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October 20, 2014, 07:54:15 AM

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 on: Today at 12:39:37 AM 
Started by Tenchi-no-Ryu - Last post by Alisha
they also announced nin would use dex as main stat then i tasted the sweet delicous tears of everyone that said it would be str.

 on: Today at 12:19:34 AM 
Started by Tenchi-no-Ryu - Last post by Agent D.
The Dark Knight moment from yesterday's live stream:

Guess I'm sold for another year.

 on: Today at 12:11:34 AM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by Aeolus
Probably because you could easily zoom in enough in Melee to gaze upon Peach's Mushroom Kingdom or Zelda's Family Treasure. Also because the sheer number of trophies have increased as the series goes on (and other series go on, further increasing the number of games and characters/items/locations/whatever to cover), as well as the possibility for errors (like Daisy's third eye) or stuff they don't want to have to guess at or render in case someone decides to get curious and tries to look (like the buttons down Zelda's shirt of her OoT costume).

Also, that character prediction list is fake. There's no Goku or Ridley, and in a magazine? Really!? Come on!

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:45:24 PM 
Started by Aesir - Last post by Dice
You'd think a game with such a basic and genius combat would have stayed good, but something got funky along the way....

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:44:20 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by MeshGearFox
I don't think I've ever been out near Capital University. That's like right on the edge of Bexley and Whitehall, and I went to Whitehall like once and I am /never doing that again/.

I'm kind of tired of Columbus as a whole though. I've lived here for four years no and I've never felt like I belonged to any sort of community or been anything more than a perpetual visitor living amongst people that give more of a shit than I'm able to.

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:41:46 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Annubis
4. Housebound (Watch this fucking film, it's fantastic)

Your suggestion intrigues me. Hence I must ask, are you referring to

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:15:56 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by (Tunnels)
Went to a 24-hour horror movie marathon yesterday in Columbus that lasted until today. Watched 13 films of an array of qualities. One of them was a 1960's porno, and I don't think anyone in the audience knew it was a porno, and since I went with my sister and her husband, watching that one was hella awkward. Otherwise, I made it through the whole thing while only nodding off a few times during this crappy psycho sexual thriller film.

The line-up for those who are curious

1. You're Next
2. Nosferatu (1980 version)
3. Red Luck (local film)
4. Housebound (Watch this fucking film, it's fantastic)
5. The Shining (original)
6. Manitou
7. The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears (the one I nodded off during)
8. The Satanist (the porno)
9. Demons
10. Tenebrae
11. The Wicker Man (original, thank god)
12. The Invisible Man (original)
13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:14:10 PM 
Started by Lucca - Last post by MeshGearFox
This pictures makes me deeply uncomfortable does it make you deeply uncomfortable?

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:06:43 PM 
Started by Aesir - Last post by Hathen
Like many other people have stated, Secret of Mana was amazing when I was a kid, but it has aged really poorly. As a standalone game I think Legend is probably the best of the series. It's terribly underexplained though, especially the way the weapons work. I think what made Secret special for me though, is that there was this air of mysticism throughout the game. I don't think I can think of any other games that made me feel like I was adventuring into the unknown the way Secret did. I think a large part of this was the music.

Despite the flaws in the series from the start though, that wasn't the only problem with the later games and I really have no idea what the hell went wrong. Children of Mana was passable on a basic gameplay level but had repetitive grind and nothing particularly interesting in terms of the world or story, and then aside from that the rest ranged from mediocre to utter crap.

 on: October 19, 2014, 11:03:00 PM 
Started by Aesir - Last post by Aeolus
I lucked out and strongarmed my siblings into playing SoM's multi player. It actually works quite well when you're not trying to sabotage each other. In fact that's really where the importance lies in; the game is perfectly playable in both single player and multi player without feeling like you had to have at least a second player. You weren't getting shortchanged on a half-baked multi player mode, you weren't forced to find some friends to do anything in the game and all you needed to get a player on board was an extra controller and a multi-tap device (which were pretty goddamn reasonable back in the day, even if the multi-tap didn't see much use outside of it and Bomberman). There are lots of multi player games nowadays that aren't playable because the AI is too useless and the game's interface is too cumbersome to get around the AI with or everything's in single player and the multi player was just some last minute novelty to add one more bullet point to the back of the box/gaming magazine/online review.

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