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 on: Today at 05:49:50 PM 
Started by Hidoshi - Last post by Rook
The Tsubasa OVAs are my fave Clamp shabing.

Awesome OSTs all around as well


.hack/sign and Tsubasa are my 2 favorite soundtracks. I keep going back and forth with which is No.1.

I actually like the look of the Bee Train drawn characters over the more Clamp-like 21 centimeter waists that Production IG did. Unfortunately because of Bee Train's policy of spending 99% of their budget on the soundtrack (but goddamn those soundtracks) all the shonen/action scenes were replaced with still frames and stares.

 on: Today at 02:21:41 PM 
Started by Towns Car Marty - Last post by Towns Car Marty
You're right on about Dark Cloud. That hadn't occurred to me. There's even a slight Soul Blazer quality to it!

 on: Today at 12:58:09 PM 
Started by NickRansbottom - Last post by kkhohoho
Oh man this story is so bad. I feel like I'm missing some key scenes or something. At no point did they establish whey they are collecting these tablets. They just keep doing it because of nothing lol.

How hard is it to go from "Sure everything's peaceful and all, but it sure does suck that the world population is 20." to "Hey guys, we found a bunch of rocks and put them together in this ancient forbidden temple, and we got to see a new place and kicked some ass and now that new place is open to us back in our time. Let's do it again!" to "Boy, it sure is strange how all these different islands were sealed away and met their doom for one reason or another, I really wonder why we were the only ones spared?"?

Exactly. The game doesn't need to spell everything out for you. 'Show, don't tell' exists for a reason.

 on: Today at 12:03:56 PM 
Started by Annubis - Last post by eightbitsamurai
Drop Little King's Story and Corpse party and that is an AMAZING deal. My favorite Ys games and the Sky series, literal hundreds of hours of solid story and gameplay, for $50? Almost wish I didn't own them so I could buy them again at that price!

 on: Today at 11:41:26 AM 
Started by Annubis - Last post by natros
GOG.com is doing a big back to school sale this weekend: Gog.com

Included in the sale are some Xseed titles (including TitS 1&2 and certain Ys): Xseed collection

Individual titles can be removed/added - They don't all have to be bought together.

 on: Today at 11:31:26 AM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by glassjawsh
Making my way through the late Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy".  It's a hell of read.  Easily the most painstaking survey of every major conspiracy theory I've ever looked at (it's 1600 pages).  He more or less completely eviscerates all of them.  I've never been more convinced that Oswald acted alone.

 on: Today at 11:09:19 AM 
Started by Taelus - Last post by eightbitsamurai
I hope it's either Suikoden II (because I'll finally be forced to finish it) or Radiant Historia (because that game is sick and underappreciated in most circles).

It was also a pretty expensive buy New, so I'd get more worth out of the purchase.

 on: Today at 11:07:22 AM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by eightbitsamurai
World of LeagueCraft

 on: Today at 11:04:19 AM 
Started by Towns Car Marty - Last post by eightbitsamurai
Most aspects of it feel like Dark Cloud than Minecraft, tbh, besides the actual block parts. Creating things to the specifications of the NPCs and all that.

That being said, the aspects that ARE similar to Minecraft have the helpful polish of a AAA company. Only issue I can foresee at the moment is a potentially unwieldy camera, especially in tight, indoor areas.

Other than that, lots of fun, music was really good...demo went a long way towards pushing it up my "to buy" list.

 on: Today at 09:36:50 AM 
Started by Towns Car Marty - Last post by Klutz64
As I posted in the Game Journal thread, the game is incredibly addictive, and will definitely be taking precedence over World of FF next month.

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