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November 24, 2014, 08:56:40 PM

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 on: Today at 08:40:11 PM 
Started by Cosign - Last post by Monsoon
I thought Assassin's Creed 2 was... fine.  I mean, it's a character-action-checklist game, with some parts better than others.  When the stealth's good, it's great.  The platforming / climbing is pretty good, too, and the historical settings are usually pretty interesting. 

However, the only one in the series I played was AC2, and it didn't make me want to play any more of them.  If I wanted to complete a checklist of collectible items and explore a large, beautiful space completing quests, I'd much rather play a Bethesda game, a BioWare game, or XenoBlade Chronicles. 

 on: Today at 08:16:55 PM 
Started by Sagacious-T - Last post by Parn
@Parn If your playing a gay elf then who are you planning on romancing? If its Dorian than you'll want to do the mission "In hushed whispers" to get him asap. Though Iron Bull is a really funny romance. Freddie prince jr hits the ball out of the park with Iron Bull. Yes, it IS that Freddie prince jr. who is the VA for Iron bull, believe it or not.

Dorian is amusing, but also an ass.  Iron Bull is basically a bro.  I'm going to go with the latter and see how it plays out.

Oh and Yoda, I had that conversation glitch twice today.  Hitting the square button seemed to wake my PS4 up out of that rut.

 on: Today at 08:16:22 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Draak
Finished both Shadowrun campaigns. DMS was really good, but Dragonfall DC was on another level, almost there with New Vegas. Gameplay, writing, soundtrack, visuals, atmosphere - it nailed everything. I had no idea I would like it (and DMS) so much considering I knew nothing of the pnp game. Can't wait for another official module.

 on: Today at 08:14:40 PM 
Started by Dincrest - Last post by Dincrest
Crestee held the pendant up to the sun, closed her eyes and concentrated.  Nothing.  The harder she tried to concentrate, the less far she got.  She was getting frustrated, but she was a stubborn lass and made one last effort.  Nada.  She collapsed on her knees frustratedly snarling, "Why. won't. this. thing. cooperate?!"  

"Let me try" said Alex, as he reached for the pendant.  

"I may be all down but nine, but mama didn't raise no mush-head!"  Crestee retorted.  

The two played tug-of-war with the pendant then something odd happened.  Not only did an image of Crestee's mom appear, but an image of Alex's twin sister Alexandra appeared too.  When Leona rested a paw on the pendant, a few stray sparks emanated as well.  

"Interesting..."  Leona thought.  

"What's interesting?  And don't you bamboozle me none!" yelled Crestee.

"It seems your mom may not be the only one who traveled back in time.  See, my theory is that after the war 100 years ago, magic was squashed, but now 100 years later, magic has violently awoken from its long slumber.  Hence why you saw an artma, which haven't existed since the age of magic.  And why your latent wind-magic abilities emerged in the flan/flapjack battle.  Yes, all the scratches I gave you as "Wild Thing" have allowed me to keep track of you..." offered Leona

"You conniving varmint!" shouted Crestee as she tried to lunge for the cat.  

"Let her speak!" grunted Alex as he held Crestee back.  "We're finally getting some answers now.  And I thought a straight-shootin' gal like yourself would be eager for those.  Besides, I was shooting fire and I've never done that before."

"Grrr. you're right.  Continue" snarled Crestee.  

"Anyway..." restarted Leona, "yes, Crestee your mana signature aligns with wind and Alex, yours seems to align with fire.  Your ancestors must have been elemental-innates during the age of magic and that is why you could harness magic in your time and why you're reacting to the Eye.  Alex, you said "they" were after your sister too, right?  So she's probably in this past as well.  And the sparks I got may be the big guy, General Armstrong, and his crew trying to follow us.  Zidd, who captured you guys in the airship during the festival, could never use magic, but he had technology to detect it."

"In other words," Roko chimed in, "we'd better get a move on.  We're not getting anywhere just yammering all day.  Figure out who we look for first.  Sugar-pie's mom or flame-boy's sister?"

Crestee and Alex looked to the beacon images emanated from the Eye, and the closer of the two (Marta or Alexandra) was...

 on: Today at 07:42:14 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by MeshGearFox
You can hear her dying as she makes that.


When y'all are at New Years Eve parties this year, remember that.

 on: Today at 07:26:46 PM 
Started by Sagacious-T - Last post by Yoda
Jesus this game....

I love some of the random quests you get in the world. Some of the quick 5 min one-offs are really scratching an old AD&D itch I've had for years.

Question... is there a way to swap out equipment on the fly? Can you have Varric be ranged and then swap to daggers if you need some extra close support?

I'm playing on the PS4 and it's pretty glichy. I'm not one to complain about stuff like this but janked conversations are a problem. Either the dialog won't load or the selection I picked never registers and I'm forced to back out potentially losing out on a unique conversation (happened to me a few times).

Still loads of fun. I love the puzzles involving the constellations.

 on: Today at 07:21:09 PM 
Started by Cosign - Last post by Lard
Wow, a lotta hate for the AC series

Deservedly so.

I played the first one, and it actually made me angry at how bad it was.

I've never gone back to the series. Just terrible, terrible games.

 on: Today at 07:01:40 PM 
Started by Lard - Last post by Lard


Just a teaser trailer.

EO Mystery Dungeon

Spike and Atlus are doing a mashup game. It basically looks like an overhead view EO game.


 on: Today at 06:50:04 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Annubis
I'm fighting what I think is the last boss of Xillia 2 and his power punch does 11,000 and his mystic art does 110,000.

Something tells me I should not be winning this fight on hard.

EDIT: yay, I won.

EDIT2: O...k... I'm assuming I can do more stuff after the ending because that'd be a pretty bad ending.

 on: Today at 06:45:11 PM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by Yggdrasil
as for why i would want it(ff15) to fail...it's simply because i dont want to see more of the same.

Same what?

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