa.

Rapifafa is instructed to drain all the energy from a crystal, and then fill it with the lights found around Castle Zvahl in the northlands. Rapifafa knows better than to reject a request from Professor Rhymesalot, so she does as she’s told, and brings the glowing stone she creates back to Heaven’s Tower.

A few days later, the Star Trees show no signs of improvement. Yoran-Oran concludes that if none of the above is the issue, then they must examine the point in time when the trees’ growth began to retard. When Chumimi tells the professors that the trees have had trouble growing since the war 20 years ago, Koru-Moru seems shocked, and begins muttering something under his breath. When questioned, he says that he might have some idea what happened, and takes Rapifafa aside to explain in private.

Koru-Moru tells Rapifafa that 20 years ago, he travelled to Jeuno to help solve the hunger problem the war had brought to Vana’diel.

It was there he fell in love with a woman named Rasusu, and in his desperation to help her solve the problem, he had stolen a bag of the Star Tree’s seeds. Koru-Moru believes this might have something to do with the problem they are facing now, so he sends Rapifafa to retrieve the seeds from Rasusu.

Rapifafa’s search takes her to a man in Jeuno, who recalls that during the war, crawlers had consumed most of the crops in the Rolanberry Fields, and Rasusu had joined an adventurer’s expedition to the Crawler’s Nest to kill the queen. Unfortunately, she never returned from the journey, and the man didn’t have the heart to tell Koru-Moru what had happened.

After some searching in the Crawler’s Nest, Rapifafa manages to find the bag of seeds off an elemental.

Upon her return, Chumimi seems thankful, but also puzzled. She tells Rapifafa and Professors that many seeds had gone missing 20 years ago when the tree had flooded- the missing seeds had nothing to do with the Star Trees’ growth, apparently. The Professors have no choice but to go back to remembering what they were doing 20 years ago.

This time, Shantotto has thought of something, and asks to speak with Rapifafa.

20 years ago, she was leading the War Warlocks in a battle within Castle Zvahl. The battle wasn’t going well, so Shantotto produced a talking doll to offer suggestions to her.

Unfortunately, the doll’s suggestions weren’t terribly helpful.

Shantotto wasn’t very fond of the doll, but it helped her think of a plan: She bound the doll to the room so that it would continue jabbering on, giving her unit a chance to escape.

The last thing she heard was the doll cursing her, so she sends Rapifafa to retrieve the doll, thinking that the curse is what caused the trees to stop growing.

Rapifafa travels to Castle Zvahl, but finds the room Shantotto pointed to locked, so she searches the Castle until she finds what she needs.

Rapifafa finds the doll, still bound in place as it was 20 years ago.

She takes it back to the Professors, her task finished.

The Professors reward Rapifafa for a job well done, but somehow Rapifafa doubts that the doll is the true cause of the problem.

Rapifafa returned to her adventures, finding other pieces of Black Mage armor around Vana’Diel.

In a few days, Rapifafa’s suspicions were confirmed- the Star Trees weren't getting any better. The Professors conclude that Rapifafa needs to go down to the Toraimarai Canal, closed off to most since the Great War. They fix the talking doll Rapifafa had retrieved earlier to help her find any anomalies in the canal.

Down in the canal, the doll helps Rapifafa to find several anomalies it describes as “magic stagnation”. There are enough of them that eventually Rapifafa needs to supplement the doll’s capacity using her own Black Mage abilities.

After cleaning up the stagnations, Rapifafa returns to the Professors. Shanttoto is absent, but the others speculate without her. Yoran-Oran believes that because the towers stopped functioning 20 years ago, the flow of magic in the canal was disrupted, causing the decreased growth. It’s likely cleaning out the stagnation will be necessary on a regular basis from now on.

As soon as Yoran-Oran finishes, Shantotto returns, and he voices concerns that Shantotto had paid a visit to Karaha-Baruha’s laboratory. Shantotto blows him off and starts complaining about how her hat got covered in mildew, before handing it to Rapifafa. Apparently, this was to be her reward.

Koru-Moru is still concerned what might be happening behind the Earthen Door of the Horutoto Ruins, so they all head for the Three Mage Gate.

Past the Earthen Gate, they find that the Great Star Tree has begun to grow buds, meaning the Great Star Tree is aware that it is in danger and is desperate to survive. It seems the regular cleansing of the stagnation can only be a temporary solution, and a more permanent solution will need to be found. That is much easier said than done, however. It doesn't seem like any of the living Windurstian Professors will be able to solve the problem.

7  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Inafune's latest project The Mighty No.9 looks Mega Rocking, man. on: September 26, 2015, 11:22:02 AM
As far as the budget goes, I can only assume that a lot of it went to just porting the game to the 10 million consoles Mighty No. 9 is going to be on. That probably isn't cheap to do.

I mean, I usually don't get angry over video games so what I've played has just left me perplexed more than anything. In addition to some of big names that were used to market this, Inti Creates also has their name attached to this, and they made both X-style Megaman games (the entirety of the Z and ZX series) and what I think are two of the best classic style Megaman games (9 and 10). I don't understand how people who have had decades of experience, some of who literally worked on the first Megaman game, could have made what are essentially amateur mistakes in the core gameplay of a pretty simple series.

Also to rant a bit more about the bad graphics, the problem isn't that they're technically unimpressive- that actually would've been fine if they could've imbued it with some charm like the Megaman Legends graphics, which I personally think still look good to this day. Inti Creates has a history of unimpressive 3D graphics- look up a game named Gal*Gun and consider that that game was released in 2011. The problem with the graphics in Mighty No.9 is that they just look bad in general. For example, I can only assume that they were trying to make Beck's model proportioned similarly to the Megaman sprite, but it's a good example of why you don't transfer things directly from 2D to 3D graphics. They made a model for him which has huge arms that get larger as they move distally and as a result he has to always hold them diagonally and he looks ridiculous. With a sprite you can just "cheat" since you draw each one individually and whoever is looking at it fills in the blanks with their mind. Same thing with what I mentioned about the story sections looking bad- Megaman fans never had a problem with Megaman and Dr. Light talking to each other with their laughable 2-frame mouth movements because the mind will fill in the blanks. When you do it with 3D models it just looks terrible despite the fact it actually took more effort to make all of it.
8  Media / Miscellaneous Games / Re: Inafune's latest project The Mighty No.9 looks Mega Rocking, man. on: September 26, 2015, 07:02:38 AM
So after giving a heartfelt apology about delaying the game, Comcept released a demo version of the game (which then got delayed itself for like a week, which is really funny in that comedy of errors kind of way). Anyway they also announced MN09 would be on sale on February, but honestly after screwing around with the demo a bit I find it hard to recommend to anyone who didn't pledge to the game. Some random thoughts:

-The graphics are still awful. Beck's default model in particular seems like a really weird thing to screw up the way they did because it's what you'll be looking at for like 90% of the game (the demo didn't have special weapons unlock when you beat bosses so all I could see was the default model).

-An extension of the above complaint is that the animations are really bad. For example, in the story sections of the game characters stand completely still while text appears on the bottom and you get voiceovers. They didn't even add mouth movements or expressions on the characters' faces or anything like that, it feels very weird. I don't understand why they didn't at least do that thing where the drawn art of the person talking appears.

-I wouldn't mind the above two complaints so much if I wasn't getting some really bad stuttering in certain parts of the game. I have a Radeon HD 6850 which is admittedly pretty outdated, but it shouldn't be having trouble playing a game that looks this bad. I tried screwing with the graphic settings of the game but the stuttering persisted even on the lowest settings. The stuttering always happened around the same place so I can only assume there's something wrong with those particular parts of the game, and the game continues "running" even while your screen stutters, which is not something you want happening in an action platformer game. I decided on the 3DS version of the game a while back when they sent out surveys so hopefully this won't be an issue on consoles at least.

Alright, so for the important parts:

-The demo provided 4 stages: The intro plus 3 robot master (Mighty Numbers, whatever) stages. A big problem with this game is that Beck's skillset doesn't seem to mesh well with how they designed the game at all.

-Not much to say about the intro stage, it's easy, but that's probably appropriate. It introduces you to most of Beck's abilities and it works pretty well.

-What absolutely kills this game is the fact that Beck is allowed to air dash infinite times. You will slowly lose altitude since there's a split-second delay before you can dash again, but it means you can skip over huge sections of the platforming sections in each stage just by dashing over and over.

-The military base stage is very easy. The stage's gimmick is conveyor belts and mines on the ground. The stage is mostly narrow hallways so you can't air dash over stuff as often, but it doesn't really matter because the only way you're going to get hit by a mine is if you're really inattentive and walk over one instead of just dashing your way through the stage. The boss is also incredibly easy and I beat him on the first try.

-The power plant stage doesn't seem to have any particular unifying element to it aside from it being dark, but it doesn't matter because they decided to make all models not be affected by the lighting, so you can see pretty much everything just fine. There's one section of the stage where you are supposed to use the low-dash ability (hold down + hit dash) to avoid an instant death trap, but that doesn't happen a single other time in the stage so the stage isn't "about" using the low dash, you just run through hallways until you reach this one section where the game actually prompts you to use it, which indicates to me even the person who made the stage knew it was incredibly counterintuitive. It's such a pointless skill in the rest of the game I wouldn't be surprised people forgot about it most of the game.

-The power plant boss took me a few tries to beat, I liked her enough.

-The oil refinery is the only "new" stage in this demo (they had a beta earlier which already had the above stages IIRC) and it's easily the hardest one if you play it "properly", but they made it too easy to cheese the stage.

-Early in the stage is a bunch of oil slicks and sometimes enemies will throw fire into them and ignite them similar to Flame Man's stage in MM6, but it doesn't matter because I just air dashed through most of it. What a complete waste.

-The final section can be quite difficult- huge smokestacks are falling down and you have to dash quickly through them and not get touched (they're instant kills). There are also enemies shooting fireballs from the background and if you get hit by one of these back into one of the smokestacks as they're falling you'll die (instant kills ignore your post hit invulnerability like in MM1). This seems to be the only section I played which took into consideration the fact that Beck can dash through the air infinite times. The problem is that you can just inch forward to make the smokestacks fall down, and then dash through safely without needing to do any advanced maneuvering at all, it's a complete waste of the only difficult platforming section I came across.

-The fire boss, Pyro, is a complete cheapass, because his super move (every boss has one when they get to the halfway point) is an instant kill. He doesn't seem to have any particular pattern to how he uses it, sometimes he jumps and sometimes he doesn't. I stopped trying to beat him after a while, I might go back later and see if there's some kind of visual clue to when he plans on jumping, but I think they really screwed up with this boss giving him a instant kill like this.

-So far the music's really hit-or-miss. The Military Base has some pretty cool music but I have idea what the fuck Manami Matsumae was thinking with the Power Plant theme. There's an option for turning the music into "retro" versions (it was one of the stretch goals) but there's something really off about the way it sounds. I can't find uploads of it anywhere so unfortunately I can't demonstrate. It doesn't sound like 8 bit music though.

-Finally I should note that Beck has this ability to do this weird "jump back while firing" move if you hold the right trigger while pressing attack, which I've found exactly one use for, but not for dodging so much as just shooting downwards. I don't understand the inclusion of it at all really, it runs counter to the rest of the game's design because the fact that Beck needs to absorb enemies by dashing into them means you need to play very aggressively, and a move used purely for dodging is barely ever going to get used.

-One cool detail I noticed is that when Beck dies, he blows up into into a bunch of cubes, revealing this weird orb thing which flies off (the orb's the same thing for the healing items as far as I can tell).

I wouldn't say I hated the demo or anything. I had some fun throughout but the word I'd use to describe it is "mediocre". It's also very frustrating because all these problems should've been apparent to these people who have been making Megaman games since forever. It feels like they wanted to expand Megaman beyond just the simple jumping and shooting stuff but none of the stuff they added really works, and the stages suffered for it when the simpler controls for classic Megaman synergized better.
9  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Star Ocean 5 on: September 22, 2015, 12:18:09 PM
Nah man, you just don't like how I got that piece of truth across.

Apparently you're having some trouble with truth yourself- still having some issues with that tricky reading comprehension stuff I see. Somehow I'm not surprised you managed to miss the point that it's not about whether or not you're right that some people get assblasted about fanservice characters, but that you don't come off as being any better by getting personal whenever people talk about things in a way you don't like. Part of me wants to think you actually know better but you just pretend otherwise so you have excuse to act the way you do, but I guess that's actually worse.

I really don't know where the whole thing with schoolgirls came out when originally it was a fan letter by a female player that was took into consideration by Kojima that got things going for Raiden's look.

Either way, the point is that Raiden's look was fanservice that was requested but Kojima used that to fiddle everyone. Raiden is a walking allegory for a bunch of stuff, as well as being one of the most important pieces in MGS2's metanarrative.

Decided to check around. I remember originally read about it in an EGM article really long ago, back in the Stone Age when people still read gaming news on print, but according to this (starting around 21:20 if the timecode in the link doesn't work) it was indeed from a focus group test, or at least something very similar, and whoever wrote it certainly wasn't a fan of the series.

Also while it might be true that Kojima ended up doing his usual thing of just using an element of the game to yank on peoples' chains, it doesn't really change the fact that Raiden was originally conceived as a fanservice character.
10  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: Now with Stol- Borrowed Contents idea (Warning, lots of pictures) on: September 22, 2015, 07:12:48 AM
Windurst Part 10: Full Moon Fountain

With the Shadow Lord defeated, Rapifafa returns to her service for Windurst. A mission soon comes from a rather unlikely source- Ajido-Marujido.

He doesn’t bother going into much detail before dashing off, but it seems the task is a relatively simple one- Ajido-Marujido just wants Rapifafa to help him press a switch to activate the towers in Sarutabaruta.

Rapifafa enters a different tower than Ajido-Marujido, so she is unable to confirm whether the task was successfully completed after activating the switch.

Upon her return to the Orastery, Ajido-Marujido is nowhere to be seen, and the two instructors don’t look particularly comfortable. Apparently Semih Lafihna had come along soon after Ajido-Marujido had left, asking for him, and the instructors were now concerned for his safety. They ask Rapifafa to try to find him before Semih Lafihna can.

Rapifafa again travels past the Three Mage Gate of the Horutoto Ruins, but doesn’t find Ajido-Marujido near the magic seals, so she assumes Ajido-Marujido had set off for the Full Moon Fountain further in.

Deep underground, Rapifafa finds the Toraimarai Canal, a large underground complex which supplies water to the Star Tree.

Deep into the Toraimarai Canal is the Full Moon Mountain, where Rapifafa finally catches up with Ajido-Marujido.

He’s slightly annoyed at Rapifafa’s persistence, but figures she’s no threat and allows her to tag along.

Ajido-Marujido was not happy at the sight of the fountain. Apparently, this is what the Yagudo King had sent him to find- the Full Moon Fountain has lost its radiance. Before Rapifafa can ask what exactly that means, they are interrupted by a voice behind them.

Apparently Ajido-Marujido has finally crossed a line even the Star Sibyl is unwilling to forgive, and Semih Lafihna has arrived with a team of guards and declares that he is under arrest. Ajido-Marujido quickly casts a warp spell on Rapifafa, allowing her to escape.

Back in Windurst, Rapifafa cannot find Ajido-Marujido- she can only assume that he was unable to escape in time.

After some investigation a gate guard informs Rapifafa that Ajido-Marujido had been arrested, and she is to report to the Star Sibyl. Rapifafa figures it is probably best for her to do so instead of attempting escape.

As Rapifafa enters the Vestal Chambers, she overhears a conversation between the Star Sibyl and Apururu.

The Star Sibyl explains that Ajido-Marujido has been imprisoned for his crimes for tampering with a power too dangerous. Apururu questions the decision, citing the use of this same magic 20 years ago, but the Star Sibyl is unwilling to budge on the issue, and Apururu storms out.

The Star Sibyl is straight to the point with Rapifafa- she was seen with Ajido-Marujido at the time of his arrest, so she is asked if she agrees with Ajido-Marujido, that Windurst should no longer pursue a peace with the Yagudo. With all her experiences, Rapifafa cannot answer anything but yes.

The Star Sibyl is surprisingly understanding of her position, but she once again reiterates that Windurst simply does not have the strength to fight.

Nevertheless, that was not why the Star Sibyl asked Rapifafa to come- she is to atone for her crime by participating in a sparring contest held in Giddeus. If she loses, Windurst will increase her offerings to the Yagudo.

Rapifafa travels to the west of Sarutabaruta, where she enters Balga’s Dais in the deepest parts of Giddeus.

The Yagudo attack her in a group, but Rapifafa has no trouble putting them all to sleep and defeating them one by one.

With the match won, she is to travel to Castle Oztroja to receive the official documents for this event.

Previously, Rapifafa had not strayed far from the entrance to the Castle, but this time she had to climb to the top. The climb requires her to make her way past numerous traps and puzzles.

Among these puzzles are several structures along the way which each contain a password required to open the door at the top of the castle. The Yagudo reset the password each day, so the climb must be performed in a hurry.

Past the trap door was the throne room of the Yagudo. Rapifafa wasn’t here to meet the king however, and she enters one of the gates in the room to meet with the Yagudo she was directed to.

Upon returning to Windurst, Rapifafa returns to the Star Sibyl, who declares her crimes forgiven. However, she reminds her that she is to keep everything she had seen under Windurst a secret.

Rapifafa needs some rest, so she decides to visit The Star Onion Brigade.

The Star Onions are happy to see Rapifafa, but it seems they aren’t doing so hot themselves, as a merchant called Honoi-Gomoi came to their base demanding for his lost Mana Orb. The Mana Orb was in Joker now, so they couldn’t just hand it back. They figure Rapifafa may be able to convince him to relent given her position, so they ask for her help.

Honoi-Gomoi’s not hearing any of it though, because he paid Nanaa Mihgo a fortune in star spinels to find the orb.

Nanaa Mihgo suggests that they should simply return the orb, but Rapifafa wasn’t going to abandon Joker, and she figures the only way to solve this is to reimburse Honoi-Gomoi his Star Spinels.

Star Spinels were found somewhere in the Zepwell island near Bastok, but most passageways to the island had been sealed for a long time. Thankfully, the passage through Zeruhn Mines in Bastok had recently been opened for adventurers, so Rapifafa takes the opportunity to travel there.

The passage led to an undersea cavern called the Korroloka Tunnel, which connected Bastok to the Kuzotz region.

Past the tunnel was where the vast Altepa Desert was found.

Music: Altepa Desert

Below the desert were the Quicksand Caves. Rapifafa had heard a lot of the once-metropolis of the Galka, now in ruins because of its infestation by the beastmen known as the Antica.

It’s not an easy place for Rapifafa to traverse, as the structures within the ruins were designed with Galka in mind. The switches on the floor respond to weight, and Rapifafa was too light to activate them- it would take the equivalent of 3 Tarutaru to equal one Galka.

Eventually Rapifafa is able to find a Star Spinel in the ruins however, and returns to Honoi-Gomoi in Windurst.

He’s clearly not interested in Rapifafa’s offer, and shows off his collection of jewels and precious metals to emphasize his point- he’s in no need of riches, and to him the Mana Orb is priceless.

Rapifafa brings the bad news to The Star Onions, and they hold an “emergency strategy meeting”.

Several suggestions fly around. One of the children suggests they tell Honoi-Gomoi that a dhalmel ate the orb. Another suggests they say the orb fell into the sea. One child, however, reminds them that the Star Onions were formed just to fight such behavior, so they decide together that it’s best they simply tell the truth.

At Honoi-Gomoi’s house, he listens intently to the children before coming to his conclusion- he demands that take Joker apart so the orb can be returned to him!
11  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Star Ocean 5 on: September 22, 2015, 05:28:56 AM
Typical passive aggressive shit

It really is amazing at times how lacking in self awareness you are.

in the spirit of 'fairness', there's also a distinct lack of 'manservice' in games, especially if said game appeals to a wide audience of male and females

I wrote some stuff and then realized how long I ended up going on so I'll just put it in a spoiler. That and I feel like it's kind of off topic anyway, so feel free to skip over my hugh jazz rant.

I mean, myself and others have commented a bit on this in the past but it's something that's hard to talk about in detail anywhere since the internet is generally a shitty place to talk about this sort of thing. I would suggest a dedicated thread for the topic, but I guess it's never even been suggested around here for same reason I rarely see people bring up any other real life politics or religion. I guess that's probably part of the appeal of this place.

Obviously we already know fanservice appears because sex sells. There's also the fact that men are still a majority even when we're talking about games with a relatively larger female playerbase. Final Fantasy for example, I think I've seen some surveys which show something like a 30% female playerbase (if you want to get into majority female players you'd have to move over to games like Animal Crossing). Still only a dumb businessman would go and ignore 30% of their customers.

Even with that though, I really don't think blatant sexual pandering (in this form anyway) sells as much to women. It just seems like when women want sexual elements in fiction it's more about the fantasy and not just the physicality, whereas for a lot of men the latter alone is enough (Not to say men don't also appreciate the former, just saying there doesn't seem to be a female audience equivalent of "give that character a nice rack").

To be honest I've always been surprise this is such an alien idea to some people because people have experimented with this sort of thing for decades now. You'll see Fifty Shades of Grey becoming a bestselling novel with a huge female audience and you see people trying to even the field in "male" forms of entertainment end up just finding out you'll hilariously still end up with a majority male audience (See: Playgirl).

If you just want to make an point about how you want male and female characters to be treated with the same gloves, I guess I can get that, but every time I see this issue come up it's in the context of wanting to be marketed to in the same amount as men, and if they were really intent on doing that it'd probably wouldn't take the form of seeing the FFXV boys wearing speedos (or whatever your choice of erotic clothing) because history has shown that'd just serve to titillate gay men a lot more than it'd do anything for women.

I'm reminded of an interview about MGS2 I read once where someone (not sure if it was Kojima or some other staff member) said they had some focus group playtest the game and the young women playing it claimed there was too many old guys, and they ended up designing Raiden based off their feedback. What's funny is that you have this character who was specifically created to appeal to women but I still see lots of people claim Raiden doesn't count because he's still a male power fantasy or whatever.
12  Media / Single-Player RPGs / Re: Star Ocean 5 on: September 20, 2015, 11:16:15 PM
I don't even see the point of the weird checker suit really. If I was to glance at that and knew nothing about the game I'm betting I wouldn't even be able to tell that she's showing skin at first, I'd probably just assume she's wearing this weird skintight suit with a black and peach pattern because the way her clothes actually are they'd probably just fall apart. Really, a skintight suit would not only make more sense, it wouldn't sacrifice any of their fanservice, skintight suits have been an excuse for artists to basically just draw naked people in non-pornographic media for a long time now (See: Superheroes).
13  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dincrest plays Chrono Cross (and Chrono Trigger DS) PlayLog on: September 18, 2015, 07:11:17 AM
I'll take a guess he likes it because he plays bass.

I like the CT OST but I wouldn't say I'm crazy about it, but then I don't think I could say that about any OST. I don't see how you can't feel anything from Corrodors of Time though, that song is just great.
14  Media / Game Journals / Re: Dice Plays FFIX (1st post now with Table of Contents & Plot Summaries!) on: September 18, 2015, 03:15:05 AM
The mist is actually Gaia's souls getting spat out because they can't return to the crystal due to whatever Garland's convoluted plan is. Really all the crystal, mist, and planet merging fantasy mumbo jumbo is just there to make it seem like it's a complex mystery plot of some sort when it's actually pretty simple. Really all you need to take from it is that in the world of FFIX, souls travel in a cycle of life and death and stop in a crystal somewhere in between, and Garland wants to suck out Gaia's souls so he can stick in Terra's instead. It probably could've been presented better because it actually ties into the themes of FFIX pretty well: there was this whole civilization that was so scared that their crystal (and thus, their whole civilization) was dying that they decided to enact a plan to steal some other planet's crystal just so their civilization could continue existing (they introduced the idea that a planet "shares" memories via the crystal so even though they're all physically dead, assumedly by stealing Gaia's crystal Terra's civilization would eventually come back to life again).

It actually feels more like a scifi plot than a fantasy one, but that's par for the course for Final Fantasy. I do feel the need to point out it's kinda funny nobody in the party stops and says "well shit I guess we kinda just committed genocide by stopping Garland's plan". True there probably wasn't really any alternative (and I get the impression this isn't the first planet the Terrans decided to steal so they don't sound like terribly nice people), I just think it's funny it's not even really brought up.
15  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: keep losing jobs.... on: September 16, 2015, 10:01:11 PM
I'm going to be blunt (because you have indicated multiple times in the past that's what you prefer): If your posting habits are anything like what you act like in real life, you have a hard time distinguishing confidence and indiscretion. Tact is highly valued by most people, even (especially?) when they claim otherwise. Just in this thread you've already had two of your three posts reek of a whole "I'm smarter than all these mindless sheeple" attitude.

If you're simply venting, I guess I can understand, and you can proceed to ignore this post.
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