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 on: Today at 06:42:58 PM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by Kevadu
BOLD PREDICTION 1. Both NIS and Compile Hearts will be responsible for grade A RPG's this gen, on the PS4 that successfully break the barrier of "niche". Yep I did say CH is gonna make an awesome game by most peoples standards. Remember, I am being bold!!

Come on, there's being bold and there's being ludicrous.  Compile Heart is successful only because they keep their costs low.  Their games have never really sold that well, but they don't need to sell well to make a profit.  But their whole company is built around that approach.  They simply don't have the resources or the talent to make a big-budget mainstream game even if they wanted to.  And I doubt they want to.  Even if they did manage to scrounge up the money for it, it would be a huge gamble that could bankrupt the whole company if it failed.  Why risk it?  Especially with the future of big-budget console games feeling more uncertain than ever (especially in Japan).  They're either going to stick to what they know or maybe branch out into mobile and browser games because that's where the real growth has been...sad but true.

3. The support and focus on indie devs coupled with the aforementioned fact will result in more Retro-Love-Letter RPG's in the years to come than you can shake a stick at (or play before the PS5 comes out a decade from now).

That's kind of already happening in Kickstarter-land.  Though it remains to been seen how many of those games will actually be good.

5. Somewhere along the line, PS4 users will be able to finally change their PSN names.

Now that's bold ;)

 on: Today at 06:35:41 PM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by Yggdrasil
from JunkerHQ.net, Twitter:

"Not only will you not understand soldiers speaking a foreign language if you don't have an interpreter at Mother Base who speaks their language, you won't be able to interrogate them either."


@DarkSherlock_: "So getting a translator is the only option?"

@JunkerHQNet: "Yeah, you need to find one and recruit them."


@Pacifist_Elk: "Hopefully you do not need an interpreter to speak Russian, because Big Boss is supposed to speak excellent Russian in MGS3."

@JunkerHQNet: "You do. Kojima also said that while Snake used to be multilingual, the accident has affected that part of his brain."



People who own Ground Zeroes will be able to revisit Camp Omega in The Phantom Pain (retranslated) -- Metal Gear Informer

Earlier this year Hideo Kojima was interviewed by Geoff Keighley, live on Twitch. One of the questions was whether or not we will be able to revisit Camp Omega, the enemy base in Ground Zeroes, in MGSV: The Phantom Pain. The translation by Kojima Productions' Ken Mendoza was a bit unclear at the time, and the information was somewhat lost in translation. Kojima's answer has recently been retranslated by JunkerHQ, and it appears Kojima was actually a bit more specific in his own words.

His actual response to the question was:

"People who own GZ will be able to play a different mission(s) at Camp Omega in TPP. That's the current plan. There's something of a big feature involved. It's never been done in the games industry before. So I can't go into detail about it, but I think when you experience it for yourselves you'll be surprised. It's something that's only possible through video games."

So it seems that if you own Ground Zeroes, you will in fact be able to revisit the camp, and there will be some kind of surprise involved. Keep in mind though that this interview is from March of this year, so things may have changed since then.

 on: Today at 06:20:18 PM 
Started by Dincrest - Last post by Dincrest
You know how Round Robins work- I write a paragraph, the next person writes a paragraph, so on and so forth to create an RPG style storyline.  Yeah, this could be in brush 'n quill or something, but those get no traffic and no participation, and this board does get traffic.  So that's why it's here.  I had a LOT of fun with that old "Let's create a cliche RPG story" one a few years ago, and I thought I'd try again.  Anyway, here goes.  

The kingdom of Strassle is on the eve of the Century Celebration festival!  After a great war ravaged the land 100 years ago, each year of rebuilding has been punctuated by a festival to boost and bolster community morale.  Over time, the once scorched earth grew into a prosperous kingdom.  This year, the festival will be extra special, because it marks 100 years that the kingdom has grown and stayed strong.  On the outskirts of Strassle proper (a sprawling and bustling castle city, where the festival takes place), dawn breaks on Madora- a hamlet renowned for its horse ranches.  Sunlight cascades through the window of an unassuming house on a modest ranch and onto the eyes of a teenage girl, causing her to blink awake...

 on: Today at 06:08:24 PM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by Klyde Chroma
After not really being into anything Square related for awhile I hopped on the PS4 recently with sights set on Squeenix offerings. The way I see it, the games square have released in recent years just don't happen to be aligned with what I would care to see. This by no means makes them bad games. It is simply dumb (cruddy) luck for someone such as myself.

Plainly, KH, the FF XIII and FF X brands are really the only Square-made RPGs I really didn't have a taste for. Now, with the definitive version of FF XIV on the PS4, Type-0, and XV finally on the horizon I feel like my return to enjoying the hell out of a square game is just about here. I suppose I never really saw Square as having dropped the ball in terms of pumping out quality titles so much as having just shifted their focus briefly to things that lie far outside the realm of what I personally would hope to see.

One of my motivations in recently buying the PS4 was honestly to tackle a few titles before Type 0 comes out so I can comfortably focus on that. In short 2013-2014 were just bad "Square" years for me personally that I am happy to see over.

Now maybe I am just too optimistic but I truly feel that, outside the realm of Square, the PS4 is really going to prove to be a great console for RPGs. Without making a list here and getting longwinded it seems pretty safe to say that there are some very interesting and promising titles from various devs in the works for 2015/2016. At present, as an RPGFan I really can't imagine counting the purchase of PS4 as a mistake at this point. It would seem a pretty safe bet that you can comfortably count on having something awesome running on the system from this month forward.

I had actually just been reflecting on how surprised I am that the PS4 already has a library developing that excites me. I sort of assumed it would have taken a wee bit longer than one year to coax me into feeling the purchase tempting enough to jump on but lo and behold, they got me.

Now that I have said all I cared to on that, I want to make some bold statements/predictions on the PS4 front.

BOLD PREDICTION 1. Both NIS and Compile Hearts will be responsible for grade A RPG's this gen, on the PS4 that successfully break the barrier of "niche". Yep I did say CH is gonna make an awesome game by most peoples standards. Remember, I am being bold!!

2. The FF brand will reclaim some glory but ultimately have a large hand in mainstreaming interest in JRPGs once again this gen. As a result no one will be able to continue to pose questions like "Are JrpG's deAd???" for quite some time.

3. The support and focus on indie devs coupled with the aforementioned fact will result in more Retro-Love-Letter RPG's in the years to come than you can shake a stick at (or play before the PS5 comes out a decade from now).

4. After years of whining we will see some dead/dormant franchises whored out once again for profit that everyone will complain "isn't as good as the classics". In short, RPG players will get what they have been crying about for ages only to cry some more.

5. Somewhere along the line, PS4 users will be able to finally change their PSN names.

Alrighty I will let my dreamy idealism rest now. The end.

 on: Today at 06:06:59 PM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by MeshGearFox
i want a zelda musou romhack
where all the zelda
are replace by Mitchel Musso
and it be called
Mitchel Musou

hastach this bitch>http://www1.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Mitchel+Musso+9th+Annual+Teen+Vogue+Young+RTua7PZd0rTl.jpg

 on: Today at 05:26:29 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Tomara
I recently started writing for another website and they have this thing were they try to predict the hundred best games of the next year. Writers and editors award points to one hundred games (from a list of 200+ titles) they are looking forward too and the editor-in-chief turns everything into a big list using math and some common sense.

This was my first time contributing and picking one hundred games you're looking forward to is HARD. I managed to mark 40 or so titles before I had to start researching (we're encouraged to look up all sorts of indie titles anyway). Where am I going with this? Well, I saw something really awesome:

Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame

I'm not the type of gamer who gets very excited about games that aren't out yet, but I really want to play this. I'm not even sure my laptop will run this all that well (the PC I bought my parents should be able to handle it, so worst case scenario I'll play it there), but I'm going to buy it anyway because it's going to be like 15 and the soundtrack will be included.

The downside is that I feel kind of insecure about being enthousiastic thanks to all that bullshitty GG objective of eliminating the human element from game reviews. Blah. I just wanna enjoy games and be happy about the good ones... So, hey, I case I sounded too promotion-y: nobody bought by feelings. This is just me being happy about stuff I like, and I hope some of you may like this stuff as well.

 on: Today at 04:12:54 PM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by Klutz64
Not to mention the in-game Zora/Goron tunics are as effortless and unimaginative as possible. Just Link's standard costume dyed blue and red respectively.

 on: Today at 04:11:17 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Klutz64
Project Diva F 2nd: Cleared all songs on Normal. That last one was disgustingly challenging, for the sheer fact that the music video made it nearly impossible to actually see the prompts. The one before it wasn't much better as the tempo in a few places was absolutely insane.

 on: Today at 04:07:53 PM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by Klutz64
I plan on finally being able to afford a PS4 when Type-0 HD is released.

If I don't enjoy Type-0 HD, it's not like I was NEVER going to get a PS4. I'd hardly think of that money as wasted.

 on: Today at 03:47:18 PM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by glassjawsh
I wonder how many of us are waiting on XV and Type-0 to even buy next gen hardware.  That;s A LOT of pressure, because then if it's a big fat turd, people will not only be pissed about wasting the 60 bucks on the game, they'll also be pissed about spending the extra 400 for the console.

Count me in that group.

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