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October 22, 2014, 04:24:11 AM

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 on: October 21, 2014, 04:38:44 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Dice
My whole life [ie;FF7 playthrough] has been a lie.

EDIT: I'm also now picturing this bi-polar party injecting themselves with drugs they don't need to save the world better.

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:37:58 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Aeolus

Not that you need them to break the game anymore than it already is. But Hypers, :420: All day, erry day!

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:36:01 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Cyril
Inflict it by using the item that cures Sadness, which I don't remember the name of at the moment, via the menu.  Despite healing statuses, they act more like Potions and you can use them without having to have the status in the first place.

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:35:34 PM 
Started by Aesir - Last post by Aeolus
Despite the flaws in the series from the start though, that wasn't the only problem with the later games and I really have no idea what the hell went wrong. Children of Mana was passable on a basic gameplay level but had repetitive grind and nothing particularly interesting in terms of the world or story, and then aside from that the rest ranged from mediocre to utter crap.

That's basically the World of Mana compilation in a nut shell (or any Squeenix era compilation for that matter). Children, Heroes, Friends and Dawn all came out in roughly the space of a year (like almost to the day in Japan), and only Dawn felt like there was any effort directed towards it (not to say that said effort was well guided or thought out). Children in particular I found myself rating it between two similar DS games Summon Night: Twin Age (mediocre dungeon crawler with a Summon Night series veneer keeping it from being totally lame) and From the Abyss (probably someone's Comiket entry one year that they decided to make into a full fledged game, I don't think even one launch title for the Original GameBoy Grey and Yellow Brick had less depth than this PoS; it eventually got ported to the DSiWare in four parts; yes that's right, DSiWARE where only Shantae 2, X-scape, and the limited edition Four Swords port were the only worthwhile things to come from that service), because it really wasn't all that different from those two games (Children had that obnoxious pinball physics mechanic and little else).

Anyways, I was going to mention this in my previous :effort: post (which got swallowed by my shitty computer/browser) but with the early games you could feel like they were going for more of the 80s/90s style action adventure high-fantasy anime (if you've ever watched an anime like Vampire Hunter D, Fist of the North Star, MD Geist, Slayers, Record of the Lodoss Wars, Psychic Wars and a bunch of other contemporary OVAs to the point of kinda understanding their structure, then play SD1; you'll realize that it roughly follows the same formula). The problem with this is that the genre more or less died off by the early 00s and Final Fantasy of all things basically was the closest thing to a proper successor (and that's also when Squeenix decided to disappear up its own asshole) so when you play SD1 and Sword of Mana back to back, you can see and feel the massive difference in style (and quality). Sword is far far wordier than SD1 and yet says far less than it (the plot was broken up into two halves for the alternate protagonists; the Boy got a shortened variant of SD1's plot, whereas the Girl got the parts the Boy didn't get and about five times the words; the game itself doesn't really contain any "new" content to make it its own thing).

So now you get parts where guys like Willie, who only existed in SD1 for about a minute to hand the MC his quest and instructions as to what to do next and promptly dies, whereas in Sword he's a dipshit who's sole role in the game is to be the Girl's Boy surrogate (for the points where in the original game they were paired together but cannot do so now because they're off doing their own thing) despite showing up multiple times. And then you have Hasham who straight up dies the moment he appears in SD1 get entirely cut from Sword despite having an even better reason to be around (since you can now start as the Girl), instead Willie also gets his role despite not really doing anything with it. Count Lee was basically the episode 2 or 3 villain of the week in SD1 (i.e. some clown to prove that the MC is a badass) is now some completely misunderstood guy who's goal is only to protect the Girl instead of eating her (even though she's still stuffed in a coffin in a room full of coffins on the Boy's route and all the girls that disappeared due to bad cases of mistaken identity are never seen or heard from again). Hell, SD1 ended with a Green Aesop which was all the rage back in the day whereas Sword ended with Power of Friendship.

And you can sort of see similar lines going through SDs 2 & 3. Hell, Secret had the Scorpion Army which are massively blatant expies of Yatterman's adversaries and those guys became a cliche in monster of the week type shows (it took Team Rocket to really replace them). Secret also had the Four Generals bit, the evil cult led by an evil sorcerer bit, the mighty Empire selling its soul for power and a monster army to said evil cult and so on. SD3 is really where the series tries to start to become its own thing which is why every Mana game since has referenced it more than any other Mana game (Legend was basically a SaGa game in disguise and game the series the lore it needed to be its own thing, even if it clashes with the preexisting stuff so hard, the series ended up developing a Zelda style timeline).

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:33:57 PM 
Started by Dincrest - Last post by Dice
Pfft, big difference is I'm like a billion times cooler.

But I really want to see it, I'm definitely a David Finchy fan.  I  haven't seen a movie in months though besides catching up on old flicks (several of which I neglected to write baout here).

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:32:12 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Dice
Fury makes you take more damage but your limit goes up really fast.

Sadness makes you take less damage but your limit fills up really slowly.

I was playing an FF7 hardhack and Sadness was practically required due to the flat damage reduction :p

A hardhack might be fun in the future.  But I also heard there's a re-translated version of the game which  is also *really* singing to me.

Yeah, I never heal Fury.  It's a bit riskier, since you take more damage and I believe you might also miss more often? It doesn't seem terribly noticable.  But it makes your limit gauge fill much faster.  You can also induce Fury by eating one of those Sadness-healers - Tranquilizer, I think.

I tend to play the majority of the game with the status.

I actually love this idea.  Is there a way to inflict or you gotta wait for an enemy? (probably the latter).

And thanks so much for the constant and thorough input Aeolus.  I'll keep all that in mind since I'm heading into Disc 2, where I think the real fun begins.

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:29:30 PM 
Started by Cyril - Last post by Cyril
Yeah, you just need to learn to abuse the system.  In E&L, the different elemental levels introduce new traits to items.  Manipulating the elemental levels to be as high as possible will make the finalized item much more powerful.  To add traits you want takes a bit (a lot) or work and generally requires 20-30 synths for just one piece of armor and the same for each weapon.  Not to mention needing to find the right traits in the first place.

Which, in my opinion, is great. I love making the ultimate equipment.

I'd suggest maybe gooing to GameFAQs and checking the E&L board.  Then searching for "equipment" or "ultimate" or something.  Usually they'll have guides for new people looking to make equipment.

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:25:31 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Cyril
Yeah, I never heal Fury.  It's a bit riskier, since you take more damage and I believe you might also miss more often? It doesn't seem terribly noticable.  But it makes your limit gauge fill much faster.  You can also induce Fury by eating one of those Sadness-healers - Tranquilizer, I think.

I tend to play the majority of the game with the status.

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:24:17 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Starmongoose
Fury makes you take more damage but your limit goes up really fast.

Sadness makes you take less damage but your limit fills up really slowly.

I was playing an FF7 hardhack and Sadness was practically required due to the flat damage reduction :p

 on: October 21, 2014, 04:22:20 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Aeolus
So you guys change Aeris' limit break? I just keep her infinitely with Healing Wind.
Free heal.

The thing with summons at the beginning is that you can only summon them few times and generally not enough to kill a boss.
Given that the early bosses also have pretty abusable elemental weaknesses, chugging a couple of spells can be nice.

Once you have the Bahamut trinity though, you can just summon those guys until everything is dead.

Who cares about free healing when you could be getting free turns instead with Seal Evil. Seriously, even bosses can get completely shut down by a well timed Seal Evil, its pretty much Aeris's best LB.

Also, yeah. Early summons are kinda underwhelming which is why I suggested to only use the two latest. Besides, Dice should have Bahamut by now since she just did Temple of the Ancients.

Egads, it's been too long since I played the game. Completely forgot about the history of the Northern Crater. That would be kind of an interesting spin on things if Meteor was some kind of transport device for Jenova and it's buddies that just happened to have the side effect of wiping out the current civilization.

I wouldn't put too much stock into that. Most of the basic stuff is probably correct but a lot of that came out during that whole FFVII Compilation bullshit which didn't really pay a hell of a lot of attention to anything that went down in FFVII proper. #FFVIIACwtf

Besides, Black Materia and White Materia are where the Meteor and Holy spells went off to (despite the fact that Flare and Ultima are still kicking around in your ordinary Green Magic Materias Contain and Ultima respectfully) and are coincidentally the most powerful Black and White Magics in the series (traditionally speaking).

Vincent's last limit break sucks, as does Red XIII's(it only hits ONCE! when the previous Limit Break hits like 5 times and the difference in damage between each hit and that one big hit isn't even that great not to mention that once you reach the damage cap..well...). Cloud's Meteor Slash is a pretty good alternative if you don't want to bother getting OmniOPSlash.
Summons are pretty good very early on but quickly lose their use until you get some of the more powerful ones, I tend to use them because my childhood self is still pretty awestruck by the animations(It was some of my first memories, seeing FF7 and 8 summoning sequences, they are pretty engrained in my memory, oh and Breath of Fire 3 dragon transformations, I was like 2-3 years old I don't even know).

Okay, yeah. I knew Red was generally the exception in terms of Level 4 limits but I couldn't remember why.

To be fair to Vincent though, all of his Limit Breaks suck so it doesn't really matter what level you set him to. Too many things have some sort of Fire protection in this game and his other non-FF1 Final Boss forms had some pretty crappy gimmicks to them as well.

I'll probably do the "stick to the two latests Summons" rule.  A bit of a shame though, I guess some materia isn't really worth levelling up then.

I remember even as a kid realizing Vicent was underwhelming.  Which I kinda don't mind since most of the party is perfectly capable.

And I do like how Meteor was ...y'know, actually a threatening spell this time around...cuz you think it would be.  But I think it's interesting it was more part of the plot.  I found Summons in FFX were well integrated as well as a major plot point too (ironically, the game specifically about them featuring less of them than most FF titles).

The thing about Magic v. Summons is that both kinda fall by the wayside by the end (except for healing magic and KotR) since you'll be ramming that damage cap in no time flat in this game. Especially since keeping the necessary elemental diversity for various enemy encounters is a pain in the ass since your physical stats take a hit for every magical Materia you equip (and there aren't enough physical based Materia, i.e. Command Materia, to compensate), and because you only have so many Materia slots to work with. Meanwhile Summons don't have to dick around with linking All Materia and they just hit hard (plus their physical to magical statistic conversion rate is higher so you'll get a much better spell caster with them loaded down with Summon Materia verses Magic Materia) At least its worth keeping up with mastering Magic Materia since KotR takes forever to accumulate the necessary AP (or to even get it really) so trying to grind even a single copy of Master Summon will easily enable you to master every other Materia in the game (multiple times for almost all of them, Shield is like the only exception due to getting it at the Final Dungeon but even then you'll get close).

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