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General Discussions / Re: Today's News
« on: November 10, 2016, 02:42:44 AM »
Not living in the US does not make this much better. That moron doesn't seem to have any clue as to how foreign politics, or you know, basic diplomacy, works.

He is the first US President with Z-E-R-O government or military experience.

You guys probably think he was shit, but Ronald Reagan was well liked, though I guess republicans didn't take well to Trump's plans for "draining the swamp" even if his economic policies were the ones they liked most about Reagan.

Calling 400 years of institutionalized racism and hatred "98% pointless crap" sort of negates every other point the poster was trying to make.

I think the point was that most people think we're past it, because it's the current year(!!!), and because of pointless shit like Pepe being white supremacist.
Seems to me that the majority of systemic institutionalized oppression today (in western civilization) is so tiny that people metaphorically need a microscope to see it, but before you guys jump on me with "a blatant racist/sexist just won the presidency" consider this:
Perhaps he wants to prevent this from happening to us
Some rape apologist, huh?

"Only if he can blame it on brown people! Or his political opponents" - Or perhaps it's incidental that they're nonwhite, and because no one else seems to be bringing it up.
Now if you were to consider the possibility that there's more nuance than to his positions than people tend to give him credit for, ie people for him are just pining for the old days of segregation or gay people being murdered for being gay *cough*open borders*cough*, it may not seem so morally reprehensible.

(and now for other issues)

He's far from being an objectively good candidate, but since the primaries after voting for Bernie, the growing popularity for this blatantly obvious racist had me baffled, so I listened to the people on both sides and I found ad hominems on one side (RACIST! SEXIST! BIGOT! XENOPHOBE! nevermind that intolerance of opinion is by definition bigotry) and solid reasoning on the other side that to my surprise, wasn't coming necessarily from bigots.

At the end of the day, it became about pragmatism hatefully spewed by #LiterallyHitler and then hyperbolic ramblings (speaking of which, it's like fire and brimstone outside to you guys) about muh oppression #Oscarssowhite.
"PRAGMATISM? What is pragmatic about rounding people up into camps like a dictator persecuting people based on their race?!" - You've dreamed this up, because of there being a bunch of parallels between him and said dictator, even though it seriously is just pure speculation and by that logic I could speculate that Hillary had Seth Rich murdered, but I don't.
Even if he did try to round people up based on race, he'd get impeached for it and rightfully so.
As for starting a war, I've seen things that imply he does want war but only implying it, and Hillary has openly talked about starting a war with Russia by the no fly zone in Syria even though it'd kill a bunch of innocent people she'd earlier talked about wanting to protect by letting them in the country with open borders.
And on the topic of climate change, I believe in it, but I really think at the rate we're going it's already unavoidable anyway and it's not like Hillary (or Obama) would've done anything to try reversing it given that we buy oil from the Saudis and she takes money from them despite their position on gay people and women being a perfect example of oppression.

My two (obviously racist(!!!!)) cents.

General Discussions / Re: Today's News
« on: November 09, 2016, 06:30:01 AM »
Copypasta'd from Gaia online:

The following is a political post and is not meant to support any group or person (though I will be placing due blame on the Democrats in the process), nor is it meant to incite anger or even commentary, rather just my trying to explain things from what is essentially an outsider point of view.

I imagine that some of you are wondering how Trump could win and what appears to be a trend towards Republican control of everything. I think I can explain about 90% of it in these two points.

1. Out of the charges leveled at Trump, we can break them into two groups: Realities and pointless crap. Those opposing Trump decided to go with putting almost all of their eggs in the pointless crap basket like 98%. So you had arguments based on feelings, lies, misleading articles, poor comprehension, and other wholly disregard-able things making up almost the entire force against him. Since realistic issues were rarely presented (and when they were, they were almost immediately drowned out by the volume of pointless drivel), this translated as that there was not a real argument against Trump and his opponents were just impotently raging over nothing substantive while there was also a mountain of arguments against Clinton that were consistently solid and well-presented to be considered. Throughout this entire campaign, I was consistently stumped at why nobody was bringing up anything pertinent against Trump.

2. Democrats and left-leaning people across the world bullying hurt Americans amazingly had the effect of really pissing them off. If someone has lost a lot and is suffering, calling them names, saying they are bad people, telling them how you're going to make their lives worse, in some cases saying how they have to die, and generally being cocky and snide to them is going to make them want to go out and vote against the people hurting them and against the people that those people support. I have seen abuse, violence, hate, envy, wrath, and even calls for genocide from the left on personal levels.

Other factors presenting various levels of influence depending on precinct composition: Bernie won the primaries as revealed by both the DNC leaks and the paper trail, the DNC and media proved themselves to be corrupt both in leaks and just in day-to-day activity for the last year, the Clintons are some of the worst people on the planet as revealed both in leaks and just in day-to-day activity for the last 40 years, there were 5 people the Democrats could have run instead of Clinton that polled double digits ahead of Trump consistently (one of which was Sanders who a lot of you seemed to want), Obama made a number of comments that so pissed off and alienated some people that spiting him became a bonus to an otherwise undecided's Trump vote, Democrats put themselves into an echo chamber, the statistical manipulation by left-leaning groups on violence and crime went sideways and instead of damning guns turned into Trump-fodder, political correctness used as a tool for harm instead of a reflection of values, and a frightening number of Americans have sub-par English comprehension.

So, I think that the underlying answer is: Not using the real arguments you may have against a candidate and showering people with alienating, psychological abuse for 16 months is not the way to win an election. Especially when you're not listening to anyone around you and running your weakest horse in the race.

In short, Trump did not as much win the race as the Democrats decided a collective, 16-month crash-and-burn was a great idea.

To those on the left whose first thoughts are something down the lines of "where is all this coming from?" I refer you back to "put themselves into an echo chamber" and "especially when you're not listening to anyone around you." I suggest you go back, look at what you have said and done in the last 16 months, maybe apologize to a few people whom you think you can find middle ground with again, and listen.

To those on the right, I suggest you do the same.

Because if we don't learn from this, it's going to come back again and again until we do.

edit: an extra link with a similar perspective.

I've seen the trend of Ghostbusters this year, Brexit, and now Hillary's campaign using the tactic of shaming and alienating people disagreeing with them or people on the fence, I think it may not work.

General Discussions / Re: What's your Favourite Garbage Food?
« on: November 03, 2016, 02:19:15 AM »
almost never have them, but these things are awesome

General Discussions / Re: Youtube
« on: November 03, 2016, 02:17:13 AM »

General Discussions / Re: Youtube
« on: October 21, 2016, 06:29:34 PM »
I mostly only ever come on here to post stuff about this subject, but it's really fascinating to me. So anyway, iirc, I was asked why social justice and feminism have become "bad words" and I found a video that sums it up well, though I've probably posted stuff in relation to it in the past.

The video is about 30 minutes but I found it to be pretty funny in a self deprecating way, but I'll give a summary anyway.
The idea is that social justice *warriors* have low "integrative complexity" that makes them inflexible in their opinions because their entire worldview is informed by their ideology that if there's a disparity then that must be equal to oppression/discrimination: see equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome and equal representation in the media, disproportionate policing of low income neighborhoods because the most crime happens predominantly in neighborhoods inhabited by racial minorities, etc.

It's like if a feminist says that gendered toys for kids or gendered clothes are sexist, but they're gendered because most people/kids tend toward the things associated with their genders, or that the pink tax (high prices for women's stuff) is sexist even though they're more expensive because they have more ingredients like women's shampoo for example.
This is the problem with feminist studies, that they use their mindset to explain anything as oppression if it seems like it could be.
case in point

I'd be interested in debating this with someone, though I rarely get online and basically never check replies to any posts I make, so I guess send a PM if this interests you and feel like talking about it, maybe I'll get back to you.

Not any particular song, but a band
LSD and the Search for God
Heaven is a Place

General Discussions / Re: Youtube
« on: September 01, 2016, 05:30:15 AM »
We blame the group of people but not the behavior

(the last minute or so is a little heartbreaking to watch)

General Discussions / Re: Youtube
« on: August 19, 2016, 03:52:52 AM »

Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread
« on: August 03, 2016, 02:59:29 AM »
Was curious about how Josh would end up feeling about Xenogears. :c

General Discussions / Re: Youtube
« on: July 30, 2016, 03:36:16 AM »
I keep finding really small channels, just found a new one and it's pretty fucking adorable.

General Discussions / Re: Today's News
« on: July 29, 2016, 06:10:38 AM »
BLM has headed to Europe now

I was in the Bernie camp and didn't have any plan if he lost, but I keep comparing the arguments of youtubers I like that're mostly middle left, to the arguments made by the rest of the left, and the latter ones come out looking a bit weak. (no intentions of seeming like a dick with this post, btw)

On the concerns that policies Donald Trump would enact may disadvantage certain people
Immigration and Islam
Inciting violence
That's a lot of links, sorry about that, but I felt like giving some perspective on this, and one last video for shits and giggles.

edit: Keep in mind that this time last year, I would have gone to one of his rallies to pretend I was one of them and yell they took our jobs but that was before I realized people started doing that more or less, except it was Bernies supporters (unironically) calling him a bigot.

Game Journals / Re: Retro Encounter Podcast Thread
« on: July 15, 2016, 05:48:39 AM »
Alana and Josh, plus Robert because it sounded like this may concern him: you guys should play all three Xenosagas, and the second game gets a lot of crap but it's really good after the learning curve with the battle system like the way Resonance of Fate's battle system is convoluted but eventually it clicks if given time.

Single-Player RPGs / Re: Chase: Cold Case Investigations coming to NA
« on: July 04, 2016, 11:55:19 PM »
A very relevant comment made on that article:

I read some impressions of the japanese version which came out not long ago. Don't expect too much from this first ex-CiNG outing, people (but do support it please!)

It is 3-5 hours long at max and it doesn't have a lot to it. You investigate some things in a mostly non-interactive fashion; It's just a VN basically. The story itself is sorta forgettable but it definitely feels like this Tokyo cop you're playing as is an alter ego of Kyle Hyde in his detective-days before the events of Hotel Dusk despite the fact that he's now japanese and it takes place in Tokyo.

The impressions I read were that of disappointments. Don't expect this to be the second coming of Hotel Dusk. It doesn't even have Rika Suzuki; the writer of the Another Codes or Hotel Dusks.

This game is Arc System Works testing the waters to see what sticks. Please support this game despite knowing it won't be the best ever and allow them to create a truly great game afterwards, once they've got air under their wings.

I'm not surprised about SO5, actually I'd be surprised if it had gotten above 80%, and I don't remember the first three games having much backtracking but aside from that it seems like pretty much the same deal as the rest of the series mainly with its story but serviceable battle system - too many undeveloped characters and too much technical/political/historical jargon

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