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October 02, 2014, 12:36:27 PM

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 on: October 01, 2014, 07:02:52 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Yoda
Happy fucking October. The best month of the damn year.


 on: October 01, 2014, 07:01:35 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Aeolus
One thing to point out about the whole "Man in a Black Cape" bit is that there are a bunch of dudes in Black Capes, or Cloaks in this case. After all, the real Sephiroth is still chilling up at the North Crater, either he through JENOVA or JENOVA itself is controlling the various people in Black Cloaks (I personally think the implication was that when Sephiroth exerts enough control over a host, he can sorta magic the sap into a copy of himself as well as invoke bizarre mutant powers like flight and teleportation; either that, or the Man in the Black Cape isn't Sephiroth at all and its all the screwiness involving Cloud's head and the JENOVA cells inside of him, he's basically seeing Sephiroth and shouting "Sephiroth" and all everyone else can see is some dude who's figure is obscured by a Black Cape/Cloak and just take his word for it; after all you never actually fight Sephiroth prior to the events at the North Crater).

Two funny things about Fort Condor, first is that its a call back to the Battle of Narshe in FFVI (you're defending a location from enemy grunts and you must deploy your troops to halt them), and that its essentially a Tower Defense minigame that predated the establishment of the Tower Defense genre by over a decade. Also you do get some fine rewards for the mini-game, including a Large Materia and the Phoenix Summon Materia, but you have to play through it several times to get those and the later battles unlock based upon story progression. It's also cheap to run through and braindead easy to complete so its easily on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of the game's minigame's annoyance factor.

Meanwhile Junon, is pretty much where the second most annoying concentration of minigames are in the game (Icicle Inn's shenanigans like the Snowboarding minigame and the keep your body temperature up bullshit are easily the worst).

 on: October 01, 2014, 07:01:32 PM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by Yoda
I don't, because I'm terrified of the truth.

Truth = I have been a raging asshole to a lot of you in the past and for this I am truly sorry.

 on: October 01, 2014, 06:37:40 PM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by Dice
^ I'm still waiting Dice...

By some small coincidence, I'm wearing the comfy ones right now...These will never be given away!!!!!
Oh wait or does that post assume you already have a pair of mine?  Uh oh.

I think I stilled typed with ^___^ these before the site crashed and we lost all the forum.  My new stuff (ie 2006+) ain't that bad; I'm still annoying and opinionated on some lousy games.
I kno my early gamefaqs talk was liek this tho.  U kno what I mean???? lol.

 on: October 01, 2014, 06:19:54 PM 
Started by Dice - Last post by Dice
So all this talk of Sephiroth makes me curious if he was [biologically] crazy from the start or developed it naturally from some bad grape-vining from being told he was a descendant of the Ancients (ie; Jenova) when he isn't... Just a human/virus hybrid with a lot of power.  I'm with Cyril though, I don't think the "alien" in this case is a bad trope, just slightly derivative given how Chrono Trigger *just* tackled that plot two years prior (iirc), but not a bad one.  And quite frankly, the implications surrounding it are just as great since Jenova isn't even the *sole* antagonist in this and there's a bigger story at hand.

...Eugh.  Dear lord, imagine making love to this man (with the best/worst concept art ever).

= I love how strange things are after Midgar: You hit up a friendly Chocobo Farm and get chased by a massive-sized snake (...then see it gruesomely impaled less than a minute later)

= I hate talking about Sephiroth as a "man in black cape".  It's a coat, dammit!

= As much fun as it is to make fun of Tetsuya Nomura's designs, I think he did alright with FF7 and 8.  Here, let's look at Seph!
First off, I love that his belt is the same as Cloud's (I assume it's from SOLDIER), I like that his 'armor' takes medieval cues but stays very modern, and finally, I love that his blade looks like its been stained in blood.  Or perhaps it was a conscious decision to show the main party using a "blue shadow" colour scheme, while Sephiroth has 'red' in the shadows. Because red is an evil colour.

But dear lord his anime look is starting to get dated.  He looks like a 90's CLAMP character with "V"-pointy chin and super-broad shoulders.  Plus the leather straps across his chest are odd.  
The main party looks great though; they have a great variety with respects to their design (WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED FF15?!  WHAT HAPP--) that beautifully coincide with the game's modern atmosphere.

= Is it just me or is protecting Fort Condor a waste of time ....and money?
...Love the song that plays there though.  Very mysterious.

= I fucking hate the Rufus parade and any mini-game surrounding it.  From doing CPR (so boring) to the really shitty mechanics in joining the parade.  

= On the other hand, I love the CG cutscene that shows all of Junon and how it makes sense of why the tiny town (where Priscilla and the dolphin is) is so dark. I mean, it's hidden under a giant airship runway (you can just barely make out the lights from the houses).  
Once again it feels like a lot of love went into creating places in this game.

= I like just running into the Turks from time to time.  I just find them a great enemy; they're cool as ice, they're relentless and mean, but really it's just because duty calls (they fall in love and go on vacation and all that jazz).  
I also love their style: When exiting battle, Rude checks his watch and simply walks off like nothing happened.

= Things that wouldn't translate into an HD/Remake Version: Red on 'two legs'. Mind you, for how serious the second half of the boat ride is, the comedy in a tough-badass like Berret wearing a dorky sailor outfit is simply perfect.

= Heidegger: "Alright we've arrived at Costa de Sol!"
Rufus: "The ride felt strange.  Everything okay?"
Heidegger: "Well, we've mysteriously lost most of the crew in the cargo hold due to bizarre circumstances. ...Oh, and Sephiroth was on board and---"
Rufus: "Yeahyea shut the fuck up.  Let's go".
Heidegger: "HAARRHARHAH..HAR... ok...  ... ... ..." *rage push soldiers into the water*

= Did anyone else wish Costa de Sol was real??  I love that the song has a "lobby"-esque sound to it (or like you're listening to a cheesy travel agency video).
*Hasn't been near a beach in 10 years* :(

Now through the mountains to chase the man in the black....coat.  

Till next time

 on: October 01, 2014, 06:16:03 PM 
Started by glassjawsh - Last post by glassjawsh
to put some of this into context...the average lifespan of a housefly is 28 days.  There are 672 hours in 28 days.  So if a fly ignored sleep (and all of the sidequests and extras in every title) they could beat every Final Fantasy game and still have 12 hours left to gloat to their fly buddies before they croaked.

 on: October 01, 2014, 06:14:10 PM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by Annubis
I look at stuff I just posted sometimes when I think it's a good post. I don't look at really old stuff... UNTIL NOW!
Let's see some of these gems:

BTW, if an adventurer wants to buy and equip an item that is worst then what he has... put the price to an extremely high amount if you're merchant level (bargaining power) is high -_-

Louie: Hi Recette, I'd like to purchase this Pirate Hat.
Recette: No you don't. Sure, you get +4 ATK, but you lose 13 DEF and 3 MDEF.
Louie: Yeah, but helmets are for tanks, and tanks aren't cool. Pirates are the way to go nowadays.
Recette: Ok ok... here 130% the amount. I know you're poor, so you'll never buy it.
Louie: 130%?!? Recette, that's clearly too much!
Recette: I know.
Louie: Can't you make it cheaper?
Recette: Nope, sticking to it.
Louie: I don't have that much money you know...
Recette: Well, guess you're keeping your helmet then, huh.
Louie: Ok, you drive a hard bargain, but I'll take it.
Recette: Wait wha?
Louie: *equips Pirate Hat, trashes Ancient Helm*
Recette: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Louie: yar!

Sue from Grandia.

THAT'S the epitome of womanliness? She doesn't even have pubes =/

^ hahaha awesome

I'd buy Ar Tonelico 3 even if it was just a black screen for 100 hours, as long as I get to hear the music.

The difference between a fan of Naruto and a Narutard is akin to the difference between admiration and obsession.

a pathetic kid who wanted more notoriety and fame for doing something, and it backfired.

The funny thing is, before the court case, I'd say 5,000 people knew Hotz. Usually those hanging around psx scene.

For the records, I also think he looks like a douche, but I don't judge him about it... but man, an image change would help.
I mean, if he was a valet at an hotel, I wouldn't give him my keys.
Get it, MY KEYS!!!
badum tish!

^ PS3 root key

No boner - F
Half boner - D
Boner - C
Fap with it when teacher gets home - B

^ Obligatory pony

I know I'm beating a dead horse again, but I don't mind if a game has no story as long as the rest is solid. If there is a story, it needs to be at least descent (good or great is even better though).

What I can't stomach is a stupid story.
This happens a lot in Japanese games because they feel obligated to bend the story to include tons of stupid tropes.

I am Captain Edge Maverick; on a very important mission to save the human race.
I command the space kindergarten, which is one of the most advanced space craft ever made.
I was specifically chosen for this mission because of my youthful ignorance, teenage angst and the fact that I know how to wield a sword. Indeed, most aliens have learned of our technology and became completely immune to any kind of ranged weaponry we have created (with the exception of bows)
I have full faith in my crew, including a mentally retarded traumatized underage orphan alien, a retarded underage alien cat girl and a bird brain winged girl and their dedication to save the human race, which they have never heard of until they met us.

I could go on, but I think that's enough...

^ I have bashed SO4 so many times...

How does the DS one fit into everything?

20 years in the future, where Dice is a world renowned artist, I'll get to go on TV and say I have her panties.

^ I'm still waiting Dice...

 on: October 01, 2014, 06:08:36 PM 
Started by Yoda - Last post by Agent D.
Agent Destiny....sounds kinda meh.

How about Strangent D.? Makes about as much sense as the stranger already, lol.

@Dice: Yeah, I caved on a partner, fuck it, I just play some Rules of Nature whenever I lift a heavy weight and then I bash a Metal Gear or 2.

It's like the new Guile theme. It goes with everything.

 on: October 01, 2014, 06:00:01 PM 
Started by glassjawsh - Last post by glassjawsh

 on: October 01, 2014, 05:59:40 PM 
Started by glassjawsh - Last post by glassjawsh

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