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July 23, 2014, 12:15:41 PM

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 on: July 21, 2014, 02:59:06 PM 
Started by Tenchi-no-Ryu - Last post by Hathen
The way hunts are designed, someone will pretty much always get mad. I'm disappointed you can't Holmgang them though. But like I said, they should've just made them poppable and restricted each to once every 24 hours or whatever and it'd cut out all the stupid drama.

As for gearing up too quickly, I don't really think that's a problem. If they want people to be able to cap out their gear in 2 weeks by playing a lot, I say let them. The people who don't play a lot like myself (and some others like probably Oswald etc) still won't be anywhere near that.

Gear shouldn't take forever to obtain in a vertical progression type of game.

 on: July 21, 2014, 02:49:40 PM 
Started by Back2Basics - Last post by Tooker

Does he weigh the same as a duck?

 on: July 21, 2014, 02:36:32 PM 
Started by Back2Basics - Last post by Agent D.
I stand by what I said, if this dude made an effort to become a member of the forum and talk with us, I might be half enticed to make an attempt and watch his videos. But the copy/paste nature of what he puts here is lame and I don't personally care for it. Given how laid back I am I can only assume how many other people here find this to be annoying as hell.

 on: July 21, 2014, 02:30:51 PM 
Started by Tenchi-no-Ryu - Last post by Agent D.
Hathen, you're slightly mistaken. It's not the resetting that usually pisses people off, no one bothers doing that. It's the twats who start the fights earlier than the shouts mention for an S rank just because they're bored and trolling. I mean, you waited 45 second for people already, why not wait the rest of the damn minute? Furthermore, holmgang probably won't bind the mark anyway, it rarely works on bosses and none of the b ranks are susceptible to stuns (which is usually how I know if they're bindable) so yeah. I'm better off doing tomahawk->unchained->heavy swing->internal release->skull sunder->berserk-> butcher's block and just maintaining hate....EXCEPT I'm way undergeared compared to the masses of hunt spammers and can't outpull people anymore.

Which is another serious misstep on SE's part. I like being able to upgrade my gear through this, I don't think being able to max out from i100 to i110 in a week is something that should be doable. However as a few of our LS buddies can tell you, they managed to nearly cap ilevel already in just 2 short weeks....from generally under i100 levels.

 on: July 21, 2014, 02:30:23 PM 
Started by Back2Basics - Last post by Annubis
He didn't even write his post.

His post is a link to his Youtube, a link to Wikipedia and a quote from Wikipedia.



 on: July 21, 2014, 02:06:09 PM 
Started by Back2Basics - Last post by Maxximum
I highly doubt that this is the only forum he puts these links on.
Truth be told I'd rather he did this and nothing else rather than post some random +1 LOL, ROTFL and "me too" posts just so he (and anyone else going down that path) can "legitimize" his forum presence.
On a side note, his views are woeful at the moment. Even if he is monetizing, it's highly unlikely he made even a dollar on this particular video (and probably any other video hes done for that matter) so no worries there if for some reason it bothers you.

I say, leave it up to the admins.
Heck, maybe even make a poll about advertising to see how many people on these forums actually care.
Personally, I don't like it, but I won't be losing any sleep over the matter.

 on: July 21, 2014, 02:00:20 PM 
Started by Tenchi-no-Ryu - Last post by Hathen
Parn is basically finding the Hunts the way they were "intended", it's just that ARR's game world is too small and too convenient (teleports everywhere for <500 gil) for it to feel like...well, a hunt, so all it is is the absolute worst parts of FATEs. In a game like ARR what they should really be doing is copying the ZNM or Abyssea NM sort of systems from FFXI. It lets friends play together at their convenience, lets them balance these boss monsters specifically for a certain sized group, and maybe they could even make it like Treasure maps where you have to actually find the damn thing without all the stupid drama hunts have brought to the game.

Really you're a WAR D, so in my opinion you should just be a jerk and Provoke+Holmgang the Hunts whenever someone tries to reset the damn things for the 5th time and enjoy the butthurt. Other than that I'm not going to spend hours running around with a mob doing something that just isn't fun just so I can get a +1 Wizard's Hat.

 on: July 21, 2014, 01:42:00 PM 
Started by Tenchi-no-Ryu - Last post by Agent D.
Hunts are so half assed right now. I enjoy the actual team effort of finding them, but they managed to just turn them into mini-fates. Way too little hp, way too easy, and WAAAAYYYYYYYYY too many people fighting them. Either make them more like fates in terms of fluctuating difficulty based on player turnout, make multiple of the same target pop in a zone (minus the s rank), or make the harder marks forced pops and add the goddamn alliance function that was promised back in 2.2 and allow a player 1 pop item every week. It's not a perfect system, but this waiting for 400+ people to fight an enemy designed for an 8 player group is nuts, especially since SE hasn't put the marks on priority loading and pretty much anyone on a console gets screwed when too many people arrive. It's unfair and creating an even larger gap in the community.

 on: July 21, 2014, 01:20:01 PM 
Started by Back2Basics - Last post by Agent D.
It wouldn't be so bad if he posted more than his fucking ad spot, but it's all he does. And I'm fairly sure he's put u0 this same "review" not too long ago. Same as zodiar333 or whatever his name is, they just post the one initial post and never say anything else. It's lame and shouldn't be encouraged. If you want attention you should be making a valiant effort for it, not dropping a half assed link to your video so you can make some cheap cash.

 on: July 21, 2014, 01:08:40 PM 
Started by Cosign - Last post by PaleRobbie
Great questions, gang!  We recorded Sunday night and hope to have the podcast up in a day or so. 

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