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October 07, 2015, 03:46:03 PM

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 on: Today at 06:02:46 AM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by mecharobot
Suffering from nosebleeds myself. Not the comical kind and I hope this is the usual cold season shit and not some disease. I can't even go outside like this, which sucks. I want to go buy groceries, but I start bleeding all over the place when I come in contact with outside air.

 on: Today at 04:39:08 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by mecharobot
AssCreed: Revelations - Whooo, it's Old Snake! This game series is having some bad identity problems. A lot of really aggressive rooftop guards goes against the parkour element, which quite frankly is more important than triggering more combat situations. The hookblade is nice, but it really doesn't give THAT much more reach. Not sure why Ezio looks like a zombie with golden eyes, but Desmond looks like a human now, which is an improvement. Still have to follow around people too for ages and that along with 100% synch objectives go against the whole open world idea.

Generally I like Constantinople more than ghetto Rome, but still can't say everything has quite captured the feeling of first time in Florence. It seems II might remain as the best in the series for me, though I have some hopes for Black Flag (and probably will drop the series after that).

 on: Today at 02:49:53 AM 
Started by Taelus - Last post by Towns Car Marty
Sakiguchi seems more interested in surfing than high fantasy at the moment.

I loved Lost Odyssey at the time. I'd had my 360 for about a year and a half when it came out, and I'd been hit with a double-dose of mediocrity in Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. LO felt like the first "real" JRPG of that generation, and it was nice to see some of the Shadow Hearts team back in work. I didn't end up beating it, because I thought the "Missile Command but with five hard boss battles" sequence was horrible. I'd pick it up again, but after 7 years I think I'd have to start from scratch.

On the topic of this month's game Terranigma, I have a sad story about that game! My mom and I emigrated to England in 1996, and a few months down the line I saw Terranigma in a game shop. I thought I was pretty up-to-date on the latest RPGs, but I'd never heard of it before. The box stated it was Illusion of Gaia's sequel, and I loved that game, so I begged my mom and got the game for Christmas with this weird Euro adapter with two cartridge slots on it.

Aaaand the Euro adapter wouldn't work. You'd power on the machine, and whether it had a game in it or not, it just showed the adapter's logo in outer space.

We took it back to the store, they told us we had to have an American game in the extra cartridge slot to play Terranigma. We tried that, it didn't work either. We took it back again and it was the only adapter they had.

I was going back to the states to see my dad over the holidays, so I took some money with me thinking "hey, it's an Enix game, I'll pick it up in America." NOPE! I think my dad must have driven us to about 5 different game stores before we gave up. That's when I looked on the web and saw it wasn't released there.

Eventually, a friend of mine brought his Euro SNES over and we played through most of the game together. But man. Such heartbreak. That was a very isolated instance of the UK getting a JRPG that the US didn't.

 on: Today at 01:31:27 AM 
Started by Taelus - Last post by IhaveFURY
Would still kill for a PS4 port.

 on: Today at 12:56:21 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by MeshGearFox
Man this is making me nostalgic for WA1 :( I liked both, but goofy 3D stuff aside I feel like WA1 played better than 2, in terms of balance and puzzles and Jack being a beautiful man. (WA2 was something I was most recently playing in the first couple months after I started working for the company formerly known as Hewlett-Packard, which is not a thing I am nostalgic about).

Sayonara Umihara Kawase - Played like the first teeeen or so levels? Got a few backpacks. Lack of proper resolution options aside, it looks nicer than the 3DS version, controls better, and has the extra stages from the PSP version. Also there seem to be more enemies in this version?

Undertale - Got some food items for room service, did the thing with the mystery key, gonna go do another Metatton fight now. I feel like I'm missing something, wrt... well, okay, I know I am. Future playthroughs!

The gamified form of consumerism known as credit scores - Possibly eating paint right now.

 on: Today at 12:08:49 AM 
Started by Hidoshi - Last post by Annubis

After some heavy drinking, you wake up in your car and there's a hobo sleeping in there with you and you're like What? but then your cellphone rings and it's that girl you like from the cabaret club you own telling you they need you at work. So you grab a cab because you're way too drunk to drive and go there. You manage the place for a couple of thousands of years kicking out the ugly girls throughout the ages and only keeping the ones you trained personally which are the real beauties. Then, at some point someone calls you and says that your car isn't where you parked it anymore and you're like WTF? Dude, where's my car? You go look for your car and you find that the hobo is driving it around and you're like get the fuck out of my car you fucking hobo and then he's like nanana I'm one with it lololol so you get some dude to go buy some MickyD to tempt the hobo out of the car and it works somewhat. Then you decide it's time to get your car back but GODFUCKENDAMNIT, there was a girl in the car which is the descendant of the girl who had the bizarro keys to the car. They're bizarro keys because instead of starting the car, they stop it. So you're now stuck in the car, with the bizarro keys in the ignition which will stop the engine and then the Hobo jumps back into the car, pushes the girl out, closes the door and teabags you while the bizarro keys in the ignition turn off the engine and the car goes to sleep. Then the battery dies because the hobo left the lights on all this time and the doors are electric so you're stuck in the fucking car with the fucking hobo hoping that one day lightning strikes the hood and recharges the battery and the electric doors can open again.

Add-on: Looking at the story from Witsuarunemitea's point of view makes Hakuoro the real bad guy =/

 on: October 06, 2015, 11:46:11 PM 
Started by Hidoshi - Last post by Annubis
I got the Blue-rays myself and they look incredible. I know it's not the first time I bring it up, but they really put some serious effort and it shows.

  • What's the deal with Niwe?  Out of all the enemies they fought he's probably the one I understand the least.  Is he just crazy or what?  What was he even fighting for?  He's got this massive country and all he wants to do is provoke Hakuroro.  Like, get a hobby or something.

Niwe was manipulated by Dii (Witsuarunemitea Dark) into fighting with Hakuoro. As a warrior, Niwe was peerless and bored of it. You can assume that he was offered to fight a god should he manage to awaken it. For Niwe, that was the bargain of a lifetime.

  • What the heck is Hakuoro anyway?  I sort of get it and sort of don't...that was all over the place.

Hakuoro is Iceman aka Witsuarunemitea. Witsuarunemitea is THE god. He controls all races and throughout history has lead them to evolve.
In the past, he led humans to their pinnacle and then went to sleep. His avatar was Iceman at that moment.
Later, through wars, the world became a barren wasteland where humans can't even live outside bunkers.
The research team was cloning Iceman (aka God) + human DNA (which somehow made animal people?? God is a furry) in order to make a race that could live outside. As they researched God, it started to awaken and the project was going to be aborted and Iceman frozen again (who knows what God would do if awoken). Mizushima (the one who killed past Hakuoro) killed everyone and allowed the research subjects to escape the facility and he also let Iceman awaken.
Now, Hakuoro when shot somehow became a part of Iceman aka Witsuarunemitea.
As Witsuarunemitea awoke, he basically saw that he needed to resume his work as God and again lead the creatures of the world to evolve. In order to do so, he separated from the part of himself that was contaminated by past Hakuoro and let that one sleep.
Then Witsuarunemitea Dark (since Hakuoro is refered to Light) evolved the world to it's present state, swapping between avatars throughout the ages. One important part of Witsuarunemitea's view on evolution is Darwinism and as such, he tends to force conflict to strengthen the playing field.
At some point, thousands of years later, Hakuoro awakens as Iceman's body with Hakuoro's consciousness.

TLDR: Hakuoro is the mind of his past self in an old avatar that God possessed at some point before. You can assume that some of the powers of god still linger in there but Hakuoro doesn't really have an idea how to use them as opposed to Dii which is the current avatar of god and thus possesses the mind of god too.

 on: October 06, 2015, 11:43:32 PM 
Started by Taelus - Last post by Dice
Lost Odyssey, while overall a good game, had many flaws so I can see somebody hating on it simply because one of the flaws struck a nerve.

I remember it feeling good and looking good (and being absolutely floored when the game went from CGI to gameplay at the beginning).  It wasn't always that fun and it was a bit hammy at times... but it felt like a perfect fit for the "new modern RPG" in some ways and I appreciate it.  Shame more wasn't done with it too, it was a cool concept.

 on: October 06, 2015, 11:41:36 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Dice
Dishonored - Made good progress over the weekend. Not sure what the current Chapter # is, but I'm pretty sure I'm closer to the end of the game than the beginning. I'm currently infiltrating the lighthouse stronghold.
All in all, a fun and well-designed game. The stealth aspect is done well, and the availability of different paths/methods to accomplish mission goals is excellent. The latter pleasantly reminds me of OG Deus Ex.
I already have the desire to play through the game again as a cold-blooded killer (I'm being as non-lethal as possible in this play-through). Replaying a game (without a multi-year gap in between) is kind of rare for me, but this one can actually feel different when taking different measures. Not just subtle mood or move-set changes, like most other games. Good stuff.

I really want to play this game.
Two guys I worked with back at EB Games (when I worked there this game was showing trailers) had 'predicted' the game was going to be 'awful' based on the trailer.  I'm glad they were wrong. :P

The 2nd Wild ARMs: Annnnnd beaten. I just got to say that the Spiral Tower can eat a bag of dicks. Nothing like wading through a dungeon of forced encounters with enemies that just love to spam party wide instadeath spells that not even that lousy Down Guard protection skill really helps against. What a waste of PS Points (poor Lilka). Fortunately, my only wipe happened shortly into the dungeon, so I got to learn my lesson early enough to have Tim spam Thanos X at every opportunity, and thus it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been, but the save points in the Spiral Tower and Glaive Le Gable are far enough apart that it would've been really demoralizing if say a random encounter ambushed me with a highly accurate, party wide insta-death spell and wiped my ass mere moments away from the end (hello there, Doomsday; nice try; too bad I got stupidly lucky on your ass).

Also while I won't argue that the game's translation isn't the smoothest, its still fairly functional for the most part. I just wish the same could be said for some of the puzzle clues which were by and large a goddamn hot mess. That first puzzle was some serious horse shit given how the clue suggests not taking the obvious answer 'that forming a cycle from Moon to Sun doesn't move time forward' when in fact, that was the fucking answer. Also the indicators were some horribly tortured garbage (Old and New Moon, Tiu of Sky and War, Wotan of Wild Hunt, Thor of Thunder, Frigg of Fertility, Saturn of the Harvest and Sun of Hope; guess what they all have in common (and this is also only half of the information being presented by the puzzle)).

Anyways, now its time to take on the post game bosses make my way back out of the final dungeon because this game doesn't believe in methods of quickly escaping dungeons.

Yay for post-game bosses!  The WA series makes some good fun with them; that I love a lot of the side content the games tend to venture into.
The translation was shite and the plot being what it was didn't help much either.  That said the game had gorgeous 2D, fun puzzles (sometimes), and I even liked some of the weird the story did take because it felt like some fun anime.  Did you get Marivel?

I'd love to replay the game one day, I do remember feeling absolute grief at some of the more obnoxious puzzles though, the Towers were annoying as hell too.  I got WA1 on my Vita, that one deserved another good look too.

Wasn't PSX 2D just the loveliest?

 on: October 06, 2015, 11:12:38 PM 
Started by Daggerstrike - Last post by insertnamehere
It sucks that I was sick while watching this so my attention was divided between my pain in the ass headache and watching the awesome season finale going on right in front of me.

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