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Subject: 999 (Nintendo DS)
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 on: Today at 02:05:07 PM 
Started by Hidoshi - Last post by Dice

 on: Today at 02:03:41 PM 
Started by ULTROS! - Last post by Dice
More Thoughts

= To go with Klutz' response, I'm sure completionists will go crazy over this game (bad crazy)

= I put the party hat over Alvin's package and it looks awesome with him in spandex.  MANSERVICE.

= Elize is awesome!  She no longer sound like a moe-moe-anime-ugyuuuuu but like a real young girl!!

= I hate Farah's Eternia outfit.... but goddamn right I'll have Leia wear it for some ToE battle theme!!!

= Ludger [Loo-ger] in basketball gear is surprisingly awesome.  He looks like he plays for the LA Lakers.

= Anyone else having trouble with Linked Arts?  Not necessarily pulling them off, but I find it reaallly tough to switch between three types of main weapons for Ludger and get the grip of its skills and who is better linked with one weapon set than others.  I keep getting confused.  :(

= Despite the recycled assets, I'm amazed how different Xill2 feels to Xill1.  
Tales of Xillia 2: More to do; Less annoying characters!

= Alt Milla has the best clothes.  And Minae Noji still has the least "voice acting" kind of voice.  And I really like it for that seeing how often VAs can feel recycled when you game or watch anything animated for a long enough time

= I. Hate. The. Third. Tales. Artist.  Shit, Cloud's (FF7) hair makes more sense than this.  It sucks because I love the creativity, most of the time, but s/he falls into a few annoying pitfalls in a lot of designs.  For one, and for whatever reason, seems to imbue feline features into everything, use stupid criss-cross bangs that can't happen in real life, and loves using geometric shapes as part of organic designs (Ludger's Super Saiyan Mode applies as well as Bisley's peculiar eyebrows and douchebag facial hair).
Chronos with cat-like ears (+normal ears) and what mind as well be braided bangs
http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121106154613/tales-of/images/f/fa/Tox-Presa.jpg  Presa with hair-like cat ears (complete with tail-like thing)
http://i.imgur.com/q2k8op3.jpg Cat-like "aquatic" creature from ToS2
http://i.imgur.com/vdE90hd.jpg?1 What the hell bangs
http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130830205401/aselia/images/9/9f/Sylphtox.jpg Sylph with a fan on her forehead
http://statici.behindthevoiceactors.com/behindthevoiceactors/_img/chars/char_101218.jpg Bisley and bizarre facial hair
I think one part that really bugs me about it is that it IS SO OBVIOUSLY out of place compared to the rest of the designs

 on: Today at 01:33:32 PM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by OrsonFury
Half way through A Dance With Dragons right now. You guys convinced me on the Black Company so I got that book and Books of the South collection yesterday in the mail. Looking forward to reading those.

 on: Today at 01:32:45 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Daggerstrike
I shaved my beard for the first time in years. It made me look young and it also made my chin cold. I don't like it.

 on: Today at 01:29:39 PM 
Started by Daggerstrike - Last post by Daggerstrike

 on: Today at 01:22:39 PM 
Started by trexrell - Last post by Dincrest
I like the comic-book style cutscenes.  Reminds me of an evolved version of Phantasy Star 4's manga-esque cutscenes.  I loved those in that game and wonder why more games didn't try to emulate comics and manga like that in cutscenes. 

 on: Today at 12:50:22 PM 
Started by Klyde Chroma - Last post by Klutz64
The scaling in Borderlands 2 sucks, though.

Playing single-player can get super frustrating at certain points, but playing multiplayer ends up being a cakewalk most of the time.

 on: Today at 12:44:50 PM 
Started by ULTROS! - Last post by Klutz64
Stuck between chapters 3 and 4 because I'm a completionist and my kitties are disappointing me.

Damn you kitties! Find me stuff!!

 on: Today at 12:42:31 PM 
Started by Klyde Chroma - Last post by Yoda
It's probably been said but this game has to be played with a buddy or two. The cooperation is excellent, and having more players boosts the difficulty (offset by having another player) which provides better loot.

 on: Today at 10:36:00 AM 
Started by ULTROS! - Last post by Klyde Chroma
I absolutely didn't like that first scene with her where she frames you for pedophilia, but I did find myself growing fond of her wittiness.  I suppose the brattiness is charming, since it isn't turned on 100% of the time.

I find her conversations with Rowen to be the most fun.

Am I the only one who hates Elle? I hated her since her first meeting with Ludger and I wish there was an option to just leave her in that damn shop saddled with the debt. See ya later, you pedo-crying brat.

I can't say I'm down with the hate on Elle. Thus far, I've found her pretty entertaining without entering the realm of "annoying" which is a rarity amongst her kind (by her kind I mean the archetypical adorable anime brat).

Oh my, Xillia 2 is pretty heavy in the female-fanservice department. As in, more than the average Tales game.

I mean, you can run around in Ludger's pajamas, which is basically a tight shirt to show off his muscles, not to mention Ludger being rather attractive in the first place.  Alvin is looking classy and far less slimy. Gaius, enough said.  I suppose Jude, too, but I'd say give him another 3 or 4 years.  Still even Jude's aged rather nicely in the year between games.

Victor and Julius too.  Especially Victor, but yeah, pretty obvious, that one.

I'm certainly not complaining, mind you.  It's just very different, male character design-wise, compared to the upcoming Zestiria.

I am probably going to be the lone male on this note, but ya know what? I love not playing with a cast of manly men. Furthermore, I find it great how many Tales males clearly care as much about their hair as they do their swords. I'm not ashamed to admit I give a crap about how I look to a degree and I like the characters I play as to. An attractive metro-sexual looking male is easier for me to relate to. Now that doesn't mean I enjoy the angsty punk rock "Cloud Strife" MC-types (or what everyone coined the Emo aesthetic, although cloud was certainly not an eye sore). I am however saying that I appreciate the fact that the Tales series is willing to dance dangerously close to having a host of what you might write off as pretty boys for a cast. I appreciate it because they give em enough character and life to escape such slanderous categorization in my opinion.

While I never gave it much thought til now, the Tales series as a whole represents quite a few of my favorite male characters and I think you have indirectly touched upon one of the reasons why.

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