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 on: Today at 04:15:05 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Klyde Chroma
The dualshock 4 stuff can be found here http://ds4windows.com/


Thank you. I have a couple games (mostly dotEMU ports) that could really use a controller with a d-pad, but won't support my PS4 or Saturn-style USB controllers. And what I used before hasn't been updated in years, and won't work on quad-cores. That should be a big help. Garou, here I come!

Enjoy! I shared the elation when I discovered that program for the d-pad specifically. Coolest part is how easily the UI gives you total control of custom mapping.

PRO TIP: if you get your hands on a dead DS4 with which the only problem is the analog, you can disable it with that program and still use it strictly with the D-Pad as a dedicated PC controller (2 buddies had DS4 controllers they didn't want that I now make perfect use of on 2 seperate PC's)

IN MY WORLD OF GAMING Finally calmed down after having set up the new PC and realized I needed to narrow my "now playing" focus. It was time to cut the fat and make some hard choices (omit games from my rotation that are not presently holding my interest).

I've recently been obtaining and trying a TON of new games with the PC and I'm just too stoked to move on to new exciting prospects. The long and the short of it? The ONLY two I'm keeping in present rotation are Legend of Mana and Renowned Explorers. Can't drop either, love em both and they got me by the nardicles if ever media has.

 on: Today at 03:23:24 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Rook
Well I finally finished the chapters and got mia in XCX. Now its just completing the aff missions. Most people didn't like the ending but I thought it was decent. Had so much fun with the game. Never played a RPG that even put 100 hours and this has close to 200. That's 3 Takahashi games in my top 10.

TWD got finished. Enjoyed it. Nice change of pace kind of game in which I was able to do an episode in 3 hours or so. Bought Tales of the Borderlands on the PSN flash sale so will try it. Also bought Tales of Xillia 2 for $5.

Playing Mass Effect finally. About 15 hours in. Its pretty good and I'm enjoying the story, despite the fact I keep dying (this game is hard). I just got the Mako and that thing is just cannon fodder. Those awful loading times too ugh. I wish Shepard could run faster. 

 on: Today at 03:17:55 AM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Tomara
The statistics were per 100,000 so they were relative, but anyway I just wanted to bring it up because I've never been to Netherlands and Tomara is always to eager to share haha! =-) So I was wondering just how it might be different...

Speaking of which! I checked out the website if I'm reading this right it seems like accidents were super high some years ago but have declined very precipitously in recent times.

Also can't help but wonder what "Scootmobiels" are... =-P

In the 50s and 60s cars became more and more popular (people even held viewing parties where they'd stand next to the highway and watch cars), but the number of fatal accidents increased as well. Many of the victims were children, and in the 70s there was a lot of campaigning to make the roads safer for them. This coincided with the oil crisis of 1973, which made driving expensive and less convenient. The goverment even rationed gas and put national car-free sundays in place. Bicycles, which were already an important mode of transportation before WWII, regained their popularity. Infrastructure and rules were changed to suit the cyclists needs and safety.

Scootmobiels are mobility scooters. The Dutch sometimes do this Japanese thing were we give something a shorter, cuter name. Mobility scooters are subsidised by the government, so a lot of people with limited mobility have one nowadays. The stereotype here is tiny grannies on overpowered vehicles rather than morbidly obese people cruising through Walmart, though.

Here are some pictures of 1973/1974 car-free sundays, by the way:

 on: Today at 02:52:26 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Aeolus
Chrono Cross - Didn't have much time to play this time around. Got through the Sea of Eden "dungeon" (found the Forget-Me-Not Pot in the process), and took care of Lynx/FATE. Can't imagine how tough that battle would have been without the black plate... Managed to steal the fantastic Holy Healing element.
I'm now at the point where the super dragon and weird floating island have come into existence. I have no idea how to get up there (don't tell me! - I'll figure it out... hopefully).

That's one part of the game that's poorly explained.  I complained about it a LOT in my playlog. 

Yeah. I love CC but that's the dumbest bit in the game (although slightly less dumb if you get one of the alternative NG+ endings and find out that joke character is not actually joke character but stonecold killah).

Also I think... idk if I consider the plates a bit cheat-y. They're not exactly /secret/ items but they're not exactly NOT not secret items.

I'd think it'd be better to say that you need to start running character sidequests for this one. My advice is to track down the Master Hammer if you haven't already and start there (if you feel like gunning for the Developer's Ending on your first NG+, crafting a Spectral Swallow will help, though unless you've been actively using Summons, you'll probably still need to grind anyways). Not sure if that one place that makes the best use of the Forget-Me-Not Pot opens up prior to NG+, but if it does, make sure to bring Sprigg (or whomever is equipped with the FMNP) and either Kidd or Fargo along to the bonus boss fight there.

 on: Today at 02:36:29 AM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by Aeolus
And this series officially joins the likes of Breath of Fire 

just put it out of its misery already

Nah man. Breath of Fire had at least one good game to its name, which is far more than Star Ocean could ever claim.

Plus Star Ocean needs to die, then get unceremoniously revived a decade later as a shitty F2P Mobile title before it can suffer BoF's current fate.

 on: Today at 01:51:05 AM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by Hathen
Given what I've read of the game I still doubt I'll hate it nearly as much as I did 4.

 on: Today at 12:53:21 AM 
Started by Ramza - Last post by ZeronHitaro
Taking a break about 5 hours in (I think roughly 20-25~% of the Flow Chart is done so far) to give off some first impressions.

Let's get the core out of the way here.

-Music is amazing as always.
-Core plot so far is about 90% satisfactory.

Buuuuut...unfortunately I do have to say there are some pretty dire speed bumps here that are making it pale compared to VLR/999. I'll get the spoiler-free (not blind free mind you, but spoiler free) stuff out of the way first, then move onto the minor spoiler nitpicks.







-First, this new presentation method is not doing ZTD any favors. One of the BEST elements of 999/VLR was its vivid descriptions of the world around you, the emotions your character was going through, and all this little things that just helped immerse yourself in the reality of those games. Sure, it sometimes came off as a bit exposition heavy. But that's what I came to love about the Zero Escape games. ZTD's new presentation comes pretty much in all cutscenes. So there's absolutely no stray narration. It's literally all dialog; with any emotion to glean coming from the vocal performances of the actors and the model's expressions; the latter of which is direly lacking.

In essence, this change makes ZTD out to be a pretty good visual novel...but a pretty awful Zero Escape game. The heart and very soul of what makes a ZE game, a ZE game, is absent. And while that's not a cardinal sin in and of itself, you're going to find yourself a few hours in sorely missing out on the those details. Which ties into the next problem.

-The general lack of setting. You get told 'where' you are, 'when' you are, and that's about it. Character dialog go, go, go! And now death! Death! (This is a problem I'll expand upon in the third point.) ZTD eschews any finer details about the Test Site, or where these Zero Games are taking places. Effectively cutting off the 'breathing points' 999/VLR gave you. You find yourself a little disoriented and wanting to tap the game on the shoulder just to ask for a little more non-death information. But the game instead is like 'Nope! This is 2016! Who has the patience for that!'. So compared again to 999/VLR, sequences feel rushed. The story, with minimal environmental/internal thought details to slow itself down, barrels along at a breakneck speed that'll burn you out via motions sickness.

If you look back at 999 and VLR's opening areas it becomes a night and day comparison. While both predecessors did throw you right into the action you got a nice chunk of narration before and after to help you settle in. ZTD didn't think that luxury welcome anymore.

-Now...let's wrap this over into the third major issue. Remember that joke I made sometime back about how it seemed like they were going for an all time kill count? Well, ZTD = Zoom, They Dead turned out to be more accurate than I'd hoped for. Without spoiling specifics; this is how EVERY fragment in this game goes.

Less than 10 minutes of dialog (if you're lucky; usually more like 4-6) -> Puzzle -> Death.

Hoooooly lagomorphs is there a body count in this. So much so that it NEEDS to be addressed as a story fault. I've watched every Saw movie and even those have lesser kill counts and lesser kill pacing.

By the third or fourth exposure you just start becoming numb to it, as the game relies on this one trick pony to try and ratchet up any tension left by the massive void fault #2 created. And really...it just doesn't work. :-\ You get tired of it very fast and are left wishing for something more substantial to sink your teeth into. Not to mention they more often than not get in the way of story elements you WISH they'd talk more about. For example, in VLR when Phi stopped you in the archives to have a nice little 5 minute talk about Multiple World Theory? Imagine now if VLR cut that conversation off at 'Have you heard of Multiple World The-?' with an IT-level honk-laugh while yelping 'Sorry kiddos! We need more blood nao~! You didn't wanna hear about that sciency stuff anyway!'.

That's what ZTD does. And you come to disdain it for it.

-Speaking of things cut short. Let's address characters...hooo-boy...let's talk about characters... I'm going to wrangle in a bit of presentation talk here too, since it's at least 50% of what's wrong with how things are going so far. As you know, the story is potentially told mostly out of chronological order. You pick fragments you want to visit; but they're NOT clearly labeled in the timeline until after you've played them. As such, crucial little tiny flakes of information that can change a character from 'Single note, cliche, annoyance bomb' into 'Okay, I think I can put up with you' might not be played until you've had to sit through 3+ fragments of their blather. They're not all flat characters per say, but they really don't get much room to live and breath because of the removal of narration. And again, the 3D models used have bugger all emotional range.

So far only Sigma and Phi are decent, but that's because they're just continuing straight off of VLR. Everyone else just kinda gets this single note and has a very, very hard time deviating from it. Which is unfortunate considering how ever the worst character in 999/VLR, Dio, had moments of 'this guy might be okay at times' before moving into full on mustache twirling.

However even if some of these characters do get a moment or two to flesh out, the chrono-scatter system may have ruined their moment of impact. We're going to go into character spoilers here for Mira and Eric as the primary example.

Cutting to the chase, Mira is the Heart-Ripper killer they mention for all of 45 seconds.
Her reveal fragment is...admittedly pretty good...but it lacked a certain
hook for me to truly be invested in this reveal. Why? Well, I found out not
two fragments later. Because I hadn't seen the fragment yet where Eric
talks about their first meeting and gives a nice little bond the two hadn't
presented until this...or rather it WOULD have had I not seen Mira's first. And now because
I saw Mira's first Eric's utterly rings hollow.

Thanks game.

I get the feeling so many moments like this are going to be utterly ruined because you saw Scene 47 first instead of Scene 12. Whatever logic this whole random-fragment thing might have IN game it really can't possibly be good enough to make up for the damage being caused OUT of game.

And then as a final note...there's the major elephant in the room. Junpei... Oh dear...you poor thing...what did these lazy writers do to you?

Lemme just speed summarize my issue here.

In ZTD, Junpei is a raging, annoying douchebag. No, seriously. That's his one tic
and he rides it like it's a Decision Game.

Why is he a douchebag in ZTD?

"Because I joined a detective agency and saw people die."


...never you mind that you SAW THE ENTIRE ****ING PLANET DIE IN THE VLR
TIMELINE! And you know what? You were still a pretty decent guy then. :-P This
is just character flanderization at it's worst here and uuuugh....

And as the final punch in the spleen; I can see why Sigma built a robo-version of Diana instead of saving something to clone her with. She's pretty rubbish as anything other than a doormat made out of parrot feathers.


Honestly though, as long as ZTD ties up the threads from 999/VLR it's going to get a passing grade. I won't regret having played it. Any fan of the series will want to see this one through.

I am warning you though...it's gonna be the black sheep of the family.

 on: June 28, 2016, 11:25:20 PM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by Tooker
I think I was the same with that one.  Some books are just like that!

I feel like I've read a bunch of things lately.

- Skin Game, the last of the currently-existing Dresden Files books.  It was fun.  I'll read more when they exist, but I won't stress about the wait until they do.

- Stephen King's Bazaar of Bad Dreams short story collection.  Some of them were decent, some were dumb.  None were amazing that I recall.  Only recommended for hardcore fans who feel like they want to read everything he writes.

- Bands of Mourning, the latest Mistborn book.  I find that I really don't care much about this trilogy, although I really loved the first three books.  This book didn't really interest me until about 85% of the way in, but it did finally get my attention.

- Calamity, the last of Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners series.  It was good, finished up the series satisfactorily.

- Red Rising.  No sir, I didn't like it.  Someone thought "Ooh, The Hunger Games was popular, and people like 'reality' shows where everyone stabs each other in the back.  I should make a book of that."

- Who Censored Roger Rabbit?  It's pretty different from the movie, but I quite liked it.  It's a noir-y book with sentences like "I went back to my office and let my bottom desk drawer buy me a drink."

- The 7th Guest.  Turns out there's a novel of the game!  It started off well and continued OK and ended kind of muddied, but not horrible.  If you liked the game and stumble across a copy, read it, but it's not worth going to a lot of trouble to dig up.

 on: June 28, 2016, 10:56:27 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by MeshGearFox
Excellent point. I didn't start to hate fallout 4 until about hour 20 or so. Heck I may have even loved it if it was condensed and ended by the 15 mark. Timeframe aside (and I've posted plenty about this already so I'll be brief) the cardinal sin of Fallout is that I can think of NO OTHER game that so aggressively disrupts my ambition to progress and utilize my time productively.

I think it's a case of divided attention. FO3 has really fun combat and exploration, but then the quests happen and stuff gets kind of screwy. FO4 seems like it has this really detailed settlement building stuff and everyone I've talked to didn't like the main questline, so I'm guessing it would've been a better game if it was just open-ended settlement building.

Anyway, clarifying some other points about FO3 I made last night:

1. I entirely expected Burke to try to kill the sheriff. The problem is that -- at least on Hard difficulty -- you can't kill him quickly enough after he pulls out his gun. Hence the fail, reload, and realize you have to -- counter-intuitively -- attack first.
2. Likewise I don't have an issue with Paladin Hoss and Initiate Pek getting killed. It's more Hoss... apparently dropping off the map completely. Other paladin he was with de-spawned too? This is annoying because I couldn't figure out where to go since you're supposed to follow him, and also because I couldn't loot him.

That being said, FO3 made me nostalgic for New Vegas (+jsawyer mod. I consider it canon!), so I went back and liberated Primm. I had Arcade and Rex with me so that uh... didn't take long.

1. The map's a lot emptier which... initially this seemed like something in FO3's favor for me but it got claustrophobic. It's hard to explain but NV has more breathing room and feels, well, friendlier? because of it.
2. Visually it's a lot less detailed but -- double-edged sword again! -- FO3 being REALLY detailed was starting to make it hard to see things. I value readability over pretty.

Chrono Cross - Didn't have much time to play this time around. Got through the Sea of Eden "dungeon" (found the Forget-Me-Not Pot in the process), and took care of Lynx/FATE. Can't imagine how tough that battle would have been without the black plate... Managed to steal the fantastic Holy Healing element.
I'm now at the point where the super dragon and weird floating island have come into existence. I have no idea how to get up there (don't tell me! - I'll figure it out... hopefully).

That's one part of the game that's poorly explained.  I complained about it a LOT in my playlog. 

Yeah. I love CC but that's the dumbest bit in the game (although slightly less dumb if you get one of the alternative NG+ endings and find out that joke character is not actually joke character but stonecold killah).

Also I think... idk if I consider the plates a bit cheat-y. They're not exactly /secret/ items but they're not exactly NOT not secret items.

 on: June 28, 2016, 10:32:31 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Kevadu
I'm with Dincrest on this one.  If you think people drive badly in the US you need to travel some more.  Not saying US drivers are perfect (because they're certainly not), but I've been to so many places where they're much, much worse.

Also, statistics per unit population don't really account for the fact that a much higher percentage of people in the US drive compared to most places in Europe.  If we assume they all drove equally well you would still have a higher number of accidents per unit population just due to the larger number of drivers per unit population.

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