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General Discussions / Re: Completion List 2019
« Last post by Greganox on February 08, 2019, 09:29:14 PM »
Started the new year by beating Lego the Hobbit. I liked that it took some gameplay and design ques from the lotr entry. A shame the remainder of the story wasn't included in the game. I also had some difficulty differentiating between some of the dwarves.

Did another run of Fire Emblem Awakening. Paired the avatar with Cordelia this time.

This week I played through Lego Star Wars Complete. My favourite level from the prequels was droid factory and as for the original trilogy it would be the duel against Darth Vader.
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ys IX
« Last post by Aeolus on February 08, 2019, 08:23:04 PM »
By about 4 months yes. Its also why the game's controls are such a mess. (Seriously. Who puts your Special Finisher onto the same buttons needed to use skills and to dodge? Especially when you need to hold down the skills button to actually use said skills.)
Single-Player RPGs / Re: Ys IX
« Last post by MonCapitan2002 on February 08, 2019, 07:43:51 PM »
Ahh.  So the game had to work around that handheld's limitations.  Actually, come to think of it, wasn't it released on the Vita in Japan before being released on the Playstation 4?
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on February 08, 2019, 06:42:26 AM »
Its amusing to me that everybody with a Bladetome has finally gotten either a buffed Bladetome or Prf alternative *sideeyes Tome of Thoron* given how cagey they were with them when they first started implementing weapon refines. That M!Robin's (and by association F!Robin's) Raventome have gotten a boost as well is also a sign of the times.

Also, the Heroic Ordeals seem to be divided based upon Book implementations with 2 Dragon F.s for units released prior to Fjorm and the start of Book 2 (all the way up to Joshua), 8 Dragon F.s for units released from Fjorm to just before Eir starting off Book 3 (ranging from Rhajat to Hrid) and 40 from Eir to today's releases. The question remains on whether the cutoff points will move over time or will they only adjust with Book 4 (and in the case of the former, in what increments).

Meanwhile, the devs seem to be at least semi merciful this time around as the AR rewards for Dragon F.s start at 20 per session at rank 1 and increment every four ranks to rank 21's 34 Dragon F.s, before ratcheting by rank up to 40 at the top tier. So its not quite the whale privilege that Forging Stones/Divine Dew are at least.

As for that Where's Askr? mini game, I've finished casting my 12 votes with a top time of 13 sec. How did you do?

And for the latest banner, I've finally hit upon some luck in chasing some of the these seasonals down. I'm now rocking a +Def/-Atk ValenSoren and a +HP/-Atk ValenMist (I did only say 'some luck') in 60ish Orbs. That's at least +80 F.s to give to my good horses.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on February 07, 2019, 06:30:45 PM »
If I'm not mistaken Goads, Drives, and Blows actually do get factored in for stuff like Heavy Blade, so the refine is still better than you probably think. Generally speaking I think the only things that ignore those are things that occur on the map or things that specifically say they don't- IE Ploys, Chills, Opening, and AoE specials. It's why Tibarn is quickly becoming one of my most hated units to face in Arena- I can't do shit to him with budget armor emblem because I don't have armor march, and I can't bait him because even if I try to debuff him, Sturdy Impact + Hawk King Claw + Chill Attack guarantees that he'll double Wary Fighter Effie with Heavy Blade going off and get instant Galeforce to kill someone. Hopefully he'll be easier to deal with now that he's not a bonus unit though.

You're right that the Heavy Blade seal is heavily contested though, so full Galeforce teams probably still prefer Eliwood to use the Blazing variant.

Nino's refine effect is kinda redundant since people were generally running her with a buffing team anyway, but it's still nice for cases where I've sent her across the map and end the turn with nobody next to her. Honestly the base Prf Bladetome with no cooldown penalty alone would've been good enough, the only reason Odin's Grimoire got to have a crazy useful refine on top of it is because it was being used by one of the worst units in the whole game.

Also lol @ Armored Ike being way faster than normal Ike.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on February 07, 2019, 08:53:28 AM »
The problem I have with Duran Durandal is that Eliwood's base Atk (31) isn't that good on its own (although now with the new merging mechanic, I can push it to 34 without having to take a hit else) and for Heavy Blade to work, he needs to have a higher listed Atk over his opponent (things like Hone Cavalry or Atk Wave that leave blue numbers work, things like Goad Cavalry, Drives and Blows don't). So Duran Durandal gives him a far better PP, at the expense of EP which is a problem as Eliwood can EP (and sometimes should EP when dealing with those pesky Dragons/Armors with Vengeful Fighter to avoid triggering their Specials).

Sure, you can give him Atk +3/Fury 3 in his A slot and Heavy Blade in his Seal slot, but the thing I appreciated with regards to Blazing Durandal is that built in Heavy Blade freeing up the Seal for someone else when running an Atk heavy team. Another compromise is running Heavy Blade in Eliwood's A slot (which would cost a Jamke) and an Atk +3 seal in his Seal slot, but that's a bit inefficient.

The reason why I'm going over all of this is because I gave Eliwood Galeforce during Larth's Abyssal to help clear it and I find my discount Brave Roy + Res just manages to hit the Atk threshold needed to trigger Heavy Blade in many cases where he needs it, and having the flexibility to run Quicken Pulse to help him trigger GF is a big help to him. I also prefer to keep my Heavy Blade Seal on Cordelia since she wants to run Triangle Adept in her A slot for her own GF shenanigans.

But yeah, no arguments that Eliwood scored big on his refine overall. Possibly running Swift Sparrow 5 is hilarious in its own right, or going all in on Atk to PP +16 Atk and +4 Spd for maximum shitwrecking is also a solid option. It just doesn't really synergize with what I've been doing with the guy.

Tharja also did pretty well since she needed the extra help in regards to her Spd. Nino profits from her refine best when she's with her Waifu Eirika since she can finally return the favor, otherwise the self buff is appreciated but not particularly interesting since she could've inherited Even Atk Wave from Legault.

Its amusing that they're offering a refine to Oboro now, as I just got finished setting up my 5 star Silas who's base stat line is roughly identical to hers, except that he comes with better skills and +1 move.

Hinata and Seth sure got refines alright. At least Seth's helps to drag his Atk out of the dumpster. Niles did alright I guess, considering that he's Niles and had massive issues since day 1.

As for our next banner's stats, Titania may be free, but she's generally a weaker but Res heavier Mage Eirika, Ike is Sanic fast (38 Spd at base) and an otherwise solid Infantry stat spread (wait, he's an Armor?), Greil has HUGE muscles with 41 base Atk (tied with Spoopy Dorcas at the highest base in the game; and then he can go even higher with a Superboon) and is otherwise your typical Armor, Mist is a faster Cecilia without Def and less Res, and Soren's Blue Mist.

Also yeah, Darting Blow Seal is bonkers for certain builds and Aerobatics on a Seal make Fliers on mixed teams even more annoying.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on February 07, 2019, 03:12:46 AM »
RIP in peace anybody who foddered a Nailah for NullC3 or DC+NullC2, especially the latter.

IMO you're not giving Durandal++ enough credit. Even though I would've liked for them to do something more Enemy Phase centered like Fierce Breath to capitalize on Eliwood's RES (at least I didn't give my Eliwood DC yet) and just do something different in general, the refine Eliwood got is potentially the best of the bunch this time. It might actually be a straight upgrade over Blazing Durandal, and as a bonus a budget build might actually be the best one for it.

Blazing Durandal was always built as more of a Player Phase weapon so Durandal++ is just turning that up to 11. Seal slot is pretty much reserved for Heavy Blade in the case of Durandal++, but they actually haven't really put many strong player phase skills in the seal slot yet. The upcoming Darting Blow would probably be best, so comparing Blazing Durandal + Fury + Darting Blow vs Durandal++ + Fury + Heavy Blade is basically comparing 6ATK/9SPD vs 13ATK/7SPD, and I know which one I'd take. I choose Fury over Swift Sparrow for two reasons: Recoil to get Eliwood into desperation, and extra visible RES so you can ploy. Eliwood+10 with Fury has 39 visible RES, which is probably enough to ploy everything you'd want to.

I did not expect Nino and Tharja to get to keep their Blade effects, but I'm definitely not going to complain. The only thing is now I have to decide if I want Odd ATK Wave or Even SPD Wave on Nino's C slot. Gonna be a real PitA to get either one of those though.

Hinata's base weapon fits his stat spread so he can tank all the things, but I still kinda hate Fury as an extra effect because it so often knocks you out of stuff like QR range, which is something most tanks want to keep.

Oboro's weapon has basically the same issue as Florina's, where it's a pretty good weapon on its own, but now you have to decide if you want to narrow but improve your matchups.

Niles gets to have an essay on his weapon, and it's pretty cool. Just sucks that now it's probably counterproductive to go for his ATK superboon instead of trying to make sure his Flashing Blade goes off.

Finally, I'm pretty sure IS is trying to troll the shit out of Jagen archetype fans since Seth is now Titania 2.0. Except he's probably way worse in that role than she is because Seth doesn't have the more even DEF/RES Titania has, which goes well with a Gem weapon. I think Seth might actually still get killed by buffed up Green mages which is pretty bad. At least he got the most premium Tactic skill and he'll be decent at killing Surtr I guess?

Also unfortunately my somewhat good luck on free pulls did not register on the daily Hector banner. Fucking FEH, if you're gonna spook me at least do it with someone good for once.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on February 06, 2019, 07:19:53 AM »
At least Genealogy is still pure and alt free.

Incidentally, I was just thinking about what a Fury 4 would look like. It would be great to inherit on Eldigan or Bartre for Fury 7 (and they really need to get off their asses and make a Fury seal already dammit). Meanwhile VIke's presenting a second source of Special Fighter (as if we needed more of that going around), and the other three are Horse Tomes (and getting Titania as a T_T means we don't have to rely on the Gatcha for OG Leo or Eirika II anymore; whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen though).

As for those CYL3 results I've been looking at thus far, the numbers have been turning out in an interesting way (albeit not in a good way). For instance, overall Fates is down from last year, but only by 470 votes, however if you removed Camilla from both lists, the difference would increase by 18k+ votes. Whereas Thracia did worse this year, even though everyone but Reinhardt, Olwen and Glade (and Leif, Finn and Nanna but their votes got merged with their Genealogy selves) did either roughly the same or better, since Reinhardt alone dropped 5k points which more than obliterated the gains the rest of the game saw. Gaiden did better this year, but again, Alm so concentrated the vote this year that he scored 20 votes less than his CYL2 self, Celica, Berkut & Rinea combined, most every other Gaiden character did worse this year. Tellius made some big gains this year overall, and even with Miccy hogging all the votes for herself, the numbers generally went up. The rest of Jugdral did better too, even if half its gains could be attributed to Sigurd's and Seliph's superior performance this year alone.

I haven't gotten around to deciphering Awakening's, Elibe's or Archanea's performances yet, but the general trend is clear this year. Everyone voted along their party lines', but overall more people were casting votes towards future Legendary/Mystic desires and characters not yet in over the ones currently available, at least up until the mid term results happened and then everybody started voting on their race horse.

The other damming conclusion that I don't want to make right now, but is looking increasingly inevitable is that despite the mass player exodus, the voting numbers would appear to be even higher than last year's. Which means that Int Syst doubling down on their whaling harpoons is their best option as they're never getting those filthy casuals back. Unfortunately because of these CYL numbers not diminishing (at least not that I can see yet), it means that my prediction that this game won't last past 2019 won't happen. It'll take another full year of this non-sense to drive the dolphins and some of the less heavily invested whales out, but the Wailords won't be going anywhere outside of the game failing their mobage endgame cravings hard.

Edit: (Alternatively, Three Houses might drop along the way and inject another 2 years of lifeblood into FEH, especially if it gets the Echoes treatment. Admittedly, while I have been mulling over the numbers, I kinda forgot all about 3Hs. Can you blame me!?)

3.2.0 Edit: As I was afraid of, Eliwood's DuranDurandal upgrade is a sidegrade to Blazing Durandal at best. He gains Death Blow 3 as his built in upgrade + Swift Sparrow 2 and HP + 3 as his refine over Blazing's Heavy Blade 3 and Atk + 3. Amelia's refine makes her Sanic Fast and even tankier to boot if she triggers a buff like Armored Movement. Tharja and Nino both get Blade refines (finally allowing for it lol), with Tharja's specific refine giving her Threaten Atk/Spd 2 and Nino gains Even Atk Wave 3, Hinata gains Sturdy Stance 2 on his new Prf with an additional Fury 3 on refine, Seth and Oboro just gain better versions of their Prfs with Seth gaining Spd Tactics 3 and Oboro gaining Close Def 3, and Niles gains a Shining Bow effect on his Killer Prf plus Flashing Blade 3.

Dragon Flower usage indicate that units that gain +10 DF upgrades start at 10 Flowers at level 1 whereas units limited to only +5 need 40 Flowers to start. Incidentally, if you merge two units with DF upgrades, you lose the lesser of the DF upgrade values. Running a Heroic Trial also gives that particular unit a one-time massive stat buff (+10 HP/+4 across the board) for the remainder of the day, just to further complicate things.

As for Merges, Netural Eliwood gains +1 HP, Spd and Res and Netural Cecilia gains +1 HP, Atk and Res. Camus gains +1 HP, Atk and Spd; Joshua gains +1 HP, Spd and Def; Burger King gains +1 HP, Atk and Def; Masked Marth gets +1 HP, Atk and Spd; Xander gets +1 HP, Atk and Def; Aversa gains +1 HP, Atk and Spd and so on.... Looks like I may finally want to switch out my current Eliwood and Cecilia for ones with Boons/Banes (its going to cost me 9999 SP to do that for either, oh well).

Somewhere in March, there's a plan to increase Inheritance from 3 to 4 skills. Be aware.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on February 05, 2019, 11:24:09 PM »
Ike has finally been tainted by seasonal alt fever after 2 years of being the pure husbando. Also surprising how middling these units are in terms of skills, but I actually mean that in a good way. Probably done specifically to reduce the salt coming out of how terrible the anniversary celebration is.

Also I put more orbs into the Mythic banner and didn't even get a pity breaker for my troubles. Sucks to leave my 10% pity rate on the table, but I'm not going to get bamboozled into spending money.

On the other hand, the FE5 daily banner spat out a free 5* Reinhardt (normal version) for me. Of course he's still -ATK, but it's a free merge so I guess I can't complain. Would be nice if my luck wasn't focused into getting me shitty pity breakers on these free pulls instead of on the Mythic banner.

At least Corrin got bonked in the VG finals. Gotta take your victories where you have them.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on February 05, 2019, 02:29:09 AM »
Yeah, I saw that fine print too and have summarily decided to vote Ayra, all day, erry day. She's not going to win but somewhere, somebody's gonna keep a record of the final score, thus giving me the last laugh (or as much as one as I can get short of uninstalling the game and deleting my account's data).

Its as I've been saying since at least November, Int Syst has finally gone full whaler on us, and having done that, FEH's days are numbered. It won't make it past 2019, especially since we can't really expect them to acknowledge the current complaints players have with the game, nevermind the ones that'll spring up from whatever 'fixes' they offer to us (for a nominal fee) six months down the line for all the crap from before AR broke the game.

That being said, the CYL3 numbers aren't the worst case scenario (although they don't exactly instill me with hope, but I've yet to finish my study on them to see if there really is any hope at all), so I'm probably going to coast on into March's Binding Blade Banner since January's Laguz Banner was actually really good and sorely needed. Of course if BBB's loadout turns out to be alts of Roy, Lilina and Fae, I'm out and done.

Also, I take back my previous statement in regards to D. Flowers. They're pure trash. The one redeeming value I was thinking they had (i.e. making dealing with PvE challenges slightly easier) is going to go in the opposite direction (watch as Abyssals and Infernals start expecting you to sport teams of +5/+10 D. Boosts to clear them). It won't affect older challenges, but this doesn't help anybody who needed it and instead just makes things worse.

And since we're doing the daily freebies thing again, I'll list mine so far:

Day 1 4 star Caeda
Day 2 4 star Setsuna
Day 3 3 star Fir
Day 4 4 star Selena
Day 5 4 star Lukas
Day 6 3 star Draug
Day 7 3 star Sheena
Day 8 3 star Fae
Day 9 3 star Lon'qu
Day 10 4 star Arthur
Day 11 3 star Gaius

Also we've some new seasonal silhouettes to mull over. Granted these two are almost definitely Seliph and Ike which is interesting given that both don't have obvious pairing options unlike last year's V Day banner (it'd get mighty awkward if Julia shares this banner with Seliph, and his next most likely pairing would be Lana, who ranked 526 in CYL1, 601 in CYL2 and 518th in CYL3; and which of Ike's husbands would get the remaining alt? Soren's most likely due to already being in, but Ranulf can now get in which would be nice if a bit awkward having our sixth beast be a seasonal alt, and if nothing else, there's always Sothe, father of Ike's children, but watch Elincia get in on Hetro privilege; alternatively they could be Sigurd and Greil who both have definite pairings and be a good (*gasp*) seasonal banner).

Edit: Well, at least I was half right. And hey, playable Greil (yeah yeah, seasonal alt and all that), and bonus points for a free Titania to go with Greil and a Soren to go with Ike. But where the hell is Elena and Boyd?
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