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December 28, 2014, 11:37:38 PM

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 on: December 27, 2014, 08:31:16 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Blace
Finished up the story in Dragon Age Inquisition this morning (110 hours of playtime total) so my next goal is making sense of the Kingdom Hearts story since it has eluded me since I finished Kingdom Hearts II back in 2006 and I just got the second collection in HD. I never played Chain of Memories because the card based gameplay was a complete turnoff. I beat Kingdom Hearts HD last year and went through and watched all the cutscenes from 358/2 Days today. That story was actually pretty good and added alot to my understanding of the second game. I remember not liking the game itself and watching it today I was like "yeah, I'm so glad I don't have to actually play all these sections that are just pointless padding in the form of missions". Unfortunately, some of the lore just got me more confused because I haven't played Birth by Sleep or Chain of Memories. I think I'm going to play Birth by Sleep HD next to understand Dix and Xemnas a little better, followed by Chain of Memories. Saving that one for last because I still am not looking forward to the card crap. Probably will just play it on easy. Everyone let me know if this is a bad idea or if I should play Chain of Memories first.

 on: December 27, 2014, 06:37:22 PM 
Started by Dincrest - Last post by Dincrest
As Lynx, I have not snagged a single white innate.  I've gotten a lot of greens, though.  As Serge, I got a ton of reds but now as Lynx I only have one.  My entourage so far: Lynx, Sprigg, Harle, Radius, Van, Zappa, Norris, Irenes, Zoah

I'm going through Viper Manor again.  My party is Lynx, Norris, and Zoah mostly for "meta" purposes.  I had an "I am you and you are me" moment with Norris and snagged the tech in Zoah's room.  I'll definitely swap out for the impending boss battle since two yellows seems iffy in any circumstance.  For now, I'm getting through the sewers. 

Oh, after tomorrow I'll be putting Chrono Cross on hold.  I do not want to, but I've been tasked to review a game for the site so until that's done my Chrono Cross journal will be on hiatus. 

 on: December 27, 2014, 06:18:31 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by glassjawsh
"people will allergies are all a bunch of mary's" - D

 on: December 27, 2014, 05:06:49 PM 
Started by Agent D. - Last post by Klyde Chroma
Well, I use gamefly as well, so I could always rent stuff out for the Wii U as well as the games I want to play now...course that means I have to wait for availability and such. But I can't play a Wii U without a Wii U, lol.

It's a dilemma, alright.

I had the same dilemma myself this generation but finally decided to put all my eggs in Sony's basket. Last gen I tried to spread myself too thin investing in Xbox360, PS3 and Wii and didn't get to a fraction of the games I wanted to before more things came out that excited me.

The Wii U has some awesome hardware alright but for 5 games in the library I really want I decided I can live without it. Not playing a new Xeno and Zelda will hurt a bit but seeing that collect dust on my shelf will hurt all the more for me (oddly enough).

Ultimately I feel like you hit the nail on the head for me with your last post. Truth is, there is plenty for the PS4 I want and plenty more on the way. Certainly more than ample volume of games to keep me satiated. The more focused I remain on one or two consoles/a few games at a time the more I enjoy em personally.

 on: December 27, 2014, 04:57:02 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Klyde Chroma
I'vs noticed the longer you are around a specific cause of your allergies, the more tolerant of it you become. I have horrible animal allergies, but after living with cats for some 8 years I only ever had reactions when I would rub my eyes or nose after playing with them. I also washed my clothes often to help keep dander and hair off of them.

Tl;dr tough guy through it.

Be careful with that good sir. In some cases, a histamine response can become greater with more exposure and benign reactions to things can become pretty severe in time. Cinnamon went from causing a sneezing reaction to pulmonary distress and lighting my skin on fire after eating it for awhile. I also used to trim trees and had what I believed to be complete immunity to poison ivy for nearly two years until due to exposure (or so says my doctor) I began to develop a histamine response and now I break out if I so much as look at the stuff for too long.

Yet oddly enough, lending validity to your suspicions, I used to have an intolerance to garlic but love the crap. After hurting myself with it long enough my gut became fairly tolerant of the stuff.

 on: December 27, 2014, 04:41:42 PM 
Started by Monsoon - Last post by Klyde Chroma
I've had a Klyde-style revelation that I cannot bother putting a lot of effort into playing through games anymore unless I'm *REALLY* invested in them. This has led me to another revelation that I don't really care about finishing games, either (again, unless I'm really invested in them)

There are a few games that I own the sequels to that I haven't touched, and I obviously want to finish those, but for the most part I'm okay that I probably won't be updating here much. And that's not supposed to be some kind of elegant declaration, it's just that this thread seemed like a more apt place to share these thoughts than the game journal.

I know this statement was made back in August but I am just seeing it now and am touched. Something comforting, and accurate, about associating internal-game-related awareness with me. I do spend far too much time philosophizing over games, what they mean to me and how I play them. The pay off is the layers of meaning they take on for me. The way I play evolves and acts a thermometer of personal growth, or so I like to believe. Even if this is completely false I really don't care because at the end of the day it creates a greater emotional investment in the hobby and in turn the enjoyment derived.

Declarations of said awareness are important to me as well. Stating things lends to them some "concrete" if you will. A sense of accountability and truth to a statement only exists for some things once they are penned for me. A thought or opinion, in regards to gaming, remains formless and mutable so long as it stays confined to my (fickle) imagination.

God I make no sense some times. Oh well, now that the philosophizing is over onto the list.

1.Mario 3d World
2.Tales of Vesperia
5.Child of Light
6.Atelier Escha and Logy
9.Shadow hearts
10.Drakengard 3
11.Breath of Fire 4
12.Dragons Crown (again)
13.Tales of Xillia 2
14.Costume Quest
15.Lollipop Chainsaw
16. All Zombies Must Die
17. Lost Odyssey
18.Diablo Reaper of Souls
19.Muramasa Rebirth
20.Senran Kagura Versus

And I think that about covers it. Truth be told, I'm still aiming to finish Borderlands 2 by the end of the year. Highly doubt its gonna happen but it is good to have goals :)

The volume of games is pretty weak for me this year, but I feel like I got more quality time in with a few. The commitment I gave to Tales of Xillia 2 this year was sort of stupid to be honest. Well of 150 hours in that one alone.

 on: December 27, 2014, 03:23:45 PM 
Started by Dincrest - Last post by Dice

And, yeah, Yellow gets no love in this game.  So far, my best yellow's been Norris. 

I love Norris.  Certainly being from Porre is pretty interesting character detail in and of itself, but also how h e has this "Arian Race" look that indeed works for his military and complicated position given the later CT history where Porre is somewhat a threat.

I really wish I posted here more, I was sorta 'away' for a few days.

I do wanna add that I really love the "Character Get" bubbles that pop up.
"ZOAH HAS JOINED THE PARTY" had me in stitches the first time I saw it.

I love when you get Lynx a lot of White Innates seem to show up.  And yeah, I remember scoffing at Miguel but the dude is a real pain.  I got really screwed around that area too because I didn't have the Revive Spell and they're super hard to come by in the game.

I hate the Isle of the Damned.  Certainly in one part because it's pretty ugly compared to, really, just about everywhere else in the game.

 on: December 27, 2014, 02:38:58 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Agent D.
I'vs noticed the longer you are around a specific cause of your allergies, the more tolerant of it you become. I have horrible animal allergies, but after living with cats for some 8 years I only ever had reactions when I would rub my eyes or nose after playing with them. I also washed my clothes often to help keep dander and hair off of them.

Tl;dr tough guy through it.

 on: December 27, 2014, 02:10:19 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Aurian
I seem to be allergic to everything - after my allergy tests, I look like I have been stung by a squadron of bees - everything but bugs reacts strongly.

I have been taking allergy shots to reduce my reactions to allergens. I still react but it is a lot better than before. You might try looking into that to reduce your reaction to cats.

I find a clean animal causes me to react less than one with dander and loose hair. Try brushing the cat often and vacuuming often. I am technically allergic to dogs but I am fine with the family dog because he gets lots of brushes and baths.

 on: December 27, 2014, 02:06:46 PM 
Started by Aurian - Last post by Aurian
My husband bought this for Xmas, and we'll definitely buy Mario Kart for it. I am a bit stuck on what else to get sine I am mainly looking forward to Zelda and X for the system.

Looking for: good games to play multi-player with (in the same room, not online)
Do not want: Smashy games... We didn't like previous Smash titles.

Also want: games with story or fun gameplay, no trigger fingers please - we both suck at twitchy games.

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