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 on: Today at 10:00:50 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by glassjawsh
I've been trying to play The Last Story.  But it forces you to pause the game every 20 seconds in order to change the configuration of a certain button between "gather" and "seek" even though there are two other buttons that do the same thing... And since Mistwalker didn't include an option where you can configure your own button scheme (or choose between more than the 2 horrendous options provided) this game has already gotten tedious and stupid 30 minutes in.  Why wasn't a bigger deal made of this?  It LOOKS like it could be tremendously entertaining, but because of idiotic and lazy design choices I'll never get to find out.

(and I'd sooner drink a shot of paint thinner than play with the nunchuck)

edit: closer inspection has shown that my L button might just be broken....

 on: Today at 09:54:22 AM 
Started by Ramza - Last post by Dice
I've ordered a copy from Canadian site Videogamesplus, so there are options, though.

I love VGP.  Even when I worked at Gamestop I went to them sometimes (I helped give them customers, they gave me a good deal haha).
They seem to have one hell of an 'in' with Atlus too getting reprints from them all the time.Í

 on: Today at 08:31:21 AM 
Started by Artimicia - Last post by Klutz64
Most new releases are, and I don't see any particular reason why they would go out of their way to make it incompatible.

 on: Today at 07:33:42 AM 
Started by Ramza - Last post by Towns Car Marty
Ahh that would make sense. I guess. I don't know how well VLR did over here, but I do know it came out missing a language voice track. Might have even come out missing English, actually? 999 never came out here in any official capacity, so I imagine many people would've been lost.

It's cool, I have an American 3DS because certain publishers are uber-late bringing their games out here, if they come out at all. Also, trophies know no boundaries when it comes to physical Vita media, I've got games from all regions and their trophies show up on my singular account no problem.

 on: Today at 07:22:40 AM 
Started by Ramza - Last post by Ranadiel
Looks like there's publisher woes in the EU. Amazon cancelled my preorder this week citing "copyright issues" and have now removed the game from sale. Beware, fellow Europe-dwellers!

I've ordered a copy from Canadian site Videogamesplus, so there are options, though.
I seem to recall hearing that there is going to be only digital release in Europe for...reasons. So I believe the 3DS is region locked, meaning you'll have to go digital if that is your system of choice. You could probably go import physical on Vita, but then you won't get trophies associated with your account (if you care at all).

 on: Today at 07:15:42 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Ranadiel
Nearly done with Valkyria Chronicles. Just have one last decoration to meet the requirements for by killing a total of 1000 enemies. Currently at...671. Ugh, stupid last trophy. >.> Not sure what I'll be moving to next.

 on: Today at 06:15:09 AM 
Started by Azrael - Last post by Yggdrasil

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hysteria and forgotten Team Fortress 2 design


Half-Life 3 through a decade by Gabe Newell

 on: Today at 05:08:40 AM 
Started by Artimicia - Last post by Aeolus

I'm suddenly beginning to reconsider my stance on the value of mobile devices again....

And don't worry, a couple of months is nothing compared to the 15+ years I've been waiting for the chance to play this in all of its comprehensible glory. And assuming this doesn't pull a Megaman Anniversary Collection GB and vanish into the same aether that swallowed Leisure Suit Larry 4 and the aforementioned, this pretty much cinches the value of purchasing a Vita.

Now only if it were Vita TV compatible.... ;p

 on: Today at 05:00:18 AM 
Started by Hidoshi - Last post by Aeolus
I try to support legitimate streaming sites.  Really, I do.  But Funimation's site is so bad I can't stand to watch anything on it...videos don't always load, some of their tabs don't even work, everything is so poorly organized, it takes far more clicks than should be necessary to do anything, every click is accompanied by excruciatingly long load times...

Get your fucking shit together, Funimation.  I may end up just going back to piracy...

Funimation's streaming site is basically Hulu+.

 on: Today at 04:53:19 AM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Hathen
Join the modern Internet Liberal™ movement, where you talk about how you personally believe in liberal ideals but get the a ton of your news from reading crappy right-wing publications like Brietbart and the Daily Mail while listening to right-wing pundits like Thunderf00t or Sargon of Akkad and their legion of insufferable regurgitators.

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