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General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Warriors
« Last post by Aeolus on Today at 07:31:48 PM »
Well aside from confirmation of Musou Butt Rock, that was a weak direct for this game. Most of the direct was of the Gaiden Remake and the Mobile game (although these two are probably the two furthest along projects).
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Artimicia on Today at 07:31:09 PM »
I'm liking it, I reserve final judgment until the game is over hopefully though.

Oh, wow, I didn't last 10 hours with that game.

Getting towards the end now I think.

Not making things up... I think it's possibly one of my fave Suikodens.

I think I'm liking the ones that I just think have "cooler" IMO things to be honest... like I like having a Silverburg as tactician (so Suiko 1 and 4) and also a rune like Soul Eater or Punishment (so, 1 and 4) instead of something kinda cheesy or plain sounding to me (Bright Shield, True Fire)

I honestly forget what 5s was, but that's also on the backlog, in fact, might make the next on the list.
Single-Player RPGs / Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentina
« Last post by Aeolus on Today at 07:28:07 PM »

Probably the biggest piece of actual news that came from that FE direct. There's the next remake, and its of Gaiden (figured it'd either be this or 4). Lets hope they actually try to rebalance it this time (or at least design some actual battlefields instead of empty plains), or failing that, leaving it alone enough to let westerners experience the majesty of FE2 Archers and Falcon Knights.

[size](Kinda disappointed in Celica's redesign. Should've gone with a more yellow pallet.)[/size]
General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Artimicia on Today at 07:28:02 PM »

I like how the article is all "More economically segregated than previously realized" as if people weren't pointing these things out...

It's also telling how often money has nothing to do with the grades you get while there, the people who ultimately go to college who are poor often succeed just as much as people with lots of money.

It's something I think about with gamers a lot to be honest.. one of my fav YT gamer people was getting like high grades in college and then basically just couldn't pay for the next semester, pretty lame. And I'm sure there are many others.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Berseria
« Last post by Akanbe- on Today at 06:48:10 PM »

Completely missed that Tales got a new producer (bye bye Baba).  Going by his favorite game, he's off to a good start
(also, yay, Berseria is coming out soon).

Haven't played a Tales since Xillia 1.  For some reason, I'm really looking forward to this one.  I hope it doesn't let me down.  Japanese fans seemed to have a more favorable reaction to this one than previous games so I'm hoping I enjoy it.
General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by glassjawsh on Today at 06:39:52 PM »
re: Gym

the scales have tipped towards phase 2
General Discussions / Re: Today In The News
« Last post by Dincrest on Today at 06:27:28 PM »
I've been contacting my state legislators and trying to advocate against the choice of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  She has ZERO experience in the classroom and basically wants to dismantle public schools in favor of for-profit charter schools.  Basically, she wants to sell out our students.  This is especially harmful for special needs students, the ones that I teach.  It's hard enough that society pretty much thinks they're unteachable lost causes, and I'm working hard to teach those deemed unteachable.  And someone like Betsy DeVos would completely undermine everything we special educators do.  When a New Hampshire senator asked DeVos a question about how her son (with cerebral palsy who attends public school) would be affected, all DeVos could respond was, "Hurr durr duhhhh."  A quality education is a right, not a privilege, and everyone should have the right to a quality public education.   

Trump himself is not the scary monster.  It's his cabinet/administration/the people he's surrounding himself with who is/are.  Impeaching Trump would merely give us Pence who, again, frightens me much much more.  His policy track record shows complete and utter disregard for the environment and for the rights of women, minorities, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, the working class, and those who follow different religions (if he ruled the land, there would be mandatory prayer in schools.  Sorry, but that goes against the principles this country was founded on.)  In the land of Mike Pence, I represent almost everything that's wrong with America.  I'm a minority, an immigrant-turned-citizen (and I earned that citizenship), working poor (serving under-served students in our nation's public schools), atheist, and environmentalist.  Were I an LGBTQ woman on top of that, I would be everything wrong with America (though I am obviously a strong supporter of women's and LGBTQ rights.) 

I'm honestly terrified about the direction the country is heading in.  And the Democrats are being complete idiots about it.  Boycotting the inauguration?  That just sounds like a petulant child crying, "Waaaah waaah waaah, I'm pissed off, I'm gonna go to my room and slam the door!"  If the Dems really want to make a statement, they should go to the inauguration, show some gumption, and fight!  Be a thorn in the side of the Trump administration to obstruct their policies that basically massage them while gut-punching us, the common people. 

Both parties, jackass and elephant, are disappointments.  One's a set of smug elitists who don't have our best interests at heart and the other's a set of smug elitists who can't govern for beans.  I'm a registered Independent now. 

General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Dincrest on Today at 06:07:12 PM »
To my fellow gym rats: Do you ever get that feeling when your numbers/charts tell you you're getting stronger, but your mind and/or body disagrees?  I'm in that weird spot now.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Tales of Berseria
« Last post by Dice on Today at 05:36:59 PM »
I too like to torture and beat mascot characters.

I really hated Mieu.  That thing was a migraine incarnate.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: What are you playing now?
« Last post by Wein Cruz on Today at 05:07:46 PM »
Game Journal Reborn is where gaming updates are usually posted...
Oh.  Sorry about that. x_x

Anyway, Tales of Graces F was one of my favorite PS3 games, so I think you'll have a really good time with it.  It's touted as having the best battle system in the series, and a ton of great optional side quests throughout.
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