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October 01, 2014, 08:51:25 PM

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 on: Today at 04:11:03 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Maxximum
Still making my way through FFXIII with occasional games of Natural Selection II in between. My Borderlads II itch has been getting more intensive lately so I  think It's time to give in and complete a few quests.

 on: Today at 03:55:32 AM 
Started by Maxximum - Last post by Maxximum
I tried doing the manual input thing, and it was a disaster. I'll probably stick to it for the sake of science but my battle efficiency will be taking a dive until I memorize where all the skills are.
Updates ware sparse over the last few days because I had a lot less time for gaming. Hopefully I'll squeeze in some FFXIII today.
Progress wise, I'm more or less where I was when I abandoned my previous playthrough.
Lightning just got her manhorsenordicgod digimon while Danny Glover and Vanille are making their way through junk heap city where they just showed up without much explanation (assumption being that they just happened upon it while making their way through the area).

 on: Today at 03:51:48 AM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by Maxximum
I just did, thanks to your post. Apparently, I haven't changed much.

 on: Today at 02:21:48 AM 
Started by Jimmy - Last post by Jimmy
Since I'm trying to get more active on the boards again after falling out of the habit of posting when I started grad school, I found myself the other day going back to view some of my really old posts from way back in 2006 and 2007.

Maybe it was just me being nostalgic, but I have to admit it was a surprising, if game-centric, record of my life since that time. I only just recently passed 1000 posts on this iteration of the boards due to my inactivity, so I can only imagine what those members that have thousands of posts under their belts feel like. But I'm still overwhelmed at how many posts I've made in so many different topics.

It is also just a fascinating look back at who I was eight years ago. I've always been pretty laid back, but the me of now can't believe the attitude I had back then. Not that there was anything wrong with that; it's just surprising to me all things considered.

I know that there are a lot of old regulars on the boards, and plenty of new regulars who started frequenting the boards around the time that I started being less active. Do you ever look back at your old posts? And what do you think of those old posts when/if you go back through them?

 on: Today at 02:20:25 AM 
Started by Yggdrasil - Last post by Yggdrasil
MGSV: The Phantom Pain TGS gameplay presentation now available in 1080p, 60fps -- Metal Gear Informer

 on: Today at 01:55:22 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Yggdrasil
I have a quick question I hope someone here can answer; I noticed that on PSN you can buy the Story mode of P4A for P4AU. How does that work exactly?

 on: Today at 01:44:15 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Aeolus
To be fair to Lunar: Silver Star Whatever. Lunar: The Silver Star was only ever difficult when trying to find that sandworm since the game gets weird about what you need to do to trip the next event flag (and to be fair to myself, I didn't have any problem with this either, but shortly after my playthrough someone else posted about it).

The tl;dr is that Lunar has never been a difficult game (and its EBC that has the bullshit inflated boss courtesy of Working Designs RIP).

That said, I did end up brickwalling on my only run through of SSSC due to that one fight with Kyle against a petrified Hell Mel statue since he has to fight it alone or something and I didn't bother to care about grinding my way out of that (then went for TSS where said fight never existed). I don't know why I bricked at that fight, or if it was just a matter of getting too bored to carry on.

 on: Today at 01:39:34 AM 
Started by ULTROS! - Last post by Grainofariver
I loved Gaius too, which is interesting considering I wasn't expecting to get much out of him or Muzet. I can't help but wonder how different his personality and character interactions might if, instead of Xillia 2, we got a director's cut of Xillia 1 with everything they originally intended. What exactly was originally intended I see debated regularly, but I'm pretty sure Gaius was supposed to become a party member. I imagine it would be different to see him with Jude's group without the year-long gap.

Also I find it weird that the debt intervals so constantly hated. I wouldn't call them a plus, and I certainly hope to not see something similar again, but I find it strange that people mark them down so hard. I got the required money by doing the event requests, character episodes and elites, so really I cleared the job board once (which took around 30 minutes or less) before starting the next chapter, and even then mostly for the points. I personally had a far more irritating time with say, The Witcher 2, which always drove me insane by having the plot heat up, then dropping you in a hub with a bunch of side quests. I wanted to complete the side quests, but it brought the story to a full-on halt. Compared to that, I (personally, again) found debt intervals a minor bother.

All in all I feel like everything Xillia 2 fell short on, Vesperia excelled in, and everywhere Vesperia fell short, Xillia 2 excels. Still loved X2, and I'm really looking forward to Zesty's world and dungeons, which appear to be far better designed than the Xillias'.

 on: Today at 01:23:17 AM 
Started by Maxximum - Last post by Yggdrasil
To be quite fair, proper shifting becomes quite an art when you get to post game content.  It's really something of beauty when you can do it right.  We've discussed it on this site before, but the battle system is more about acting on a larger scale rather than smaller, individual scale.


 on: Today at 01:13:45 AM 
Started by Eusis - Last post by Kevadu
I think the "easy" tag for harmony is just a product if how hard SSSC was.


I have a confession to make: I never actually played SSSC.  The PSP game was my first time playing a Lunar game so there's is zero nostalgia clouding my vision here.  When I say that I found it ridiculously mind-numbingly easy I'm comparing it to other RPGs in general.  The game was a cakewalk, and not in a good way.  The easiness plus the slow speed everything moved at would just put me to sleep if all I had to focus on is the game.  And if a game is so boring it can't keep me entertained when I'm not multitasking then there's something wrong with it...

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