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The Bazaar / The New Super Marcos Market
« on: March 06, 2018, 06:11:50 PM »
Edit: Here is an updated list of my games with prices. Everything is negotiable and I will knock off up to 25% of your complete order depending on the dollar amount. Other than that, the only thing I have changed is an additional "quick info" bullet below about my soundtrack collection.

Some quick info:

- Items come from a smoke-free house
- All items on the list are negotiable, so send me your prices.
- Shipping costs are determined by the number of items purchased (affecting package size) and location (national/international), so be mindful of that...
- All payments are handled through Paypal
- If you'd like to reserve something, message me as soon as possible and I'll put it to the side for you. However, please be mindful that the reservation time is brief unless we work out an extension. Other than that...

*New Info Bullet* - I have a handful of soundtracks listed below, but for a limited time, I'm opening the floor for anyone wanting to buy any of my albums. A note: If I bought the OST new, then it is in pristine condition with its OBI. My Collection:

Thank you and good luck!

Microsoft Xbox 360
Arkham Asylum $Make offer$
Devil May Cry 1+2 Collection $Make offer$
Eternal Sonata $Make offer$
Lost Odyssey $Make offer$
Nier $Make offer$
Resonance of Fate $Make offer$
Soul Calibur IV $Make offer$
Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope $Make offer$
The Last Remnant $Make offer$

Nintendo 3DS
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan $25
Fire Emblem Birthright $30
Fire Emblem Conquest $30
Pokemon Moon $25
Pokemon Omega $25
Pokemon Y $20
Rune Factory 4 $25
Story of Seasons $25
Super Smash Bros $25
Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (SEALED) $35

Nintendo DS
Avalon code (CARTRIDGE ONLY) $30
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin $30
Dragon Quest 5 (SEALED) $25
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift $20
Magical Starsign $15
Puzzle Quest $10
Radiant Historia (SEALED) $30
Rune Factory 1 $25
Rune Factory 2 $25
Rune Factory 3 $35
Sands of Destruction $40
Suikoden Tierkreis $30
Summon Night: Twin Age $30
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: The Endless Frontier (With music CD) $50
The World Ends With You $20

Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1 (Box Complete) $40

Nintendo Wii
Arc Rise Fantasia $Make Offer$
Rune Factory Frontier $35
Rune Factory Tides Of Destiny $25
Smash Bros $20
Sonic Unleashed $20
Sonic and The Black Knight $15
Sonic and The Secret Rings $10
Super Mario Galaxy 1 $15
Super Mario Galaxy 2 $15
The Last Story - Limited Edition with Artbook + Music selection: $70
Xenoblade $40
Zelda: Twilight Princess $15

Nintendo Wii U
Arkham Origins $Make offer$
Hyrule Warriors $20
Mario and Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympics $Make offer$
Nintendo Land $Make offer$
Splatoon $Make offer$
Super Mario Maker $Make offer$
Wonderful 101 $20
Xenoblade Chronicles X $25
Zelda Breath of the Wild $40
Zelda Wind Waker (SEALED) $20
Zelda: Twilight Princess HD $45

Sony Playstation
Chrono Cross black label $20
Chrono Cross greatest hits $20

Sony Playstation 2
Dark Cloud 2 $25
Dragon Quest 8 $15
Ephemeral Fantasia $15
Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus $15
Haunting Ground $70
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis $30
Metal Gear Solid Collection $35
Radiata Stories $20
Resident Evil Outbreak $15
Shadow Hearts: From the New World $40
Suikoden 4 $20
Wild Arms 4 $30
Wild Arms 5 $80

Sony Playstation 3
Ar No Surge $30
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk $25
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky $30
Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland $25
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist Of Arland $20
Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland $30
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea $70
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland $20
Deception IV: Blood Ties $20
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition $35
Nights of Azure (Japanese Edition) $30
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International $20

Sony Playstation 4
Arslan: The Warriors of Legend (SEALED) $25
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey $50
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book $30
Blue Reflection $30
Blue Reflection (Japanese Edition) $60
Digimon Cybersleuth $20
Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair $20
Exist Archive (SEALED) $20
Final Fantasy FXIV Day One (SEALED) $25
Mass Effect Andromeda $20
NieR: Automata $30
Persona 5 (Take Your Heart Edition) $125
Resident Evil 6 $20
Stardew Valley: Collector's  $20
Sword Art Online – Hollow Realization – Collector’s Edition $200
The Evil Within 2 $25
Uncharted 4 (NEW) $30
Valkyria Revolution (SEALED) $15

Sony Playstation Portable
Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles $25
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions $18
Gurumin $40
Metal Gear Portable Ops 1 $20
Summon Night 5 (NEW) $50
Wild Arms XF $20

Bowser Super Mario Bros. edition $Make Offer$
Bowser Super Smash edition $Make Offer$
Captain Falcon $Make Offer$
Corrin (F - OR - M) $Make Offer$
Dark Pit $Make Offer$
Duck Hunt, Rob, and Mr.Game and Watch 3-pack $Make Offer$
Fire Emblem TIKI $Make Offer$
Mega Man $Make Offer$
Pack man $Make Offer$
Zelda BOTW 4 Heroes (separate, not 4-pk) $Make Offer$

Soundtracks (sample list)
World of Final Fantasy OST $30
Demento OST ( $50
Dunamis 15 OST ( $30
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius OST ( $50
Net High OST ( $30
Tales of Berseria Limited Edition ( $40
Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Limited Edition OST ( $35

Special Deals
Fire Emblem Birthright + Conquest $53
Rune Factory Complete Series $170
Corrin F + M $50
Suggest one if you’re interested in multiple items.

Game Journals / Wild Armor Growls and 2ts: Indiscriminate Justice
« on: March 24, 2015, 02:18:55 AM »
Dear RPGFan forumers,

I cordially invite you to what will be an adventure through an oddly misshapen pearl the developers called Growlanser II: The Search for More Money The Sense of Justice. There will be commentary, and it is my hope to get as many of you involved with this anime as much as possible. More details will follow in time...

For now, I leave you a preview of what is to come from this wonderful trainwreck adventure...

Click the picture plz ;)

The Soundroom / Game Music Bundle 8 - 168 tracks for $1
« on: December 05, 2014, 12:32:04 AM »
LINK: Game Music Bundle 8 (Duration: 2 weeks)

This hit my inbox yesterday:

Game Music Bundle 8
The weather outside might be frightful, but the music is so delightful! Game Music Bundle returns for its 8th installment just in time to bring you and yours some holiday cheer. If this is your first winter with GMB, you'll love our top 5 soundtracks, available at less than the price of a hot cup of cocoa. Seasoned veterans will know that the biggest gift comes with our full bundle, containing over 400 tracks across nearly a score of albums!

A little GMB love letter...
Since the very beginning, our goal at Loudr has been to build technology that supports songwriters. We have been overwhelmed by the talent and community around video game music. Game Music Bundle 8 places a handful of your favorites alongside each other starting at just $1, a deal we are beyond excited to be able to offer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The five soundtracks in question are:

The Sailor’s Dream (Original Soundtrack)
Zombies/Corporate Lifestyle Simulator OST
Gods Will Be Watching Original Soundtrack
Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
Super Time Force Original Soundtrack

And if you pay $10 or more, you get 14 additional albums. I just want to point out that one of those albums is the Freedom Planet Official Soundtrack (which I highly recommend). I already own the Freedom Planet OST, but I personally would have throw down cash for that alone with the 18 other soundtracks as a delicious, saturated ganache to my already rich ice cream cake (the FP OST has 72 tracks).

Warmest regards and enjoy.

The Soundroom / 2-Day sale of 50% off Brave Wave Merch
« on: November 29, 2014, 05:29:29 PM »
Just wanted to give you music lovers out there a heads up:

Brave Wave is having a 2 day sale of 50% off their music/merch on Bandcamp. Cupon code is bf50.


Happy shopping!

(received an email earlier today about this)

Anime, TV, and Movies / Sonic Boom, A CGI animated series
« on: October 02, 2013, 12:25:13 PM »
"Sonic Boom is a character-driven comedy that leaves a trail of robot wreckage in its smoldering wake. The series centers on Sonic, his best friend and sidekick, Tails, their never-ending search for adventure, and their battles with Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. Rounding out the ensemble are fan favorites Knuckles and Amy Rose, plus a rogue’s gallery of enemies—some familiar to Sonic fans and some brand-new."

Fall 2014

So, who's exited? Also, check out who I think is Knuckle's silhouette? Neck is missing.


Brush and Quill / LibraryThing: Cataloging your books
« on: July 18, 2013, 02:55:00 PM »
Howdy everyone,

Recently I stumbled upon this website and found it to be really, really cool. :) I think what's cool about it is that not only does it catalog your books, but also show other users who have the same book(s)...and perhaps the same interests! I actually found two professors (one from New Hampshire and the other from the one I just graduated) on here by linking the same books.

Generally, I don't geek, but when I do...

My profile:

Perhaps I'll see some of you on there?

The Soundroom / Persona 4 Musical Tumblr
« on: May 14, 2013, 10:01:43 PM »
Never played any games from this series, but I know you folks have taken a liking to the here ya go:

Persona 4 Music

Let me know what you think about this and the actual music...looks really interesting.

General Games / DreadOut: The Not Fatal Frame Game
« on: May 14, 2013, 09:57:53 PM »
I'm generally interested in this game...but it seems it needs a bit of help before it gets the chance to breathe. If you liked the Fatal Frame series, you might like this game as well:

Also, Hardcore Gaming 101 did an interview with these guys:

I plan on doing the 30$ option, but I wonder instead of putting my name/username in the assets, they can put instead: Gary was here, Ash is a loser.

(only 4 days left from this post's date)

The Soundroom / ADX and Grandia
« on: March 31, 2013, 11:12:16 PM »
(I originally posted this elsewhere in the help section of a game music forum, but I think it would be more suitable in this subforum. This is a bit copy-pasta'd from the other forum post. I'm reposting it because I'm hoping to get some help with this, and I know some of you peeps are interested in game music and such. ;) )

Understanding ADX

Hey everyone!

I have a question in regards to ADX that has me a bit baffled. This is specifically in regards to its use for the Sega Saturn/Playstation game Grandia.

From what I understand the wiki about ADX is that it is possible to create a loop point within a track that could continue its loop until some condition is met to continue/mute/or change the track. If this is true, then what is happening in the following scene is this in action:

Grandia - Ghost Ship (Starting at 1:35)

What's happening here is a loop of pizzicato strings from the orchestral track, "Ghost Ship Theme", which then moves on to the next segment of the track @ 2:38 (clarino register clarinet). When the player moves to a lower level of the ship after this room, the music (5:28) returns back to the segment opening that was used upon entering the ghost ship @ 2:38, then looping the pizz. strings once again until the player leaves the floor. As the player progresses, so does the "Ghost Ship Theme". Of course, there are transitions that don't occur in these, or any, scenes--such as the ghoulish tone bending laughter in the strings during the track @  0:39-0:42.

Here's the "Ghost Ship Theme" to get an idea of how it progresses in the game's respective soundtrack:

Grandia - Ghost Ship Theme***

If what I am understanding as how ADX works is true, then all of this makes sense and I can use it in my paper with confidence. If not...then I'll have to postpone adding this information until I get a better grasp on what's happening with the recording orchestral track. If it is true, again, then that would make sense why the soundtrack's have grouped together some of these fragmented/whole pieces/themes in a single track, such as in the track "Garlyle" and "Four Volley Rounds of Tension".

***This "Ghost Ship Theme" used in the game and the soundtrack is a live recording of an orchestra, and the reason why I'm curious as to how this works in game.

I appreciate any and all help from anyone who knows how ADX works...

If you're curious on why I'm writing a paper on Grandia, just shoot me a PM and I'll explain in detail this extreme--borderline obsession--curiosity with Grandia and it's use of music. Thanks everyone again! (also, if this is in the wrong thread...sorry!)

The Soundroom / Video Game Music Survey(s)
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:34:03 PM »
Howdy All, it's me again.

I wrote up a quick, general survey asking some questions about Video Game Music, and I would love to have you beautiful people take part in the survey. Pretty much what I'm asking is:

What makes Video Game Music Unique?
Can you spot it out from a group of music?

I gave one or two examples in the question help section underneath the prompt as to show possible ways about answering it, but please don't let it limit your responses to follow that frame of thought...let it it be a starting point. So in other words...even if both questions are general, you don't have to let your answers be! :)

Thank you for your time for reading, especially if you do take part of the survey. I'm not collecting personal information either, so it's a straight forward form submit without the strings. Also, depending on the success of this survey, there may be much more in the future that link the survey's together. Thanks again...

Video Game Music Survey 1 Link

The Soundroom / Welcome to the JAM; or, the Majesty of the Mashup
« on: November 19, 2012, 12:15:54 AM »
So, does anyone else get a kick out of the Majesty genre? One particular popular song I get a kick out of when mashed is the "Space Jam" main theme with other songs. A lot of the times it comes out as utter garbage and looses any catchy or comedic value that the author may have aimed for....but there are those rare moments when it comes out really, really catchy. One example is this:

Slamba Yetu
It came off really well--even the composer (Chris Tin) had something to say about (where I first heard about this track from).

Fountain of Slam
This mashup (Fountain of Dreams [Melee]) sounds so inappropriate that it gives off a a comedic effect for me.

Granted, I know I only focused on one mashup, but there's a gold mine worth of impressive mashups that I think really add an extra flavor to both songs when they are crammed together. Sometimes it's sweet, other times bitter.

Post some of your favorite mashes if you know some off the top of your head.

Here's one of my favorites:

Cheetahmen II + Phoenix Wright

The Soundroom / Game Music Bundle 4: A New Hope
« on: November 13, 2012, 09:05:50 PM »
If you haven't caught wind of this--you beautiful listeners of video game music--then here is your heads up: It's here! *Confetti*

Game Music Bundle 4

What's represented in this bundle is the following

Tier 1 (less than $10)

Tier 2 ($10 or More)

Personally, I wanted the Kanto Symphony EP, Spelunky, and Dear Esther soundtrack/albums. Post about your excitement and warm feelings about this soundtrack here.[/list]

RPGFan: Site / RE: RPGFan Music
« on: November 02, 2012, 01:00:47 PM »
Out of curiosity: are users encouraged to respond to OST/Album posts with their own musical experiences—whether positive or negative—in regards to this idea of community talk, mentioned in the News Post, on the Forums? If so, would it be easier to have a sub-forum dedicated to this response/user music appreciation?

I ask this because when I read this: 

We want people to listen. We want them to talk. The best way to get more people into the genre we love so much is to tell them about it

I’m curious as where you—the RPGFan music administration/staff—want these discussions to occur. On the forums? On their own Blog? I’m not really sure if this alludes to the forums as means of an outlet for this musical appreciation of users/listeners or just open that you want them talking about it anywhere really.

Just a thought as to what was meant by talk...

Other than that, I'll be looking forward to future music posts...


The Soundroom / Course Material for a Survey of Music Class: Video Games...
« on: September 29, 2012, 01:30:23 AM »
Greeting fellow Video Game Music connoisseurs,

I pose a question to all of you:

Say there was to be a "Survey of Music Class: Video Games" in the works: What topics and composers do you think would be of necessity for this class to exist?

I have a great deal of ideas and composers that would find itself appropriate for the class...but I want to hear your thoughts on topics and composers to see if they match up with mine so I can add/subtract/improve on the list and create something cohesive. If you have primary/secondary sources* in regards to your ideas on topics and composers, by all means...


*I have textbooks and articles that I already would scan chapters from, but I'd like to have a great deal more to work with as to make this happen in a college setting.

The Soundroom / Video Game Music Reviews: In Context
« on: June 21, 2012, 12:30:17 AM »
Hey everyone, it's me again with Video Game Music Topics! *Plays Topic Intro Jingle*

Not too long ago, I finished watching a Let's play on a video game (The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons' Odyssey). Sitting there for a couple of moments, allowing the finale to sink in, I thought about a topic that I wonder gets recognition in the world of Video Game Soundtrack Reviewers; Context[1].

A great deal of music reviews--both professional and amateur--I've witnessed present a great deal of information (such as information about the composer, instrumentation, motifs used, the game/other games, developers, background info, etc) and the emotional response to the track. These juxtaposition of facts/theories and emotional responses present what the music of a game was to that reviewer, and in the end, are usually presented a satisfying/dissatisfying final words conclusion and/or score (I hate number/symbol scores and sorry I ever did it in the past!). A wealth of information and response is wonderful to those who know little about the music and game, but I wonder if the actual use of gameplay connections enter [some] reviews as a supplement to the soundtrack being reviewed, so that the reader may [audibly] witness the track in action rather than narrative/flowery prose[2].

the topic of context came up mostly because after sitting through this ~70 part playthrough of Dragons' Odyssey--after I listened to the soundtrack, of course--I had a different reaction when everything was all said in done. Some tracks, such as 'Snow Angels' and 'Holy Priest' held a much stronger emotional response when placing the moving visual in context of its use in the game.

With the introduction of the visual representation of the village that is audibly represented by 'Snow Angels' (There's a tongue-twister for ya), an attachment to the character(s) and the villagers (whether good or bad) was made, as well the events that were tied to that single location. A mixed bag of feelings were caused by these characters and events, which then changed my original emotional response to this piece, thus creating a new approach/description I would then associate with the music of Petas village in context to the villagers and events. [3]

Now, 'Holy Priest' is another story that I will put in a more theoretical backdrop. When first hearing this track outside its virtual environment, I loved this track and found it to be one of my favorite tracks on the soundtrack. After hearing it in the game, I was practically shocked on how little of it was actually played at the speed the player beat this boss (Granted, it loops at the ~1:00 part, which goes to show you how fast this boss is easily defeated with mastery use of one's character). In my mind, I wonder how anyone could even get a chance to hear this exciting track in its context, and actually makes me thankful that the Soundtracks of games are readily available (well, most of 'em). [4]

Even though this player bulldozed this boss in mere moments, the emotional attachment of disgust at the boss's attitude towards other characters (particular the reason of their journey in life), actually found me really wanting this character to be placed out of commission. This [maturing] emotional response is fed throughout the game, in which the heroes are finally able to administer the task of dispatching the villain. This excitement of battle--as battle themes and the actual battles have always caused great gusto within me in participation of each (listening/playing)--then feeds off the attachment to the characters and events, thus creating a rush of jubilation when simply kicking this character's behind, while listening to some hyped up tunes. ;)

I know that placing, and demonstration, the soundtrack in context to the game still presents a subjective music experience to its listening, but I feel that it's worth mentioning and exploring in future reviews. I suppose in way you are holding the hand of the reader and practically spoiling the game for them by showing/demonstrating these emotional connections to the game and the music, but I know for myself....I'm okay with that; it kind of reminds me in a way of the use of [J.S.] Bach's Church music (Whether St. Massion Passion/ Bminor Mass / ect) within its contextual location: the church. One was meant to hear, as well feel, the voice of God/Narrator (Organ/Bass vocalist) during these pieces, as well have a story presented to you (In regards to the Passions) of the fall and Resurrection of Jesus, which included fear, awe, and jubilation to the church audience.

I that'll be it for now...comments and/or response to my late-night thinking(s)? *Plays Topic Outro Jingle*

[1] I'm sure it does, I just haven't stumbled across it yet! (Ramza, I did see your note in the most recent review you did (Dizzy Heights: Gravity Rush), which made me laugh uncontrollably because I started writing this topic WAY before I read that review just now, haha).
[2] To explain to me in romantic and/or grotesque terms how a soundtrack caused your inner being to stir is fine and all...but to then slap a numerical/symbol score at the end--whether excellent or poor--makes no sense (Yes, I I've done this in the past and sorry I've ever done it. I was young and so full of ignorance ;) )
[3] In other words: I heard the track from the digital soundtrack and felt something, and then I heard it used in the game and felt additional/different emotions.
[4] The use of this backdrop was to present an example of the negatives of in-game context, which I then follow up with my personal response (and perhaps even others as well).

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