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General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Tomara on Yesterday at 07:49:23 AM »
Not a fan either. Coffee flavoured candy is fine, but it's not the type of flavour I like to drink.

Cute(?) change of topic: the rabbit I adopted it a little obsessed with me. She likes to follow me around, tries to groom me and so on. She's been like that for months. But now her obsessions seems to have evolved. She normally doesn't like it very much when I pet my other rabbit and her reaction to that is sitting to the side and looking cute so I'll pet her too, but just now she used bodyslam and it was super effective. Don't worry, the other rabbit wasn't hurt. He just looked a little confused and then went back to his 'Let's all be friends :D' routine. He's a lovable idiot.

tl;dr one of my rabbits is a yandere.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Starmongoose on Yesterday at 05:21:27 AM »
Yay! Mesh is back!
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Hathen on Yesterday at 05:05:30 AM »
I don't mind having a bit of "downtime" each month where there's nothing special going on, gives a bit of time to train up units you might have pulled (or just not play at all). I do wonder what new units we'll be getting next though. I want to say Radiant Dawn or Thracia 776 seem the most likely since they're still missing their lords (and just have very few units from them in general, though RD is a bit of a weird case since a ton of the cast there was returning cast from PoR). As much as I'd like to see some good new axe users in the form of Dagdar or Orsin, I'm expecting the former since we just got a bunch of Jugdral characters.

Anyway got 20 orbs so I guess I'll continue rolling on the Dancer banner.

Lucky spread of 1 Colorless and 3 Blue.

4* Kagero: +ATK -DEF, which if I'm not mistaken is one of the best sets on her. Might actually promote her then.
4* Reinhardt: Unfortunately wasted that IV roll on Kagero because this guy's -DEF +RES. Would've preferred it here to be honest. Oh well.
3* Jagen: If they release a few more units like Sigurd I bet a Ward/Fortify Cavalry team would be really annoying.
5* Shigure: Did not expect this. Guess I should figure out how to build the guy. Since he's Neutral I'll probably Raventome him though.
Pulled the final orb because why not- 3* Gunter: Everyone tells me only scrubs abuse horse emblem but it's not my fault if the game keeps encouraging me.
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Warriors
« Last post by Aeolus on October 19, 2017, 11:43:32 PM »
Welp, Fire Emblem Warriors comes out tomorrow. After this trainwreck of bad decisions by the Omega Force/Team Ninja team, let's see if the gameplay can at least make up for the lack of fanservice.

From what I've heard, the gameplay is really good for a Warriors game, but the fanservice is sold separately.

The real debacle has been KT's marketing of this thing, as everything they've said has been mistaken or untrue time after time while they continue to undercut themselves by letting everything leak out long before anybody has a chance to anticipate it.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Aeolus on October 19, 2017, 11:20:06 PM »
Stuck on the boss fight with
Code: [Select]
Noel in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, so I'm exploring other available areas to power up by completing quests.
RE: LR. I think you are supposed to stop before said boss, do a bunch of fetch quests and come back and beat him, then run out of time and do the whole game over again. I dropped soon after that boss and just watched the story on the youtubes. The game would have been OK enough for 1 playthrough but 2 lol no.

That LR boss shouldn't be that hard. Annoying yes, but not enough to force yourself to unlock Ability Mods. All you really need is a good understanding of the gameplay (as LR has context sensitive actions that can further boost attack damage or further reduce incoming damage, plus they changed the way that Stagger works as its triggers and effects vary from fight to fight), and to set up a good schema (you'll want a solid attacker outfit, a dedicated defensive outfit and something that either works with AoE magic or debuffs).
General Discussions / Re: Whats the haps?
« Last post by Annubis on October 19, 2017, 11:18:21 PM »
I thought I was the only person in the entire universe who doesn't like coffee.

It gives me terrible heartburns... so yeah... I haven't drank it in years.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by Klutz64 on October 19, 2017, 11:14:23 PM »
Well that settles it...

Mesh isn't Arti....

He's Beetlejuice!
General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« Last post by Aeolus on October 19, 2017, 11:01:37 PM »
Definitely a dick move on IS's part. Introducing a really popular powercreeped new hero on a banner mixed with old heroes, one of whom can pity break her, a week after another banner she would've fit just fine on (all the while another limited-time banner with 4 really good dancers is running too). Personally I'd discourage rewarding such a dick move with more of your money, but whales gonna whale I guess. For my part I would've aimed for Sigurd over Ayra if they were on the same banner so I guess that's good for me?

My free pull was a 3* Hinata. Haven't see him in a while and I have like 10 heroes who need Fury so he's a welcome sight even at 3*.

Anyway Lunatic Arvis did give me a bit of trouble (because once again they want to challenge horse emblem with that one guy with the Horseslayer alongside all those trees on the map), but it was nothing that couldn't be brute forced by Nino. I 5*'d one of my after level rushing him through the Warriors maps. It will suck when we lose those, but Warriors maps don't give badges so if they stuck around long term we'd still feel it whenever we got around to forging our Sacred Seals.

Speaking of which, I finally decided on what I wanted to upgrade so I dumped my coins to get Distant Defense 3 and Panic Ploy 3. I'll probably upgrade Speed+1 next. In the meantime it's hilarious to stick Distant Defense 3 on Sigurd and watch him take single-digit damage from some blue mages.

If there's one upside to this latest bullshit, its that Ayra is the top of the mountain for me and will still be available from the general pool long after the dancers come and go (and they can't roll her out twice without getting into Seasonal Alts or Brave/Promoted variants; well, I mean aside from bringing out Ayra 2.0 (aka Larcei) during the FE4 Gen 2 month). Sucks that it means I'll have to suffer the extra T_T grind, but I survived Tellus' T_T, I'll survive this one too. Meanwhile all my orbs aside from the 15 or whatever for my stab at Ayra/Eldigan will be going into Dancer Banner (she'll pity break my heart eventually; it worked for Sonya and Mae, although I'm still waiting for Olwen).

What's really bothering me is the current slowdown in terms of events and such. Last two months had things like Sacred Seal quests, Training Tower quests, ReGHeBs, and some kind of event maps that still had Orbs (Warriors is nice, but they're also one time deals for Orbs and have been running for a very long time in terms of gametime; hopefully the next one will be another Artist's Team or something similarly amusing/out there). The silver lining here is that I'm done with every quest for October right now aside from daily shit and Tenth Stratum's Calvary quest (the latter of which is currently set to complete on Oct 31st, so its effectively done too), and I've been diving into my backlog of Squad Assaults and Chain Challenges for Orbs to pull with and to make use of my excess Stamina.

As for what to do with Seals, you mean you didn't cap Distant Def immediately? +6 damage reduction from all ranged bullshit (short of DC) is huge (Black Knight laughs at Archers who dare try to punch though his mighty +12 damage reduction only to eat a Black Luna for their troubles, and even Mages are afraid).

Anyways, I've also fully upgraded Breath of Life to 3 for the sake of having anyone sub in as a Combat Medic (or make some of my better Combat Medics downright hilarious; wish I had Linde to CM with +19 HP of healing to adjacent allies before other skills or buffs), and my next goal is Attack +3 for the sake of giving my Brave users a much needed powerboost.
Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« Last post by MeshGearFox on October 19, 2017, 10:53:11 PM »
Gaming thoughts for Sept/Oct:

Quake - Fall makes me nostalgic for FPSes, so! Gone through Episodes 1-3 so far. Very much enjoyed episodes 1 and 3, although... episode 2 I'm not sure how I feel about. Episode 1 and 3 were quite varied in terms of level mechanics and general mood, and were also very... surreal and abstract? Episode 2 was a lot of castle levels and they all seemed to be based around raising bridges. I'll need to revisit them on a replay. Maybe I just wasn't getting what Romero was going for.

Tenshi no Uta - PC Engine RPG, rather Dragon Quest/Phantasy Star-ish. My biggest/only? complaint is that the encounter rate is really high. This isn't actually a huge issue since the battles are incredibly fast. It's mostly just annoying because it keeps interrupting the rather excellent overworld/dungeon music. The game itself has this odd, very zoomed out look to it, but the spritework and areas have a lot of detail in them in spite of this. Lots of weird little events in town and there's a day/night cycle. For instance, in one fishing village, I came in at night, saw some side event that involved watching crabs dancing, and got 1000 experience for it.

Doom 2 - I have no idea what to make of Sandy Petersen's levels. A common complaint is that they're odd looking, which I definitely agree with. They also don't really make a good use of space -- the city levels have a lot of dead air. Aaat the same time I'm also having a very fun time playing them, and they feel like sort of proto-Serious Sam levels at time.

PSX Legend of the River King Game thing - I've been quite addicted to this for the past uh... week or two. Seems sort of like a remix of Nushi Tsuri 2, which was an SNES Legend of the River King game (the ones the US got on the GB/GBC were Nushi Tsuri 3 and 4). The SNES version looks quite a bit nicer/has more detail in the towns and NPC sprites/unique building interiors and more fitting music, exceeeept the way battles work is kind of drag in that one. The encounter rate is really high, the escape rate is low, and the battle system's the same one from LottRK, where you just wait for some punch icon to randomly bounce around the screen until it lands on the enemy.

PSX one on the other hand lets you run 100% of the time with the risk of taking some damage or having something stolen, also lets you just greet the enemies to get them to go away sometime, and the encounter rate's really low. Also all of the player characters seem to have some unique events which is nice. So yeah gross art direction aside this is super fun.

Anyway this also got me looking at getting an N64 now, since it's got Shigesato Itoi's Bass Fishing and another Legend of the River King thing. What is my life.

Quake 3 - Just doing the single player tiers, and finding it surprisingly fun on the harder difficulties -- the bots, while not as good as UTs, have a lot of personality. (Meanwhile going to UT from Q3 and trying to play UT like Q3 does... not end well).

Yuuymai Dooru - A sidescrolling adventure game with light life sim elements about a group of friends exploring their recession-damaged town to uncover the supernatural... things lurking underneath, while dealing with their own mental/emotional problems. Also probably too obscure to have had any influence on NitW, so.

Basically you pick one of the friends to play as during the school day so you can listen to your classmates and find out about ghost-related rumors. At night, you walk one of the character's dog while investigating said rumors. You encounter ghosts but it's not entirely clear so far if they're real or if one of the characters has some kind of schizophrenia? that her father's refusing to treat out of some broken sense pride.

Unreal - Did the first four levels. THAT was a major nostalgia trip. I don't know if any FPS has really given me that same feeling of being in a *world*.

Shenmue - Up to disc 2. Did the stealth bit at the port. I'm ahead of where I need to be so I think I'll just mess around for a few days before advancing the story. The way the late afternoon sky at the port looks gives me... memories.

Quake 2 - There's a secret Hard+/Nightmare difficulty. I have no idea why it's hidden by default, since the AI only seems to behave right in this mode and the general pacing of item pickups in levels feels balanced towards it? Anyway, nearing the end of the second unit. While I'd agree that Quake 1's single player is better, I don't think the quality gap between them's all that great. (Well, I'm not a fan of Q2's soundtrack at all, at least -- Q1ish ambient music would've been a lot better I think).

GOD Pure - Speaking of PSX remakes of SNES games with kind of gross art direction that ultimately play better than their source material... Got the third party member, who was a teenaged girl that had been brainjacked by aliens into starring a cult on Ryuukyuu. The aliens were turning the cultistis into monsters or something.

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers (The old one) - I haven't done anything productive in this really, just wandered around, dueling guys, and collecting cards. There seems to be some kind of deck scaling going on because the green-deck guys seem to have a thing for Llanowar Elves spam right now and I'm not really familiar enough with MTG to cope with that :)

Shining Force 3 - By some weird quirk of luck/level stat gain, Frank is one-shotting regular mooks, whereas Hayward and that super-generic soldier guy, both of whom should be better, aren't really that good for me. Probably should've given Hayward that level up fruit before class changing him. Ah well.

Rimo-cocoron - Unrelated to Cocoron. Stylistically it's similar to Katamari Damacy visually. Basically you get various scenes where you need to take a "snapshot" of an item in the scene and "use" it on someone in the scene to get them to interact with it, based on their wants. Once you've satisfied enough people's wants/caused enough mayhem, you can unlock the next scene, but there's a time limit so you can't mess around forever. It's vaguely similar to those flash grow games that were popular in the aughts but with infinitely higher production values. Has an impressive amount of events to trigger -- the collectapedia for Stage 2, which I played a bunch, only has like 62% of the events founds?

Children of the Nile - Someone on GOG found a thing to fix the framerate issues with this. I think this is maybe my favorite city builder now? Really unique mechanics -- I'd recommend checking out Tilted Mill's webpage for their design discussions.
General Discussions / Re: Awesome deals - 2017 version - Save money for that Switch
« Last post by Chronix112 on October 19, 2017, 10:37:12 PM »
If you ever wanted a Steam Link device now is the time. You can get a Steam Link +Icey ( a pretty good side scrolling, action platformer ) for $8.69 + shipping & handling

offer ends the 21st
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