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September 03, 2014, 03:42:33 AM

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 on: September 02, 2014, 12:45:33 AM 
Started by Akira - Last post by Aeolus

Pardon the crossposting but....

I wonder if this is what they're referring to?

 on: September 02, 2014, 12:43:51 AM 
Started by glassjawsh - Last post by Lard
If you wanted to wait until Xmas, you could get her this


 on: September 02, 2014, 12:39:22 AM 
Started by Dincrest - Last post by Lard
Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It's one movie I can watch endlessly. It's nearly flawless.

 on: September 02, 2014, 12:38:00 AM 
Started by cj_iwakura - Last post by Lard
The PS2/Wii game is STIV, correct? How much connection is there between games in the series?

 on: September 02, 2014, 12:33:34 AM 
Started by Akira - Last post by Lard

High school setting. :/

 on: September 02, 2014, 12:32:29 AM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Dice
I went to a house for a small work-people party today....

= Pool
= Giant Slide
= Tennis Court
= Basketball Court
= Home Theatre Set
= Big screen TVs everywhere.
= Normal fridge, wine fridge, beer fridge
= RV with nicer kitchen and furnishings than most houses ($600 to fill up)

...then I went back to my house. 
And wept.

I think the best part is that the owners are super-nice, pretty humble and normal people.  Either way, a nice night, and its been a while I've worked a place where I thought the people were good and fun to be with.

Sleep deprived and moderately delusional/disoriented. I went to Cincinnati on Saturday, did that stuff with just wandering around aimlessly on Sunday, uh, today's Monday and usually I'm at work but 'wasn't 'cause holiday, uh, went out to lunch earlier.

I remember having days like this myself

Instead of going back to XenoBlade Chronicles or Persona 2: Innocent Sin I'm playing dumb card games on my phone.  I may have a problem. 

Spider Solitaire does that too me.  I started "thinking in Spider Solitaire"....which shouldn't make sense.

 on: September 01, 2014, 11:36:27 PM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by MeshGearFox
I'm thinking with my dick and want to play it.
I still don't see how that's wrong.

Better with Skinect.

 on: September 01, 2014, 11:05:00 PM 
Started by Aeolus - Last post by Aeolus
Why are you guys being prudes about Summer Lesson? I don't get it. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Because she isn't a titty ninja who's clothes I can tear off with my titty ninja.

But seriously, you're literally asking the equivalent to "Why aren't you guys so totally anticipating the completion of this Japanese sex bot training simulator?"

Also, preemptive grats at your wasting your 6k post on defending your stance on sex bot technology, Yggdrasil.

 on: September 01, 2014, 10:23:25 PM 
Started by Wild Armor - Last post by Yggdrasil
Quad City DJs vs Persona Q - Slam the Ball up in the Night

Hype as fuck.

 on: September 01, 2014, 10:18:55 PM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Annubis
Played SR4 for 13 hours straight. Stopping now because I'm kind of hungry and my eyes are fucked.
GOTY material.

Also neat, I managed to recreate what should be very close to my SR3 Saint from memory

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