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16  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: May 05, 2016, 01:42:32 AM
Can Kasich being the only opposition to Trump force a contested convention now?

Apparently not. Kasich gave a cute parting message though. That or they already had it made but they didn't want it to go to waste so they just released it anyway.

BTW I feel the need to clarify that I don't really think there's anything wrong with supporting Bernie, like with anything else you shouldn't let a fanbase influence your opinion on the thing itself. But with the SCOTUS majority at stake (and we're not just talking Scalia given how ancient some of the other guys are) it's suicidally naive, especially this year, to have a Bernie or Bust attitude assuming you consider yourself progressive.

It's only May though, maybe they'll come around.
17  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: May 03, 2016, 09:25:58 PM
Kasich is Huntsman minus the realization the GOP is too far gone to be saved. The downside to all this is that the GOP race will be boring the rest of the way- if nothing else it's been incredibly amusing watching Trump and Cruz trying to out-stupid each other constantly.

The more extreme Bernie supporters need to get over themselves- they basically act like a left wing equivalent of the Tea Party with their whole "my way or the highway" attitude. But I guess at least many of them have the naivete/inexperience as an excuse- Teabaggers are just too lazy to read anything than their personal summaries of Brave New Nineteen Fountainheads Shrugged.

Anyway Bernie is likely just putting up a front at this point- he's let go a great deal of his staff as I recall. Chances are he's just taking as many delegates as he can to the convention to show there does exist a strong leftist base in the US. Lots of people think he'll make something like a leftist version of Pat Buchanan's 1992 speech, hopefully minus the blatant racism crazy.
18  Media / Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Recently Viewed Movies Episode 2: The Vampire Bites Back on: April 30, 2016, 08:35:57 AM
As is typical, a Marvel movie got an earlier wide release internationally than in the States, so I got to see Civil War before all you jokers (Of course every other American movie releases like 5 months late).

I thought it was great. Had a lot of the things I liked about The Winter Soldier plot/theme wise. Only thing I didn't care much for were the jokes. Don't mind them being there, I just didn't think most of them were particularly funny.
19  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: What's the haps? on: April 28, 2016, 05:09:44 AM
Had a real scare with my hard drive, which contains a great deal of my schoolwork (which I do back up), but also dozens of hours worth of screenshots/writing I had been working on for my game journal (which I have not backed up). Since it's an SSD a dead drive would've been game over.

Thankfully, even though it didn't boot up Windows anymore, for some reason it still worked on an external, and I quickly made backups of all my files before it exploded or something.

Back up your files, folks. =P
20  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: The 3D on the 3DS on: April 27, 2016, 06:25:57 AM
I turn it on occasionally, but never more than maybe 2 or 3 minutes at a time, usually when watching a cutscene or something. I can't see 3D as anything but a gimmick in any medium, movies or games.
21  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: April 27, 2016, 06:24:40 AM
crash that left him with traumatic brain injuries

first for obvious joke
22  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: You're So Mean, You're So Terrible, You're So Ugly on: April 24, 2016, 09:34:20 AM
ち: CHIliads-Old Vow

Rapifafa follows Prishe and Ulmia back to the Misareaux Coast.

On the western coast was the Cape Riverne, once a peaceful meadow containing a quiet fishing village. On this trip, however, the group is confronted with an unexpected sight.

Note to Self: Don’t approach strange rifts in reality near blown-up peninsulas.

As soon as the group is drawn into the shattered cape, Prishe finds exactly who she has been looking for.

Prishe is threatening them for their own good, apparently- the last time the Chebukkis went out alone, it took over a month for their wounds to heal- and that was them just venturing right outside the safehold. The Chebukkis aren't having any of that, though, and make sure to get the last word in before they run off.

Look on the bright side Prishe- they didn't call you old.

Cape Riverne is a difficult place to travel through- it was now made up of several disconnected floating islands, and to travel around the group needed to jump through portals like the one they used to enter.

Eventually Rapifafa arrived at a portal to one of the largest islands in the area- she could feel a powerful force emanating from within.

Somehow, Rapifafa was separated from Ulmia and Prishe as they entered they entered the portal, and they were now on different levels of the same area.

Music: Ruler of the Skies

Music: Onslaught (Personal favorite of mine as far as battle tracks go)

Rapifafa, too, is attacked by several cloaked figures- they look familiar to her somehow.

Prishe is able take care of business on her end quickly.

Once again, Rapifafa felt herself being swept up into some unseen current, assaulted by several visions.

Music: Revenant Maiden


Been busy the last couple weeks, but here’s Chapter 2, introducing the two most central characters of Promathia’s story, Prishe and Ulmia. You might have already met the former in some Final Fantasy spinoffs like Dissidia, since she’s second only to Shantotto in terms of popularity, so she’s sometimes used as a “representative” of FFXI.

Prishe is considered the “main character” of Chains of Promathia (barring the player character obviously), and she might seem somewhat reminiscent of characters like Kid from Chrono Cross or Mint from Threads of Fate- both games Yaeko Sato worked on. She’s expressed a preference for brash/foul-mouthed heroines like that, so perhaps it’s no surprise one takes center stage here. Apparently, Prishe’s language was in some ways harsher in Japanese, though it was a bit hard to translate completely. Interesting to note that she uses the person pronoun “ore” (俺) in the Japanese version, which is an uncommon choice for a female character.

I have some other thoughts on the characters, but I guess I won’t say too much at this point to avoid spoilers.

As for the actual game part of the game, CoP continues to give lots of unique areas to look at. The Tavnazian Archipelago is a really beautiful area, with the best sights seen when the sun shines through the clouds and the view of the horizon during sunsets.

The first dungeon players run into here, the Aqueducts, were originally capped at level 40, and like the Promyvion areas, were very dangerous to travel around in. The Taurus type enemies in the area see past the Invisible spell and use gaze attacks which inflict Doom, which was pretty much a death sentence since people had not figured out how the heck it actually worked yet. The locked doors and maze-like layout of the area just add to the horror.

The second dungeon, Cape Riverne, is a series of floating islands with some pretty clouds to look at all around. Like with almost every other CoP dungeon, it is given a level cap and enemies which break past sneak/invisible spells. In this case, Riverne is also capped at level 40, and getting through the area required players to defeat Wyverns to get past certain rifts around the area.

The boss battle of Chapter 2, against the Mammets, was known to be quite difficult when it first came out. Like with everything else it wasn't too hard once people knew how to get past it, but many popular strategies were very restrictive in party setup, making some people go off and power level jobs they hadn’t played before just so they could get past it. And this was the easy part still- battles even harder than this one awaited down the line.
23  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: You're So Mean, You're So Terrible, You're So Ugly on: April 24, 2016, 08:55:21 AM
と: TO An Eternal Melody

After the commotion dies down, Rapifafa goes to visit Prishe as promised. For an Elvaan girl who couldn’t be past her teens, Prishe has quite a mouth on her.

It seems that Prishe asked Rapifafa to come mostly because she was curious where Rapifafa had found the amulet.

Before Rapifafa can answer, Despachiaire enters the room, looking concerned.

Despachiaire had heard that Prishe spotted a dragon of some kind in Cape Riverne, and he has his suspicions that it may the dragon found on a “painting of Al’Taieu”. It didn’t have much meaning to Rapifafa, but Prishe seemed alarmed by the theory- apparently the Cardinal Mildaurion once told them a story behind said painting, and the dragon depicted within was one known as Bahamut.

With no time to waste, Prishe “asks” Rapifafa to help her find someone named Ulmia.

After asking around town, Rapifafa hears a rumor that Ulmia enjoys traveling out west to the Miseareaux Coast. As she searches the area, she comes across a girl singing a beautiful song. It contained lyrics which Rapifafa had heard numerous times before in her life, though not in the form of a song like this.

Music: First Ode: Nocturne of the Gods

Rapifafa is curious about the song- she had heard the words many times before, but she had never heard where it was actually from. Ulmia explains that the song is known as the “Lay of the Immortals”, a song passed down by the Tavnazian Cathedral for many generations. No matter what hardships their people have faced, this song had helped guide them through it.

Nag’molada seems strangely familiar with the song, and even calls it by a different name.

Music: Second Ode: Distant Promises

Nag’molada claims that this is more than just a mere song. It was a recording of the memories of the crystal that created Vana'diel, and was thus an immutable truth.

Glass houses, Nag’molada.

Rapifafa remembers that Prishe had asked her to find Ulmia, so together they decide to return to the Safehold.

She’s actually referring to the danger of traveling with her and not the monsters.

Back at the Safehold, Prishe begins organizing the group bound for Cape Riverne- apparently there have been more strange trails in the sky passing through much like the one Nag’molada saw when he first arrived. While at first Rapifafa didn’t quite understand why there was such a large commotion, listening to Ulmia voice her concerns made her understand- the Tavnazian citizens seem to think it’s the end times. Whispers of the Gates of Paradise opening were circulating. Whatever this Bahamut was, apparently it was closely tied to the Tavnazian faith.

Prishe has little luck finding volunteers for the trip, but she soon realizes that out of all the people that should be volunteering, the three that she has every reason to expect to show up have not yet.

24  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: You're So Mean, You're So Terrible, You're So Ugly on: April 24, 2016, 08:47:49 AM
へ: HEed a Distant Belief

The Phomiuna Aqueducts is a maze of ladders and locked doors. If Rapifafa had her Thief Tools with her, she could simply pick the locks on the doors, but no such luck this time, so she had to find any keys found off the wandering spirits of the Tavnazians who did not make the escape.

After hours of wandering through the aquaducts, Rapifafa is spotted by one of the monsters in the area, which proceeds to draw her in using some strange magical force- it was the rumored Minotaur that Justinius had described.

The Minotaur is a fearsome foe- Rapifafa was faced with the difficult task of fighting the creature while not looking directly at its eyes. She had heard that if one were to gaze into a Taurus’s eyes, death would only be a few seconds away.

With the Minotaur defeated, the Tavnazians would be safe from attack- for now. Since she was down here, Rapifafa figures it's probably best to investigate the area further before returning to the Safehold. As she ventures deeper in, she runs into Nag’molada.

Nag’molada ignores the inquiry asking if he had just been scratching himself for the last few hours.

Nag’molada had been busy- he even gave Rapifafa a hand with the Minotaur by weakening it with a spell before she had reached it (or so he says). Together, Rapifafa and Nag’molada venture into one of the few intact rooms of the cathedral above the aquaducts, where they find a strange box.

Nothing ominous about that.

Nag’molada seems to recognize the strange box- some kind of artifact that belonged to the church. Nag’molada thinks out loud for a moment before noticing Rapifafa again, and declares that it was about time they went back to the Safehold.

Rapifafa and Nag’molada report the good news of the Minotaur’s death to Justinius.

Justinius is delighted at the news, and also notes how they chose the perfect time to come back- he had just received word that their leader has returned.

The de facto leader of the Tavnazian survivors is not at all what Rapifafa imagined her to be.

She’s back from investigating some strange happenings at Cape Riverne to the west- lots strange critters are gathering around the area, it seems. The citizens are concerned if it has anything to do with that strange trail left by whatever passed by recently, and ask if Prishe has any idea what it is.

I don’t think that’s something you’re supposed to just state casually.

Prishe plans on taking another trip out to Cape Riverne soon, but before the discussion can get very far, Justinius gets Prishe’s attention so formal introductions can be made.

The Chebukki siblings interrupt the conversation, needing to get their word in and not caring for the immediately obvious.

Nevertheless, Prishe is curious why Rapifafa would have an amulet so similar to hers. There wasn’t much room for conversation in the hustle and bustle of the street though, so Prishe invites Rapifafa to come to her room later.

25  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: You're So Mean, You're So Terrible, You're So Ugly on: April 24, 2016, 08:42:50 AM
ほ: HOmeland Forgotten

Rapifafa travels through the safehold, finding many low-spirited inhabitants within, and many familiar symbols.

Rapifafa believes she will be able to gain information quickly by finding their leader, so she heads to a room in the upper level, where she finds an elderly Elvaan man.

There, her suspicions are confirmed- this ruined safehold is what is left of the once-great city destroyed during the Crystal War- The Tavnazian Marquisate.

Music: The Lost City

For a long time, Tavnazia was known as the “Pearl of Zafmlug”- a center of trade where dreams of wealth of success could become true- that all ended 20 years ago when the beastmen hordes descended on Tavnazia. As the last survivors of the city entered the cathedral, they awaited their deaths at the hands of the Orcs.

However, instead of the Orcs, the cardinal, Mirdaurion C. Giloumet appeared before the survivors, tending to the wounded and informing the survivors of a way to escape via the lower parts of the cathedral. The boats in the subterranean harbor beneath Tavnazia, however, had already departed, leaving them for dead. A strange explosion severed any way of reaching Quon by land, and the survivors of Tavnazia were trapped.

Much like their San d’Orian cousins, the Tavnazians were largely Elvaan. Without the power of their faith, it is unlikely they would have survived these past 20 years.

Despachiaire welcomes Rapifafa to Tavnazia, believing that perhaps the appearance of outsiders in their land after such a long time may be a sign of better times to come. Rapifafa decides to spend some time speaking with the people of the town to understand their situation.

The city is rather depressing. It is filled with broken soldiers and their caretakers, parents who have lost their children to Orc remnant forces, and youths who have seen nothing their whole lives but the fading remnants of a once-great nation.

Yet as Despachiaire described, the power of the Tavnazian faith was undeniable. Despite all their hardships, the people here continue to eke out an existence. As probably would be expected, the youth in Tavnazia give off an air of frustration over how restrictive life here is. Some, like those three Tarutaru children, gather their courage to venture out on their own against the advice of the elders. Rapifafa also hears rumors of Despachiaire’s granddaughter, who is apparently blessed with an amazing singing voice, and another mysterious youth referred to only as “The Abhorrent One”.

It’s a lot of information to take in, and as Rapifafa travels to the bottom floor of the Tavnazian Safehold, she spots what she can only assume is the entrance to the aquaducts through which the Tavnazian survivors made their escape two decades ago.

Before they can go any further, the three Tarutaru children arrive to annoy Rapifafa again.

Thankfully Justinius arrives to tell the children to stop bothering their guests, but he also tells Rapifafa and Nag’moloada to stay away from the Phomiuna Aqueducts- it was once a peaceful place, but it was now infested with monsters.  There are even rumors of a Minotaur in the aquaducts, but they can’t make any decisions on what to do until their leader, Prishe, returns.

Nag’molada offers Rapifafa as a solution to their problems, and while Rapifafa’s not too keen on doing what Nag’molada says, she does agree these people are in need of help. Before approving of the mission, Justinius offers only one warning- there will be no rescue parties if she does not return.
26  Media / Game Journals / Re: FFXI Journal: You're So Mean, You're So Terrible, You're So Ugly on: April 24, 2016, 08:40:15 AM

に: NIlling Invitation Westward

Music: A New Horizon

Nag’molada awakens to find himself in an unfamiliar land. Looking around he guesses that he is somewhere in the Western part of the continent, but before he can begin his search for more information, he spots something strange in the sky.

Elsewhere, a group of Tarutaru youths spot the strange phenomenon as well.

Though their chase is cut short rather quickly.

They decide together that they need to go get some help, but not before rummaging through Rapifafa’s pockets.

Rapifafa awakens several minutes later, finding that the amulet she was given had been stolen. With all other directions blocked by cliffs, Rapifafa has no choice but to travel west through the area, in pursuit of the children. She induced from the Orc and Gigas in the area that she was probably somewhere near San d’Oria, but not too far north since the area was not snowed in.

Rapifafa had a strange feeling about the area- she could not recall in her travels hearing about other adventurers reaching a place like this one, yet she could not help but feel as though there was something familiar about it.

Rapifafa soon reaches the western end of the meadows, where she finds a pathway leading underground.

How rude.

Rapifafa is not pleased to see Nag’molada, but he points out the reality of the situation- they were both in an unfamiliar land and it was best they set aside their differences if they wanted to find out what was going on.

Also, we’re surrounded. That too.

One of the guards approaches them, wishing to know why they have come- behind him trailed the three Tarutaru who stole the amulet from Rapifafa. Rapifafa informs the guard of the children’s crime and the guard quickly turns to give one of the children a good slap upside the head- local troublemakers, apparently. Still, the children have a different story to tell.

Justinius decides it would be best to wait for this Prishe to return before returning the amulet to Rapifafa, and offers her the chance to rest inside. However, he reminds Rapifafa that outsiders are not welcome here, and as soon as the issue is resolved, she will be asked to leave.
27  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Completion List 2016 on: April 23, 2016, 01:39:49 PM
Less time to play other games between some real life stuff and doing that FFXI journal of mine, but I finally finished one- naturally, it was on a handheld console.

1. Bravely Default

Like a lot of people I trailed off playing the game after Chapter 5 and never actually finished it completely. I'm kind of wondering if anybody actually waited until all the clues were revealed in Chapters 5/6 before getting the early ending for the game- since JRPGs usually make choices fairly obvious it was already kind of fishy to me right from the first time it asked you to take variable control in a story event. But I guess that's a problem with being genre-savvy in any medium. Had some fun trying to piece out the plot from all the crazy stuff the plot threw at you, though I'm pretty sure there's some things that were unresolved (intentionally, perhaps).

After actually playing through the rest of the game, I honestly don't think Chapters 5-8 are as bad as people say (though I doubt I'd be saying this if I played the original version rather than the one which lets you turn encounters to 0)- but maybe that's all the years of MMOs and open world games rotting my brain! Pretty much every Chapter had something important being revealed, and if you wanted to you could actually blow through Chapter 4-8 very, very quickly with the airship able to take you directly to where you need to go.

Still, I opted to fight just about every single boss that came up, because that's a big chunk of the reason I got interested in the game to begin with. The boss fights were really varied and challenging, and I had a lot of fun playing with all kinds of job combinations (provided you avoid reading guides like me until after you beat the game so you don't use popular cheese strategies like the Stillness loop).

Definitely going to pick up Bravely Second...assuming I come across a US copy somehow. Otherwise I gotta wait a couple months. Stupid region locking.
28  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: April 21, 2016, 07:09:36 AM
Kevadu summed it up pretty nicely. The parties have no obligation to conduct their primaries purely based off popular vote (which itself would have its share of problems made obvious if you put a moment's thought into it). Though I will nitpick one thing in his post.

Technically they could completely ignore all the running candidates and pick somebody else entirely in a contested convention, though it seems unlikely that they actually will (it would be a great way to piss Trump supporters off...).

I don't think the Republican party really cares if they piss Trump supporters off, because Trump's chances in the general election are really bad anyway. Might as well pick someone halfway presentable so you can preserve what semblance of dignity the party has, even if it means risking a third-party ticket by Trump. It's why John Kasich is even bothering to stay in. If Republicans gave anything close to a rat's ass about winning they'd have that guy as their frontrunner and not have it being contested by a guy with a bird's nest on his head and a guy who's a slightly less braindead version of Rick Santorum. I'm massively entertained by the Republican party getting what they deserve after decades of verbally stroking the most insane section of their voting base.

While I'm not at all a huge fan of Clinton it's probably best if people didn't put too much stock in the people who constantly accuse her of being a criminal and whatnot. After 8 years of one embarrassing manufactured controversy after another, it's probably best to start questioning the motives of people constantly making mountains out of molehills.

Also regarding polls- people lie about their political allegiance, but usually for purely social reasons. Anonymous polls are decently reliable because there's little reason to lie on them. Obviously there's some bias since only certain types of people will respond depending on how the poll is conducted (Internet polls being the worst). The timing of the poll in this case is also key- the New York polls are obviously more reliable than the ones for the election in November because we haven't been through months of irritating campaign ads for the latter yet.
29  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: April 20, 2016, 10:39:14 AM
I doubt that 125k voters would've been a massive impact on the huge win Clinton had unless you assume every last one of them is a Berniebro (which is pretty much conspiracy theory level logic- it's Brooklyn and not a college campus). You probably don't personally know that many Clinton supporters because Bernie has huge support from the 18-29 age range- in every other age range Clinton has a higher percentage of supporters.
30  The Rest / General Discussions / Re: Today's News on: April 17, 2016, 10:27:22 AM
Nobody said the entire cast had to be Japanese, Japan doesn't claim to be the leader of the free world, and Japan doesn't have the same demographics as the US (Especially not Hollywood, which is in, you know, California). When viewed in a vacuum it also creates this weird implication that apparently Westerners like Asian ideas as long as the hero is still White. Even that adaptation of the original 1956 Godzilla feels more respectful than what's happened to Asian-inspired works for the past few years. Or even that Mortal Kombat movie from 1995 (opinions about its quality aside). Both those movies did quite well financially. Let's also not forget the growing importance of the Asian market if we're talking pure economics here.

What I don't understand is that I often see people practicing a double standard, shifting between being apologetic about executive meddling and condemning it. For so many years I felt most people agreed that it's generally a good thing when companies are brave enough to play against what makes sense financially, but it feels like in recent years the people embracing the opposite has increased in number (or at least have gotten a lot louder). I agree that at the end of the day private companies should be allowed to do with their works as they please, but I think these things are worth at least thinking about because you don't want to get stuck in a feedback loop- if you constantly make decisions that leads should be White because that makes more money, then you reinforce that by Whitewashing characters and it'll continue being profitable to Whitewash characters etc.

And yeah, the movie might still be good, and that should be the priority- of course, that's often an argument used by people who don't actually want to address the problem, because it's probably not something they'd even thinking about otherwise.
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