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After watching the trailer, I am cautiously optimistic. The winter campaign should at bare minimum make it feel different than the campaigns in 1 and 2 (and probably 3, but I have never played it). Also I like the tank designs for the Federation. Hopefully no one who worked on Revolution is also working on this. I'm not seeing any immediate warning signs, but Revolution exists so part of my brain has been questioning whether there was anyone with talent left at Sega. >.>

Hate to be the bearer of bad hype, but...

Producer is the same as Revolution.

I see that it's time to march onto not-Russia during the winter. I'm certain the greatest challenge to face this new generation of heroes are bathhouse peeping toms and the requisite bad cook's dishes.

Also, thank god they aren't shoving this onto the Vita in any capacity.

I don't know who left Sega, but these recent developments are highly uncharacteristic of their SOP.

Game Journals / Re: A Game Journal Reborn
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:02:39 PM »
Paper Mario: And Luigi Jam.

Past Desert Land and currently island hopping after having beaten Roy and Wendy Koopa. Did anyone take the plunge on the Super Star Saga remake yet? I keep feeling that this game is just lacking compared to that game and its almost LttP style game world (well that or more MM or MC styles where you're mainly operating around a hub; either way it was nice that SSS started you off on the country's border and you promptly worked your way to the hub before your quest began in earnest). It really doesn't help how lacking PJ's world feels compared to SSS (also, 'nother question for y'all plungers out there, did the major SSS original characters like Fawful get replaced by Toads?).

Anyways, I'm almost done with this area and I suspect that I will be moving on to Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants next.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 18, 2017, 08:36:24 PM »
And hell, even if you did get pity broken by Merric, you could always take stock in the fact that you can evolve his Prf into Sonya's Prf which would be marginally better for him (the Wo Dao +10 Dmg effect is more useful to him than having to try to turn his pitiful Atk rating into something usable with Effective magic damage off of enemies with stacked Res; of course you really do need to swap his Special to get anything out of that).

The Brave Unit thing would've pissed me off if it had been either Bowlin or Eliroy who got the 40% role (makes my luck with Mia redundant on top of burning it away from the Legendary Banner), but I'll live with this (it'd be nice if I could pull a Bike or Lancina instead for training purposes and color diversity). At the very least, I'll take this over having an entire Banner to pull one 40% character out of three potential Banner units, one of whom shares the same color as the new one.

As for Fates Gen2 Banner, neither Fates nor Awakening have had any honest to god additions to their rosters since Day 1. Whereas Thracia has the Dire Thunder siblings, and even Radiant Dawn has Sanaki (for whatever she's worth), while only Charlotte, Inigo and Shigure have been kinda sorta added through Event Banners (maybe). Granted, I'd rather have FE4 Gen 2, Thracia or even some Tellus units, but it'd also be nice if they would turn around and make some more Event banner units for some of the older games (Christmas Banner coming up? Cain and Abel in Red and Green Elf costumes, wielding a Candy Cane and a Nativity Set respectfully (because Cane and Stable :V); Eldigan, wielder of the legendary Mistletoe Axe; and Sexy Santa Lyn because every Event Banner requires one of her, Lucina, an Avatar or a Fates Royal).

And while I previously posted my thoughts on potential additions, I listed Selkie who wouldn't fly under FEH's current rule set. So my new picks would be either Shiro, Kiragi, Soleil and Ophelia (mix of genders and nationalities and sticks to relatively popular units, avoids Awakening repeats and gives some okay diversity) or Kanas M & F, Dwyer and Sophie (because also gender equality and totally nation neutral, plus color balance if you give Male Kana a Green Dragonstone and Female Kana Divine Yato; but you're not exactly lighting up the board with popularity).

As for Free pulls, I got a 4 star Matthew on BHeB Banner and a 4 star Raven on T_T Banner. Better keep my luck frosty for the Legendary Banner (plus I feel that 50%'s a good stopping number of Banner pulls, especially since the Legendary's Event Repeats are 75% missed units on top of the overall 66% of available Banner units once the Christmas Queen becomes available).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 17, 2017, 06:41:34 AM »
New event calender is up and yuck.

Only new banners are Legendary Heroes and Children of Fate (which sounds to be more focused upon FE Fates Gen 2 characters, rather than FE4's Gen 2 characters, especially when its referred to in JP as Children of Black and White; so most likely Seigbert, Shiro, Selkie and Soleil). No word yet on any Christmas/Holiday Banner though (even though we all know its coming) or what late December's getting.

Meanwhile, we've got two more ReGHeBs for Michalis and Berkut and a BHeB for Tana and Amelia, so nothing exciting on that front (at least the BHeB is new). While the next T_T is focused upon the current Farfetched Banner (that or villainous/antagonist characters since 'less-than-heroic' could mean that too, they could be our 20% units; either way, its not TSS focused so Eirika and Ephraim are out in the cold on this one), and the next VG travesty is going to be centered around couples (my bet for winner will be Clive).

So in short, unless the Book 2 update itself drops a bunch of new Chapters and characters on us for our Common draw pool to swell upon, this looks rather anemic.

General Games / Re: Fighting Games
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:20:11 PM »
I just read on Wikipedia (cuz I always Wikipedia shit) that Heihachi was actually supposed to be Cloud Strife, but the deal fell through at the last minute. That would have been much cooler ...depending on how much emo one can handle.

Goddammit Squeenix, that would've made a huge difference back then (no matter how much of a Nightmare/Siegfried clone he probably would've been). The FF series was a peak popularity back in 2003 and Cloud would've easily dominated the competition (and made the constant Link vs. Cloud debates from that era even worse (and the inevitable L-Block upset all the sillier (and the final 'Settle it in Smash('s DLC)' even more hype))).

Still, Link was easily the most popular South California guest due to being at his peak popularity and being all about weapons and tools (seriously, bringing a bow/bomb/boomerang/hookshot to a knife/sword/whatever fight; his bullshit was much cooler than Yoda's stubbiness or Dork Apprentice' Force powers meter management), Heihachi bringing no real weapon to a weapon-based fighter (and not being interesting enough to make his bringing of his fists to a knife/sword/whatever fight as badass as it sounds on paper), and Spawn being locked to the XBLOCK (and being a Comic Fanservice character in a Videogame Fanservice role).

Edit: I forgot about Necrid being Teh Apprentice of SCII. Namely because he was king of low effort in that game (no weapon model, and was basically Killer Croc with a Glowy Chest Rock). He's also why Spawn wasn't nearly as great as he could've been (because they were both McFarlane character designs, so you got Chinese Knockoff, Low-effort Spawn (Cape sold separately), no matter which version you got).

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:55:56 PM »
Right now, my priority for the Legendary banner is everything but colorless, because I already have all of those (although a Bridelia with a trait that isn't -Spd would be nice (as long as it also isn't -Atk instead), but my Bowling Orange Fluffy Sheep are both Neutral which is perfectly serviceable to me), and because I literally do not have anyone else on that list right now. Also they confirmed that it is indeed Ike, not Bike.

Specific priorities for colors are Blue, Green and Red:
Blue: Having both a Neutral and Trait having Fjorm could be interesting to throw at the arena or quests that specifically request her, while Bunny Xander has regained a new lease on life due to Badges becoming relevant again. Caeda's there, but she's a second Event exclusive unit so gunning for her and Bunny Xander is still a pretty solid option for me.
Green: I have Nowitch so S.Camilla isn't as useful or relevant to me anymore, but for completion sake, I wouldn't mind fishing for her (not whaling though). And likewise, I have Sonya and Cecilia so Deirdre isn't a priority right now, while Hector would be nice, even if he's getting long in the tooth (and the Forge update didn't do him any favors).
Red: I'm patient and there'll be plenty of banner for them to pity break my heart on. All three would be really good prizes either way though (especially best waifu, Ayra).

That said, as soon as I posted it this morning and walked back to bed, it occurred to me that the discrepancy in regards to my Mia's traits was due to me forgetting to factor her weapon's other built in bonus. In short, she's +Res/-Atk (not hot, but at least a sizable portion of her build is around buffing her DPA, so having naturally low Atk for her isn't the dealbreaker that other units tend to suffer from (yet); at least it patches her biggest weakpoint in Res so she can occasionally take a hit from Magic and not die).

Also, just want to comment on her design as her outfit looks more like a cross between her PoR and RD outfits (and something else altogether; although this is definitely more dominantly PoR than either of the others).

And yeah, I was wrong about them not doing anything for Dragonstones. They just got lost in the sea of crappier weapons gaining a second life.

Edit: There was a BHeB here, its gone now. Cancel Affinity and jacked stats won't save you now Takumi.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: FF12 HD - Zodiac Age
« on: November 15, 2017, 04:12:30 AM »
After beating Trails 3 I finally got back into this.

By the way: Ninja Blades + Germinas Boots + Berserk = everything dies.  Believe the hype on this build, people.  I had to give up on Basch being my tank in order to do it, but that's fine, because he hits things for 14k damage per hit, almost no cooldown between attacks, and everything dies.

When I took on my first Mark with this build, the Piscodaemon, it was like I just found another random mob.  It died in like 7 seconds.  So far, the only thing that put up a small fight against it was Trickster, because it got a paling up at the last second, so I had to summon Shemhazai to finish it off (since I had no non-elemental Black Magic with the party I was using).

Yeah, it's pretty fun.  Final dungeon is going to be a breeze, though, once I finally do it.

So good news Arvis.

You might not be free of this game quite yet.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 15, 2017, 04:09:50 AM »
Meanwhile, my freebie pull for the newest banner netted me a 4 star Arthur, my second pull netted me a Mia (traits unknown at this time; according to a source I found online, mines is +Res/++Atk?), and finally a 4 star Adult Tiki to send 4 to the ferryman for letting me cross the River Styx in one go (the other two orbs were colorless).

Either way, I'm done again (more Orbs for the Spring Camilla redemption zone I suppose), and better still, I will not want for T_T multipliers this time. Mwhahahahaha!

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:19:43 AM »
The short answer is 'Welcome to Season 2'.

As for content of the video:

The biggest change is the reduction of Stamina costs for Story Missions down to 10 Stamina (rather than the 24~25 Stamina some of the most recent ones take), and an expanded Barracks (literally everyone gets +100 capacity for free).

The new banners are nice, especially the Legendary Hero one for an 8% focus initial pull rate, no possibilty of a pity breaker, and some reruns on older event characters (specifically Bride Caeda, Bride Cordelia, Bunny Camilla and Bunny Xander) for a total of 12 focus units (the others are Brave Ike, Deirdre, Celica, Genny, Brave Lyn, Ayra, Hector and Fjorm (who is the latest FEH OC and also comes for free when you clear Book 2 Chapter 1). Added characters are Mia, Lute, and Mr. Poisoned Mutton for the CYL runner-ups Banner, with Joshua as the next T_T reward (perhaps a Sacred Stones themed one then; excellent, because I have both Eirika and Ephraim, along with Valter and literally no one else from the previous SS banner; alternatively a CYL themed one but that only covers seven of the 8 slots and they'll need a T_T banner as well).

Staff users also suck less now due to staffs gaining a second tier along with recovery assists (doesn't sound like they did anything for the damage reduction though; but now you have Fear+ with 12 Mt instead of 5 and inflicts -7 Atk over a 2-panel AoE centered around the target, so maybe its for the best), as do several Specials (specifically the AoE ones, Vanilla Astra, Night Sky, Glimmer, Daylight Sol and Noontime all had their cooldown cut by 1).

Whoever called weapon forging nailed it on the head (too bad this one's for the whales).

I like that the list of upgradeable weapons includes Thoron+ (since nobody has Thoron+...yet...), and how the segment ended with a bunch of different weapon bearing heroes circling Feh ala FE4's opening (although does that mean that Feh is secretly evil? nah). Other items of interest is that Prfs such as Sol Katti (because Desperation/Wrath/Brash Assault Lyn wasn't busted enough?), Mystletainn (he needed it), Siegmund (lol, poor Eirika), Hauteclere (suddenly upgrading Michalis turned out to be a good idea), Fujin Yumi (your timing couldn't have been better Tomara) and Deathly Dagger are all getting buffs (what? no Siegline or Binding Blade?), while other weapons can be upgraded into advanced forms such as Eliwood's Durandal becoming Brave Roy's Blazing Durandal, and Tyfing, Aura, Excalibur and Naga into their Divine/Dark forms, along with more normal stuffs getting upgrades (basically stat bonuses) and evolutions (such as Killing+ Weapons becoming Slaying+, Effective Weapons like Hammer+ becoming Slaying Hammer+, and Colorwolf+ becoming Keen Colorwolf+).

Basically, everything but Falchions, Braves, Blade Tomes and Raven Tomes, and Dragonstones are getting buffed one way or another.

Nothing about Christmas banner yet, but the new OC is Ice themed and there's more story chapters, so it totes counts.

Shining Resonance looked like it had mega potential, but wasn't there... something really really wrong with it?  Can't remember...

Initially it looked like a JRPG where you're playing as a fuck off dragon that needs a party of humanoids to 'get to deculture' you (i.e. play music for you non-mecha anime nerds out there) so that you aren't just a mindless rampaging beast.

Then the game came out and it was a really bad Tales of Clone that's both dull as dishwater and has a protagonist who did the 'turns into a dragon' thing worse than FE Fates' Corrin did (both are stupid self-insert walking power fantasies who can magically do the dragon, bang everybody, and needs the power of song to stay not-Berserk, but at least Corrin occasionally whips out some dragon breath hadokens and drill limbs while fighting as a human (and eventually comes away with a flaming chainsaw sword); whereas Shining Resonance's MC just slaps his generic JRPG sword onto his forehead when Draconing and calls it a day). Then again, I don't think SR's MC ever sets his sword to stun like Conquest's Corrin does (although, IIRC, its primarily because there isn't enough plot in SR that such an issue has the time to crop up).

Basically, it'd take somebody like Yoko Taro to come up with a game where the protagonist is a walking force of nature that a bunch of do-gooding, well-intentioned extremists tame by providing sentience to, only to have said protagonist basically question their role in whatever holy war s/he got drafted into and opts to say things like 'nuts to that' and fucks off with their newly gained sentience to do whatever it is that s/he feels like doing, or 'fuck that' and decides that s/he really doesn't have that much of a stake in the war and thus turns on everybody.

Sonofabitch. And I just went and necro'd a nearly 3 yr old thread to post the same (and right after you posted this one). Welp! It was nice knowing everyone.

But yeah, the old producer is out and probably for the better since its hard to do any worse than relegate a franchise to the most obscure niche within the darkest corners of Japan.

Also Sega mentioning The West in any context whatsoever is practically frontpage worthy on its own.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Shining Resonance announced for PlayStation 3
« on: November 14, 2017, 10:28:27 AM »
You know, part of me would rather make a new topic rather than Necro an old one (from nearly 3 years ago, jfc), but this is a Shining game from Sega we're talking about, and a director's cut of a crappy one that we already had a thread for, so Necro it is.

Anyways, my reason for risking a warning is because of these.

While I doubt that this will fix the core issues with this game (150+ pieces of DLC, wtc), the real headliners are the fact that the series producer role has changed hands (fucking finally), and Sega's actually referring to The West as something other than a far off prefecture in Japan or an in-game location (nerds with money outside of Japan? lol, amirite?). At the absolute least, its something to look at.

General Games / Re: Fire Emblem Heroes
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:10:44 PM »
Holy crap, she did it!!  HOORAAAAYYY, Tomara!!!

Alright, now like Aeolus said, I'm out.

It really is the perfect time to cut and run as well since there's almost nothing going on at the moment (there's Sacred Seal Forge quests and yet another BHeB rerun, and whatever Chain Challenge/Squad Assaults players have backlogged; but that's it) and Gacha games do not do downtime very well.



Can't wait to have Ein punch his face in. "Entourage THIS!!!"

Now I'm kinda miffed that we didn't get Lightning for Tekken 6, but those were dark times.
....Ein is DoA sir.

Shit. I meant Leo.

Christ. I don't even recall DoA having an androgynous character (and even if it did, its sure as hell not Ein).

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