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Single-Player RPGs / Re: Nier 2 for PS4
« Last post by Arvis on Yesterday at 10:26:06 AM »
I should probably have played Automata before reading that though, eh, @Ramza ?
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
« Last post by Farron on Yesterday at 07:19:16 AM »
Just beat the game today. Maybe it didn't get much attention or got a bad word of mouth because of he whole "augment your pre order" debacle but I have to admit, playing it without any preconceptions I really enjoyed my time with Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

While the story is somewhat confusing and ends in a cliff hanger it does enough to get you invested and moving forward. Now the gameplay, I think it's great here. The gameplay is where this game really shines. For most RPG players having options on how to customize their character is great but here not only we get tons of options for that but many options to approach objectives too. I don't think I would've enjoyed this game as much if I decided to go guns blazing instead of using a stealth approach but I had so much fun playing this that it also reminded me of how good Human Revolution was.

Too bad Square Enix decided to put the game on hold to focus on Marvel games ...
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Ranadiel on Yesterday at 06:03:15 AM »
So beat Michalis easily on Lunatic today. As I thought only reason I had trouble before was because I was panicking due to the time limit. Used Takumi, Azura, Julia, and Sanaki for my win. But that's not what you all are here for. Instead...

New banner, new live pull (followed by however many pulls it takes to get what I want). My only goal today really is Minerva, but if I get an Eliwood with a decent Bane/Boon I would not complain. For non-focus characters, I want a Linde. Let's see if I get any of those on my first pull!

4 blue and 1 colorless....w/e.

3* Odin- Eh moonbow, I guess?
3* Est- ....I'm being punished for something?
3* Subaki- I now regret drawing more than 1
4* Gwendolyn- I don't even know her skills, but I expect they are bad
4* Jakob- You are worthless at 5*, why would I want you at 4*?

I am pretending that did not happen. So let's do a live pull!

2 red, 1 blue, 1 green, and 1 colorless. Variety at least.

3* Stahl- Meh
3* Shanna- Meh
3* Saizo- Poison strike 3!
4* Cain- You are useless but you do provide Wings of Mercy 3...
3* Nino- Already have a 4*

At least I got some decent skill fodder with my pull.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda
« Last post by Mickeymac92 on Yesterday at 01:08:51 AM »
It's not just about the game. I've seen similar situations in other areas, and I just get tired of it. And I guess, full disclosure - I hate people. Just in general. So I guess you could say I'm just voicing my frustrations with a larger part of human nature that makes me ashamed to be born a human being.

...Now that I think about, the fact that they aren't offering the option to play as an alien is disappointing...
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Mickeymac92 on Yesterday at 12:58:21 AM »
Unintentionally marathoned the entire first season of Knights of Sidonia. I originally planned to only watch the first 6 episodes so I'd be back up to speed since I last tried to watch it two years ago (the last time I had Netflix), but those cliffhangers, it's 1 AM and I have to get up early tomorrow...still worth it.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: The tri-Ace General Discussion (& Star Ocean 5) Thread
« Last post by Aeolus on March 23, 2017, 11:20:08 PM »
Valkyria Profile 2.

The Sega x Tri-Ace crossover I never knew I wanted (maybe Project X Zone 3? (although RoF kinda already fulfills that role)).

That said, Valkyrie Profile 2 is better than SO3 by far and probably better than SO2. You just have to know not to dump all of your Einherijar too early and to only bother raising Alicia and Rufus (unless you want gamebreaking weaponry in which case, you'll probably only want to use story characters).
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda
« Last post by Draak on March 23, 2017, 10:43:32 PM »

You had to see the one about Ronald McRyder. Shame I didn't save it and can't find the link.

And yet those websites got plenty of exposure because of it, while Bioware/EA get plenty of negative press that'll likely hurt their sales, people will get fired, and other people will have to rush just to fix a few buggy animations and a character editor.

Yeah, this is why I only go to three websites to learn about upcoming games...everybody just seems to want to destroy the very industry they chose to report on...

Chill out, don't get too emotional about a silly videogame. The criticisms are valid because the game was 4 years in development, with EA's deep pockets blessings and when finally released, it is in such a poor state. Not even DA2 was this messed up. It's hard to accept in what is considered a "triple A" title + $60 price tag.

It's like when a shitty game is released and receives 11/10 or "OMG ASHUM!!!one!1!!" but reversed. I'm glad Bethesda took a beating with FO4 and I'm glad again to see it happen to EA/Bioware. Learn from your mistakes and aim to improve or die already.

Schadenfreude for (almost) everyone. :D
Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Rook on March 23, 2017, 10:19:15 PM »
Considering when I looked at my current queue with Re:ZERO (which I refuse to watch at this point)

gigguk's RE: Zero in 8 minutes is arguably his finest work

I personally don't know what to think about Re: Zero. Its like they have 3-4 atrocious episodes in a row and then they hit you with either a great great cliffhanger or a great episode.

Anime, TV, and Movies / Re: Anime/Manga Journal
« Last post by Rook on March 23, 2017, 10:03:25 PM »
Woo! Doing a quick search in this thread for Konosuba reveals that it isn't the utter shite that is most of the anime that piques my interest before I know anything about it. Might check it out since the character designs keep garnering my attention (especially the witch character with the kooky hat, obvs)

The 1st season was just fantastic. The 2nd is decent but is starting to lose some momentum. The problem in the second season is that the trolling seemed a bit more mean spirited. 
Single-Player RPGs / Re: The tri-Ace General Discussion (& Star Ocean 5) Thread
« Last post by Rook on March 23, 2017, 09:56:39 PM »
Despite the twist I did like SO3 better than SO2.

Is it me or is SO3 that last good game that Tri-ace published? I couldn't get into Resonance of Fate and haven't played Valkyria Profile 2.
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